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Slaved to Machines Part 1

by Daemon

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© Copyright 2010 - Daemon - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; corset; chain; machine; bdsm; toys; cons; X

Part One

Confident, I walk through the hallway to my bedroom carrying a small black box in my hand. It contains the final piece I needed for the setup. Essentially part of the brains of what would soon be both my lover and tormenter for hours on end. Arriving in my room I walk over to a table that is covered with tools, components and drawings. From under a stack of paper, I recover a white plastic box roughly the size and shape of a shoebox. One side of the box is covered with connectors. The top contains a couple of buttons, a display and an empty slot. Using a pair of tweezers, I extract a chip from the small black box and carefully place it in the slot. After I'm sure it's in and secure I flip a switch. A green led lights up and a red one starts to blink. The display shows a selfcheck and then complains there's no hardware attached... Satisfied I switch it back off. It's complete..

But first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alice-Kim. I am 28 years old and considering my (Asian) genetic heritage well built. I'm a nice 5 foot 4 inch, slender with a  firm C-cup. Due to my work as an Engineer, I cannot let my dark brown hair grow longer than a few inches, which I always keep combed back neatly in my neck. I'm kind of proud how I usually get compliments about my eyes. Comes with the genetic heritage I suppose, but my almond shaped eyes are nice and symmetrically placed in my face above a thin, curvy nose and thin well shaped lips. Because I'm an engineer, I mostly dress in one-piece jumpsuits. Formfitting, usually directly over my underwear. I can't help but admit that I simply like the comforting tightness of the soft but strong material of the suit against my skin..

Back to my project. I've been working on this for months! Most of the components, I built at work in lost minutes, only setting it up and fitting it together here at home. All components and parts seperatly are designed to be generic enough not to give away their function, unless fitted together in the project. It was kind of a turn-on to make them at work and no one could venture a guess to what I was doing.

Turning around, I look at the assembly... A thing of both terror and beauty to behold. The center of it is my bed. A large and heavy oak-wood comfortable two person bed, fitted with two mattresses. The corners are composed of high beams. The bed is of such structure and integrity that the house could collapse and the bed would survive.

For this project, I had to move the bed in the middle of the room to mount a low table at the head of the bed. Stationed on this table is a contraption that essentially carries a modified dildo on a stick. The device rests on another mechanism that can move the dildo platform forward and back. At the feet of the bed, a similar back and forward mechanism is set up. Resting on this mechanism, is what experts might recognize as a train-fucking device, a small rotating disk that drives a bar, that in turn moves another bar forward and back. That bar then carries a vibrator. Next to the bed, I mounted a small electro motor. On its axis I tied a length of leather rope. The end of that rope is slightly weighted. The momentum of the engine spin would carry the length of rope up, over the axis and landing down. It would land somewhere in the middle of the bed.

For a second, I allow myself to drift off into thought.. I tried each part of the construction manually. The whip for example. Instead of having this whip driven by the controller, I hooked up a wallplug timing device so it would start swinging after a couple of minutes. I had undressed myself and lay on the bed. Flat on my tummy, I stretched myself out and clenched my teeth waiting for what was to come. After a minute, I heard the small motor click and start whirring. A second or 2 after that I nearly jumped of the bed! THWAP! The leather strip landed square across my lower back! Too hard! With a lot of variance and speed, the strip came around 3 or 4 more times landing on my back, my upper legs, hard on my ass and on my back again! Only then I had the mind to roll off the bed and onto the floor, the whip savagely hitting the now empty mattresses! Oh my god! I couldn't sit very well for the next two days and spent some time (on my feet) to tweak the power behind that whip. The variance in location was fine by me...

The device at the bottom of the bed was fun to tune as well. If I were to allow it to fuck me while I was bound firmly with no freedom of movement, I had to make sure it would neither wound me nor 'fall short'. To tune it, I had only bind my lower body to the bed. (I needed my hands to work the controls to tune the bastard..) I cuffed my ankles to the corners of the bed. Just above my knees, I tied straps that ran to the sides of the bed. I carried an underbust corset with several D-rings lining the waist. With my legs firmly tied to the bed, I fished up a steel cable from between the mattresses, and hooked it to my corset. At this point I could move neither my upper legs, nor my upper body from the bed. I could tilt my hips a couple of inches though, which was exactly my plan..

