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A Simple Rope Restraint

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; harness; bfold; nippleclamps; toys; insert; gag; collar; breast; torment; stuck; denial; climax; cons; X

WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. A Simple Rope Restraint Mikel Sbf; rope; harness; bfold; nippleclamps; toys; insert; gag; collar; breast; torment; stuck; denial; climax; cons; X

The beautiful 24 year old stands, all be it a bit wobbly, looking at her bound body in the mirror sitting across from her. It started out as a simple rope hogtie but as usual it “progressed”. Julia stares at the person she always wants to be, the six rows of white rope wound exceedingly tight around her waist, making almost a rope corset, pulling in her waist deeply and adding to her difficulty in breathing. This band of rope is pulled into a deep V pointing like an arrow to her filled pussy, the ropes she has looped from front to back so many times she can’t remember how many, now fills her pussy and ass cavities pulling the rope so hard it has begun to chafe her sensitive areas and she hasn’t even completed the tie. The plugs that were inserted before the rope was stretched tightly across them “just to keep them in” she thought as she looped more and more rope are currently inert, Julia knows when she turns them on they will transport her and her body to another place, a place where she never wants to leave but is always forced to.

Her legs are almost covered by wide bands of the white rope wrapped multiple times around six places before they were cinched tightly, each cinch brought her closer to her utopia as each removed more and more of her freedom. Julia started by wrapping a band around her insteps of her severely arched shoes, these shoes kept her standing almost on her toes and sat atop very thin spiked heels, she was a master at walking in higher than normal heels but these were different and she had never been able to wear them long or stand steady in them, now they were tied tightly to her feet and were the beginning of her nights adventure. The white rope looked almost shiny against her tan skin and Julia loved the contrast, tonight she had forgone her normal leather and steel bondage because she wanted to do something simple.

Three more wide bands dug into her ankles and calves before reaching her thighs that had been welded together by two even wider bands of the rope before being cinched to the point of almost cutting off circulation, the soft flesh between the ropes was already turning pink and Julia could feel her legs tingling. Julia had wanted to do a nice rope bra but after wrapping several layers of rope above and below her firm breasts pulling each until her skin puckered over them and she was having even more difficulty breathing she just couldn’t stop. She fed more of the white rope under the heavy bands on each side of her breasts and through the middle and cinched the wide bands together causing her breasts to bulge out from between the wide bands of rope and begin to turn purple. Grunting as she pulled each cinch tighter she was loving the feeling of her breasts being squeezed so tightly.

Staying with the rope theme she took a long section and began wrapping her neck, Julia always wore a collar even when not in bondage she truly loved the feeling of something wrapped snugly around her around her throat, she had found the limits that her boss would allow when she wore a wide leather collar one day at work and was told to remove it, being sent home for the day when she told him she had left the key for the small lock at home. Carefully she wrapped the rope around her neck working it up to her chin before starting downwards again, repeating this process four times before using all the rope and tying it off in front then looping the remaining ends around back and tying it tightly to keep the collar from getting any tighter. The collar was already slowing the blood flow and her face had turned a nice shade of red as she took the gag an ex-boyfriend had gotten her as a joke saying maybe this will keep you quiet when he showed her the largest ball gag she has ever seen.

Julia had never measured it but knew it was at least 3 inches in diameter and she had replaced the small string that was run through it with a much larger piece of black rope, once she squeezed the ball enough to be able to shove it behind her teeth the rope strap was unnecessary because the ball could not be dislodged from her gapping mouth without her squeezing it while the rope was used to pull the gag from her mouth when she was finished but added to her sense of being bound. The large ball also became very uncomfortable quickly and would add to her torments as she wrestled with her bonds.

Julia was not content with her bondage so far, she turned and slowly lowered herself onto her bound legs, as she knelt her heels were about 3 inches from her ass but she knew that as her leg muscles relaxed she would settle down until they were touching it then she could wrap more rope around her ankles and thighs locking them tightly together. While she waited for her legs to fold further she straightened out her elbow and wrist loops and made sure that the last pieces she was going to use to finish off her tie were close by. She had read about people using cable ties as cinches and decided to use one during this tie. She would still use her normal rope cinch as well but thought she might be able to make it tighter with the cable tie opting to use it around her ankle and wrist ropes.

