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Simple Enough

by Baubleheadz

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Amie had a simple enough plan, but first she needed to prepare herself. Wanting to feel sexy, not just look sexy Amie stepped in front of the full length mirror in the master bedroom. She slowly and seductively removed her work clothes trying to excite herself by imagining what her husband must see when she strips for him like this. Amie looked at her shoulders as they were exposed and took note of her perfect skin. As her pert supple breasts popped out of her silk blouse she caressed her stiff nipples that were aching from the stimulation of the day (no bra today, in anticipation of tonight, though she had a nice jacket on all day to hide her excited nipples from the world.)

As her shirt slid off of her arms to the ground she noted her prefect height in these 5 inch heels, 5’5”. Amie thought lovingly about how her husband, who was an even 6’ tall, would always comment about her “perfect height for wearing sexy high heels.” Amie reached up behind her head and let her long silky brown hair down which now hung tantalizingly just above her breasts, just for a little extra excitement she looked down as far as she could and let her hair hang lower and slip softly over her already sensitive nipples. Moving on she unbuckled her belt and pulled it out of her belt loops and then put the belt back on over the skin of her smooth, toned stomach. After unbuttoning her pants she did a little shake and shimmy as they slid down her legs to the floor, then kicked them off onto the bed where she was imagining her husband to be watching her from. Once clear of her pants Amie did a little pirouette stopping so that she was now facing the bed away from the mirror, still with her belt and heels on.

While Amie moved her body slightly to imaginary music, she slowly, softly slid her hands into her hair at the back of her head. From there her hands slid sensually down her neck, then across her breasts. As Amie swiveled her head so she could see herself in the mirror she let her hands stop only briefly to squeeze a nipple between each forefinger and thumb. Now her hands where moving down her stomach, her right hand doing a little dance around her belly button as she slid her left hand as deep into her panties as possible using her hand to cup and cover her lips. Once her lips where securely protected by her left hand she hooked the thumb of her right hand into the string of the panties and pulled them down as she bent at the hips exposing her now bare ass to the mirror, the entire time making deep eye contact with herself in the reflection.

Her left hand did a great job of covering up her sex, adding some mystery to the scene. With her panties almost on the floor she pulled her right ankle out of them and spread her feet about 4 feet apart. Breaking eye contact with her mirrored self she took a better look at bent body. From this angle her thighs looked unbelievable. Amie noticed that her reflection looked so sexy bent over like this that it was actually turning her on even more. Now Amie was looking straight at her left hand that still concealed her pussy. She imagined her husband watching, being driven wild with anticipation to see what her hand was covering. Not wanting to spoil the fun too soon and “show it all” she pulled just her middle finger in and slid it into herself leaving the rest of her hand to keep her sex hidden.

As Amie moved her finger around a slight moan escaped her lips surprizing her. She had not known that she was this turned on! Careful not to stimulate herself Amie decided it was now time to take her hand away from her sex. She brought up her other hand and used both hands to pet her lips before pulling both hands out to her thighs to get a good look. Amie was still to this day impressed by the perfect shape of her lips, now perfectly smooth thanks to some laser hair removal her husband had paid for. In fact her lightly tanned body was completely devoid of hair from her eyebrows down thanks to the treatments. The tan, the lack of hair, her naturally healthy clean skin and the good care she took of her body meant that the view in the mirror at this point was something that any man, true to himself, would agree was very nice indeed.

Now needing to get move a on due to time restraints, Amie took off the high heels and belt that she had had on as an accent, and hopped in the shower and cleaned off quickly. She knew that she had plenty of time before her husband would be home, but she wanted to enjoy her surprise for him on her own before he had a chance to play. Getting out of the shower Amie applied her skin lotion twice; today she would need the extra moisture. Once this was done Amie went out to the bedroom again, deciding that she should not take any time for playing around, she unceremoniously put on a pair of thick dark black thigh high stockings, a black garter belt to look pretty and an open front no frills bra that matched the garter and stockings.

Next she added a thin yet strong waist chain and a black choker that had a D ring hidden discreetly under a fold of fabric. Amie took a moment to look in the mirror to make sure everything was in order. She felt like the outfit needed high heels, but that simply would not do for this excursion. She did take a moment though to touch the choker lovingly for a moment. Feeling its strong leather and D ring hidden under its silky lining, she remembered when her husband had bought it for her and how they had used it already in a few very memorable evenings. Lastly Amie put a red ring gag in her mouth and secured it around the back of her head.

Walking downstairs, careful not to slip on the tile floor in her thigh highs, Amie figured she would get started right away. Skipping right past the kitchen where she would normally start preparing dinner she went straight for the garage. Part of the adventure tonight was going to be moving the car out onto the street, dressed as she was now. Opening the garage door Amie knew that no one would see her thanks to a long curvy driveway. Walking back up to the house on the other hand… that could be different. Slipping on some slippers (she had hidden in the garage for this) Amie moved the car to the street and walked calmly back to the house without incident, well as far as she knew. Once inside the garage she swept the garage and noted how the slightly cool night air would wisp across her hard-as-pebbles nipples and her now very wet and very naked pussy while she worked. These stimulations give her a pleasant reminder of her current situation.

Once the garage was clean Amie closed the garage door and placed a screw driver in the door in such a way as to lock the garage door in position. Next she disengaged the garage door so that the motor would not strain to open the door when her husband came home. And now it was time to get down to business. Amie brought out a paper bag she had hidden in one of the storage boxes and she spilled its contents on the work bench. First she brought out a black scrunchie and tied her hair back into a very tight bun. Amie then grabbed up her waterproof bullet vibrator and plugged the recently altered toy into her tiny cell phone. She placed the cell phone inside of a condom, then inside of another one and tied the ends of the condoms with the wire going through it rendering the phone basically water proof. The bullet vibrator end went into another condom that was left open for now. Next thing she needed to do was grab a large 5 gallon bucket that she took to the kitchen and filled with very warm water. Back in the garage she poured the contents of a 1lb bag of what looked like flour into the water and took out a power drill with a paint mixer attachment on it and started mixing the solution. After 5 minutes of mixing, per the instructions, the liquid was now more of a thick pink paste. Measuring out 1 cup of the mixture Amie poured it into the condom with the waterproof bullet vibrator then tied it off sealing the toy and the thick fluid inside.

The next step was not so pleasant for Amie but she knew it would produce great results in the long run. Amie grabbed the sex lubricant from the counter and added a generous amount to her fingers which she promptly pressed into her anus, probing and lubricating that hole well. Once this was done she took the condom protected cell phone and pressed it against her muscle, glad that it was a very small phone. As it slid into her she grabbed the vibrating bullet condom and started pressing that into her sex. The bullet vibrator went in without difficulty but getting the rest of the fluid filled condom in was a bit more of a challenge, but once it was in Amie tucked the excess wire into her anus with the phone.

Amie didn’t even bother to clean the lubricant off of her fingers as her hands would be much worse off soon. Deciding she was completely ready she grabbed a pair of kneepads and moved to the middle of the floor with the bucket of thickening liquid. Amie poured about half of the bucket on the floor as she noted that it now had the consistency of sticky dough. Careful not to disturb the edges of the liquid Amie stepped into the middle of the puddle that was now about 4’ by 5’ in size, though it was only about an inch thick. Amie knelt down into the liquid and made sure that her toes where as far back as they could go in the puddle without leaving it. This put her knees at the middle of the puddle. Taking the bucket she poured the remaining fluid onto her calves covering them, along with her feet. Amie used her hands to scoop out as much of the rest of the stuff as she could and plopped that down in front of her. Amie could feel the liquid in her sex getting warmer along with the liquid now completely enveloping her lower legs and feet. Amie knew that if she wanted to change her mind she had to do it now, she only had about a minute left before the liquid would become so adhesive that it would be very difficult to get her legs out of it.

Wondering if she had locked the front and back doors, wondering if she had remembered to lock the dog door that came directly into the garage’s back door, wondering if her husband would be home from work late today, wondering why she just didn’t get on with it, Amie scooped the excess goop from in front of her and used it to coat her arms from her elbows to the tips of her fingers, and just for shits and giggles she used her fingers to spread the now nice and warm goo onto each of her nipples. Now committed Amie placed her hands down into the puddle in front of her and set her elbows down into the puddle so that she was in a classical doggy style position with her ass up in the air her legs spread about 1 foot apart, her elbows about 2 feet apart. Even though Amie could easily get out of this position right now she felt unbelievably vulnerable!

That’s when she felt it, the first changes in the liquid. The mixture was supposed to be heat sensitive, and the reaction also put off some heat so it was supposed to speed up rapidly once it got started. As Amie had predicted the liquid in her sex was responding faster thanks to her added body heat. Now the condom inside of her was getting very warm very fast. It was an odd but very pleasurable sensation. Amie began to review the instructions in her head, trying to think of what was going to happen next when she was suddenly reminded by the sensations. Even as she started to remember she could feel the liquid inside of her begin to expand, and it was expanding much, much faster than she had anticipated. She knew that it was supposed to be a fast process once it started but it felt like she went from barely having anything in her to being full to capacity in about 30 seconds. Most of the expansion had happened in the first 10 seconds but the fluid had kept growing slowly, almost like it was testing her limits for the rest of the 30 seconds. Once the condom inside of her, with the vibrating egg now buried inside of it, had stopped growing, the puddle around her had started to grow. This was it; this was the part she had been waiting for. Now that the liquid was as sticky as any glue could be. She was not going to be able to get out of it quickly if at all, especially with it expanding to 4X its size just as the stuff inside her had just done.

As the puddle grew it mostly grew vertically. This meant that her lower arms and shins that had been covered by the stuff where quickly becoming submerged below the surface instead of standing out above it. This also meant that it was creeping up her thighs and her upper arms. Now she was also realizing a flaw in her judgment. Amie thought to herself that she should already know better than improvise as she realized that the expanding fluid on her nipples and the expanding puddle were getting closer and closer together. If they touched it would mean that her nipples would be held tight and inaccessible to her husband’s touch. Try as she might Amie could not lift her chest out of the way enough, sooner than later the liquid caught up to her and took hold of her nipples. The larger mass of warming fluid below sent a wave of warmth into her sensitive nipples, the pleasure making her sex squeeze involuntarily around the mass inside of her. This instantly reminded her of the final stage of curing, hardening. The mass inside of her, which had been expanding goo, was now fairly stiff. It was hard yet had some spring to it. By squeezing her sex Amie could feel every contour of the solid mass inside of her and it felt very gratifying.

After enjoying the feeling of her warmed nipples and the hard “cock” inside of her Amie realized that she had totally missed the puddle hardening. Amie tried to move her arms and her feet and found that they were completely pinned. Amie realized quickly that her plan had worked well. With the growth of the liquid up her lower arms and thighs along with the fact that her nipples where now stuck she found that she could not move her hips or torso in any direction. She was completely pinned. Her sex and mouth completely vulnerable and there was not a damned thing she could do about it. Instantly a wash of sexual excitement passed through her body, threatening to send her into an orgasm, but leaving her short.

Frustrated, and now unable to do anything about it, Amie’s mind began to race. She started thinking back again, wondering if she had locked the front door? The doggy door (that was always locked anyways)? Would her husband be late? What would he think when he came into the garage and found her completely exposed for his use, however he saw fit? Would he use her right away? What if he brought buddies home from work with him for a few drinks? What if one of those buddies beat him out to the garage to grab a beer from the fridge? What if some neighborhood kid had seen her putting the car outside and came to check on her, finding the front door unlocked? Would the kid call all his friends over to come see? Call the police? Would whoever found her first choose to fuck her mouth, pussy , or ass? Maybe she would be so lucky as to have someone use all three!

Amie realized at some point that she had no sense of time. All of those daydreams rushing into her mind, filling her with lust and sexy thoughts had distracted her from her surroundings. Suddenly in mid thought her ass started to vibrate and the sound of club music came out of her butt cheeks muffled. Almost as soon as the phone had begun to ring the vibrating bullet now encased in the hard substance filling her sex turned on. The hardened goo had filled every crevice and contour of her sex so the vibrations seemed to be emitting from everywhere at once! As Amie started to build towards her first crashing orgasm the phone stopped ringing, sending the caller to voicemail, but the bullet continued to vibrate as designed. Rocking her hips as best she could and moaning uncontrollably with lust and desire Amie tried to get the vibrations to her clit but she just could not get the right angle. She wondered how long the batteries would last in the phone, but her thought was interrupted by her cell phone ringing again, shutting off the bullet and robbing her of the opportunity to get off! The vibrations of the phone were just a teasing reminder of the strong vibrations of the egg.

As Amie came down from her high she wondered if it was her husband who had called twice. Was it a sign that he was going to be late? Maybe this meant that he was going on a trip for work for the weekend? A kind of thrill that Amie had never felt before came over her as she thought of herself trapped here, on the verge of orgasms or at the whims of the imaginary neighborhood kid or some other stray for the entire weekend! Then she remembered her emergency plan. The neighbor’s teenage son was going to be over tomorrow to mow the lawn as usual. He had the key to the garage. Amie imagined what he would see when he came into the garage. From that back door he would be presented with her naked and vulnerable ass pointing straight at him.

These thoughts alone were enough to put her over the edge. Amie’s orgasm crashed so hard and suddenly that she felt as though her body convulsions would break the binds holding her, if not, she felt that she would crack the very earth itself with the crashing and crashing of the pleasure she was experiencing. Another thing she had not anticipated, yet was a very pleasant addition to her predicament, was the tugging on her nipples as her body spasmed. Just at the end of her orgasm she got a text message, and the vibrating egg came to life. Mixed with her emotions, the pleasure from the recent powerful orgasm, the pressure of the hard rock in her sex, the vibrations of the bullet, the tugging on her over sensitive nipples and the sheer vulnerability of her position Amie continued to have little rolling orgasms for the next couple of minutes until the phone vibrated again reminding her about her waiting text message.

