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The Spirits of Sumburgh 2: Master Henry

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2015 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; other/f; MF+/f; castle; dress; ghosts; dungeon; rack; manacles; gag; bfold; bond; gibbet; caged; entombed; tease; sex; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continued from part one

Part 2: Master Henry

A rustling sound came next from the old fireplace and what appeared on a rope was a wicker basket… containing the dresses. Emily quickly unpacking them and hanging the trio in a line. Soon ‘they’ were here and the girl watched as white reached into her bosom for Em’s manacle key. It appeared and was handed to grey who unlocked a grateful young lady’s left wrist… who then gasped as her arms were then tugged and secured behind her back. The key vanishing from whence it came.

“That’s better sweetheart, best way to prepare you,” white said as the others guided a now trembling Emily to a chair in the furthest corner and made her sit down. It was some sort of dresser and Em was shocked to see what appeared to be 19th century version of make-up! 

Over the next few minutes grey and blue fussed over their charge. White doing something with Emily’s hair and she hated the idea of anyone touching that apart from herself, but in this situation she daren’t complain. Even her mother had been banned from age sixteen after suggesting she get a perm! 

There was no sign of a mirror in here; did they have them back then? Emily wondered, but the three dresses seemed satisfied as blue was allowed to free the girl who gratefully rubbed her wrists.

Another basket arrived and the three dresses looked to Emily. “HE is here, young lady… if you please.” Came the firm order from white as the other two moved to stand demurely to the rear, as servants should.

Emily nervously unpacked the basket. Trousers that she thought more like jodhpurs were laid on a chair’s base and a white ruffled shirt went to the high back with a hat perched on one of the armrests. The girl immediately thought of Pride and Prejudice. Wonder if this is my Mr Darcy, she wondered as nothing happened for a moment.

“Mary, Margaret… would you help Miss Emily… present herself?” White asked and the two came forward and took Em’s arms. Leading the shuddering girl not to her make-up table but to the pair of manacles she’d touched earlier. These now opening by themselves it seemed as two more that had rested on the floor now snaked to be underneath the others.

Emily allowed herself to be placed against the wall then blue cuffed while grey locked each limb to a restraint until the girl was spread-eagled as far as her dress allowed.

White drifted closer and came to stand in front. Emily’s fearful eyes staring back at the space above the neckline where the figures’ own head would be. It began stroking her hips and that felt rather nice.

“Much better. It’s what you want Emily dear… To be bound… isn’t it sweetheart, and the rest to come later too?” came an amused whisper and it made the girl shudder… and more but her heart was hammering… with joy.”

“Yes… ma’am. It is, and will be?” She queried and saw the dress rocking slightly as if the invisible head was nodding.

“That’s good my dear. What Henry will do to you tonight… you’ll enjoy it, do you understand?” was the next remark and Em wondered, hoping like hell she wasn’t about to fall into the hands of a sadist.

“I will ma’am. I promise… and thank you for what you’ve done for me already.” Emily said. She got a kiss on the nose then the other two followed and stood in front.

“Thank you Mary, thank you Margaret,” she said and grey first curtsied, so that was Mary then! Emily smiled as blue too did the same then they moved away.

The three dresses headed to the first basket and white stepped in first then crumpled into a heap. Blue followed and grey went last. The now full wicker container slid towards the fireplace then was lifted up out of Emily’s sight.

Silence fell apart from Em sniffing as her nose tickled before the girl realised the shirt was moving! It moved forwards and opened up, then like a guy putting it on he did the fasteners up the front. The trousers followed though he had to wriggle and grunt his way in. A bit tight perhaps but Emily’s eyes stared at the bulge in front.

‘Oh my goodness… he’s well hung… ’ she murmured as the outfit moved away and over to the shelf where it seemed were the keys to Emily’s restraints. The ring glided over in front of the spirit who came up close. Em amazed to smell a faint scent on him, the girl remembering men in those days used as much as their partners.

“You are… Miss Emily McLeod… ?” It said with a marvellous deep timbre of a voice. That made the girl wonder if this was actually the Duke himself rather than his eldest son.

