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Sleep as a Settlement Girl

by Annabelle

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© Copyright 2011 - Annabelle - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; cuff; collar; chain; cable; denial; true; cons; X

Author's Note: This is another true story of my adventures in living as a Settlement girl. Thanks to Zack for editing it.

You know how it is sometimes, when you wake up in the middle of the night? Sometimes, you don't quite make it all the way awake, so you end up feeling some things while being totally out of it in others.... and if it is timed right, there are bits of dream mixed in too, so you aren't even sure what is real and what isn’t... although at the time you are hardly wondering about stuff like that anyway.

But, to get back to things... I start to wake in the dark, and all I am aware of at first is a stiffness in my arms and shoulders and a dryness in my mouth.

I don't want to move though, I'm awake enough to know that... and I hope by lying still enough I will just fall back to sleep. But the longer I lie there the more awake I become, and soon the stiffness I feel makes the urge to stretch just too much to resist... so I do it, arching my back a little and flexing my arms as best I can as they lay behind me, my wrists pulling against the black leather cuffs that lock them tightly behind my back. And the mere act of stretching brings me completely awake again, aware of where I am and what I am doing.

What I am doing is having one of my 'Settlement Girl' nights... sleeping in the same bondage the Settlement girls from Graham's stories have to sleep in. This is something I have enjoyed doing on and off for several weeks now.

I am naked, as the Settlement girls always are, with my hands cuffed behind my back, the cuffs connected by a padlock that keeps them very close together, while two more padlocks keep the cuffs on my wrists. My ankles are also cuffed in matching black leather cuffs, only instead of being tight together I can spread them apart if I wish. But only by sixteen inches at the most, the same as Graham's Settlement girls.

And around my throat is my collar; made of stainless steel, it sits warm and unyielding against my skin.

This is how the Settlement girls must sleep at night, and it has taken a while for me to learn how to do that myself... but now it isn't hard at all, and sleeping through the night isn't a problem any more.

But, now I am awake... at least mostly awake, and I stretch again, rolling my naked body over onto my front as I try to find another comfortable way to lie. Now I feel and notice other things... such as how warm the room is and how sweaty I am, despite the open windows. I run my fingers over my bare butt, all I can really reach in my present position, and feel the layer of sweat on my smooth skin. Lifting my arms, I feel how they stick to my back, and with one foot I feel the slickness of my other leg.

I'm hot and thirsty, but I still don't want to get up. I'm comfortable where I am, sleeping naked on a futon pad in my living room instead of the bed in my bedroom. In fact, I haven't used my bed in quite a while, not since I found that sleeping on my living room carpet felt a whole lot more comfortable in the heat than my soft bed. But after a couple of weeks on the floor, which was just a bit too hard, I bought the futon pad which I now use. It's still firm, but a good compromise between floor and bed.

So there I lay, trying to empty my head of thought and feeling so I can get back to sleep... but it wasn't to be, just yet, as another need began to make itself known. I had to pee.

Of course I tried to ignore it, but you know how it is... the feeling never does go away when it starts. So, reluctantly, I roll to my side and struggle to sit up, blinking the last of my sleep away in the darkness and feeling the chain connected to my collar rub against my right breast. Yes, just like the girls in the Settlement, there is a chain locked to my collar, a two meter chain that flows to the floor... and in the darkness of my living room there is enough light coming in through the open windows to allow me to see where the chain goes. It goes to my very own girl rail.

If you have read the stories, and I really think you should, you will know that all the women in the Settlement are chained to the girl rails, a metal rail with a groove down the middle that allow the women to move around the Settlement, yet never allow them more than two meters from a girl rail, the length of the chain between rail and neck.

I couldn't make actual girl rails of my own, but I figured on a simpler way of doing the same thing. A plastic coated steel clothesline is anchored at one end next to my refrigerator and the other end is anchored next to my toilet. The cable snakes out of the kitchen, across my living room, and down a short hallway into my bathroom. When I use it I make sure that there is nothing within reach that a Settlement girl wouldn't have. The chain attached to my collar is locked to a ring threaded onto this cable and I have my own version of the girl rail. And it works really well!

So, sitting up in the dark I blink a little more of the sleepiness from my eyes and look down at the chain hanging from my collar. It's cold against my skin and that slight chill feels good, and when I shake my shoulder it jingles in the way only good chain does, which makes me smile.

