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Instructions for 'Stereo Electro-Stimulation' (SES)

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2003 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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Please take care if attempting to use any electrical device!

Instructions for "Stereo Electro-Stimulation" (SES)
by Otto Dix
Instructions for "Stereo Electro-Stimulation" (SES) by Otto Dix

Several people have asked me for information regarding "stereo electro-stimulation" (SES). Some are male, some are female. Some want it for auto-erotic/self bondage purposes; others want to be skilled at toping others with it. I will gear my instructions for all users. I offer the information from my own personal experience, and offer absolutely no guarantees of it being perfectly safe or completely effective. All self-bondage activity is risky. You need to judge if this level of risk is appropriate for you. If you want to talk further about SES, my email is [email protected]

Here is a summary of the SES information.
1) A little personal history, experience, and precautions.
2) Terminals and the basic set up
3) Impact of different types of sound files.
4) Parameters of different sound files.
5) How to play the files and automate them for self-torture sessions.

Section One: Personal History, Experience, and Precautions.

I began using electrical stimulation as a means of inflicting pain while self-bound. In the beginning, I used DC electricity using batteries. I found that 6 volts was bearable, 7.5 hurt, and 9 was too much. I could not withstand more than a couple of seconds of current. The sensation was like a pinching feeling, and I would experience electrical burns on the surface of my penis if I left the current on too long.

I "graduated" to Stereo Electro-Stimulation (SES) almost by accident. I was working nights in a lab doing computer programming. All the tools were there: Computers hooked up to mixtures and amps, and sound editing software for creating any type of sound file I wanted.

The current was an Alternating current. The frequency was determined by the frequency of the sound wave, and the volume on the amplifier determined amplitude. The sensation was more of a vibration, as the current kept changing direction.

50Hz would be intense, bearable, and almost pleasurable.
100Hz is more intense
150Hz starts to cross the line into electro-torture
200Hz is definitely an OUCH sensation.

I found that regular sine waves had a pinching sensation similar to DC current. But when I switched to square waves, it was more of a pleasant vibration sensation.

One important thing to note. If the amplitudes of all the sound files are the same, the HIGHER frequencies will FEEL STRONGER. I like to stick to a limited range of frequencies (50-75Hz) and keep all the sound files the same amplitude. Another way to go is to reduce the amplitude of the higher frequencies. You can't do this with the volume control (if you are either tied up, or if you are topping someone, you can't always be certain of what file comes next and how much you need to lower it). Instead, when you create your sound files, decrease the amplitude of the higher frequencies. Normally, I decrease the amplitude about 5 to 10% with each increase of 25Hz.

My next "graduation" was the discovery of modulated waves. There are two types of modulated waves. The first is an Amplitude-Modulated (AM) wave; the other is a Frequency-Modulated (FM) wave. They result in very different sensations.

An AM wave will change in amplitude, from low to high. You start with a regular square wave of a given frequency (75Hz). Then you vary the amplitude over time. I use a wave that is 7 seconds long, and the amplitude modulation is 1.5Hz. This means that the amplitude goes up and down once every 1.5 seconds. The range of the amplitude change is another factor. It can range from very low to very high, or it can remain high, and vary very little. Both types of AM waves result in very pleasurable sensations. They cause rhythmic contractions in your genitals, while being vibrated.

A FM wave is a different story. The amplitude remains the same, and the frequency changes. If the frequency changes from 50Hz to 100Hz, you will go from experiencing pleasure to pain very quickly. Imagine someone holding your penis and sticking a pin in it, once every second for seven seconds. I find it to be a very effective electro-torture wave file.


a) Don't go overboard. Keep sessions short and give yourself time to recover. I have not noticed any long-term effects, but in the short term, my penis has gone numb for an hour or two.

b) Watch out for electrical burns. Maintain a good contact between the terminals and your skin. Use K-Y as a conductive jelly. Some areas of your penis are thinner than others. If you notice a pinching sensation in one tiny spot, stop. Cover that part of the terminal with electrical tape, and protect that area of your penis.

c) Do not place a terminal on an open wound (however small). If the current finds one spot to travel that is a lot easier to go through, it will try and all go through at that one spot, and just hurt a lot more.