“Ye… yes your Grace… ” she stammered and the shirt moved back… then chuckled at her.

“Hmmm, not yet awhile. Father is still in good health. I am Henry, his eldest. Mother tells me you, girl, are mine to do with as I please, is that correct?”

Emily froze for a moment then nodded. “Yes, Sir… Master… ” she spluttered and again the shirt seemed to find her amusing.

“Relax young lady. Master will suffice for now. In the future we will see… ” he said and that did startle Emily. Surely this was only going to last what, 48 hours or so? They couldn’t keep her longer? Dave and the others would soon find her handbag, the clothes in the Duchess room disturbed and realise something was amiss and start a search.

She jumped as his sleeves went either side of her waist then ‘fingers’ landed on her hips and began to move around her torso, making the girl tremble as her breasts were ‘examined’. He went down and lifted her dress; fingers going so close to the top but his sensuous stroking of skin was making her shudder. Letting go and coming up closer again before a kiss on the nose.

“Such a charming and well structured creature. Mother tells me your body likes to be used in some interesting ways. Especially when you are on the rack. Is that right?” he asked and Emily nodded and agreed.

“Well. I’ll be happy to oblige your wishes then Emily. I’ve been with wenches before but you, you seem special and I’ve already promised Mother I’d not hurt you. But tell me what I’m to do with you once you’re freed from these cuffs.” 

The girl was amazed, and relieved that she wouldn’t end up having skin flayed off her back or something as daft. A good shag on the rack was gonna be enjoyable by comparison!

Their second kiss lasted a long time, despite Emily still being restrained and it stopped her from swooning anyway. Discovering he had a beard. The keys finally unlocked her and she went and sat down with a sigh. ‘Henry’ following then resting his ‘hands’ on her trembling shoulders as she eased the marks on her wrists. It was only putting it off but he waited patiently until Emily got up and turned to him.

“Undress me master, then restrain me on the rack and make love like a real man would… ” she whispered.

There was a looong pause then another chuckle.

“Very well Emily. It will be done… ”

He lifted her up and they had another kiss. It seemed so strange feeling him there but seeing nothing but she enjoyed herself before he went behind and started to unbutton her robe. Emily held the front until his hands reached her butt and she carefully lowered it and stepped away from the dress. Turning to face ‘him’… only to gasp as now she could vaguely distinguish a figure starting to appear within his outfit as the shirt was half-unbuttoned!

Slowly, as she stared a wonderfully chiselled figure materialised. Mr D… no chance, Emily thought, as his head became more solid. Shame about the beard but right now she wasn’t complaining. Now fully visible she advanced and this time embraced him, her lips going for his and it lasted a while. He didn’t look like any of the paintings upstairs but she had other things to think about as she finished undoing his shirt. What a bod, he was superb.

Emily was trying not to cry as she lay back on the rack. Henry watching as she’d earlier prepared it all. The locks open, the gag and blindfold ready. The keys just below them and she paused then looked up at him.

“I’m ready… please Master… do it,” she said. 

Smiling as he lifted her left hand, kissed it then brought it up above her and secured it in the cuff. The right followed then he headed south. A finger going down her torso, between her breasts then down a leg, making Emily shudder. Her limbs were spread apart then locked into their cuffs then he came back up.

A stare at her then he nodded and reached for the gag, easing it in and tying the cloth around her jaw. The blindfold however remained off. He wanted to see her eyes as she was stretched out.

Emily shuddered even more as the clicks began to resonate round the room. Her arms and legs moving wider and the metal starting to dig into her, but he was careful. Slowing the rate as he saw her chest rising and falling faster as she was ‘racked’. 

By now Em was wondering just how far he’d go when Henry clicked the rollers, said that was enough then let go. Seeing Emily was as taut as he was prepared to allow. “Good girl, now here’s the real good bit… ” he said then unbuttoned his trousers and stepped out of them.

Emily’s eyes bulged… wow. For a moment worried this was gonna hurt, but it soon seemed young Henry was more experienced in wenching than his mother thought. Fingers reaching into Emily and stirring her emotionally to get the girl ready. His other hand worked all over her body, tweaking nipples and stroking her ever upwards as she grew warmer… and wetter! She was certainly ready enough after a few minutes so he clambered on top then sat astride the trembling youngster.

