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Slave No More?

by Mikel

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Storycodes: F/f; D/s; steel; bond; chastity; bra; punish; bdsm; oral; denial; Solo-F; steel; cuffs; bodice; collar; boots; gag; locked; permanent; stuck; cons; X

Lucy had let her sexual desires control her life for since she had been a teenager, it had ruined high school and college forcing her to bounce from relationship to relationship. Three years ago she got involved with very dominant woman that used Lucy’s sexual needs to control her literally making Lucy her personal slave. Lucy was so involved it took her over a year before she figured out the woman had no intentions in helping sate Lucy’s desires. She only wanted to increase her needs and frustrate her even more to get her to do what she wanted.  By the time Lucy figured out what was happening she had been placed into so many steel restraints she couldn’t leave even if she had the chance.

Lucy hadn’t been without the heavy steel chastity belt in months, the steel bra had been added shortly afterwards. She had been assured wearing the steel would allow her mistress to give her the release she so desperately wanted. The extreme frustration Lucy felt had made her delirious as each day she longed to be satisfied. Every day she spent chained to a wall forced to stay on her knees and service her tormentor and anyone she brought to Lucy with her mouth believing she would be allowed to orgasm if she performed well. Lucy could never perform well enough, after each session she would be left unsatisfied with a large gag stuffed down her throat pulling and tugging at the steel encasing her.

When Lucy was allowed to leave her dungeon she would have her arms bound stringently behind her back, either in a reverse prayer or in an extremely tight arm sleeve. Lucy would remain gagged unless her mouth was needed to service her tormentor forced to walk around the large house in extreme heels with her ankles and knees chained closely together. The small tray hung around her neck and chained to the sides of the chastity belt had tall glasses of wine sitting on it and if she spilled any of them she would be punished after the night was over. The first “party” she attended she spilled seven glasses of wine which turned out to mean she would spend seven days in the exact same position she was in during the party. With her arms twisted up between her shoulder blades, the pain was intense for the first twenty four hours leaving her gasping and weeping around the gag on her knees.

The heavy steel collar with its thick chain had been reapplied keeping her near the pole in the center of her small room and every hour someone would come to her whipping her until she stood and started walking around the pole. At the end of the week Lucy could do nothing but what she was told to do, she had been broken and her only thought was to serve. It took another year of servitude before Lucy decided that she no longer wanted to be a slave and after many failed attempts to leave she was finally asked if she wanted to be freed and when she nodded “yes” she was promptly escorted from the house and left outside still wearing her chastity belt and bra with the shackles around her ankles and wrists.

Suddenly Lucy was standing on a street in extreme high heels in a very tight leather dress with a small bag left next to her. In the bag she found a stash of bondage equipment her check book and id’s from before she promised to be a slave. Lucy was thankful for being left with a small amount of money quickly finding a cheap hotel and spending a few days trying to figure out what to do. Lucy searched for the keys to the cuffs and belt finding nothing but several of the gags she had worn, two posture collars and an arm binder. Emptying the bag she found a note in the bottom telling her she had twenty four hours to call the number and return or she could not ever return. Lucy strapped a gag into her mouth and pulled a collar tightly around her throat moving to her bed she connected her ankles together with a padlock before taking a short chain and locking her wrist shackles to the steel head board. Lucy wanted to make sure she could not call anyone even though her mind was confused having to wait until the maid found her, hopefully the next day guaranteeing she could not change her mind.

Lucy ended up spending two days and three nights bound to the bed, the hotel service was not very reliable but she was finally released and quickly went about fixing her life now having no choice. Lucy found covering the belt and bra was easy enough, the tight thigh cuffs meant she could only wear dresses or skirts but it was the cuffs around her ankles and wrists that became troublesome. She had been able to cover the ankle cuffs with a pair of loose boots and the cuffs with overly long sleeves but she wasn’t sure if she could cover them every day. With her job options limited she finally took a job at a phone center where she would sit in her cubicle and make calls. As the months went by her desires to have sex began to control her thoughts again making her begin to search for a way out of the steel she was trapped in.

It turned out to be much easier than she thought to remove the cuffs, she simply told a young man in a club one night her ex-boyfriend had locked them on her and he took her to his repair shop and quickly cut the flanges freeing her ankles and wrists. The belt and bra would prove much more difficult, the steel was different and the locks were flush making it almost impossible to cut without hurting her. Lucy rewarded her friends with her mouth and quickly got a reputation for giving excellent head.