With my hands I could reach a box of controls. The first one I pressed made the contraption at the feet of the bed move forwards. I tilted my ass up a bit and a moment later felt the tip of the dildo press against my cunt. Slowly I had it inch forward further, until the rubber dick was a couple of inches inside of me. I made sure that I could neither wiggle my ass nor hips to free myself from the intruder. I then pressed a second button and the wheel slowly started spinning. The dildo moved forward and back in a slow fucking motion and immediatly I caught up with the motion. I couldn't match the rhythm of course. My body was almost perfectly stationary, but head down, I moaned into the fabric of the mattress. A third button controlled speed. I set it up to a speed that I was sure wouldn't harm me, but would surely drive me over the edge.

Having it retracted, I had to test a second thing. As I explained I had to lift my ass a bit to have the dildo penetrate my cunt. If I didn't, it would end up in a different place.. In other words, it wasn't so much that I could control whether it would penetrate me or not. If I didn't raise my hips to willingly serve, it would fuck me up the ass. A press of another button had it run with the same settings. I didn't lift my ass though, and for a moment I nearly ripped my bonds! The dildo, still wet with my juices, landed straight in my ass! Allthough the motion length and speed was the same, my ass was far tighter than my pussy. All too soon though, the pain lessened and I concluded that, while bearable, I'd rather willingly offer my cunt than rebel and get fucked up the ass...

The wristbonds were fun to test as well.

I designed two small platforms that I could mount at the headrest corners of the bed. Each platform essentially was a magnetic clamp, that when activated would close and lock around a chain link I fed into it. When the power to it was released, the magnetic clamp would be released and the chain would come off.

To test these, I mounted the two devices to my bed. I put on a pair of leather wristcuffs on and my corset and laid on the bed. Before I made myself helpless, I put in a vibrator and switched it on. I put back on a pair of panties, so the vibrator was locked in place. I came to realise that I could barely reach the magnetic locks now. If I'd be bound by my ankles as well, I wouldn't be able to reach them at all. I had to lock my wrists in a different way. So I hooked up a short chain to the left device. A chain half that length to the right, and another half length to my right wristcuff. I could then use a padlock to lock the chains of my right wrist together. Before I locked my wrists, I hooked up my corset to the bed again.

I set the wallclock timer for the wristbonds on little over half an hour. Preparing and locking myself took a few minutes, so all in all, I'd be there for about half an hour. It wasn't ten minutes later, I realised that I set my vibrator too slow! The pace wasn't going to drive me over the edge, but it sure was teasing me! Frustrated I struggled to reach down or rub myself against the bed. But the wrist chains were barely long enough to allow me to lay there spreadeagled. Leave alone that I could reach myself. The corset hook really locked my body against the bed. Without my legbonds, I could move a little bit, but not nearly enough! Frustrated, I thrashed around daring my intruder to fuck me harder! To get me off and climax! After twenty minutes I was close to tears. After half an hour, I was beyond tears! Goddamn frustrated and horny as never before I heard a click. The wristbounds released and I could move my arms again! As if pulled by some magnetic force, one went to my pussy and the other one to my breast, squeezing! After 5 seconds I climaxed so hard people outside would have heard me. At that point I couldn't care anymore though!

Yea, the wristbonds worked.

But I was starting to wonder what I was getting myself into...

There was one part I hadn't field tested as such. The dildo at my headrest. Contrary to the one at my feet, this one wasn't mounted on a train fucking machine, but did slide backwards and forwards. It would also be my release mechanism. Located near the base of the dildo are four pressure sensors. The pressure sensors are connected to the controller. The controller would detect it if I slid my mouth far enough down its shaft to touch the sensors. I couldn't cheat by merely sliding my mouth or tongue along the shaft sideways. That way I wouldn't touch all the sensors simultaneously. The dildo would come forward and I'd have to suck up and down for a random count, within a random amount of time. For example, I'd have a minute to suck it 12 times, or maybe only 40 seconds to suck it 20 times. It was all random and no way to tell. The only thing I'd know that the upper limit of deep throats would be 20.

I didn't test it on the bed aside from aligning it. I made sure that I could reach it with my mouth when on the bed and that the sensors are located and read correctly. With a switch I bypassed the sensors for a release test and the controller picked it up and released the arms. What else was there to test?

I was soon to learn, that the devil is in the details....

Running my finger over its stainless steel constructions, I start to get wet already. So far, I've tried and tested each component seperatly, always more or less in control. Soon, I'd give all control away. I'd be helpless, fucked and used for hours on end. I nearly couldn't wait. But I had to. Checking the clock, I realise it was near 11:00 PM. I got home late from work but already had eaten something. After taking a good shower, I decide to make a little pre-show. I took one of my older jumpsuits and ripped off part of the sleeves and legs. I tore off one of the breast pockets, leaving a gash. I also worked open a hole in the crotch area. I undressed completely and put on the ruined overall. Allthough the red and blue fabric was torn up and ruined, it still clung on to my body. Next I moved to my workout room. Allthough I was already tired from a long day of work, I resolved to a good 45 minute workout. The result was that I had worked up a good sweat and my muscles were aching. Good.

