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Ice Cube Game

by desiree

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© Copyright 2002 - desiree - Used by permission

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Slutdesiree - Part 2
The Ice Cube Game
by desiree
(c)Copyright slutdesiree, 1999

I was finding it really hard not to masturbate and on Sunday afternoon, still not having heard from Mistress, I couldn't help my self and had to get myself off. It was easily done. With the thoughts of Friday night still going through my mind, about 20 seconds of stroking made me cum. It was Unreal. I was still unbelievably aroused about that night. I knew I was now in more trouble with Mistress Sable, as she had ordered me not to masturbate, and I had disobeyed her order. At this point, I could do nothing to change that.

I went on with life and I couldn't figure out why I hadn't heard from Mistress. She had never left me this long without calling before. It was Wednesday, and I was feeling horny again, and I wanted to jerk off, but Mistress Sable's commands echoed through my mind and I managed to get through my crisis without cumming. Then, around dinnertime, the phone rang and I answered. It was Mistress! I was so happy to hear from her. But she still pissed and very gruff with me. I had never seen her like this before. She said, "This is not a social call"! She continued, "I have decided on your punishment. You will do exactly as I say No exceptions. If you don't do exactly as I say, you will do it longer, tomorrow, and every day until you do it right". 

Mistress' gruffness made me feel very submissive and horny. I asked her to have mercy on me and she told me to shut up unless I was asked a question. I started to argue and she warned me that the punishment could get much worse, and told me to shut up again. "Now", she said, "For being such an unfaithful slut on Friday night, you shall endure the following punishment. It will be 8…". Mistress paused. "Wait a minute, I almost forgot. Did you come since Friday night, slut"? "Um, yes, Mistress." "I replied. How many times"? She yelled. "Just once, Mistress", I responded. "Are you sure", she asked. "Yes Mistress", I replied. "You're lucky", she said' "because the punishment doubles for each time you came since I told you not to. You will play the Ice Cube Game with 16 ice cubes". I blurted out without thinking," But Mistress". She snapped back at me, "Arguing doubles it, one more unsolicited word and it's 32 ice cubes". I sat quietly. 

I don't know why Mistress was being such a bitch. I wanted to ask if it was PMS, but I knew that would make it worse, whether it was or not. Usually, when we play the Ice Cube Game, cumming without permission adds 2 ice cubes, and those 2 can be purchased back for good behavior. This time, Mistress was really being a bitch. Mistress always claims that all rules are her prerogative, and that her authority and decisions cannot be questioned at any time. Mistress Sable continued", You will wear your punishment hood, bra, panties, ear plugs, spreader bar, ball spreader, parachute with the tightening strap, the large butt plug, and 4 leather cuffs". "But mistress", I started. "SHUT UP or its 32", she blurted. "Any questions' about what I want, slut"? "Did you say 16 Ice cubes and the large but plug, Mistress"? Yes, I did, slut". "But Mistress, don't you think that's a little long for the large butt plug?" "Yes, I do, but that's too bad, you should have thought of that before you decided to be unfaithful. I do not, and will not tolerate slut subs. Maybe you'll think twice the next time some stranger wants a blowjob. So, if you have no more questions, you can start NOW. Call me when you've finished and I'll tell you what's next. Oh, and by the way, If you cum during or after the punishment, without my permission, you'll start it all over with 32 ice cubes. Do you understand slut"? "Yes Mistress", I replied. "Good, then DO IT!". CLICK.

Why is she being like this? I guess I'd better get doing as I was told. I got out my toy box and started to prepare for the game. While looking at the large butt plug my loving mistress bought me at The Pleasure Chest, I remembered that I had to give myself an enema before I could insert it. It is 6 inches long and one and a half inches in diameter at the largest point. I gave myself an enema and inserted the large butt plug with the help of some KY jelly. I still have quite a difficult time getting the large one in when it gets to the thickest part, but a good shove pops it in, and once it's in, it doesn't feel quite as bad.

I attached two heavy chains to the two large eye screws at the top corners of my bed and laid the chains over the bed. I attached 2 heavy chains to the foot of the bed, about 2 feet apart, and attached them to the ends of the three-foot spreader bar. Then I set up the ice cube release mechanism. The mechanism, designed by Mistress, of course, consists of 2 eye screws, a small one in the ceiling above the spot where my right hand will be secured, and a larger one on the top of the hutch on my dresser, a knee high stocking, a length of strong string, a one pound weight, and the prescribed number of ice cubes. In the Ice Cube Game, the release mechanism is set up last, so that the ice cubes don't melt prematurely. The string is attached to the open end of the stocking, not so as to tie it shut, but through a hole punched through one side near the elastic band. This leaves the top open for insertion of the ice cubes. The (16 in this case) ice cubes are placed in the stocking and string and the top of the stocking are pulled through the large eye screw on the hutch. Then the string is fed through the eye screw on the ceiling, and the one pound Weight is attached to the end of the string. This stretches the stocking through the eye screw, held in place by the ice cubes. When the ice cubes melt, the weight will fall to the bed. The keys to the padlocks used in this game are attached to the weight.