During the next year Lucy accepted her fate understanding that the remaining steel was the only way she wouldn’t be controlled by her over active libido. As she learned to deal with the frustration she began to realize that she was using her mouth as an outlet for her desires and needed to find a way to stop it. Lucy was on a new mission and after a few months had found a sympathetic dentist and between the two of them designed a way where she would no longer be able to use her mouth for her or anyone’s pleasure. The dentist had at first thought Lucy was just fantasying about the insert but when she asked about having it built and installed he became worried.

The implant was designed to be permanent, it would allow her to only partially open her mouth covering the inside of her teeth. The strong titanium cage would be attached directly to her jaw bones encompassing her whole mouth, its crossbars blocking it not allowing anything larger than a few millimeters to pass by them. Her tongue would be held firmly to the bottom of her mouth by the intricate workings of the cage allowing limited movement only when she wasn’t trying to open her mouth fully. The further she opened her mouth the harder her tongue would be pressed to the bottom. Lucy knew she would have to learn how to speak again and that she would be forced to speak in a low tone and would always have slurred speech but her mind had decided she needed to stop her last desperate acts of her sexual desires. Lucy convinced the dentist to make the gag and began searching for another job that didn’t require her to speak finally finding a job as a data analyst that utilized her degree that could be done from her home.

After a few months Lucy was ready, she had set her appointment for getting her implant installed signing and notarizing all the paper work freeing the dentist from any responsibility. Lucy was waiting impatiently for the procedure having been practicing speaking with a mock up he had made for her and while she waited she took liquid steel and forced it into each of the locks on her belt and bra determined to never be her desires slave again. It took the dentist four hours to install her implant, the strong cage fit perfectly into her mouth filling it completely. Once it had been fully installed the dentist worked her jaw watching how everything worked noticing that it compressed her tongue much quicker than he had planned on and hoped she would still be able to speak.

Lucy woke up in her apartment she had already been told how many of the pain meds to take and for how long and raised her hands to her aching mouth feeling the medical tape placed over it to ensure she didn’t try to open her mouth too quickly. She only removed the tape long enough to take her pills and force the liquid food down her throat finding that she could only open her mouth about half as far as she had expected. Lucy was unconcerned, she was finally at peace, her mind had accepted the gag installation so she could now live her life free of her demanding sexual desires. It took a few days until the pain had decreased to a level where Lucy could test her new device and began working on her speech.

Lucy found she could barely open her mouth at all before her tongue was pressed down making her talk essentially with her teeth closed. Lucy practiced her speech daily always sealing her mouth with the tape when she finished, her new inner peace allowed her to work diligently and excel at her new job. After a few weeks Lucy had stopped practicing her speech, now only removing the tape once a day to force her food into her mouth she loved the feeling of the tape sealing her mouth shut. Lucy had started going out again leaving the tape on covering it some with makeup and lipstick finding she didn’t have to speak much and typed what she needed on her phone the few times she had to communicate. Lucy concentrated on work, her mind drifting often about having her mouth sealed shut not necessarily permanent but difficult to remove and started fantasizing about being bound to her desk each day. Lucy searched the internet finding many items that could help her live her dreams.

Lucy struggled each day just to move through her apartment to her desk where she attaches the harness encircling her body to the large desk chair. Starting with her ankles she slipped locks through rings embedded in the wood and the links of the chain that make up the harness. It takes her almost an hour to place all the locks that will hold her to the chair none of which she currently has the keys to. Lucy reaches to the short chains bolted to the top of the desk locking her wrists to them sealing her fate until the computer opens and allows her get them. Lucy hadn’t unsealed her mouth since she had found the steel panel gag with the small tube that she inserted into her mouth. With the tube she no longer had to unseal her mouth to feed herself and since she started keeping herself locked in her high heels and irremovable chastity belt and bra and nothing else she never left the house.

Each day Lucy spent her “work” day chained in place in front of her computer working diligently keeping her mind active in her work. Once she was allowed to be released she would feed and clean herself before wandering slowly out to the mail box, the only time she ever went outside anymore was to get her mail long after it had gotten dark of course. Lucy enjoyed the night air on her chained and encased body struggling to walk in the ballet heels she had worn continuously for months and recently found a steel worker who had agreed to make her a pair out of stainless steel that would never wear out and never have to be removed.