Instead of jumping back into the shower, I walk to my bedroom. In there, I move over to my bed, pick up a collar and lock it around my neck. Turning off the light, I do the rest by touch. I pick up ankle cuffs and lock them around my ankles. With a padlock I connect a short chain to my collar. The other end of the chain already contained a set of handcuffs. Kneeling on the bed, I connect a second chain to  my collar, which I already locked to a bedpost. In the middle of this chain, a combination padlock links the two chains together. My bedroom is pitch dark and without light, I wouldn't be able to select the 4 digits of the padlock. I am already stuck untill tomorrow morning. I lock into place a small comfortable ball-gag. Tonight I wanted to feel helpless, but I am going to need my mouth tomorrow.  Hands shaking, I locked first one, and then the other cuff around my wrists.

Rolling on my back, I immediatly drift off to fantasy. I was in deep shit. I woke up in this pitch dark room, not knowing where I was or why I was chained up so hard.

The last thing I recall that after work I was walking out of the building, I said goodbye to my colleagues and went to my car. The parking lot was dark and deserted. Reaching my car I searched for my keys. Suddenly I get grabbed from behind! I can't see who it is, but before he can lock my arms behind me I kick back, turn around and try to backhand his jaw with the back of my fist! He catches my hand though, and with a massive punch in the ribs knocks me to the ground! Still holding my wrist, he lifts me up by my arm and grabs me by a breast. I kicked out again and must have hit something because he let go, ripping my overall. Still winded from the blow to the ribs I try to crawl away on hands and knees. He grabs me by a leg and pulls me back over the gravel, tearing a leg of my overall. I try to scramble away again but he grabs my other leg and holds me against his chest. I scream but he puts something over my face. I recognice the medical smell of what must be chloroform because after that all becomes dark...

I then wake up here. My muscles ache and movement is restricted. I can't see a thing, but hear a voice of a man, who's apparently on the phone.

“Hi. Yea, I got her. The little bitch even put up a fight. Not much of a problem though. And tomorrow, I'll see to it that she learns obedience. How late are you here? Good. I'll make sure she's ready..”

I tried to sleep.. Honest to god, I tried. In a situation like this, if I hadn't done it to myself, I should have been scared out of my mind. I was gagged and chained to a bed, with the outlook of being beaten and abused into submission tomorrow by two men. I either had to try and get out, or try to conserve my strength. I was going to need it tomorrow. I thrashed around a bit in my bonds, but I only got hornier. Thinking of what was going to happen to me tomorrow, I started fondling myself through the gash in the uniform over my left boob..

I couldn't help myself. I was such a slut! Here I was, I was chained up helplessly, I was going to be raped and hurt tomorrow in an endurance that was probably going to last hours! And I got turned on by the thought! Due to the handcuffs, I couldn't both fondle and rub myself and as I reached down, through the rip in the  crotch of my overall, I cried as I rubbed myself over the edge. I deserved this. I deserved everything I got so far, and everything that was going to happen! A fucking slut. He might as well not have abducted me and simply asked me if he could tie me up and abuse me! But no, that was above me. I was a little tramp! A slut that was meant to be picked up and taken whenever men felt like it. They could rip my clothes off and gangfuck me in the middle of the workfloor and I would like it!

I moaned in my gag as I came hard! Still with tears in my eyes, I rolled on my side and fell asleep.. My dreams were filled with images of capture and bondage. I would be tied on one of the workbenches and all my colleagues would take me in turns. I would cum over and over as I helplessly thrashed against the steel wires they'd used to tie me down.


The dreams go on into the morning until my alarm goes off. As in habit, I placed my alarm clock out of reach of my bed. That way I have to get out completly, switch off the alarm and that means that since I'm out of bed anyway, I might as well get up.

I turn around, and stubbornly keep my eyes closed. Maybe if I hold still and pretend I'm asleep my abductor will leave me lying here for a while. Maybe, if I look cute and innocent enough, he'll change his mind and not rape me. In my mind's eye, I see him standing next to the bed.

“Nice try, little girl. But I know you're awake. Get up. You have a long day ahead of you. Take a shower. You need it.”