d) Keep the electrical play above the waist. A local man was sent to prison for the death of his wife. He connected a terminal to each breast. The current traveled from one breast to the other, and it stopped her heart. Some sites claim that it is relatively safe to connect both terminals to ONE breast at a time. Hence, the current will not travel across the chest. I would never risk it.

e) If you are topping someone, first try it on yourself. When you introduce it to a sub, do it without bondage, and with the sub in control of the volume. Start with the pleasurable waves. Then introduce the electro-torture waves. Use a set of safe words. GREEN means keep going, increase the volume a bit more, YELLOW means I am at my limit, I can't take much more, and RED, is STOP, turn down the volume a notch.

f) If you have a heart condition or a pacemaker, please don't try this.

g) Moderation is the key. Avoid the "kid in the candy store" phenomena. Pace yourself.

Section Two: Terminals and Basic Set-up

For men, making terminals is simple. Use two steel cockrings purchased at your local hardware store. They need to be snug when the penis is erect, but not so tight that they cut off the circulation.

Take a length of speaker wire (long enough to go from your amplifier to where ever you are doing your bondage), split and strip both ends of the wire. Wrap about two inches of bare wire around each cockring, and cover the bare wire with electrical tape. Make certain that no bare wire is exposed.

Hook up the other end of the speaker wire to the amp, the same way you would connect your speaker. Some amplifiers have connectors for bare wire, others require a jack. If you need a jack, go to your local audio store and buy them.

Don't go hooking yourself up, and start playing your favorite CD. You have no idea what sort of sensation that will result in.

For women, I can only suggest what I have read on the net. You can buy very expensive terminals from companies like PES. Other women have created their own. Using a vibrator, wrap solid copper wire tightly around it, forming a band of metal about one to two inches wide. Cover the free end of the wire with electrical tape. Another method is to strip a large area of wire in the middle and keep some insulated covering on the ends. Double up the wire, and wrap it around the vibrator. The doubled free end can be inside the wrapping, and is not in contact with skin.

Use a coated solid copper wire, and strip enough to make your band of wire wrapped around the vibrator. Wrap the wire around the vibrator starting about an inch from the top and wrap downward. When you don't have any more bare wire left, put a band of electrical tape around the top and bottom of the band. The free end that is still covered with insulation should go straight downward, past the base of the vibrator. One of the speaker wires will connect to this wire. (If you used the double wire method of wrapping, you will have two free ends sticking out. Connect only one end to a speaker wire. If you connect both, you can damage your amp, and the wire will become hot. No electricity will pass through you, but you could get burned.)

This will give you one terminal. However, you need two. You have several options. The first is to put a second band of wire on the same vibrator using the same method. The vibrator needs to be inserted far enough for both bands to me inside your vagina.

Another option is to wrap tin foil tightly around one of your ankles, and then attach the other speaker wire to it. You can wrap bare wire around the tin foil, and then wrap electrical tape around that. Make certain you use KY jelly on your ankle first to improve the connection between your skin and the tin foil.

Another option is to create an anal terminal in the same way you created the vaginal terminal.

Once you have created a set of terminals, you can try them out on your hand first to get a sense of what the sound files will feel like. Hold both terminals in ONE HAND. DO NOT HOLD ONE IN THE RIGHT HAND, AND THE OTHER IN THE LEFT HAND. This would make the current travel across your chest, and risk a heart attack.

Create tapes that play one type of file over and over again for about 15 minutes. Coat one hand in KY jelly, and hold both terminals in one hand, and make sure that the terminals are not touching each other. Turn the volume all the way down, and start the tape. Start raising the volume until you feel the electrical current. Some files will result in a low frequency vibration, other will cause rhythmic contractions, and others will cause a sensation like little pinpricks.

If you are topping someone, one more option is to use two rods. They need to be relatively thick, about a quarter inch, and not pointy or have any sharp egdes. Make sure they are rounded at the end. Use electrical tape to create an insulated handle and to attach the speaker wires. Just touch the sub in two places (below the waist) while playing files continuously.

Section Three: Impact of different types of sound files.

The information I am about to give you is from years of experimentation.

I classify sound files into three categories

I). Plain, un-modulated.

The first are plain un-modulated files. They have a given frequency and amplitude and neither the frequency nor the amplitude changes over time. The waves themselves are Square-waves, as opposed to regular "wavy" sine waves.