Lucy communicated with him by e-mail for weeks changing and adding things finally approving the design and waited anxiously for them to be made. Lucy couldn’t wait to encase her feet in the new boots feeling she was adding another piece that was needed to keep her under control. During her waiting Lucy had studied her finances finding since she had none other than her home and its upkeep and her nutrition cost had become minimal she could pay off her home in less than a year and continue to build her savings so in less than two years she would not have to rely on any income if it became necessary.

With her finances in order she started looking into someone to keep her keys for her searching for a service she could trust to only return them in a medical emergency. After looking for weeks she could never find someone that she felt comfortable with worried she would be controlled by anyone who had them like she had been before. Getting ready for bed Lucy locked her ankles and thigh cuffs directly together wrapping the wide leather collar around her neck rubbing it smiling behind the gag knowing a custom steel collar was what she needed next. After locking the collar she pulled the thick leather hood over her head lacing it tightly thinking how much she was forced to do to herself each night to keep from desperately trying to satisfy her sexual desires. As her breathing quickened she felt her pussy tingling as it did every time she didn’t have her mind distracted.   

With her legs bound together and her head and neck immobilized the hood forcing her to concentrate on her breathing through the small hole under her nose she pulled herself into the center of the bed. Reaching down she latched her ankles to the chain attached to the foot board. Now lying comfortably on her back she reached up checking her release before stretching her arms up until the short chain mounted to the head board touched the steel cuffs, she used her shaking hands to lock the cuffs to the chain leaving her gasping stretched across her bed until morning. Each night her need to control herself forced her to restrain and partially suffocate herself just to keep her mind occupied until she could fall asleep.  Lucy had found if she didn’t restrain herself she would fight the steel she was encased in all night but once she discovered when she was bound accepting she could not free herself with no hope of stimulating herself only then could she fall asleep.

Lucy’s daily rituals kept her mind from drifting with her only allowed distraction being more ways to eliminate any possibilities of ever being used and controlled by anyone. She had contacted the steel worker and the two designed a steel collar that would not only hold her head rigid it would also hold the new steel gag firmly over her mouth. Lucy added a larger phallus that would insert into her mouthpiece keeping it spread as wide as it was allowed to be and pinning her tongue tightly to the bottom of her mouth. The workman was glad to build it for her replying her boots had been shipped getting a loud squeal from Lucy. Lucy was starting to feel at peace with herself knowing that once the boots and collar were locked on there would be no options left and maybe she might finally be able to control her urges.

When the boots arrived Lucy studied them thinking how wonderful they looked all polished and shiny noticing how he had thickened the toes even seeing small slits in them. She knew the slits were for releasing the filings of her toenails, as they grew they would be filed down by the boots keeping them at the proper length making removing the boots unnecessary. The boots made her belt and bra look old and Lucy thought if she could remove them she would have him make her a new set especially once the new collar arrived. Lucy opened the boots by folding the back of the boot down and slipped her bare foot into it relishing how tight her foot fit and slowly closed the back squeezing it until it latched. There was only one small hole for the key in the boot and she smiled knowing if the boots worked as well as she hoped the holes would soon be filled anyway.

With both boots locked on her feet she struggled to learn how to walk in the rigid shoes relishing how stiffly they held her feet en-point and how much more stable they felt to her. It only took Lucy a week to adjust to the new boots making herself wait for two months to make sure her nails were trimmed correctly before filling the key holes. Lucy was working on something to cover her torso completely while she waited sending pictures and measurements to her builder telling him what she wanted. Lucy used the d-rings on the sides of the boots to restrain her ankles whenever she wanted and began leaving a three inch chain attached full time wishing she had a pair of wrist cuffs that matched. In her next e-mail to her builder she noted it to him and he said send him the measurements and he would make her some and send them with the bodice.

Lucy received the collar and gag and without hesitation snapped it around her neck guiding the phallus into her caged mouth. The larger protrusion from the metal plate would cover and seal her mouth forcing her jaw open further than ever before pressing her tongue hard to the bottom of her mouth. Lucy squeezed the collar feeling the latches snap closed and the plate press hard on her lips and chin. Lucy could feel her pulse in her ears and how restricted her throat was gasping and pulling on the tight steel desperately wanting to remove it realizing she had not checked the key hole and didn’t know where it was.