A bit about the ice cubes: 3 ice cubes take about one and a half hours to melt, 4 ice cubes take about one hour and fifty minutes, and 5 ice cubes take about two hours and 5 minutes. Obviously, there are a lot of factors that affect the actual time such as room temperature, the original ice temperature, the size of the cubes, and how they are placed in the stocking. So, there is an element of unpredictability, but one thing is sure, they will melt eventually. I had never played with 16 before, and I didn't know how long I would be captive, but with my punishment hood, large butt plug, ball stretcher, and parachute, I didn't think it was going to be fun for long. But I had to do what Mistress Sable ordered, because I didn't want to get her more pissed off that she already was. 

I put on the lacy bra and panties that mistress bought me at Victoria's Secret. They made me feel very horny and sexy. I wanted to just jerk off right then, but I remembered my Mistress' warning. I put on the 2 leather ankle cuffs and padlocked them. I put on the 2 leather wrist cuffs and padlocked a 8 inch length of chain on each of them. I put on the ball stretcher and the parachute, giving a good tug on the parachute to make sure that it was secure. I tested the padlock keys, and attached the keys to the one pound weight on the end of the string. Then I placed the punishment hood, the earplugs, and the cordless phone on the bed and put two open padlocks and the tightening strap at the foot of the bed and two open padlocks at the top of the bed. 

I went to the freezer and got out 16 ice cubes. The preparation so far had made me quite horny, so I picked out the largest ice cubes, took them to the bedroom and placed them in the stocking. When I let go of the string, the stocking stretched to about two feet and left the weight and keys hanging about three and a half feet above the bed. 

I checked all the equipment and everything seemed ok. At this point it is very hard to concentrate on the necessary aspects of this setup, but it is essential to ensure that everything is in order.  I looked up at the stocking, it was still there, and the ice cubes hadn't even started to melt. 

I stood at the foot of the bed and attached the ankle cuffs to the two-foot apart eye screws on the spreader bar with the two padlocks. I connected the parachute to the center loop on the spreader bar with the tightening strap, but left it slack. I placed the loose end of the tightening strap laying on the bed running up to where my right hand would end up. The tightening strap works sort of like a seat belt in a car. It has a buckle that only allows the strap to slide in one direction.  When pulled, it will get tighter, but will never loosen. I laid down on the bed and pulled my self as far as up on the bed as I could. My ankle cuffs were tight, but there was no tension on the parachute. I threw the pillows on the floor so they wouldn't get in the way. I picked up the cordless phone and phoned Mistress. 

Mistress Sable answered the phone, "Hello". "Hello Mistress", I responded. "Why are you calling me?" Mistress asked, in a stern voice. I told her I just wanted to make sure she hadn't changed her mind. She said, "Don't be ridiculous, of course I haven't changed my mind". "Why in hell would I change my mind?", She ranted. "But do I have to use the tightening strap?",  I asked. Mistress got angry and shouted, "of course you do, now get to it unless you want to make it 32". Yes Mistress. I hung up the phone and dropped the phone on to the floor. I guess I've got to do it, I thought to myself.

I found the end of the tightening strap and tied it to one of the chains at the top of the bed. I put the earplugs in my ears, and put on the punishment hood with the blindfold attached and tightly laced up the back. I was in silence and darkness. I could no longer see the stocking or the progress of the ice cubes' melting, not that they had even started, last time I checked. I picked up one padlock in each hand and after stretching as far as I could to the top of the bed, I locked my left wrist cuff chain to the left chain on the bed. I paused to consider my situation. I reached down with my cuffed right hand and started to rub my swollen cock. It was quite enjoyable so I continued for a minute. I got to the point where I was about to cum, and then I remembered I would have to report whatever happened to Mistress, so I stopped and moved my hand back to the top of the bed. I found the remaining padlock again and after stretching as far as I could, I locked the wrist cuff chain to the chain on the bed. I suddenly realized that I couldn't move and that I would be in this position for, well, who knows how long?

