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A chilling self bondage experience
By; The Techster

 It was a boring snow day and fortunately we don't get many in the southeastern United States. 
My wife, Techie had to work.
However, My employer called things off for two days the loss in productivity was cheaper than the potential for liability. My project is exclusively outdoors and down in the Southeastern United States outdoor projects are not equipped for a significant snowfall.

To me this was another opportunity to practice one of my favorite hobbies, namely self-bondage. I was at a loss for indoor self bondage ideas, so I decided to make it an outdoor adventure, nude, self-bound in the snow. Techie and I live are, at the moment living in an upscale planned neighborhood, while working on projects far away from our country place. This rental has an enclosed privacy paddock where one can work on our cars, boats etc (self-bondage)  out of sight of the locals. 

Time for planning, I rounded up my gear, a small blanket to place everything on, a cloth bag that I would used to "ship" my clothes out of the paddock and headed our doors. I unlocked the paddock, slid inside and closed the gate behind me.
 To record the experience I brought a digital camera and a tripod out with me and set it up where it would shoot a series of photos. I decided this would be nude bondage with my wrists secured above me. The head for a V-8 engine would be used as a counterweight that would stretch me. A small chain would be attached to the small chain that was secured to buckle type wrist cuffs. 

I went outside the paddock lifted the head up and held it there with a slip knot that was around the top of the fence surrounding the paddock. I attached the chain to it with a bolt. Then  tossed the chain over the paddock wall. I looked at my watch, 4:45, At 4:00 Techie called me and told me she was heading home at 4:30. I knew from experience that she would be here in one hour, however I did not add anything for the fact that the roads were slippery and driving would be much slower than usual. 

Placing my keys inside the front door as a self-bondage signal on top of a note that simply said, "Paddock" I went into the paddock. I knew she would find me there. I stood on the blanket as I shed my clothes, but retained my socks and some white rubber soled slip-on shoes. Then I committed, put my clothes and the blanket in the bag and tossed it over the paddock wall. It was still daylight so I could not "chicken out " now.

The "toy bag" was left on the ground near the camera tripod. It still contained several toys including a chromed steel leash and a red ball gag on a leather strap. For ankle spreaders I decided to use a large box end wrench with two fabric rachet straps that were designed to be used with racing bicycle toe clips. I took a photo of my spreader bar.

Next I put on and buckled the wrist cuffs. The camera recorded that too. The I set the time delay on the camera. I knew that if I acted quickly that camera would take a picture of me in full bondage. Using a small lock I walked into the corner, attached the chain to the D rings on my cuffs by passing the lock through the rings and the chain. I snapped the lock shut, now there was no turning back. The keys were in the house. Lastly I pulled the release line. The heavy steel engine head dropped with a snap that stretched me out. There I was stretched out, nude, chained and spread in 20 degrees and snow. I was thankful that I had left my shoes and socks on. At that moment I heard the camera click as it took my picture. I shivered in the cold as I awaited Techie's discovery.

About an hour later Techie discovered me. She walked around and said," Well you did well this time. First let me stress test your bondage." She took her time going into the house to get her favorite stress testing unit, namely a twin tailed rubber strap.
In about 10 minutes she returned with the strap and a red ball gag. I accepted the gag when she said, "We don't want to disturb the neighbors." Did you know that when administered on a very cold ass even 10 slaps really sting!

I struggled, and whined as the blows stung my buttocks, but the gag kept the noise down and chain did not yield. Techie realized two things: (1) she did not have the key to the lock and (2) she was not tall enough to unlock it. I was left shivering as she went into the house for a step ladder and my ring of keys. In about 10 minutes she returned. She asked if I was cold. Still gagged I nodded "Yes" and she proceeded to "warm" me up with the slapper for a fast 25 strong strokes that ranged from just above my knees to my upper back. It was one of those times when it actually felt good.

It was then she spotted my digital camera, " Turn around, I need a frontal view for our X rated photo album." I waddled in the spreader bar and turned so she could get a frontal shot of me in snowy cold bondage. She noticed that I was wearing the Chastilock. "That's a neat touch. I know what we'll do next."  She got up on the ladder and unlocked me. She unbuckled the wrist cuff and had me turn around. She then got the leash and handcuffs from the "toy bag". She handcuffed my wrists behind me. Next she attached a leash to the Chastilock and led me to the entrance of the paddock.
"Relax here, it's almost dark. When you can undo the knot and its dark you may sneak across to the front door."

She tied the leash to the gate hinge with a small piece of rope and a series of knots. Lastly she removed the gag and left, "See you in a few."

I knelt in the snow untying the knots with my teeth, when the leash fell free, I bent down and picked up the end of the leash in my teeth, after all with the leash hooked to my cock I definitely did not want to trip over it! Soon it was dark and sneaked out of the paddock. I hid in front of her car, which was parked in the driveway and had to stay low for a few moments as a neighbor's car drove past. Then I discovered the worst, she had left the front door lights on and I would be spotlighted as I attempted to open the door. I had no choice and Techie knew it as she watched me through the front bay window. I waddled as fast as I could, considering the spreader bar, turned around and opened the front door latch with my hands and slipped inside. Techie greeted me with a warm blanket and a hot drink. She put the mug to my lips and I took a long sip of the hot rum toddy. 

"Release me please." I pleaded.
"You'll have to earn release, let me think of something." She said as she lay on the sofa and lifted her skirt exposing herself. She turned and lifted and spread her legs," I just know you'll think of something."
I knelt in front of her, she relaxed as I licked and suckled her clit through a strong orgasm.
"Good job." She exclaimed as she sat up and unlocked the handcuffs.
"Now how wonder how I can top that?"

            and she will try.


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