Her release was about twenty feet away hanging by a rope held to the ceiling by an ice timer that should keep her restrained for 3 to 4 hours depending on how long she took to get ready and how quickly it melts. Julia had turned off the A/C and already had a nice sheen of sweat on her toned body as the heat rose in the house, she had wanted to make herself as uncomfortable as possible but still keep it simple. Before starting on her elbows Julia slipped two vicious nipple clamps on her engorged nipples and moaned loudly as she squeezed each to set them in place and could hear the ratcheting sound they made as they locked tighter with each click. These clamps had been a dare by another ex-boyfriend when she said she could wear any clamps he could come up with, she had won the dare by wearing them an entire evening out with him and some friends but paid dearly for it the following days as her nipples were so sore that even her loosest bra caused her pain.

Julia knew that the clamps also had another feature she liked, they were almost impossible to rub off, and she did not want them to pop off during her struggles and ruin the torture and the increased desire to free herself she would be feeling soon. Changing her mind again Julia began wrapping rope around her head covering her eyes with several layers of the white rope before tying it off and changing directions. As she continued to wrap her head making a harness over and under her head and chin making it impossible to remove the new blind fold she thought about her release and where it was located to be sure she could at least get near it while blind, as she tied the last knot she could picture in her mind the location of where the cutters and small folding knife should fall and figured she could locate them easily enough when they dropped to the floor.

Julia could feel her heels digging into her ass so she wound another wide band of the white rope around her ankles and thighs cinching it tightly and fusing her folded legs together, her legs were already protesting the tight ropes and had started the tingling sensation of going numb but Julia had wanted just that, everything tight, too tight for most people but she needed it tighter than most. Julia worked the elbow loops down over her shoulders and settled one above her elbows and another below, the top one she would cinch through the middle and tie off to her waist band, pulling her elbows close to one another, the second was more difficult first she would wrap the loose ends around the band under her arms then flip the ends over her shoulders working them back around her body before pulling them tight forcing her fore arms and elbows tightly together.

Before Julia began to cinch her elbows together she reached up to her trapped nipples and squeezed each one making the clamps ratchet three more clicks before the pain made her stop, this is the tightest she had ever worn the clamps and moaned again as the pain surged through her body. As she pulled the cinch rope for her elbows drawing them closer and closer her breasts were forced against their bindings even more and making the pressure that was already applied to them already double. Julia was relishing the added pains as she continued to yank and pull on her elbow rope until her arms were welded together. Julia quickly tied the cinch rope before feeding it under her waist rope then back up to her chest ropes before tying it off in several places.

Julia was now bound, the rope she was using would lock itself when knotted and she knew the only way to release her elbows was to use the long serrated bread knife she had left on the bed, once she had freed her hands she would drag herself back to her bed and force herself up on the bed and get the large knife and cut herself loose. Julia had done this multiple times and knew as difficult as it was she would love every grunt and groan filled minute of it. Julia rested her hands on the high heels of her shoes and sat letting the aches and pains build while she tested her current bonds and went over again her escape route before grabbing her wrist coils, sliding her left wrist into them then the cinch loop which she double looped at the last minute before slipping the cable tie around her ankle ropes and her wrist loops.

Once her cinch loops were in place Julia forced her right hand through the coils and twisted it once before snugging both the cinches. Turning her hands away from each other so that they were back to back Julia forced them under her heels and began pulling on the rope cinch until it was tight against the coils and beginning to draw her wrists tighter together and pulling them closer to her ankles. Julia was struggling with the cinch rope as she leaned further back, arching herself further so she could continue to pull the rope until she could pull on it no more. Without hesitating she found the end of the cable tie and started yanking on it and continued to yank and pull until she had all the slack out of the tie.

Julia stopped and tried to relax and found she had done a masterful job as she couldn’t straighten her back out and as she felt with her fingers she found her wrists were pulled tightly against her ankles and she had very little movement in between them. Julia was ecstatic with the results, she had never been bound this tight by her own hand before and twisted and tugged at the ropes feeling utterly helpless and feeling very proud of her accomplishment. Suddenly Julia realized she had forgotten something and began twisting and grunting even harder until she settled down knowing it was no use, she had no way of turning on her vibrators.

Julia was dejected and pissed off at herself for being so stupid and knew there was no way of reaching the controls that were lying on her night stand, less than two feet away but completely out of reach of her now bound body. Julia sat on her folded legs for another 15 minutes before deciding there absolutely nothing she could do and had to continue on, her nipples and breasts were screaming with pain from the clamps and tight ropes and she knew it was only going to get worse and without her vibrators to offset the pain it might even get unbearable. Julia tried to shuffle her knees around but with the tight ropes around them she couldn’t get them to move, her current arched position left her with very few options and even less leverage to help ease her way to the floor. Each time she jerked her body her tits would shake and Julia would scream a little louder, the collar was making moving her head more difficult and was starting to feel like it was getting tighter.

As Julia sucked air through her flared nostrils she was starting to feel light headed as she struggled to have a controlled roll onto the floor. After twenty minutes of struggling Julia had moved only a few inches and was now covered in sweat. The huge gag allowed no air to pass by it or allowed her to open her mouth wider forcing her to gasp through her nose as she slowly ran out of energy and ideas and decided just to fall over. Julia rested for a few minutes before thrusting and twisting her body until she had enough momentum to fall onto her side with a thud. The fall bounced her tits hard and she screamed and twisted some more from the pain causing herself to roll over onto her trapped breasts.

As she lay, her full weight smashing her breasts into the new hardwood floor she screamed into the large gag as the pain from her tits engulfed her. She moaned and tried to roll back over but the slick floor would not let her sweat soaked body get enough traction to twist and turn herself back on her side. With her arms were held so close to her body that with her wrists being trapped under her ankles she had no weight to use to throw herself over so she just wiggled and squirmed in place rubbing her nipples even more. For almost an hour Julia was lost in her pain and struggles, blindly thrashing and grunting as she tried to find some relief from or weakness in her bonds finding none of either until her exhaustion forced her to lie limply in her bonds, her arched back and the thick collar keeping her head off the floor.

Julia was already spent, her bound body sitting in a puddle of her own sweat, the slick floor had not been factored in when she was thinking about today’s game having just installed it the week before and now it seemed to her that it would be her undoing. Julia had no plan B, she had never needed one and now was starting to get scared as each time she lowered her head the rope collar would strangle her and she would have to lift it up again. Julia also knew that no matter what else happened she would have to get to her release or she could die sitting right where she was bound in layers of white rope, her hands bound tightly to her ankles, her legs wrapped together then folded on top on themselves helping hold her tied wrists tightly between her ankles and ass, around her waist an extremely tight and wide band of rope keeping her from being able to expand her abdomen and get a full breath through her nose. The crotch rope now digging in even further and pinching her trapped pussy lips roughly and driving the large plug stuffed into her ass deeper with each pull of the rope that she had tied from her elbows to it.

This rope had yanked up with the fall and was now crushing her elbows and forearms together and kept them very close to her back, the rope bra was now one of her biggest tormentors as the two bands of rope continuously slid on her sweat covered chest closer together pinching her already swollen breasts more with each breath. The clamps were hurting her badly but at least they were consistent and her only source of pleasure, Julia had always enjoyed tight nipple clamps and regularly wore clamps or nooses pulled tight around them when she would go out and even to work. Julia’s next problem arrived when she felt one of the ropes wrapped around her eyes slip down on to the bridge of her nose, right now it was not an issue but if it continued to slide it could pinch her nose and she would quickly suffocate because the extremely large ball she had stuffed into her mouth allowed no air to pass by it and there was absolutely no chance of removing it without her hands.

Julia thought about how to try to move next and slowly flexed her body and twisted as she tried to slide herself in any direction, that was another problem she faced, in her struggles to lay over she had twisted and now had no idea which way the door was she needed to use to get to her cutters. She felt herself move slightly and continued with that motion of twisting and flexing until she could feel her body moving more and more, she knew she was going mostly sideways but needed to find something to get her bearings so right now she didn’t care where she was going only that she was going somewhere.

Another hour passed and Julia had found nothing to tell her where she was, even though she was now out of her puddle of sweat she found the ropes holding her slid almost as easily on the hard floor as they did when she was sitting in the puddle, she found if she moved slowly she could make progress across the floor. Her breasts were screaming again and her neck was getting tired of supporting her head but Julia kept on scooting her bound body. For the next hour Julia was starting to get turned on again and the constant stimulation of her nipples and her being totally helpless had started to work on her. As the frustration level grew so did her lust and soon she was leaning her head down just to feel the choking effect and rocking more forwards and backwards just to cause her tits more pain.

During one of her rocking fits she felt her knees bump something and slowly worked her body near it until she could just touch it with an out stretched finger and knew it was the dresser near the door, she had been moving almost perfectly towards the door the whole time. Julia squealed as she figured she was almost half way there and renewed her struggles. Two more hours passed and Julia was now in the hall less than five feet away from where the cutters and knife now lay on the floor waiting for her to use them to free herself. Julia was highly aroused and her frustration level was at an all-time high and she was constantly fighting her body to stop struggling and let her orgasm wash over her, Julia’s concern was she was gasping for air, really having to work for each breath and the rope on her nose was slowly closing it off as it moved downwards, if she came right now she might pass out and with the collar still holding her neck tightly she might choke to death on it.

Julia kept working her body moving an inch at a time until her head butted the wall at the end of the hall, Julia squealed again because she knew she had made it to where the cutters should be, leaning her head against the wall she was able to relax her body for the first time in hours, she lay trying to visualize where the cutters would be and suddenly realized she could not touch the floor with her hands bound so tightly under her ankles. Her libido was starting to overtake her mind with this realization that she might still be trapped lying next to her release and she started to struggle against her bonds, pulling and twisting until she was gasping again and grunting while her orgasm grew, she no longer had control of her body as she felt the rope slide even further down her nose and restricted her breathing more, she was twisting back and forth rubbing her breasts hard on the floor desperately trying to cum.

When Julia felt the beginnings of the orgasm start to build deep in her she suddenly couldn’t breathe, her struggles stopped as she lay twisting her head and even banging it on the floor as she sucked hard through her now pinched closed nose. Her struggles increased again but this time she was not in control because of pleasure but sheer panic as her whole body pulled and twisted involuntarily against the bonds holding it tight and slowly suffocating it. As she felt more light headed and knew the end was getting close she could feel herself take a deep breath, then another one and now could feel the rope had slid off the end of her nose releasing it so she could breathe.

As she calmed herself she could tell the rope was right in front of her nostrils and impeding her air flow some but was grateful for what she could get. Julia’s orgasm was gone, she could feel another wrap of the rope was easing down her nose so she set about getting herself on her side. Deciding to use the wall to help her turn over, she scooted her body alongside it, feeling the handles of the cutters under her waist as she moved she at least knew where they were now and had a plan. Once next to the wall she began to inch her hips up the trim board and continued to push with her body against the wall hoping to be able to get enough of an angle so she could roll herself over. After slipping a few times and now feeling the puddle of sweat she knew she didn’t have many chances left so she pushed hard and soon she felt her body rolling over onto her side.

The frustration she had been feeling had relit her yearning and Julia was once again fighting off her body’s desire to cum as she struggled sideways to where she thought she had felt the cutters. Julia’s fingers could just touch the floor but she hoped it would be enough as she slowly moved sideways and felt the handles again, after some repositioning she rolled herself a little further and finally was able to grab the cutters with two fingers and pull them into her hand. Her next problem was her hands were facing the wrong way and during her struggles not only had her cinch rope tightened, her wrists had swollen and now she could not twist either wrist back around. She sat fighting her wrist ropes and grunting until she started to cry under her rope blind fold out of sheer exhaustion.

Resting again for another twenty minutes Julia began twisting her hands and pulling them back and forth hoping to loosen the coils around them, while she twisted she could feel her wrist turn a little further each time until it popped inside the ropes and was facing the correct direction. Julia squealed again as she began hacking away with the cutters at whatever was nearest until she felt the coils release her wrists. She was panting hard as she continued to cut any ropes she could feel until her folded up legs sprang open and she was allowed to stretch her legs. Julia was still unable to move her hands in front of her body nor could she reach any of the ropes holding her legs together but she still felt like she was free.

As Julia began the long trip back to the bedroom she was starting to feel her orgasm building again and this time wasn’t going to fight it, if she came she came as she scooted and rolled her way to her room. Once inside the bedroom door she rolled over again and this time the pain in her tits pushed her orgasm back and once again she was denied and her whole body tensed as she screamed into the large gag and caused her to thrash and end up on her back with her trapped elbows under her before she passed out, her body twitching as it lay on the floor gasping for air. Waking a short time later her arms and shoulders aching from laying on them she rolled back onto her side and scooted towards the bed. Reaching it Julia forced her tired body up to her knees before setting her head on top of the mattress and started to push herself up on to it.

While she pushed her face across the bed the ropes across her eyes slid down and now she had three loose strands in front of her nose and one pushing it partially closed, she could not do anything about the restricted air flow and continued to push her body up until her tortured breasts came in contact with the bed and made her scream again and drop quickly back to her knees. Fighting for each breath around the ropes now blocking her nose she leaned her head once again against the bed and forced herself to her aching feet. Once she was standing she wobbled some having to hop backwards on her toes before catching herself and hopping back to the bed, wishing she had cut the ropes around her insteps so she could have shuffled her feet instead of hopping on them.

Reaching the bed she carefully turned and eased herself down on to the bed feeling for the large knife making sure she wasn’t sitting down on it. Once seated she began searching for the knife as she scooted carefully towards the headboard, finding it she quickly started sawing at the ropes holding her elbows so tightly together, as her air was getting more and more restricted she was less careful and continued to saw until she felt her lower arms pop apart. Not stopping she kept sawing until the final rope popped open and allowed her to bring her hands in front and pull the ropes in front of her nose down. Not even stretching her arms first she found her scissors in the night stand drawer and began removing the ropes over her nose, hacking until they were all away from her nose and she could take a deep breath again. Then stretching her arms and leaning back on the bed to enjoy her new found freedom.

While she lay stretching she started thinking about her failed orgasm’s and blindly searched for her remotes and turned on her vibrators, reaching into her nightstand again she found her steel hand cuffs and keys and came up with a new idea to get herself off. Julia scooted down the bed, leaving her keys on the night stand, until she was next to the bedpost and turned and knelt in front of it, she reached back and untied her gag then took the rope running through it and tied it tightly around the bedpost forcing herself to stand as high a possible on her knees and having her tortured tits on either side of it.

Slipping her cuffs under her crotch rope and locking her left wrist in before closing the right one quickly around her wrist she knew she would have to pull the gag from her mouth using only the rope before she could get back to the nightstand and get her keys. She hoped that she could work it out by biting down as she pulled back but had never attempted it before without her hands to help her, now her vibrators were running driving her up to a huge orgasm as she tugged on her tight crotch rope making her even hornier as she struggled and pulled on the gag. Her tits were separated by the large post and because of the shaping of the post it would not let her slide the gag down it and forced her to stay on her knees and keep looking up as her tits were rubbed back and forth by the pole as she struggled.

After only a few minutes Julia was thrashing against the pole and yanking on her crotch rope as her much needed orgasm washed over her making her scream and thrash even harder. During the orgasm Julia felt herself falling but could do nothing but twist to one side as she hit the floor, the screaming and twisting had allowed the ball to pop out of her mouth and now she was lying on the floor panting as the vibrators continued their assault and was driving to another orgasm. Julia was thrashing and screaming again as wave after wave of orgasms crashed down on her as she fought her bonds unable to separate her legs or pull her hands away from her lower back, desperately trying to regain control of her body so she can turn off the vibrators. For thirty minutes she lay twisting on the floor as she continued to enjoy the multiple orgasms’ she was forced to have.

Once her body stopped convulsing she raised herself back up to her knees than forced her body onto the bed, ignoring the nipple clamps as she pushed herself onto the bed. Twisting she was now sitting on the bed and eased herself to the nightstand and released her hands from the cuffs and quickly turned off the vibrators. Sitting gasping as she rubbed her aching jaw she began to cut the ropes from her head allowing her to see to be able to cut her breasts ropes.

The sudden surge of blood into them caused the pain in her nipples to make her scream as they were awakened and she quickly released the ratchets and yanked the clamps off throwing them across the room while she screamed from the pain. After rubbing her tits for a few minutes she lay back on the bed and smiled as she thought about how close she had come to being stuck and how it felt to really be bound with no way to escape.

As these thoughts went through her mind she drifted off to sleep, her legs still bound and her crotch rope still holding her plugs deep inside her but she was smiling as she slept thinking about her next challenge wondering if there was a way to repeat the experience.

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