I began pulling and tugging at my restraints to see if there was any possibility of escape. At this point it didn't seem that there was. While I was pulling I realized that there was still a bit of slack in my bonds even though I had tried to pull them as tight as I could. Then I remembered Mistress' instruction to use the tightening strap. I pulled on my bonds by bending my knees and could get about half way up on my knees, with my ass sticking up in the air. Mistress had used the tightening strap on me before, but I had never used it on myself. I located the strap with my right hand and pulled it as best I could towards the top of the bed. It didn't seem to make any difference. Maybe I hadn't attached it properly. I slid my hand down the strap and pulled it up several more times. It seemed to cause a little tugging on my balls. It felt kind of good, so I pulled on it a few more times, and the parachute tightened. I wanted to please Mistress Sable, so I continued to pull on the strap as hard as I could until it would no longer move. It was putting a lot of pressure on my balls now. I then remembered that I was still holding myself up by bending my knees and when I relaxed my legs, I thought the parachute was going to rip my balls off. The weight of my lower body was pulling on my balls, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it for three, four, five hours, who knows how long? How do I get into these situations?

As I lay there in agony, nothing seemed to make my situation any more comfortable. I was in agony, and there was nothing I could do about it. Time seemed to stand still. I had no idea how much time had passed. Nor did I know how long the ice would take to melt. Is this what Mistress wanted? I never knew she could be this cruel. A million thoughts raced through my head. I lay on my bed. I couldn't see anything. I couldn't hear anything. I was a little bit horny. I was a little bit scared. What if the stocking snags and the keys don't fall? What if the house burns down? What if the parachute rips my balls off, which at this point seemed likely. I'm sure no more that 15 minutes had passed, and I figured the ice would take about seven and a half hours to melt. What was I going to do? Well, I think I had the answer to that. Absolutely nothing but wait. I tried to squirm to see if I could make myself more comfortable. But any movement I made only seemed to pull on my balls harder. Time went on, and on, and on. It seemed like forever, but I had no idea how long it had been. What I did know was that my balls were aching. I started to hate myself for being such a perfectionist about how I restrain myself. It had already seemed like forever. 

I couldn't see or hear anything, but suddenly, I sensed the presence of someone in the room. A chill ran through my body. As I thought, I realized that there couldn't possibly be anyone there because I had checked to see that the doors were locked before I started. Mistress has the only other key to my house, and she was several hundred miles away. But, the feeling of someone's presence didn't go away. Then something touched my back. I jumped and screamed. I was scared. Who was here? My sudden jump caused me to put even more pressure on the parachute. It seemed that the parachute's sole intent was to rip my balls off. This served to cause me to scream even louder. The pain was unbearable. "Who's here", I screamed. No one said anything. Then a hand began to slide over my bare back. It wandered around my back for a minute, and then found it's way to my panty covered ass. 

Who the hell was it, and how did they get in? It couldn't be mistress, because she couldn't have gotten here in this short time. Or could she? How long has it really been? Thoughts of who, why, and what was coming next raced through my mind. The hand continued to rub my ass, and occasionally found its way to my aching balls. Still, not a word was said. I was starting to get aroused again in spite of my pain. I could feel my cock stiffening. I tried to squirm to rub my cock on the bed to maybe get some satisfaction, but it only caused more stretching pain on my balls. The rubbing of my ass had stopped. WHACK. 

Something struck my ass. Before I could think about what it was, it happened again, then again. It felt like my cat-o-nine tails. But how? Oh, shit, I had left my toy box open on the dresser and my cat' was just sitting there. Whoever was there had obviously found it, and seemingly knew how to use it. I tried to think about how this could be happening, but I kept getting distracted by the repeated lashes being applied to my ass. I wasn't consciously counting, but at least 100 lashes must have struck my panty-covered ass. My ass was really burning and each lash was still making me wince and tug again on my balls. I cried out to my unknown 'guest', "Please stop, that's enough. To my surprise, the lashes stopped as if my request had been granted. A feeling of relief flowed through my body. As I relaxed the hand again ran over my back and found its way to my ass. The rubbing now told me that my ass must have been bright red. The rubbing both burned and aroused me. Then another hand seemed to appear as there seemed to be one hand on each side of my ass. The hands moved to the sides of my ass, and I felt my panties being pulled down. "No, don't, Please don't", I screamed. My plea was ignored and my panties were pulled down around my knees. My bare ass was rubbed for a minute, then the rubbing stopped. 

I lay there still for a minute, then the lashes started again, this time on my bare ass. My ass was already burning and this was too much. The pain of each lash was excruciating. I begged for my assailant to stop, but to no avail. The lashes continued and seemed to get harder. I know, I'll use the safe word, I thought to my self. What safe word, I asked myself? I don't even know who this is. The lashes continued. I didn't know how much more I could take. After at least a couple hundred more, they stopped. I tried to appreciate the relief, but at this point, my ass was burning so bad, the let up made very little difference. But it seemed that the whipping was over. Once again I seemed to be alone. No more lashes, no more touching. I lay silently. How long have I been here, I wondered. And how much longer, before the ice melts? I had absolutely no idea how long I'd been there. It could have been an hour, or it could have been a day. I really had no idea. 