Easing himself in slooowly made her eyes bulge again as Em took a length longer and thicker than anything she’d ever felt before. She’d only had two guys and neither of them had been so well endowed. But as he wasn’t forcing the pace she could take it.

Henry saw her momentary look of pain but wasn’t concerned and she relaxed after a few moments anyway. Not his fault and none of the other wenches had ever complained! Now he began to pump her and saw Emily’s eyes crinkle so she must be smiling under that gag. Watching her fingers wriggling in the cuffs as he increased the rate. If the girl wanted to play like this he was prepared to oblige her wishes over the next few months, having already decided he was going to keep this one. It’d been what, two hundred years since the last when he’d really been alive?

Soon he was pounding away, making Emily squeal with each thrust, her eyes going all over the place. This wench was enjoying it, he grinned and Henry worked on. Feeling her shudders growing in intensity till his seed spurted into her and kept flowing until he was exhausted and pulled out. Her hands had gone red as the metal dug into them and now he saw the first signs of pain in her face. Looking down her feet were going the same way so he better relax the bonds soon or she’d get hurt.

Emily managed not to scream in frustration at just failing to climax on feeling him drawing out. SO unfair, didn’t he know that this was for both their pleasures? But she better not say anything and then smiled on hearing the clink as he adjusted the catches and began to reduce the strain on her limbs.

Henry heard her gagged sighs of relief and hoped she’d enjoyed it. Maybe next time she’d go all trembly like his other wenches had after he’d done that to them. Maybe he’d have to teach this girl what to do properly in a bed rather than this contraption. Now it was freedom time… well until he placed Emily into the gibbet cage and hid her away for the night to stop the brother ghosts discovering her and having their go!

Minutes later he was helping an exhausted Emily off the rack, her muscles weakened by the strain of what she’d been through. Leading her back to the table and she grabbed a cloth then turned away, obviously wanting a bit of privacy he assumed. Wandering away to examine the gibbet, hoping it would be of use. Tugging on the front he was pleased when it creaked open, a box of pins on the base sliding closer too. A detailed look and he soon worked out how to use it.

Meanwhile Emily was quietly dressing herself back into her robe. Hoping that ‘Henry G’ was satisfied with her tonight and they could meet again tomorrow for more playtimes. She turned towards him and asked the guy was the castle recreation what he and the family remembered.

It was fairly close, he’d replied and over the next half-hour Emily questioned him about what life had been like. Also were they aware of what modern 21st century people knew. Henry nodded. “Yes, we’ve been watching over this place all the time. From the years of decay, til a century ago when the Historical Society began work. There are some things we’d have put right. One day Emily I’d like you to begin writing it. I don’t know if your people would understand if a youngster suddenly tried to change things but that’s for another day. The way modern folks interact is so strange to us from the past! We listen in all the time, read the papers that are lying about and try to learn, but it is puzzling.” 

She grinned, “I guess you’re not computer literate then?” His turn to chuckle now and he came up and rubbed her body. “Those funny picture screens and the things you touch to make them work, they seem to rule your lives. Same as the little boxes you speak into, we know what they do, have done once they began appearing a century ago. But since they stopped being attached to the wall and have moving images on the fronts people are addicted to touching the damn things.” She really laughed at that. “You have obviously been watching us but there is a lot for I guess both of us to learn. I’ll teach you about modern times, you do the same about you and the past, yes?”

He admitted yes, he had been watching, as had his family. Seeing peoples’ fashion and tastes changing even up here in bleak Shetland. Learning how the language was evolving too. “Guess you were especially watching… the ladies?” she smiled and if it was possible for a ghost to blush then Henry did so. “Yes, I’ll admit I have been. The visitors mostly but also the people who’ve worked here. Some generations of the same families who’ve devoted their time to Sumburgh and for that we thank them all. Your family for instance, your grandmother Iris, mother… is it Jean or Jeanette, she seems to use both? Now there is… you my dear.” 

