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Sticky Mess

by Nakia Kessler

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© Copyright 2000 - Nakia Kessler - Used by permission

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I wheeled the shopping cart through the supermarket aisle and the idea hit me. Like a ton of bricks knocking my thoughts into my next self-bondage ordeal. I hurried pushing the cart through aisle after aisle until I reached my destination. There towering above me on the shelf was my next item I would use in captivity. I quickly and carefully grabbed four gallon bottles of the thick clear shiny fluid and placed them in the shopping cart and off I went to the check out lanes. The ideas were popping in and out of my head like fireworks on the fourth of July. I raced to the car and hurried home as all my plans were becoming crystal clear.

When I got home I went upstairs and begain to prepare my restraints for the session. I removed the long wooden hanger bar from the closet. When standing it was long enough to reach from my neck to my bare ankles when standing barefoot. I took the electric drill we had in the garage and drilled a hole in each end and one in the center of the wood hanger bar. 

Now using padlocks and small short chains I ran the first chain through one end of the hole I drilled and locked my posture collar to the very end. The leather ankle cuffs I did the same at the very tip of the other end. In the middle hole I secured my leather wrist cuffs. What a fine posture bar I had made. 

When I would be secured and locked in it with collar to my neck and ankle straps to my feet and hands in the middle it would ensure I would be forced to lay flat on my stomach with no way of getting up or standing or any way of even bending my knees or bending at the waist. I was sure to also fasten my leather chastity belt to the waist belt where my wrists would go thus adding to my bondage discomfort and making me more of a rigid prisoner to the bondage posture pole.

Now I chose my large round rubber dildo of about seven inches and four inch sized butt plug and fitted them to the chastity belt. Next I laid out my leather training ball gag with locks for my mouth and head that would shut me up quite effectively. I also fastened two nipple clamps with chains to each end of the d-rings on the ball gag trainer harness. I was all set for tomorrow evening. 

Oh yes and least I forget my thumbcuffs that I would use on my big toes! I love toe bondage! It makes everything so much more humiliating and restraining. Being sure to collect all the keys to all the locks and trying every one of them it was off to the basement.

I would need four plastic milk jugs. I cut the tops off just slightly below the caps. