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Spring Cleaning

by GaggedUtopia

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Spring Cleaning

I had the day off today due to a holiday, but it was one of those days that only some companies let you off on, but others didn’t.  In this case, it was the 4th of July and it happened to fall on a Sunday.  I figured the mall would be packed from everybody else having the day off, so I decided that running a few errands and getting a little R&R.  For some reason I had woken up early today so I was able to get the errands done before lunch.  As I was driving home, I remembered something, the cleaners come today, and I bet they don’t have it off. 

Like a speeding train, a wonderful idea hit me.  I could use the cleaners (they hate being called maids) as a release method for my self-bondage.  I sometimes use ice, but I never have the guts to put much on there, so I usually can free myself after just an hour.  By using the maid, if I did panic a little or wanted to be free, I could get the key, which I would leave in the living room.  I have a mild case of claustrophobia, so if I am tied for too long, I tend to panic a little.  If I'm left in a room that the cleaners were sure to be in, if I started to panic I could still get free, just suffer from some humiliation. 

I figured I had about an hour before they got to my apartment, so I hid the key under a stack of papers on the floor next to my desk and proceeded to take a shower to get ready. Once I was dried off, I grabbed the toys that I would need.  To start off with a vibrator, butt plug, a few thick leather belts, a chastity belt, leather cuffs, inflatable gag, posture collar, dog leash and some nipple clamps.  I thought about dressing up a little bit, but decided that I didn’t have time.

Just thinking about the fun I was about to have, I was already starting to get wet.  I easily slid the vibrator into my pussy and then lubed up the butt plug for insertion.  The sensation of just having them in there is a thrill, and is multiplied 10 fold when the belt locks them in.  Once the plug was plenty lubed, I pushed it in slowly (it is not my first time, but by no means does it go in easy).  Once I was comfortable, I put the chastity belt on and locked it on.  The keys to all my small locks were on top of my dresser, well out of my reach when my cuffs are locked on.  Not wanting to chicken out, I hastily applied the posture collar, nipple clamps and gag.  I made sure to thread the chain to the clamps through the posture collar to provide the extra tugging while fighting against my bonds.  The little jolts of pain serve as a reminder of how helpless I am and only turns me on more. 

The gag I use is pretty uncommon, at least from what I have seen.  There is a thick strap that wraps around the mouth and to the back of the head.  Once strapped on, it holds the bulb in the mouth and locked in the back.  The other nice feature is after you pump it up, there is a second valve that you can clamp shut at the base and remove the tube and pump so that it is not flopping around. 

The last part involves putting a dog collar (it’s amazing the fun stuff you find in your local supermarket) around my neck with a nylon leash.  What is special about this leash is I let it fall behind me and I thread it through a D ring in my chastity belt back up to my gag, through the D ring in the gag and let the slack hang down.  With a little bit of sewing I removed the clip that is normally on the end of leashes and sewed on a small ring.  The idea is to pull the ring down to where my chastity belt is and lock it there.  The end result will have my neck and head pulled backward slightly, putting a little strain on my nipple clamps.  It also prevented me from moving forward at all.  It gives me the feeling of being tied to a post, yet I am still somewhat mobile.

Before locking the leash to my belt, I had just one last step.  I picked up the leather straps and got on my knees.  I strapped them together in a way that my legs were still separate and somewhat mobile (thigh to ankle).  I tightened each strap, making sure the buckle was on the side of the leg (nothing worse then having a buckle dig into you while you are crawling on the floor to your freedom. 

Hot as hell, I could wait to get started.  I picked up the controls to the butt plug and vibrator in my pussy and looped the excess cord around the front of my belt.  Once the cord was all wrapped up I slid the controls between me and the belt to hold them in place. Well out of my arms reach.  I wanted so bad to turn them on, but knew better.  I then reached up and pumped up the gag until speech was quite impossible.  Usually these type of gags deflate a little as you wear them so I gave it a few extra pumps to take care of that.  My mouth was under a lot of strain, but could still breathe through my nose.  I tightened down the clamps trapping the air inside and detached the hose. 

Pulling back on the leash, it took a little work, but got it there and locked it to the back of my belt.  Right about now I might have been a sight to see.  Back arched, my ample breasts thrust out with clamps on the end of them.  I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what I looked like, all the while I reached in front and turned on the vibrators.  I could feel a climax building already so I quickly reached in back of me and locked my cuffs on.  With one more lock my hands were very secure and locked to the back of my belt.  I fell back on the bed to squirm around and build up to my first of many climaxes. 