Just as I thought I was really gonna get a break, I felt my bare ass start to sting again. The lashes had resumed. "NOOOO, No more", I cried. My pleas were again ignored. I could do nothing. The lashes seemed to be more painful than before, if that was possible. I was thinking about that, and concluded that it no longer felt like my cat' was being used. I started to whimper and whine on each stroke. Now I was feeling pain that I had never felt in my life before. But what is it? My cane? Where did that come from? It was hidden in my closet, but only Mistress knew it was there. I was having a lot of trouble concentrating on my thoughts. Mistress had warned me that one day, when I least expected it, that I would be severely welted by that cane. But how did she arrange this? Or was it her? If not, who was I being totally exposed to? And What stranger was beating me? And did I really deserve that much punishment? I really didn't do anything that I had control of, other than follow Mistress' instructions. After at least 50 lashes from the cane, the lashes again stopped. Even after the lashes stopped, my burning ass was more painful than any pain I ever felt before. And, in addition, the parachute from hell, was still stretching my balls without relief. I hope this is making Mistress happy, because it sure isn't making me happy, I thought to myself.

 I imagined that my ass had a bright red glow to it at this time. It sure felt like it did. Several minutes had gone since my last lash and nothing more seemed to be happening. Maybe it was over, I hoped. While I pondered that possibility and wondered how much time was remaining, something again touched my ass. It felt very cold. I felt something very cold being rubbed on my sore ass. It was kind of soothing. There was a strong, but very familiar smell in the air. No! It couldn't be? It smelled like menthol deep heat rub. No, no one would be that cruel. The rubbing of my ass continued for a minute and then stopped, It was like an ass massage that covered the entire sore area of my ass. I felt a little pat on my ass and that was the last I felt from my assailant. (Isn't that a good word, ass-ail-ant? Sure made my ass ail.) With in a minute or two, what ever had been rubbed into my ass turned from cold to hot. Wow, and I complained before? That was nothing like this. My ass was now burning so bad that I wished I would pass out. But no such luck. I tried to relax and go to sleep for a while, but my adrenaline level was so high, there was no way. My ass was burning like never before and my balls were still being stretched beyond belief. And I was still feeling aroused and had a hard on again. I was sweating a lot and I could feel sweat running all over my body. 

Suddenly I started to feel the burning around my asshole. Oh, shit. The sweat must have caused some of the cream to run down to my asshole, Oh, fuck, did that burn. Within a minute of two, I started to feel the same pain on my balls and cock. The sweat must have run there too. If there was an ultimate torture, I was now experiencing it. And I still could do nothing to change it, and had no idea how long it would last. Time stood still again. My hard on was gone now, probably forever. I lay there, totally helpless, in total agony.  Again, I tried to doze off, but without success. I lay there waiting, nothing else to do. My assailant seemed to have left. I guess I finally did fall asleep, because I was awakened to something striking my right hand. It was the weight, and the keys! I would soon be free. I fumbled with the keys to try to get one of the four into the lock securing my right hand. This is not an easy thing to do with one hand. It took a few minutes, but I finally got one of the keys into the lock. It wouldn't turn. So I tried another one, it wouldn't turn either. 

Finally, the third key worked in the lock and my right arm was free. But I could hardly move it. It was stiff and my shoulder was sore. I reached over and unlocked my left hand. This was a bit easier because I had two hands to do it. I removed the hood, earplugs and the tightening strap and got up off the end of the bed. I looked at the clock. It had been five hours and forty minutes. I was so stiff I could hardly move and was shaking when I stood. I unlocked my ankle cuffs and I removed the parachute. OUCH! Fuck, does that hurt. I removed the ball spreader. More of the same pain. I took off my bra and panties and immediately got into the shower to wash the cream off myself. This eventually brought a little relief. What a predicament. I was so stiff I couldn't walk, and I was very certain that I couldn't sit down. 

I got out of the shower and immediately went to the phone and called Mistress Sable. She answered and I started to tell her about my evening. It's kind of late to be calling me, isn't it, she said. But Mistress, I was just following your instructions. You told me to call you when I was free. I just got free. "Well, OK,", she said. I finished telling her about my terrifying evening. "Wow, who could that have been"? She asked. "Did you cum"? No Mistress, I didn't.  "Do you want to"? She asked. Not really, Mistress", I replied. "That's good, because you still may not, do you understand"? "Yes Mistress".  "I'm too tired to think about the next step tonight", She said. "I'll call you sometime, um, tomorrow maybe to tell you the next step. And remember, slut, you'd better not cum, and don't give any blow jobs, ok? Yes Mistress. Mistress said Good Night and hung up the phone. 

Mistress keeps on about this blow job thing. It's making me wonder if she set that up too. But she didn't know where I was going that night. I chose that area and spot myself. Well, she could have had someone follow me from home, I guess. The more I think of that, the more it makes sense. 

Slutdesiree - Part Three

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