With a sigh, I unchain myself from the bed. I hobble over to the alarm clock and silence it. Next to it are the keys to my ankle chains. Glad I got rid of those, I also removed my ballgag. Flexing my jaw, I was thankfull that my muscles aren't too sore. The keys to my wristcuffs and collar are in the bathroom. I walk over to the bathroom and undo my cuffs and collar. Then I peel off what was left of the jumpsuit. Piling the remains in a heap, I then step under the shower. Leaning with my head against the glass of the cabin, I let the jets of hot water massage my back and leg muscles. Most of my mind running through the terrible possibilities of what might be in store of me. A small part of my brains running through the checks. Did I think of everything? Doors and windows locked? No visitors? I had a friend coming over tonight who had the keys. If worst came to worst, I would not die.  There was a release mechanism that would keep me busy. There were two fail save mechanisms that would prevent the machines from harmimg me. All parts seperatly were tried and tested seperatly. It couldn't fail. Right?

A thump on the door. “Hey you! Stop stalling! Finish up, I'm getting impatient here.” Realising there is no way of getting out of this (I wasn't going to let myself chicken out, not after I came this far!) I quickly rinse the shampoo out of my hair and clean myself thoroughly of the old sweat that I built up yesterday evening but then never washed off. After I'm done, I completly rub myself in with scented bodylotion.

Clean, soft and smelling of flowers, I walk out of the bathroom naked. Immediatly, a hand lands on my shoulder and I'm guided to the bedroom. “Please master, I'd... I'd like something to eat.” I plead. I'm pushed onto the bed. “You have some nerve to ask for food, little whore! You are just a little slut. You don't warrant food. First serve me! Then, if you still want anything to eat, we'll see.”

Of course I wasn't going to eat or drink anything (much). Potentially, I was going to be stuck in a less than comfortable position for 5 hours while getting fucked from all sides. The last thing I needed was a bathroom call.

Before I lock myself up, I had to arrange a few things. First double check the wallplug timer. All the devices, from the train fucking machine to the controller and even the wristlocks got their power from one plug. If that was switched off, the machines would stop and the magnetic locks would release. If all else failed, this was a failsafe. I switched on the controller and for a second time it reported all clear on the selfcheck.

Next to my bed, I had my outfit ready. First I put on my leather ankle and wrist cuffs. After that, leather buckles on my upper legs. Then my underbust corset. I have had some practice putting it on by myself and after a bit of wriggling and pulling on the cords it is nice and snug. I hop on the bed and sit on my knees. For a moment I allow my heart to settle. Then I reached back to padlock the chains to my ankles. These are combination locks so I could remove them if my hands would be free.

Laying down flat and spreading my legs as far as possible, I put a rope through a D-ring on each upper-leg buckle. These are tied to the sides of my bed and keep my legs apart and stationary. Once again, simple knots suffice. My hands won't be anywhere near to untie them. Resting my body against the bed, I reach between the mattresses and fish up the chain that hooks to my corset. I connect it to one of the rings on my underbust and test for movement. Even now my arms are still free, I can barely move my lower body. My lower legs still have some wriggle space but it's futile. I can't move my upper legs and torso at all.

Before I lock my wrists, I blindfold myself nice and tightly. I then lock my left wrist on the corresponding chain. Before I lock my right wrist, I fumble and find a switch on a cable. Satisfied it's still there, I lock my right wrist. I take a deep breath. I reach for the switch again and pick it up. If I do nothing. I'm inescapably bound for the next five hours, doing nothing. If I press the switch, the controller starts its program and will still be stuck for five hours at the most, but at least I won't be alone..

For a moment I'm in doubt. I'm already helpless. Why should I do this? I swore to myself: 'You Pathetic little piece of trash! You wanted this! You built this! You locked yourself up in it and now you're afraid?? Press the button!'

I took a deep breath in, clenched my teeth and pressed the button! I then let it slide away, off the bed. It was useless now. The button had one function: 'start'. It would neither restart, nor stop the computer. I just surrendered myself to my own creation. For better or for worse..

I can't see him, but I hear that slowly my captor circles around my bed. Save for the underbust and the blindfold, I'm completly naked and he has a good view of all my private parts.

“And now, we shall see how obedient you really are, my little pet..”

I hear him unzip and take of his pants and then feel weight shift on the bed near my head.

“I make you a deal, little girl. If you can make me cum, I will let you go. Each time you resist me, or don't suck fast enough, I will fuck you. Agreed?”

I shake my head and plead: “No! Untie me! I won't tell anybody what you've done. Let me go!”

I merely hear laughing. “Oh, I'm sorry, did I make it sound like you have a choice?”

I hear a soft click and a whirr. Then something presses up aganst my face. It's the dildo.. The machine wants me to suck it.

