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Spirited Experience

by Orion1701

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© Copyright 2001 - Orion1701 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; bed; cuffs; rope; bfold; gag; Other/f; tease; nipple; sex; climax; rom; cons/reluct; X

The young red head knelt on the floor pulling things out of the drawers. It had been weeks since the accident that took her husband from her and Maggie was just know working up the strength to do it. They had only been married for about two short years when the courageous fireman raced into that burning building to rescue the family trapped inside. His efforts resulted in the rescue of six people including an infant, but the roof collapsed before the hero could escape himself. 

In a lower drawer Maggie found a odd box under some old shirts. The box had a small lock to discourage casual inspections, and the keys were not to be found. The young widow pulled some tools out of another box. Using a screw driver she managed to pop the hasp and all off the box. Inside there were several video tapes. There were no titles just dates on the labels. 

How odd she thought, selecting a tape dated just days before Ben's death. Slipping a tape into the VCR Maggie returned to her packing. Next to the box she found a bag containing rope and handcuffs, two sets. What on earth is this she wondered??? Glancing up at the tv was another shock. 

On the screen was her late husband. Ben was nude and his tall muscular body was stretched out on the bed. Maggie's eyes roamed his body settling on his gloriously huge cock. She squirmed longingly as she saw his erect tool wishing she could experience it just one more time. Remembering wonderful times and naked weekends locked in the house together. 

Ben was laying on his back on the bed. Pillows propped under him supported his broad shoulders. His arms were thrown wide where Maggie saw the handcuffs. Each set was locked to the bed post and her husbands wrists. Then she noticed the cord wrapping his ankles and tied to the bed posts of the foot board. He was completely helpless with a huge hard-on that had Maggie's mouth watering. 

As she watched he squirmed and twisted but could not free himself. After a time something small swung down over his hand. It was a key on a thread and Ben used it to free himself. Quickly Maggie rewound the video tape to see where the key had come from. Off to one side hung a key and an ice cube. 'So that is how he did it', she mused. 

Running to the kitchen Maggie looked into the freezer. Sure enough there was a key frozen in an ice cube. She took it and hung it up just like she had seen on tv. It did not take a genius to see where the key would go after the ice melted. 

Slowly the red head slipped out of her clothes. But then it was only a t-shirt and denims, she never wore anything on her feet in the house. Now sitting on the bed Maggie tied her ankles to the bed posts using soft rope from the bag. The hand cuffs were already attached to the headboard awaiting her patiently. But first she needed the other thing her husband had. 

A large red ball almost too big to fit into her mouth with a leather strap to hold it in place. Then came the black sleep mask to cover her eyes. A tingle passed through her as she imagined her husband this way. What she could have done to him, oooohohhhhh and what he could have done to her! 

The red head shuddered at the thought but stopped herself before her hands roamed too far below her breasts. Laying back she locked her left wrist into a steel cuff. That was it now she was stuck until the ice melted. Without the key Maggie could not open the cuff nor could she reach far enough to untie her ankles. Without the key she was trapped even with one hand free. 'Too late now so may as well finish it', she thought. The cuff snapped shut loudly, sealing her fate. 

At first Maggie explored the limits of her bondage. She was quickly realising that it may be a bit too much of a stretch for her. The red head was stretched out tight as a drum leaving her no wiggle room. 'Damn', she thought, 'I hope it is enough to work the lock'.

Laying here blindfolded on the bed she had shared with her husband was something she had not done since the accident. But now she could smell his cologne. "Noooooo" she moaned behind her gag, "please not now". Despite her plea the smell grew stronger. The bound woman began to cry, her misery pouring out openly. She needed to be up. To run, to cry, to find someone, anyone for support. The cologne grew stronger. 

Now she fought the restraints in ernest. Damn them for being so efficient. Damn herself for doing something so foolish. Wildly she thrashed shaking the mattress yet not succeeding in making any noticeable sound. Twisting, pulling, and kicking she fought for freedom yet it was futile. The restraints held her perfectly, the odor of cologne was now over powering, intoxicating. 

Softly as a stray breeze something brushed her breast. It was soft and warm and all so comforting. When the warm caress came again both of Maggie's nipples tightened into hard cones. The third touch sent shivers down her spine, so soft, so gentle, so familiar. 

Maggie's entire body was quivering with fear and excitement. The warm caress this time touched the side of her neck just below her ear. Right on the spot that made her tingle. But it was still there teasing her nipples, tickling the sides. twisting gently. Oh god what is happening to me???? 

The red head writhed helplessly on her bed in sexual frustration. The sensations on her breasts intensified as did the tingling on her neck. She was beyond reason or even caring about what was happening, or why. What did matter was that it was happening. 

Then came a new sensation. The warm touch of her helplessly exposed sex. "Aaaaaahhhhhhh", she moaned, it had been sooooooooo long since she had been touched "there". Almost like delicate fingers touching her her most delicate of regions. Yet still her breast's, tingled at some unknown touch. 

Her naked body responded to this gentle assault. Every fiber of her being strained outward but was again held back by the restraints. Now the warmth penetrated her sex flowing into her love canal, filling her completely. Maggie's tortured body responded again as she tried to hold this mysterious force.

All of this stimulation finally poured through her focusing in her exposed loins. She was on fire, burning up. She strained against her restraints both hating and loving them all at once. Arching her back Maggie screamed out her frustration, the sound being muffled by the gag. 

Then lightening struck! Thunder rolled! Her whole being felt electrified. Followed by the greatest sexual release of her life. Her first ever mind numbing, all encompassing multiple orgasm. The kind of thing that alters perception and stops time. The sort of thing she had only read about. 

Yet here she was, the helpless prisoner of the greatest thing she had ever experienced. Although still helplessly bound Maggie seemed to soar in a pastel haze. Laying here in her total helplessness the red head experienced a sort of freedom she never knew existed. There was also a fulfillment that she had never felt before. 

Slowly the warmth withdrew from her. All so softly as to think it was the wind came a soft voice to her ear. In Ben's loving voice she heard, "Forever more" just as her late husband had done a hundred times. 

Maggie rested calmly now, even managing to doze off for a while. When the keys fell to her hand Maggie released herself from all of the restraints and the gag. She kept the blindfold on and curled up naked in the center of the bed. Finally at peace since her husband died Maggie slept the night through for the first time in weeks. No more sorrow, just a funny contentment. 


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