After coming down from the ultimate high, and probably one of the best orgasms she had ever had she started to be able to think more clearly. Amie knew that the vibrator would come back on in a couple minutes so she needed to think now if she was going to think at all. Amie thought about the instructions more, and realized that she would not be stuck here all weekend. The mixture was designed for modeling the human body and was made of a starchy substance that would absorb moisture from the air, her skin, and the concrete, slowly softening the currently rigid material. She had intentionally mixed it so that she would be trapped in it for 6 hours (giving her husband more than one chance to use her).

Amie realized, to her relief, that she was actually getting excited again; she had caught herself daydreaming about what reaction her husband would have to her. Knowing that the vibrator would kick back in soon she squeezed her sex around the still hard block in her sex. This block would not loosen up like the rest of the material thanks to it being protected by the condom, but it would pop out of her easily enough when her husband was ready to partake in her vulnerability. As Amie squeezed the toy inside of her, her heart jumped a beat when the garage door opener began to move. Her husband was home! Amie expected the garage door opener to try to open and close a couple of times as he pressed the button when it didn’t work but instead it went all the way to its home position and locked into the door. This vibration jarred the door slightly and Amie heard a small clatter and looked up to see the screw driver on the floor. Then the garage door began to open again… for real this time. If she had not been wet a moment before she was now! She was terrified, appalled, lustful, pleased, nervous, and excited all at once. Her nipples tightened harder and she could feel them try to change shape but they were resisted by the hard material they were stuck to, which just made them feel tight, bringing her more pleasure.

The car headlights poured across her while whoever was in the car just seemed to sit there for an eternity. She had assumed that her husband was in the car, but now that she had a moment to think about it her heart went into overdrive thinking of all the “other” possibilities.

The car turned off, headlights still blazing in her eyes, filling the garage with a washed out light. The car door opened, slowly, and a tall dark figure rose from the car seat. The figure stepped slowly away from the car door and closed it, the thump of the door sending a small, almost orgasmic spasm though her sex. The figure walked in front of the car, between the headlights and walked straight towards her, and it wasn’t until they were only inches away from her could Amie see who it was.

Amie’s husband, stood with his hands on his hips, appraising her situation, he just looked at Amie, not saying anything, poker faced. Then he walked around Amie twice, looking her over. Without warning he slapped her on the ass, stinging her and making her tug on her nipples. Then he walked back in front of her and knelt down, in such a way that he could lick, kiss, and nibble on her swollen ring gagged lips. He ran his hands over her back and shoulders appraising her like a blue ribbon pig. He pulled down his pants and unleashed his only partly hard cock. He held it up to her and she took it into her mouth as best as she could. As he got more rigid he began pressing his length fully into her, deep throating her, only letting her get gasps of air. As he fucked her face he pulled her head into him with his right hand and petted her with his left. Part way through his pleasuring himself in her mouth Amie’s text reminder rang off and started the vibrator in her sex and she started building very slowly towards her next release.

Knowing how to play his wife’s body like a finely tuned instrument Amie’s husband took his tool out of her mouth and came around the back of her to play with her pussy. One thing her husband was good at was knowing exactly when and how to touch her clit. He knew that her most intense orgasms were from intercourse but those are doubled when her clit was stimulated properly at the same time. As he played with her clit and built her orgasm he had taken the rest of his clothing off. While still stimulating her he pulled the cell phone out of her and then he struggled to pull out the rock hard mass inside of her. As the thickest point passed through Amie’s tightest point its vibrations seemed to vibrate her entire body, she was so, so very close to orgasm at that point she would have begged him for it if not for the gag and her panting, reducing her to just moaning and grunting like an animal in lust.

Then suddenly the vibrations were gone, no more than a second later though her husband had mounted her, and was pumping away as hard as he could. This hard pounding made Amie’s ass jiggle and her breasts bounce, tugging violently on her trapped nipples. She was over the top and cumming again and again, squeezing his cock with every ounce of energy her body had left, squeezing him, wanting to feel him cum inside of her, filling her once again with warmth. As he came close to his finish he pulled out, receiving a sharp grunt of shocked disapproval from her before thrusting balls deep into her ass and letting loose. If she had not been so tired and worn out she probably would have cum again right there.

Her husband got up, walked to the car, turned off the headlights, then walked inside the house as he turned off the garage light, leaving her there, alone, looking out into the dark night through the open garage door. That is when Amie realized that he had just fucked her in full view of the front yard and the woods beyond. And now she was exposed to anything that might come down the long driveway, or out of the woods, and there was nothing she could do to stop whoever or whatever might come. Would her husband come back and use her again? Or would some woodland monster come ravage her for its own primal lust, and hers?

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