I turn my head away and feel the tip of the dildo press against my cheek and head. I sttubbornly refuse. Then I hear another click. Tak! “Auw!! No! That hurts!” Tak! Tak! Helplessly I writhed in my bonds. Ohhh... That Hurt! I spent time tuning that thing. But after setting it to an acceptable and soft enough pace, I realised that it was supposed to be hurting in the first place! I didn't turn it up again all the way, but yeah, somewhat! I knew that, if I were to suck him, the whipping would slow down. This increasing pace was frustration of my captor about the fact that I denied him. Finally, after what seemed like minutes the whipping stopped. The dildo retreated and I sank my head on the bed... My back burned.. But I knew what came next. Quickly I shifted position with my pelvis up. Slowly, but without hesitation, the vibrator slid into my pussy! “Uhnnng.. No! Don't... Please!” But my body betrayed me, thankfully. It anticipated what was to come, and I was already soaking wet! Once inside me, the vibrator started a low frequency hum, and the trainfucking started with a pace... I pulled at my wristbonds as hard as I could! I wanted to move forwards! But I had made certain that the chain to my corset already didn't contain any slack. Leave alone enough to free myself from that intruder! All my limbs taut, I ride out this trip, until after minutes, it pulls back. “Oh fuck you! No wait! I was almost done!“ I try to lean back. To keep the vibrator inside of me to finish the job! But the vibrator switches off and inevitably it slides out of reach.

I went slack against my bonds... My head resting into a pillow, I couldn't help but laughing.. I outdone myself. Bravo... I found a way to have myself raped and abused without hope of rescue any time soon.. Of course I could have saved myself the fucking trouble and walked into a slum's alleyway, dressed as the whore I am. There'd be enough volunteers to have a go at me!

As I lay there catching my breath my mind went over the procedure.. Basically, this treatment would continue. I'd get the chance to get it off, I'd get whipped and if I didn't get it off in time, it would fuck me. More or less up to me in which hole..

The timing isn't entirely predictable. I'd get about 90 seconds at the most to suck it (I refused to think of it as him...) then it would fuck me for between 3 and 5 minutes and then retreat for 5 to 10 minutes to let me catch my breath.. So including the rest, each cycle would take about 9 to 17 minutes. I was going to be used four or five times per hour... Fuck. If I didn't release myself, for the next 5 hours... Fuck! I started reaching around with what little slack I had. My hands were tied too wide apart. I couldn't reach my wrists. I couldn't even unclasp the wristbonds themselves. Not enough grip. Kicking out with my legs, I tried to break either the chains, or the links against the bed. No good! Without momentum in my upper legs, all I could do was flail around a bit. Pathetic. My captor couldn't help but laugh. With all the strength in my body I tried to rip apart my underbust! No good!


“Forget trying to escape, my pet.. You're mine until I'm done with you. Which at this pace is going to take a while.”

“Get lost! I'm busy!” I snap.

He merely laughs. “It's futile. You designed these bonds yourself. You must know it's impossible to escape!”

I feel the dildo pressing against my face again. “Fuck you!” With my hands I flail out, but fall short of the bar.

“Hehehe... Not yet..“

Tak! “Ohhwwww!”

In tears I look up at where my tormentor would be. I couldn't plead with my eyes, for I had a blindfold on. But Surely. If I begged him... With as much sensitivity in my voice as possible I say “Please, I beg of you.. Release me. It hurts so much-”

Tak! Tak!  Desperatly, I try to divide the whiplashes over various areas of my back by shifting as much as possible. But it's impossible to escape the blows altogether. Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak! Eventually it stops. For a moment I catch my breath. However reluctant I am to suck it, I was most certainly not ready yet to take it up the ass! I lift my hips just in time to receive the length of that vibrating dick. It starts its slow moving back and forth again and I moan with each stroke inward. “Owwhh, no don't- ohhhh! Please not too de- ooohhwww.. Ohhh!!! Annggg! Stop it! I'll oohhhh! YES! Fuck me please!! Hmmmgggg! OAAHH!” But all to soon I feel it pull back yet again! “No! Hey! have the mind to finish the job, you selfish bastard!“

But I only hear laughing.. “Why? You didn't let me cum. Give me a good reason.”

“I- I'll.. Ohww Fuck you!” With renewed strength I thrash against my chains!

“Heh, no.. Fuck yóu.. Again. In a while. Think about it. Save your strength.” With that he leaves me to myself.

I've already given up trying to free myself. Or even to get myself over the edge. I couldn't reach anywhere, and my legs are useless as well. The only thing I can do is just lay there and wait for hi- it! For ít to return. When it wanted more. But the fight wasn't over yet! I was going to prove that I wasn't the whore it thought I was!



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