I pull against the cuffs holding my hands behind me and spread my ankles until the hobble chain is tight, and then tug hard to see if anything gives... but of course nothing does. I am bound, and nothing will change that but the keys to my locks.

I love that. :)

But I needed to pee, so I get to my feet, (not that hard after I've had so much practice at being bound this way), and I hobble along to the bathroom.

Walking with the girl chain took a little experimentation, as it is never really explained in Graham's stories. At first I let the chain pull my collar round, so it was dragged behind me by my neck. But I never really cared for the pull on the front of my throat, and thought it might be dangerous if the ring at the other end ever caught on something. Besides, I have very long hair, and it would sometimes catch on it and be annoying. So instead I let the chain hang down in front of my right shoulder, before turning to grab it in my bound hands before starting to walk. That way, all the tension is held in my hands, not my neck. And then all I have to do is pull it behind me as I follow my girl rail to the bathroom... it's not like I can go anywhere else.

It doesn't take long at all to get there, and leaving the door open so I can see, I pee. The one thing I can't do after is wipe though, so I have to live with it as I fumble for the flush before heading out, taking a glance at the ring of keys hanging on the hook in the bathroom. I won't touch those keys until morning.

But, I am still thirsty, so I hobble all the way to the other end of the cable and open my fridge. I'm a little blinded by the light, but then I know I wont have to stare at it for long. With my hands cuffed behind me I have to back up almost into the fridge to grab anything. The cold feels nice on my naked body, but I don't want to leave the door open for too long. So I fumble for a bottle of water, and once I have it I step out and close the door again.

The bottle I grasp in one hand, turning it to lay across the small of my back, and simply stand for a minute or two enjoying the feel of it on my bare skin before turning it so I can open the lid with my other hand. Then I carefully place it on the table behind me before turning and bending to take it into my mouth. I stand and tip the bottle back, drinking what I need before reversing the whole process and putting the bottle back in the fridge.

I've done this many, many times before, so it wasn't difficult, but I do get a charge out of trying to learn how to do things with my hands cuffed behind me... working on touch and memory to get things done when I can't see clearly... and certainly living with a very limited range of movement. But if you plan ahead things do get done, and once the water was back I was ready to go back to bed.

So I shuffled back and carefully laid back down on my futon, shaking my hair out of the way so I don't lie on it. Trying to find a comfortable position is always hard though. The best one for me seems to be slightly curled up, rolled slightly onto my chest so my arm isn't supporting all my weight, with one knee higher than the other. This way I don't cut off the circulation to anything, and my arms get support from my back, which means a lot!

It also makes me very aware of how naked I am, when I first lie down. The futon material is sorta rough, so I feel it wherever I touch it. My nipples and breasts rub against it, which feels good, and the inside of the thigh of whatever leg happens to be on top. I tend to wriggle a bit in my bondage, which makes me smile and feel sexy... a small pleasure as this is about as physical as I can get in this bondage. Without a toy of some sort to, well... extend my reach, (things I put away after my first try at being a Settlement girl, since I was told that they don't get to play with such things) I can't touch myself at all in any meaningful way. So any wriggling I do do just ends up getting me frustrated... so I try not to do very much of it.

Instead I force myself to lie still, close my eyes, and blank my mind. Not always easy when you are cuffed and chained naked by your own hand. I think about what I am doing, what I am feeling, and what else I want to try. And of course, the little fantasies that we all have from time to time.

One of mine goes like this: a girl wakes up naked in the deep woods. She wakes to see that her hands are cuffed behind her back in thick leather cuffs, joined together by a single link. But attached to this link is a chain, about 4 feet long. The other end of this chain is a steel ring, and threaded through this ring is a steel cable. One end of the cable is wound about a large tree and locked in place, and the other end of the cable snakes off along the ground into the forest. There is nothing else there that the girl can use to survive, so her only choice is to follow the cable she is attached to, but she has no idea where it is going or how she will get free... and that's it. What is going to happen to her on her journey? How far will she have to travel along this cable? How does she get free? She has to make it to the other end, and she never gets free of the cable until she gets there. It would be interesting to see this written up as a story, but I'm not good enough to do it myself.

Anyway... that's the sort of thing that runs around my head as I try to get to sleep, and it takes a while if I wake up in the middle of the night for me to relax enough to feel sleepy again.

But eventually, as I lie there naked and bound, I do fall asleep once again... to sleep as a Settlement girl.

The End

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