 I could see the finish line when both my vibrators just stopped.  I tried to squirm around some more to get me off, but it was no use, I needed them to bring me to orgasm.  That’s when I decided to open my eyes and see what was wrong.  Standing right above me with a huge grin was my cleaning lady.  I was in a state of shock, I didn’t know what to do.  I knew I couldn’t run, but I knew I didn’t want to be here right now.  My thoughts raced as I tried to figure out how this could have happened.  Then it donned on me, I must not have shut the door all the way.  The arrangement with the cleaners is they will clean any room that has the door open.  But why didn’t I hear them come in?  I was full of questions that I wanted answered, but first and foremost, what was going to happen to me? 

“This is quite a predicament you have got yourself into.  I have suspected for a while that you were into some kinky shit by the handcuff keys that I find laying around or dog collars when you don’t have a dog.  I must say, I had no idea of the extent.  You see I might have thought somebody did this to you, but I was standing in the doorway and saw you pump up your gag and lock your own wrists behind you.  It didn’t take me long to figure out what the controls on the front of your belt were, and figured I should shut them off to get your full attention” she said with a wry smile that didn’t reassure that I would be safe.

I was still in shock, or at the very least, scared out of my mind.  I really didn’t know this person other then she works for the cleaning company that I hire and she does a very good job.  I think her name is Linda, but cannot be sure since this is the first time I have actually seen the cleaners before and Linda is the name signed on the notes that are left telling me what supplies I need to refill.  Maybe I can ask her to let me free, and take off this gag. 

“mmmmmppph!” I screamed in to the gag, shaking my head in a vain attempt to dislodge it.

“We should probably get you out of these restraints.” She said, giving me a much needed sense of relief.  With that, she undid the screw to deflate my gag and pulled the bulb through the middle hole.  I could now talk, even if a bit muffled.  Even with my new found freedom, I was at a loss for words.

“Where are the keys to your cuffs?  So I can unlock you?” she asked.

“In the living room, under a stack of papers on the floor” I said.  She went off into the living room to fetch the key which left me alone for a second to think about everything that just happened.  I was so embarrassed and my face was now turning bright red because of it.  My fear had pretty much drifted and starting to think more rationally than a deer staring into headlights.  Right now I just wanted to hide.  All I wanted was for her to give me the key, shut the door and go home. 

She returned with the key in her hand and I turned to my side holding how my hand for her to give it to me.  After a minute went by, I turned back onto my back and looked at her.  “Please give me the key so that I can release myself.”  I asked.

“It just dawned on me what your whole setup was suppose to do.  You wanted to be bound and gagged while I cleaned the house.  And at the risk of discovery, you couldn’t get the key until I had left for the day.  Personally I am not one to ruin anybody’s fun, so I will grant you your wish.  The only problem is that I already know about your little game, so it wouldn’t be much risk for you to go out and get the key in the living room.  So to make it a bit more challenging, the key will be in your mailbox downstairs.  I will use your key and put it in there now.” She said with a laugh as she walked off.

After a few minutes I heard her return and started opening and closing drawers in the kitchen.  I was still in shock and was trying to pretend that this was not happening.  I started to feel my ability for rational thought fade away again as I started to become scared of what might happen to me.  She came in to the bedroom with what looked like a marker and some pliers. 

“Stay still, if you mess me up, I will lock you in here and you will never get free.” She said me.  I obeyed and stayed as still as I could while still breathing.  I could feel her writing something on my stomach, just below my breasts.  I couldn’t read what it said due to the posture collar tied off to the leash holding my head back.  I could only imagine what she was writing, but I knew it wouldn't be good.  After she finished writing on me, she picked up the gag that was in my mouth before and looked down at me.

“I am going to put this back in, so I don’t want any trouble from you.  If you don’t let me put it back in, I will find a way to gag you and tie you to that heater pipe and leave you trapped and helpless.  How long do you think you can last before somebody finds you here?  And if they do, everybody will know your… OUR little secret.” 

“I do have on question, actually two” I whimpered.


“With my legs bound, I won’t be able to reach the mailbox.  Can you at least free my legs please?  And what is your name?  Is it Linda?”

“Well, I guess I should feel honored that you took the time out of your busy day to remember my name.  Well I’m not.  As for your legs, you do have a point.  Hell, you won’t even be able to reach the doorknobs.  I wouldn’t want to be in your position right now, but you’re a smart girl, I’m sure you will think of something.”

The bulb went into my mouth before I could utter another word and she pumped it up to the max, just short of cutting off all my air.  Using the pliers, she tightened down the screws, which will ensure no air will be getting out soon.  Linda went out of the room and closed the door.  I just laid back, trying to catch my breath and calm myself down so I could think. 

I could hear Linda cleaning the apartment, and for some reason, I guess out of panic I started to thrash in my bonds.  I was way to good at this however and nothing was budging.  At one point I did manage to fall off the bed, but I didn’t hit the floor.  Instead my head snapped back and it felt like somebody kicked me in the crotch.  It didn’t take me long to figure out what had happened.  The leash got hooked on the bedpost at the end of my bed and I’m suspended in an even tighter position.  To make matters worse, it’s pulling on my neck too making it even harder to breathe. 

Panic undoubtedly ensued as my air supply was now in jeopardy.  To my good fortune (I needed a little at this point), there was not much distance between the floor and my knees.  Once my knees were on the ground, I could pull my head back a little and breathe better.  The bigger problem I had now was getting out of this mess.  There was no way I could lift myself on to the bed now. 

I didn’t have to think about it very long when Linda came back into the room.  “Well well well… we just get ourselves in deeper and deeper.”  She walked over and tried to lift me back onto the bed.  After a few attempts, she was getting nowhere.  Seeing that the leash was locked on, she said “Ok, where is the key to THAT lock?”  Not being much for words at the moment, I just looked at my dresser across the room.  It was enough to give her the idea.

Linda unlocked the leash and it whipped around as I fell the ground and pulled it through the rings.  It felt good to actually be able to bend forward a bit.  I was about to sit back up when Linda pushed me down on the ground, right on my back.  She released my legs and I slowly stretched them out.

“Now that your legs are released you should have an easier time getting your key.  I just hope for your sake that nobody sees you, god only knows what they could do to you.  I will be back here next week, I hope to see you here, I kind of enjoy this.”  she said with a smile.  Before leaving she took a small leash hook and attached the keys to my belt and gag.  To me, this seemed kind of strange, but at least I knew where they were.  I watched her leave the apartment through the front door, locking it behind her.  I wished that she turned on the vibrators to pass the time, but at least I would be able to get free soon.

Soon is not a very good word however.  It was still the afternoon and I knew that people would be walking around.  In fact, the only time I never seen people is around 2am, after everybody gets home from the bars and dance clubs.  So that meant that I had about 8 hours of captivity… in my own house!  “mmmmmmmmph…”  I could only moan in my gag.

First order of business was to get these vibrators going.  They were on a dial, and while I couldn’t reach them, maybe I could rub up against something to turn them on.  I fumbled my way to my feet, not an easy task without the use of hands, but managed to do it.  After I was mobile, I started to start my search for something that could turn them on.

It didn’t take long to find what I needed.  The corner of the kitchen counter should be able to do what I so long for.  Since the counter was a tad lower then I was, I had to squat down a little bit in order to rub the dials against corner.  Two times I lost the strength in my legs and had to sit down, but the third time was a charm.  The first one I got going was the vibrator in my ass.  The sensation was wonderful, and given my current state and frustration, it was just what I needed to keep my mind off things.  Several attempts later, I was able to get the vibrator going at full as well.  This was no easy task as the one in my ass was already doing a number on me, and the slight vibration from the one in my pussy was pushing me over the edge.

I ran back into the bedroom and jumped on the bed.  No sooner did the first wave hit as I was thrashing around on the bed.  Wave after wonderful wave hit me as my orgasms kept me in my own little world.  After a while, I figured that hours and hours had gone by, but after looking at the clock, only an hour had passed.  I knew that this was going to be pretty hard on me.  I had always released myself right after, but I couldn’t this time.  The vibrators were still going, but I could tell that the batteries were staring to wear down.  I needed something new to stimulate me for the next 7 hours.

Using the remote for the TV was interesting, especially with the intruders still buzzing away inside me.  After a few more hours, they died down to a light hum and they made the boring sitcoms a little more entertaining.  At some point however, I fell asleep on the couch.

Not knowing how long I was out, I awoke in a panic.  In my slumber, I forgot that I had still been bound and was in quite a shock when I couldn’t move.  After regaining my memory I remembered what was happening.  I sat up on the couch, very stiff, almost unable to move.  Being bound as I was, it was not easy to stretch out.  I managed to stand and look at the clock.  It was 2am.  It was time to get free.

I grabbed the keys to my apartment and mailbox and stuffed them in the back of my belt so I wouldn’t have to hold them.  I made my way to the door, slowly opened it up and looked outside.  There was no noise but the sound of me breathing through my nose and no body in the halls.  I gathered what guts I had and made a run for it.  It was awkward trying to move quickly with no use of my hands, but thankfully I was just barefoot and was not making any noise while doing it.  I dashed around the corner to hide myself from the hallway.  I sneaked over to the stairwell and looked down.  I didn’t see anybody there (it’s usually where people like to smoke) so I started my way down the stairs.

The trip was fairly uneventful except for the ring at the end of my leash making a noise as it dragged behind me.  I grabbed it and held it up with my hands, then continued the trip.  At the end of the stairs, I could see the mailboxes off to the side.  One last check around didn’t reveal any people, so I went over to it, grabbed the keys from my belt and opened it up.  It took me a few tries, but once it was open I turned around and only saw a note.  I pulled the note out and let it fall to the floor.  I was in shock after reading it.

“Dear Slave, the key to your release is not here.  In fact, it is right where you had it before, under the stack of papers.  If you are reading this, then you were not smart enough to even check.  Enjoy the trip back up to your apartment.”

Shit!  That bitch!  I wanted to scream, but it wouldn’t help and somebody might hear my muffled cries.  Before I got too upset about it, I heard some people outside and they were probably coming in.  I squatted down and picked up the note and stuffed it in the back of my belt along with my keys again.  I grabbed the leash and started my way back up the stairs.  It sounded like it was a couple and as I was reaching the 3rd floor, I could already hear them coming up the steps.  Oh God!  What if they come up to the 3rd floor, I won’t make it to my apartment in time.  I started running down the hall trying to escape.  I felt like I was running from the police, I was halfway there when I turned around a bit so I could see if I could see them yet.

As I started to face forward again there was a man standing right in front of me and I ran right into him.  It knocked both of us off our feet and we both landed with a thud.  I think my fall was a bit worse only because he at least had the use of his hands.  I tried to stand, but it was difficult.  Then out of the blue I felt my leash tighten and I was being lifted up by it.  The man that I had knocked over was holding onto it.  I faced away from him, too embarrassed to even look.  He changed that really quick as he grabbed my arm and turned me around. 

“Hmm… what’s this you have written on you.   I am a slave and do not wish to be released until morning.  If you find me, do not let me go.  Well, I’m sure I can help you out, let’s go inside.”  He said.  I tried to pull away, but it was no use, his grip was strong on that leash and I had no leverage.  He dragged me inside and sat me down on a chair.  I could feel him tying the leash to the back of it, and I tried to pull forward, but it was no use. 

I started to cry; I was so close to escape.  Why had Linda done this to me?  How was I ever going to get free?  I didn’t know who this man was, but looking around the apartment, it looked like he lived alone.  Hopefully he would do as Linda wrote and let me free in the morning, but will I last until then?

“Well, Amiee is it?” He asked.  I just nodded my head.

“I make a habit of looking up the names of pretty women in the building.  We can talk about that some other time however, what concerns you and me right now is I am in charge, and you’re my slave.  Do you understand?”  he asked.

I just stared at him, I knew he was right, considering there was nothing I could do.  Before I knew it, he walked over and closed my nose with his thumb and finger, and using his other hand to hold my head steady.  I couldn’t breathe, I tried to fight and get away, or at the very least, break away from his grip, but it was no use, I couldn’t move.

“It would be in your best interest to stop fighting right now and answer my question.  What is your answer?” 

I really don’t remember what I did at this point, I must have signaled a yes somehow.  Everything had already started to go black around the edges of my vision.  I didn’t quite pass out, but I was in a daze for several minutes.  When I came to, I was standing again and being dragged into his bedroom.  He tossed me onto the bed face first, and I started to turn over, but he held me there.  My first thought was that he was going to rape me, but then I remembered the chastity belt.  I could feel him pulling and tugging on the belt and I felt a small sense of victory, as I knew I was safe from his manhood.  What I didn’t expect was for him to find my house keys and the note.