Emily confirming it was actually Jeanette but only using the shortened form at work. She and Emily’s father, Iain were away on holiday so wouldn’t be back for a fortnight. That was partly the reason Em was here playing her games where she’d assumed not to get caught. “Well until your mother found me… ”

“Yes, I was surprised to hear about it. You however have a very different outlook on life; your elders were and are a bit straight-laced? Yet you like dressing in vintage stuff, my mother is very impressed at your work Emily. But even she was amazed to come into the dungeon the other day and find you like you were. That is why she has allowed you to come down here. I hope, young lady there will be more of this for… us, yes?” The girl was delighted and eagerly nodded, coming closer and they embraced.

It seemed so damn strange kissing what she knew to be a ghost, but having not had a man for over a year since Jerry abandoned her Emily wasn’t going to pass this opportunity over. Their hands went everywhere and he joked that “it’ll be hard to keep you for myself.” As he seemed to know her family it was time he told her about his. She asked about his younger siblings and he paused, then explained that George had been 18 and Arthur a mere 16 at the time of the sinking. “So they’ve never had… a?” and he replied “Probably not… well George might have dallied with one of the servant girls but he hasn’t told me! Don’t see much of him about these days. A lonely ghost. Think he stays up on Unst most of the time at another old castle.”

“And you, yes?” she queried and felt him freeze before relaxing a bit and tapping her nose in admonishment. “That’ll come later young lady. Not the sort of thing I like to talk about in polite company.” Which to Em meant yes, probably with Mary and her buddy Margaret but she better not press. 

Changing the subject Henry asked Em why she liked being chained up and suchlike. In old times they were used as devices for punishment, not pleasure. She grinned and told him that modern women had a lot more freedom these days and she’d show him tomorrow ‘some stuff on the funny screens upstairs that would explain everything’

“Very well I’ll wait. There are things in here I’m sure I can use to bring you pleasure Emily, like that,” and she blushed SO much as he pointed towards the gibbet cage. Em followed him to it and looked down, seeing loops in various places as Henry explained how someone would be secured. Stepping inside and positioning him, closing up the loops before placing his arms at the back, telling her to shut the door on him. She obeyed and stood there shaking at the thought of being locked in it herself!

“It’s amazing… ” she said and he grinned, asking her to open it again and did she want to try it sometime. Of course she did and Henry saw Emily glowing as she tugged the front bit allowing him to glide out.

“May I… have a few minutes just standing in it now… please… Master?”

Despite her fears Em kissed him for a long while then allowed herself to be eased into the cage and he made sure her ankles rested in the rear halves of the fixed cuffs, her neck the same and she lifted her hair over the top. Going round the back he gently drew Emily’s arms behind and placed both in the loops. Telling her to relax because he could feel the girl shaking a lot now.

The two halves were closed up then he knocked pins into Emily’s wristcuffs. The girl heard the ‘tinks’ and tugged, a faint gasp and squeal at the fact they were LOCKED. “Noooh my goodness… ” she spluttered. She’d only wanted to get the initial effect, not be secured in it straight away! 

Henry paused and came round the front to see her nervous expression. “Shhh young lady. It’s best if I show you properly how it is done. The first of your restraints is done Emily. Do you wish me to carry on?” Seeing her lovely chest rising and falling a lot faster now.

She thought about it… for a long time. “Yes… Master, please continue.” 

They had another smooch and he went down and did the same to Emily’s ankles, taking a moment to examine her shoes as naturally he’d never ‘seen’ high heels close up before. They seemed strange but as she could walk it didn’t matter, besides she wasn’t going to be mobile for some while once this was finished. A gentle rubbing of her legs earned him a chuckle as he came back up to pin her midriff band then lastly that shapely neck was enclosed.

Henry brought the front round and closed it. Emily managing not to gasp this time as it sank in how restrained she was now, unable to even wriggle that much.

“Is it better?” he murmured and Emily nodded, too excited to even say a word in case he changed his mind and freed her. Henry walked all round, seeing her limbs secured. Though her elbows did seem to be… flexing? There’s ways round that, he thought and headed for the cupboard and grabbed a set of cuffs, seeing her eyes watching him, wondering what they were for. 

