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Snow Day

by Memyselfnaye

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© Copyright 2001 - Memyselfnaye - Used by permission

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Snow Day

Let me just say, right off the bat, that I LOVE winter.  I passed this story along to a friend and he told me I’m nuts and this stunt was dangerous.  I disagree.  In fact, it was one of the safest sessions I’ve ever had.

Last month, we had a snowstorm here in the Northeast US.  My wife took the kids to her sister’s house on Saturday morning, and by the time I got home from work at noon, it was snowing hard.  At about 2pm, she called to say she was going to spend the night there because the roads were getting bad.  She sounded concerned that I would have to spend a Saturday night all alone. 

But you know what was going through my mind before I even hung up the phone.  My only concern was just how serious a bondage session I was going to get into.  And it didn’t take long before I came up with a delightfully simple plan.

I gathered up ALL the keys to my hand and leg cuffs and put them in a small bag.  Then I took them out to the garage, which is about 30 yards across the back yard from the back door.  The yards in my neighborhood are fairly large with lots of old trees, and it was absolutely beautiful out there.  But I had plans inside.

And my plan, as I said, was delightfully simple.  I was going to cuff my hands and legs, then spend the day in bondage while I waited for dark and the chance to go get the keys from the garage.

Let me say something else right off the bat… Sometimes I puss-out and don’t follow through on these ideas, so I was trying hard to stay focused on what I wanted to do.  I went back in the house and got out of my boots, then took off all my clothes right there inside the back door.  The feeling of walking around my house naked made me hot and I resisted the urge to change my plans. 

I went upstairs and pulled in a pair of tight, stretchy white panties, then sat on the bed and put on my leg cuffs.  I locked one handcuff on my left hand, making sure the keyhole was facing me so I could get at it.  Then I took a deep breath, put both arms behind my back, and locked them together. 

And then I sat there for a minute thinking about what I had just done.  I was locked up, nearly naked, with about 30 yards of deep (and getting deeper) snow between me and my  keys.  Scared?  Nope….    Hot?  You Bet!

What to do now?  It’s 3pm.  3 hours till dark.  Probably another 4 till my neighbors go to bed and I can safely get to the garage.  7 hours of bondage!!!! 

Lets start with a shower.  I watched a bondage movie once with a girl who takes a shower while handcuffed.  It’s not as easy as it looks.  I sat in the shower for a while, rubbing soap on the parts I could reach and reveling in the bondage.  My panties were soaked, and my cock was showing clearly.    I could kind of reach it, but not enough to really do anything about it. 

When I started running out of hot water, I got out, and then realized something else…  I couldn’t dry myself off.  Not really.  I took my towel and dried what I could reach, then just sort of stood around and air dried.

Now what to do???  If only I had someone there to control the situation… to give me something to do with my mouth… 

I shuffled around the house, then worked my way down to the basement.  I wasn’t really worried about being seen.  All the lights were out and it was pretty dark outside.  In the basement I found the laundry pile.  My wife normally does the laundry on Saturdays, so today there was a pile of dirty laundry at the washing machine. 

I knelt down and began to root through the pile with my mouth, looking for her worn panties.  I found several pair and just picked them up with my teeth and held them in my mouth.  I found one of my favorite pairs… a pink stretchy pair I got her for a present a few years ago, and took them in my teeth.  Then I struggled over to the stairs and worked my way back up to the bedroom.

When I got there I lay face-down on the bed with my face resting on the panties and closed my eyes.  I was restless (wouldn’t you be?), but I did manage to fall asleep for a while.  I also was a little hungry, but it was just too much effort to get up and make it downstairs to the kitchen, so I lay there, watching the snow.

Around about 7 I began to get very restless.  I shuffled around the upstairs for awhile, then worked my way down to the kitchen and tried to get something to eat.  Drinking was going to be difficult.  And I didn’t want to turn on lights so people could see in.  So I used my nose to turn on the kitchen tap and bent over and drank from it.  Eating was going to be another chore entirely.  There was some chocolate pudding, but how would I get it to my mouth, even if I could get the container open.  I held it behind my back, peeled the foil lid off and carefully set it on the counter, then turned around and tried to lick it up.  I made a mess – on the counter and on my face.  This was becoming a pain in the ass, but… I was still having fun, enjoying the feeling of long-term bondage.

I finally gave up on eating and shuffled to the bathroom to try and wipe my face on a towel.  It was a messy job, but I got it all.

After that, I just sort of shuffled around in a daze, lying on the bed and rubbing my crotch up against anything I could find.  I was getting horny.  VERY horny.  I watched TV for a while, and at times was amazed that I would suddenly remember that I was tied up.  It was starting to seem very natural.

At 9, the elderly neighbors on one side turned off their lights.  Now I just had to wait for the neighbors on the other side.  The snow was getting deep.  We’d gotten about 8 inches already and the town had closed down.  There were no cars on the streets and everything was very quiet.  I sat there in the dark, near the back door, watching the snow and feeling the helplessness of the situation.  My shoulders were a little stiff, and I remember thinking how smart I was not to make the bondage any stricter, and that I hadn’t put in some sort of a gag.

I probably could have gone and gotten the keys right then.  It was so dark, and the snow was coming down so hard.  But my neighbor’s lights were still on and I just didn’t want to take the chance.  So I waited.  And waited. And waited some more.

At around 10:15, (thankfully) their lights went off, and I got moving.  I worked my way to the back door, pulled it open and shuffled out into the snow.  Wow.  What a feeling.  Cold?  Yes.  But not freezing cold.  I knew I’d better hurry.  I shuffled over to the steps, then realized it was not going to be safe to just step down.  And I really did not want to fall.  So I took another deep breath and sat down on the top step – in the snow – in my panties.  It was cold but I was just getting hotter inside.  I slid my butt down each step, feeling the snow pack around my balls, until I got to the bottom. 

I stood up and prepared myself.  The snow was deep.  The leg chains were not going to allow me to take steps, so I was going to have to shuffle through knee-deep snow.  And I knew, once I moved away from the steps, I was going to be in full view of everyone. 

Oh well… It’s cold.  Time to get moving. 

I remember thinking, about halfway across the lawn, “what the fuck is my problem?”  But, you and I both know what my problem is, or you wouldn’t be at this site.  I was covered with snow and getting wet.  I shuffled as quickly as I could and made it to the garage door.  Once inside, I realized it was colder in there than it was outside.  I shuffled over to the work bench and got my keys.  I got one hand free, then got one leg free.  Then I grabbed my keys and headed back to the house.  I remember running across the back yard, in the dark, through the snow, with one leg cuff dragging behind me, a hand cuff locked securely around one arm, and saying to myself that I wasn’t going to take them off once I got inside.

And I didn’t.  I grabbed a glass of bourbon and poured a hot bath.  Then I lay on the bed and jerked off before cumming a bucket load.

I turned off the light, locked my ankles back together, pulled up the covers and slept soundly.


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