“Looks like you’re on a little hide and seek mission.  Well, I’m sorry I had to interrupt it.  I’m going to go get that key, don’t go anywhere” he chuckled.  Before leaving the room, he tied the leash to the bedpost, well out of my reach.  I watched him leave the room and the apartment and started to try and get myself free.  With a lot of work, I was able to sit up, but there was not enough slack in the leash for me to reach the knot.  Here I was, bound by my own doing, in a strangers apartment and nobody knows I’m here as this man’s prisoner.  I really didn’t know what to feel.  If I didn’t know better, I felt angry.  I was angry at myself for being so careless and leaving the door open and angry for Linda for getting me into this mess. 

I didn’t have very long to think about it when the man came back into the room with my bondage suitcase and the keys to my cuffs in the other hand.  I watched him open up the suitcase and pull out a number of the bondage magazines that I had in there.  He kept flipping through them, page after page, like he was looking for something.

“Mmmmm, now this I like.” he said.  The stranger had stopped on a page, but I couldn’t really see what the picture was, but did get a glance at the title.  That particular magazine usually has rope bondage, and very tight and straining.

He grabbed all the rope out of the suitcase and untangled it all.  He grabbed one length of it and walked over to me.  “Oh by the way, my name is Robert.  There is no need for me to be secret with you, as you know where I live.  I would say for you to call me master, but I don’t plan on letting you talk very much.  I’m going to get you out of your current restraints and try and get you tied up like this woman in the picture.  You will cooperate, correct?”  Asked Robert.  I nodded.

Robert untied the leash again and unhooked it from the back of my gag tossing it to the ground.  He then laid me flat on my stomach again and started to wrap the rope above my elbows.  I had never had this done before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  After some tugging and pulling, my elbows were only a few inches apart.  He then wrapped the remaining bit of rope around the existing loop and pulled it tight, forcing my elbows together a bit more and removing all doubt that the rope will ever come off by itself.

After my elbows were secure, he undid the cuffs around my wrists and I was now able to move them around a bit.  My newfound freedom was cut short as he tied up my wrists in the same manner.  I didn’t know if I was worse off now, or just as bad, but what I did know is I liked being tied like this.  For the first time since he had grabbed me I was starting to get a bit turned on by all of this.  In some ways, it what I really wanted and fantasized about, but never could do myself.  Trust was not really an issue, as I didn’t choose this man, I never had a choice.

I was flipped over onto my back where he grabbed the keys to my belt!  Oh my god!  I couldn’t believe this, my sense of security had just been erased and I started to get scared again.  Flipping me over again, he undid the belt, revealing my ass and pussy to him for the first time.  I laid there, expecting him to rip out the dildo’s and rape me.  Robert didn’t however, he instead reached under me and slid a doubled over piece of rope through.  He took the free end and ran it through the loop producing a tight belt around my waist.  Robert then slid the knot in front of me, just under my belly button and ran the slack end of it through my legs, over the plugs that were still in me, under the rope just above my ass.  He continued the rope up and through my wrists and wrapped around them tightly securing my wrists to the rope belt, then down through my legs again tying it off in front.  If I tugged on the rope at all, it pushed on the plugs in my ass and pussy.  The tight restraint was starting to get to me and I was really getting turned on.  I didn’t really notice right away that I was squirming around trying to get myself off on it, tugging and pulling at my bonds.

“I see that your enjoying this already, I’m glad you like it, but I am not done yet.  Not until I get you looking like this woman in the picture… Cindy gets punished is the title, you may remember it” Robert said, startling me out of my trance.  I tried to think of all the pictures, and then it clicked, I knew the one he was talking about.  Oh No!  He couldn’t possibly do that to me, there is no way I could make it 20 minutes bound like that, let alone all night like the story in the magazine says.  My worst fears were coming true as he grabbed some more rope and started to bind my knees (above and below), thighs and ankles together.  He removed the collar and nipple clamps on me.  For once I was thankful I was gagged when he did it.  He tried to undo the gag, but it was no use, it was too tight.  He went off and came back with some pliers and was able to loosen the screw holding the air in my gag.  After removing the whole device I tried to stretch my jaw, but had one of my larger red rubber ball gags in my mouth.  I always liked the look of these on other woman, but never really liked it on me.  I am willing to think that Robert likes it on me however.

The part I had been dreading was coming up as I could feel him braiding my hair, only I expected him to weave some rope into it when he did it, but instead he braided it right to the end and tied it off with a rubber band.  The next part I could only guess, as I couldn’t see what was going on.  I felt my hair being tugged on once in a while and could hear something being screwed down.  After a few minutes I felt some tugging on my hair and something was clearly attached to it.  He threaded the rope under my elbows and down to my ankles.  Once the rope was looped around the ankles, Robert gave it a good long pull.  A surge of pain and discomfort rushed through my body and my back was now arched, my elbows were now being pulled up, my head looking straight forward, and my ankles pulled back so that most of my body weight now sits on my breasts and chest.  It didn’t stop there however, as soon as I would find a position that allowed me a little bit of comfort and slack, he would take it away, pulling it even tighter.  He kept up for about 5 minutes until I couldn’t move a single inch.  Breathing was a little difficult, but was not so bad because the bed would give a little under me so I could expand my chest, even though most of my weight was on it.

“I do have one surprise for you, I do hope that you like it.  I know that I will.” He said, in a wicked tone.  I couldn’t see what he was doing from where I was facing, but could hear stuff being moved around, then it went quiet for quite a while.  After what seemed like an hour, but was only 20 minutes I felt myself being picked up and lifted high into the air.  This was the last thing I expected, but soon found myself being set on top of a tall dresser with my breasts hanging over the edge.  I tried everything possible to shift my weight back, but it was difficult.  I didn’t have to strain long however as I felt a heavy weight being placed just below my hands on top of my ass.  It provided enough weight that I wouldn’t fall forward.  Out of nowhere I felt nipple clamps being applied to my tits.  I could tell that they were the Japanese kind that would hold on tighter as they were pulled.  It felt like something was pulling on them, but I couldn’t see or tell what it was. 

“Enjoy your surprise, and I wouldn’t try to turn over or go anywhere.  In your condition, a 6 foot drop might hurt something, even get you killed!  I am going to go to bed now, sleep tight” he chuckled.  I could feel him fumbling around with something and plastic clicking.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out what he was doing as my body jerked tight when the vibrators went on.   If I didn’t know better, I would say they had a lot more power too.  I heard him turn out the light and get into his bed, leaving me sweating on the dresser.

I was breathing as hard as I could, trying to fight off the orgasm.  I didn’t want to climax and fall off the dresser; unfortunately my heaving introduced me to my surprise.  I could only assume that it was a cat, and it was having a ball trying to get whatever he hung from my tits away from me.  I tried to scream out in pain and it got a hold of it and wouldn’t let go.  The stimulus was too much, I couldn’t fight it off any longer and my body went stiff (which was hard to imagine given my current state).  I was thankful that I didn’t move much.  It had to of been one of the most intense orgasms of my life and the night was no where near over.  I could see the alarm clock out of the corner of my eye and it was 3:30am. 

Even if he did let me go in the morning, I didn’t know if work was an option.  I have been bound for well over 12 hours now and the end was nowhere near yet, in fact, it has been getting worse and worse as time progresses.

As the minutes ticked by, wave after wave, climax after climax hit me.  Sometimes they were hard, sometimes light, but all enough to make me move my tits and jiggle whatever was hanging from them.  If there was ever a way to stop time, this was it.  In pain with short bursts of pleasure, staring at the clock, an hour finally passed and that’s when I knew I was going to die.  There was no why I could keep this up.  I started to think about jumping, or falling at least and hoping that it would at least knock me unconscious, if not kill me.  The only thing holding me back was if I lived and only caused more pain.  I was making all kinds of noise, not loud enough to carry very far, but enough to awaken somebody in the room.  Not Robert however, he laid there sound asleep, oblivious to everything going on.

Two hours had now passed and the vibrators were not letting up.  These were not normal batteries, not like what I am used to.  On the plus side, the cat either got what he was looking for, or just gave up the pursuit.  My very sore nipples were safe for now.  I could only imagine what I looked like now.  Gallons of sweat have already poured out of me and I could feel the effects of dehydration.  At least my hair was not a mess.  I told myself little jokes like that to keep myself entertained.  It didn’t help much.

At some point I passed out.  I would like to say I fell asleep, but you usually don’t fall asleep with your eyes open and darkness enveloping your vision.  I was woken back up in a hurry as I was tossed onto the bed and bounced a few times. 

“Have a nice sleep dear?  I know I did.  Actually, I had an erection most of the night thinking about you, but that will have to wait for another day.  Tying you up was your wish, maybe someday you will ask for more than to be tied up.  For now, I have to go to work and I am sure you do too.  At the very least, your ‘note’ says to let you go today, so I am.” Robert said.

I could hear him gathering stuff up around the room and leave the apartment for a few minutes.  When he got back, he started to shove me into a duffel bag (the kind you see army men carry their clothes with).  I suppose I could have put up some sort of a fight instead of making it easier for him, but I wanted to be free, and didn’t want to risk further punishment. 

“I’m going to carry you to your apartment and leave you there.  I will leave a knife next to you so that you can free yourself, at least for your sake I hope you can.  I am going to leave my number with you as well in a note, leave a message for me if you do make it out.  If not, I will come back over and free you.  Right now I don’t have time and have to get to work.” Robert explained through the bag.  It was hard to hear him, but knew what he was trying to say.

Once at my apartment, he dumped me on the floor and took me out of the bag.  He got down on his knee’s and gave me a kiss on my gag and left the apartment.  If I had not been in so much pain I would have probably thought it sweet of him to do that. 

I squirmed around until I was able to turn on my side and find the knife.  It was rather dull (probably on purpose to prolong my escape and to make sure I don’t cut myself) and it took me a good 5 minutes just to just the robe holding my head to my ankles.  When it broke I snapped straight like a rubber band breaking.  I couldn’t believe how good it felt to bend forward again.  My stiff muscles were already starting to tell me they were not happy, but I could worry about that later. 

Next I cut the cord holding my arms to the crotch rope.  The wrists were next and took a while, as there were several loops of cord to cut through.  After some work, I was able to do it.  At this point I was starting to get a bit frustrated because even though I had my wrists and crotch rope free, I still couldn’t remove the plugs and I couldn’t free the elbow rope. 

I tried to think of how I could get out as I was so close.  After a while I figured out how I could get the ropes free around my elbows.  The same way people remove branches out of their reach on trees.  They simple have the saw end on a stick and saw away.  I could do the same, but needed my legs free.  This was no easy task, as I couldn’t reach the ropes around my knees.  My ankles free would have to be enough.  I cut the ankle ropes and used the couch to get to my feet. 

I hobbled my way over to the closet where I could see myself in the mirror hanging on the wall.  My face was very red with spots all over it, probably from lack of oxygen.  I had red marks all over me from the chaffing and long-term positions. Yup, I needed a long hot bath after this was over. 

I grabbed the broom out of the closet and made my way to the kitchen where I could get another knife and some duct tape.  I taped the knife to the handle and went to work on my elbows.  This knife was a little sharper because I didn’t have the leverage to press down very hard.  After just a couple minutes I was free!  I couldn’t believe it, I was free.  I quickly undid my legs and went for my gag.  “Mmmmph!” I screamed, as there was a lock on it.  Damn it, when did he put that on.  No matter, I was dead thirsty so I grabbed glass, filled it with ice water and used a straw in the side of my mouth to get water into me.  It was actually easier then I figured it would be, I just had to tilt my head back to swallow the water each time and reinsert the straw.

After drinking a gallon of water, I needed to use the bathroom badly.  I had forgotten about the vibrators and they slid out as I started to walk to the bathroom.  I don’t know why, but I was embarrassed at this, even though nobody was there.  That’s when I saw a note on the table that had my name on it.  I grabbed it and headed to the bathroom.

“Dear Amiee, 

If you are reading this, I can only assume that you have got free.  I am glad you figured out a way, I was sure you would.  You have probably also discovered that your gag is locked on.  When I put it on you, I found it very interesting that it had a steel strip around it making it very difficult to cut.  I put the lock on this morning, but it’s from my own personal stock and I am sure you do not have the key. 

I would like to meet you for dinner at my place around 7pm, we can talk about last night and our future together.  I trust you know the way, see you then.


With everything I had been through, the last thing I wanted was to be tied up for a while.  I had to admit though, something about his letter made me feel good, and wanted to be with him again.  I guess I did enjoy it, even if I did need time to recover.  I started getting my bath ready and sat down at my computer to let everybody know I was going to be out sick today.  I then jumped in the bath and soaked in the warmth of the water.

Thinking about Robert, and how he was so nice to me.  He could have raped me, or even kept me as his slave, nobody would have been the wiser.  I already felt I could trust him, and I didn’t even know his last name.  Maybe he will let me ask him when I go over for dinner, I am sure I will be starving…”


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