She soon found out as he went behind and placed one cuff just above her elbow and locked it, the girl realising that he was… Oh wow… and this time Emily did gasp as he eased her left arm closer to the…

“Master pleeease… be careful… ” she murmured as the strain was getting considerable, but not yet painful then she felt the other cuff being locked around her arm and she breathed a sigh of relief as the link gave her an inch of slack back again. Coming around Henry saw how this extra set of restraints made Emily’s already impressive chest bulge out even more. A shame she was dressed! But he opened the front and began to stroke her body for a while anyway then kissed her before stepping away.

He grinned at her then looked across at the pile of cloth… Emily realising these were for her gag and blindfold.

“Yes please, Master, we’ve got this far.” She whispered and he grinned then reached for the first. Packing it in far more than Mary or Margaret had done then it was tied off, the guy seeing the bulging… and glowing cheeks of his pretty new captive… or hopefully lover before he wadded up the last bit.

“Tomorrow my dear, we’ll play a lot more in here… if you want to?” he said. As her eyes were sparkling in agreement he knew she’d cope tonight and Emily nodded, wondering where she was to be sleeping. He’d already said that he needed to leave soon so why do this now when there was so little time? 

“That’s good. I’m really going to enjoy training you,” he grinned and she smiled again as she received another long stroke and a nose kiss.

“Shall I finish you for a while?” Henry asked and saw Emily pause, wondering what this meant. But being held like this was really turning her on so Em nodded and winked at him.

Before Henry did her eyes he’d better show Emily her quarters, well she was in them but where the cage was going so he stepped away and bent down a few paces from the front of the gibbet. Like the servants upstairs he pressed down on the corner of a flagstone and Em was amazed to see it move. He lifted it up and folded the stone back. Emily seeing nothing but a hole… and she wondered… surely NOT down there all-night and locked in this?

Oh my goodness, I am, she thought as Henry grabbed hold of a rope and tossed it over the beam above the rack. A second followed then he clambered on top and secured both to the loop on Emily’s cage.

Em began to speak but could barely raise a squeak as he tugged hard on them and she squealed louder as the cage lurched to one side and closer to the hole. Soon she was just above it, and trying not to start sobbing as he arrived with the cloth as this was not what she’d hoped for.

“You’ll be safe away from my brothers… down below Emily. Until we meet again sometime… ” he said then despite her look of shock wrapped those widening eyes as she realised what that meant. Faint mewing and the fact her hands were now flapping in some sort of panic made him figure that she’d just done that! The banging of the door pins just added another layer of restraints and Emily was appalled at how suddenly things had turned… did he not understand it was supposed to be FUN?

A louder squeal as he lifted the cage forward again then he heard weeping begin as the thing graunched on the edge before sliding downwards. Soon it bumped on the bottom, her keening wails making him hurry up and untie the knots before bringing the top over.

“Goodnight my dear… ” he said and eased the lid down, just in time to hear…

“Nggghhhhhhoooo… !” before the stone was levelled with a thump, leaving his beautiful new ‘lover’ to contemplate what was going to be an interesting time for her.

Emily tugged pathetically on her cuffs, her arms already aching at the elbows from the extra set. Her eyes streaming tears at how this had turned out. She was also worried about the air down here. The stone had seemed fairly tight fitting and maybe… So it took a while before she felt a breeze on her left cheek.

“Miss Emily… ” Came a whisper and the girl froze. Willing it not to be her mind playing tricks before the lack of air killed her.

“Miss Emily… ” it came again, louder this time, female too and she squealed when something touched her breasts.

“Huugghhhppp… ” she spluttered into the gag but froze when there was a gentle tapping on her nose.

“Be still Miss, it’s Margaret. Master Henry sent us down to look after you tonight.” The spirit said and Emily slumped in her bonds, still sobbing quietly as she felt fingers going to the knots in her gag and undoing them. The girl easing her tongue once the material had been removed. She tried to say something but a hand was placed firmly on her jaw and another slightly different whisper, probably Mary she thought, told her to remain silent, but least she said please. Emily relaxed and slowly her jaw was released and she worked it around.