The lower frequencies of 50 to 100 Hz can be intense, but not very painful, but not all that pleasant either.

The higher frequencies of 150 to 250 Hz can be very painful.

For any given amplitude, the higher frequencies are FELT as stronger. Hence, reduce the amplitude of higher frequencies, or stick with a very narrow range of frequencies.

II). Frequency Modulated (FM) waves

The second set is the Frequency Modulated (FM) waves. The amplitude stays the same, but the frequency changes. The frequency of the base square waves changes from low to high and low again. As the frequency rises, the pain increases. It feels like pins being stuck in your penis, but without the pins.

III). Amplitude Modulated (AM) waves

The third are the Amplitude Modulated (AM) waves. These cause a very pleasant sensation. The rhythmic contractions can lead to orgasm if you are already aroused. Oddly enough, the electrical stimulation is not enough to arouse me. I need the bondage and helplessness to get me aroused and then the sound files do their job.

Section Four: Parameters of different sound files.

All the waves I use are about 7 seconds long, and are faded-in, and faded-out. This means that they start from an amplitude of zero and rise quickly to their maximum amplitude, and then at the end of the 7 seconds, the amplitude quickly descends to zero again. This avoids any sudden clicks and abrupt jolts.

a) Plain Unmodulated waves

All the plain unmodulated waves are square waves. The only difference between the waves is the amplitude. If I am using a wide range of frequencies in a session, I reduce the amplitude of the higher frequency waves.

50 Hz 100% amplitude
75Hz 95% amplitude
100Hz 90% amplitude
125Hz 85% amplitude
150Hz 80% amplitude
200Hz 70% amplitude

b) Amplitude Modulated Waves

I use a base wave of 50 or 75 Hz, and vary the amplitude. The range of the amplitude change can either be large, or small. A large range means the amplitude ranges from low to high. A small range means it ranges from medium to high.

c) Frequency Modulated Waves.

These are my favorite electro-torture waves.

Use a base wave of 75 Hz, and vary the frequency by 20Hz. This means that the frequency goes from 55Hz to 95 Hz. This is a "medium ouch" wave.

Use a base wave of 100 Hz, and vary the frequency by 50Hz. This means that the frequency goes from 50 Hz to 150 Hz. This a "major ouch" wave.

Section Five: How to play the files and automate them for self-torture sessions.

You have two choices for playing sound files. The first is to connect your computer to the amplifier directly. Use the speaker jack and connect it to an input jack in the amp. Then use an application like MS power point, or Correl presentation, to play the files.

Another option is to transfer the files from the computer to tape, and play the tape.

If you have either power point or presentation, it is easy to automate the files for auto-torture/self bondage session. Create a slide show that plays the files. Play 5 or 6 files in a row, and put in a pause of 2-5 minutes. Repeat this for as long as you want. The longest you can get on one side of a tape is 45 minutes. You can fill both sides of a tape and use an auto-reverse tape player. That will go on forever. You can also connect the computer directly to the amp, and play the slide show and set it to loop continuously. Alternatively, you can automate the files to play for a fixed length of time.

Personally, I like to use a tape because my computer is no where near my amp. I put the cassette player on a timer, and set the power to go on in a half-hour. I turn the amp one and adjust the volume to a sufficiently high level to make me squirm. I then press the play button, and nothing happens because the timer has not gone on yet.

Alternatively, I can put the amp on a timer, and have the slide show play continuously. When the amp goes on, the shocks will start. You can set the timer to go on and off every half-hour until you are released, or just off again after an hour's worth of torment. Also, you can use the computer as a timer if you can figure out how to get it to start the slide show after a specified amount of time.

Do your favorite self-bondage while you wait for the timer to go off, and use a basic ice cube in a stocking method as a release. I always recommend an emergency escape option. Fill a bucket with water and food coloring, and tie a release key to it and a rope that goes to one hand. If you really need to get out, pull the rope and get the key. The food coloring is going to be a bitch to clean up. I also enjoy video taping the session and reliving it from a viewers perspective. Struggling and the helplessness to stop the torment of the painful shocks, and the teasing from the pleasurable waves is intense.

Copyright April 2001, Otto Dix
[email protected]

Please take care if attempting to use any electrical device!


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