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Spandex Bondage

by LycraLover

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© Copyright 2008 - LycraLover - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; spandex; leotard; caught; M/f; bond; cons; X

Me and my girlfriend Natalie share a love of all things lycra and bondage, I love seeing her roaming about our flat in tights and a leotard, and I especially love tying her down to our bed and having wild, passionate sex with her. Natalie has long dark brown hair and a stunning body, with amazing tits and perfect ass that I could stare at all day, and she knows how much her body covered in lycra turns me on, and takes every opportunity around the flat to tease me with her spandex covered ass and tits.
Anyway, one day when I came home to a locked door, which was strange because Natalie wasn’t working today, so I walked into the house and called her name, I waited a few seconds then heard muffled groans coming from the bedroom. I walked into the room slowly and my jaw dropped.
Lying on the bed was Natalie, wearing a black long-sleeved leotard and red tights, with straps running above and below her knees and one around her ankles keeping her legs secured together, her wrists were also cuffed behind her back while her hands were busy massaging and groping her ass and pulling on the tight crotch rope that was buried deep in her ass and pussy. My eyes moved further up and I saw that she was wearing her favourite black spandex hood and red ball-gag over it. I stood there and stared at her for a while, squirming around in her bondage, groaning deep into her gag as she pulled on the crotch rope. I eventually noticed the little note on the bedside cabinet that read:
“I’ve been a very naughty girl, and I have to be punished, but I just couldn’t tie myself up right… care to help me?”
My rock hard cock was straining desperately against my trousers, begging to be released, so I obliged, and stripped out of all of my clothes. Then I bent down next to my beautiful girlfriend and whispered in her ear:
“You do deserve to be punished, so I’m just going to have to tie you real tight and not let you have any pleasure at all.”
She groaned loudly at this and swayed her ass in the most seductive manner possible, and I could almost feel her pouting under the gag and hood. I quickly grabbed her ass and ran my hands over the smooth spandex and squeezed her ass roughly, and she started mmmmphing into her gag and humping the crotch rope.
“That’s enough for you just now,” I said and untied the crotch rope and pulled it away from her to which she groaned in a disappointed way. I turned her onto her side and grabbed another strap, this time tying her elbows together, forcing her large chest out. She mmmphed uncomfortably and squirmed around. I couldn’t hold back anymore and started to run my hands all over her lycra covered body, massaging her tits, over her hands, grabbing ass, over her gorgeous legs, all the time she was mmmphing and trying to squirm towards me.
Eventually I stood up and unbuckled her gag, let it hang around her neck, then took off the spandex hood. She looked up at me with sheer lust in her eyes, begging for me to fuck her, but before she could say a word I shoved my hard cock into her mouth. She gagged a little at first, but the started to suck in earnest, running her lips up and down my cock, and licking all over the head and the sensitive underside of my shaft I groaned out loud and grabbed the back of her head and started moving my cock in and out of her mouth and I used my spare hand to run my hand over that beautiful spandex covered ass, then ran it up to pinch and squeeze her nipples beneath the lycra. She moaned around my cock and sucked harder until I could feel the come building up in my balls, then I pulled out of her mouth and slapped her ass sharply, she yelped a little and pouted at me.
“Not yet,” I said and rolled her onto her front again. I straddled her legs and pushed my hard cock between her lycra covered legs then pushed my cock up until it was pushing against her soaking pussy, with just two layers of spandex separating us. She groaned, frustrated, and try to push back into me, I chuckled slightly and pulled away. She moaned again and turned her head around to pout at me some more. I eventually took pity on her, and undid all the straps securing her legs, and as soon I did that she sprung into action.

She rolled onto her back, wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me on top of her, kissing me passionately. We continued like this for several minutes, with me pushing the head of my cock into her spandex covered pussy and kissing her deeply until I had to pull away. I smiled at her, put the gag back into her mouth and buckled it tight which received many angry mmmmphs into the gag. I rolled her back onto her front and pulled her up till she was on her knees with head her and shoulders still lying on the bed with her arms still tied behind her. The end result was her ass pointing straight up at me.
I pulled the crotch of the leotard to the side, exposing the tights beneath, but these already had a slit cut into the crotch from our past excapades, so now her dripping pussy was exposed to me. I pushed two fingers straight into her and she mmmmphed into her gag and arched her back, pushing herself into my fingers. I fucked her with my fingers for a while before getting up onto my knees, positioning my cock right outside her cunt. I rubbed the head of my penis against her clit for a bit getting her worked up and trying desperately to get me to put my cock inside of her.

Eventually I caved and plunged my cock into her waiting pussy. She mmmphed into her gag very very loud as a grabbed her spandexed hips and started fucking her for all I was worth. I ran my hands under her and grabbed her tits, playing with her nipples that were still covered with her leotard. We were both groaning with every thrust now as we neared out climax, and I gazed at her spandex ass pushing back into me with every thrust.
That view sent me over the edge, as I grabbed her tight against me and thrust into her as my ograsm consumed me, as the first shot of come came out I felt her walls contracted around me and she screamed as much as her gag allowed as she orgasmed along with me. I thought I was never going to stop coming as shot after shot came out of my cock, but eventually it ended, and we both collapsed onto the bed, exhausted.
I quickly untied her elbows and wrists and pulled the gag out from between her teeth. She quickly grabbed me and kissed me deeply, and we eventually drifted into a deep sleep, with Natalie still in her leotard and her tights, plotting her revenge on me…


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