“We are not allowed to free you Miss, from the cage because this is a test of your character. That is the Master’s orders but he did say your elbows could be unlocked to avoid harming you, will that be sufficient?”

It was better than nothing, so she nodded in agreement. Immediately hearing the scrape as a key was inserted in the lock, turned and it popped open with a click. Emily’s arms easing enough but it still made her gasp as the circulation improved. To ‘just’ have her wrists secured was a bonus and she sighed as the ache faded from her shoulders.

For a moment Emily thought the gag was going back in as the material rubbed her cheeks but soon became apparent that one of them was cleaning her face from the tears. “That better Miss?” and Em whispered, “Yes thank you, is that Mary?” Jumping as a hand from the other side rubbed a nipple. “No, Mary’s over here… oh I’ll do your eyes too,” and soon the blindfold was off too. Still pitch dark but things were better… if only she could step out of her shoes. Her toes now crushing themselves into the points, she normally only wore heels for an hour, two at most yet now she was to stand in them all night and maybe more? 

The clean up soon finished and Emily whispered ‘thank-you’ and got a pat on the cheek. What she wasn’t expecting however was the two servants slowly beginning to rub her torso through the velvet fabric. Emily shuddering as her nipples became the centre of their attention.

“Shhh… ” came a whisper in response to a groan as by now they were rock hard against her dress.  A finger behind going down her backbone and Emily’s mind was going nuts. If one of them thought about…

It did and the girl felt her dress moving as something went underneath. Touching her ankle cuffs making Emily tremble as fingers slid so gently over her calves, past the knees and onto her thighs and still going north. Another sigh as it paused then dipped just slightly into her. Making the other ghost, who was still working her breast chuckle into an ear. 

“Naughty Miss Emily… But we know what she likes… ” it whispered, taunting her and the girl flushed as the other one continued touching there… Easing her lips apart then two fingers unhooded her clit. 

A louder groan was enough and Emily soon found herself being gagged. Only because she suggested it! After a long smooch, Em now discovering that women kiss women differently, then she’d said that and the material was placed back in and tied off. Now silent she stood helplessly waiting for them to start working her over. 

They didn’t disappoint and Emily’s body took a pounding as Mary and Margaret tormented their victim all through the night. She’d just drop off after a session then they’d start again! But the girl had stamina too so it was a surprise after yet another cleaning period when Em squealed as she felt her arms being cuffed again, with the blindfold also now replaced.

“Shhh Miss Emily. It’s almost dawn. Time you got some rest before Master Henry returns. He’s a rather light sleeper so we’ll assume he will not leave you too long. Good day… naughty Miss Emily… see you tonight, we hope,” was the last chuckling thing the girl heard but she was smiling behind her blindfold despite the fact her feet ached like hell and the rest of her wasn’t feeling that good either.

Seemingly moments later Emily was startled into wakefulness as the hatch creaked open…

“Good morning young lady. I’m assured you passed a pleasant night Emily… so now you should be happy and ready to start your training?”

She grinned tiredly behind the gag but relieved that she’d soon be freed from the gibbet. Bracing herself as it lurched unsteadily upwards. Her arms were two rods of pain and Emily squealed hearing the tapping of the hammer as he knocked out the pins. 

It was SUCH a relief to bring her hands round the front, the creaking of her shoulders almost audible but Emily prayed she wouldn’t collapse when he did the rest. The gag and blindfold were removed, Em’s mouth soon joining Henry’s in a very sensual smooch. 

The guy looked and was dressed the same as yesterday so least she could see him there. “Ready to come out?” he asked and Emily nodded. It was a close run thing and he did support the girl as she hobbled out of the gibbet, straight away kicking off her shoes and quickly sitting down on the rack edge with a gasp as her hamstrings relaxed! A yawn was muffled and she grinned, trying to stay upright as she apologised.

“I’m sorry young lady. I forgot you ‘real’ people need to sleep properly. It’s different for us, we just… well go quiet and hang around… ” She nodded and apologised again for being weak, trembling as his hands began to rub her shoulders and it felt good. Whatever his 19th century limitations he was a great masseur! 