Lucy struggled for twenty minutes before calming herself sitting in her desk chair gasping through her nose as she started enjoying the new steel. It took Lucy a few days before she felt completely comfortable in the collar and gag learning she could now not make any intelligible sounds and even those were extremely muffled. Looking in the mirror she could see how tight the gag pressed onto her lower face covering under her chin making it impossible to open her mouth any further. She also chuckled knowing that her mouth couldn’t be opened any further even if she wanted. Lucy continued her daily routine of locking herself to the chair having to modify some of her locking points since she could no longer turn her head to see them or spread her feet or thighs anymore.

Lucy could now prepare herself for bed easily since her ankles were already locked together making her only have to lace the hood and began changing her position finally ending up lying on her stomach with her head hanging slightly over the edge of the bed. After attaching her ankles to the chain she would slide towards the edge until her nose was clear of the bed, the rubber sheets she had been using would block her nose so she was forced to hang over the edge. Once in place she would find the chain hanging from the ceiling bringing both arms up behind her back as far as she could reach and lock them to the chain. Lucy found being locked in the strappado was quite exciting and would spend the first few nights struggling and fighting the chains. As her nightly ritual became more extreme she found ways to make it more difficult not realizing she was letting her feelings of arousal increase her bondage.

After waiting a month longer the new bodice and wrist cuffs arrived and once again Lucy was excited when she opened the packages snapping the cuffs around her wrists smiling under the plate covering her mouth as she studied the wide steel gauntlet style cuffs appreciating the craftsmanship and the multiple o-rings he had placed along the inside and outside of them. The bodice looked amazing, she held it up so she could look at it closely having to lay it back down due to the weight. Lucy was leaning over the table inspecting the new piece of steel seeing he had designed it to overlap the top of her belt and bottom of the bra and how it was perfectly smooth and the way it would give her a reduced waist size and also had o-rings mounted in different places.

The bodice was much more difficult to get closed forcing Lucy to lie on the floor and roll back and forth as she pressed down on the steel. Lucy was gasping from the effort when she felt the latches close leaving her panting and trying to get to her feet again. When Lucy was finally able to stand on her pointed toes she shuffled to her long mirror and stood staring at her steel covered body and her diminished waist. Lucy was very aroused as she ran her hands all over finding that with the tight steel around her torso pressing on the belt and bra she was unable to bend her body at all. Now her head was held rigidly erect and her body could no longer bend at all and she wondered if she had gone too far.

It took Lucy a few days to decide she liked the bodice and gauntlets even though she was now even more limited in her movements and with her body held so stiffly she could no longer reach her ankles to unlock the chain or boots and was unwilling to remove it so she was now forced to the short strides the three inch chain forced onto her. Lucy grew comfortable in her new appliances very quickly finding now she could sleep with only using the hood and locking short chains between her bodice and gauntlets. Every day she became more aware of the feeling she had won she was now free of her desires and no one controlled her or her life. Lucy spent her days chained to the chair working with her arms cuffed closely together and chained to the desk struggling in her restraints just to see her monitor. But each day she felt more secure in that she had beaten her demons.

Lucy spent the next few months encased in her steel working diligently during the day adding a short workout routine to her pre-bedtime rituals trying to keep her body in shape. Her workout started getting longer even when she locked her wrists to the bodice with longer chains leaving them locked full time. After another six months Lucy began to feel her desires creeping back into her thoughts even catching herself thinking about removing the collar so she decided it was time and filled all the key holes with liquid steel and destroyed the keys feeling an immediate relief knowing she would never again have to think about her sexual desires controlling her.

Lucy spent the next year living her life as she had always wanted positive she had made the right choice in locking herself up permanently feeling more normal each day and sleeping comfortably each night. As time passed Lucy began having strange thoughts and a nagging feeling that something was wrong. One night as she lay with her head covered and wrists locked together the thought that had been nagging at her became clear to her, she was now a slave to herself! Lucy whined loudly as she realized she had gone from being controlled by someone else with a possibility of being satisfied to being controlled by her fears. She had let them turn her into her own mistress permanently sealed away from everyone and any chance of being satisfied and could do nothing or blame anyone but herself. This realization made Lucy struggle fruitlessly in her bonds knowing she had broken herself and was trapped forever in her own self imposed slavery.

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