“Thank you… Master,” she replied, remembering that he was of senior status to her, even if he was a ghost! “But I suppose you don’t eat either?” she asked and he shook his head. “No, again we don’t, I’ll open the hatch and take you up to that room where you prepare food, yes?”

Emily was pleased and Henry stripped off then gradually faded from view, only a faint shadow flitted across then she heard a noise from the fireplace. A moment later she realised from the scraping that her way out was ready, so she groaned and stepped back into her heels, grabbing Henry’s clothes too. Going to the bottom of the hole and standing there. Em managed not to squeal when ‘hands’ clamped round her waist then lifted the girl upwards!

So nerve-wracking as she floated out of the hole and landed nearby and he let go. Taking his clothes and dressing himself, whereupon he materialised again. “So you don’t walk into me by mistake. I’ve had a few close calls when going round the castle. No wonder the old guard, Raymond isn’t it, is nervous sometimes? He’s convinced this place is haunted because my father bumped into him one afternoon!”

She laughed at that. “Well Master, he’s right, but a shame I cannot tell him.” Henry laughed this time and headed for the door, unlocking it and Emily was about to step through when he called her to wait a moment. The guy going to the cupboard. “I believe you need these young lady… please.” The girl turned to see him holding the leg-cuffs she’d worn last time and somehow Emily managed not to groan in frustration. She locked her limbs and handed the key over without complaint. Quite how she’d manage that tomorrow when the place reopened was yet to be worked out. She’d have to reassure him that she would return in good time and they’d continue to see and talk to each other.

Emily trudged upstairs, this time not tripping up on the chain and after a very welcome bathroom visit she went to the kitchen. Henry gliding silently alongside her then went to sit down while she prepared some breakfast. The youngster relieved to be almost free and the girl made a stack of toasted sandwiches and a drink for herself. He drifted about the room, looking at the leaflets that awaited sorting for the display racks.  

Having finished it and washed up Emily assumed she’d be taken downstairs and restrained… well she was hoping anyway. But Henry had other ideas, telling the girl to fetch notepaper then follow him. He even unlocked her ankles then left the restraints on the table. She hid them in a drawer, “Just in case someone does show up. They’re not supposed to be here until tomorrow morning. That’s when I have to… well, hide away til I can reappear without it being obvious I’ve been here all the time.”

He smiled and told her that would not be a problem and the girl nodded. Knowing exactly where she was going to be held tonight. Looking at him and he smiled… making Emily blush and they had another cuddle and smooch.

“You’re the first real person in nearly two hundred years any of us have dared to contact. Thank you young lady, for believing in us,” he said formally, rubbing Emily’s back and she held on. “Yes… master. We’ll have to keep it our secret for a while. Modern people are so stupid about the afterlife. I wasn’t sure myself until your mother found me down there… plus the ladies, and now yourself. I believe now!” she smiled and got a nipple tweak. Taking the time to step out of the heels and into a pair of sneakers for comfort. She was about to undress and get into her normal T-shirt and jeans when Henry asked her not to change. Coming over and gently taking hold of her.

“Please Emily. I like you wearing that, you look prettier. More like a Lady,” and that made her blush. “Brings all the good memories back of when Ladies used to inhabit my… our world… ” She nodded at that and moved away to replace her clothes in the wardrobe. He took her left hand, kissed it then led Emily into the corridor.

Over the next few hours Henry and Emily toured the innards of Sumburgh Castle, a shame it was raining so they didn’t go outside. The ghost dictating everything he knew or remembered while Em, who thought she knew most of it was amazed at what information was inaccurate or completely unknown. It was going to be so difficult trying to persuade her boss to almost rewrite the entire history of the building for future publications. Lunch for her followed then Em looked at him and he nodded.

Soon enough a happy Emily was ‘lifted’ downstairs then obeyed the request to strip naked. Before too long she was back on the rack and Henry was pounding into her again. The youngster was already dreading tomorrow when she’d have to leave this part of her life behind… though she made a mental note to check when her parents were next due to go on a holiday without her! 

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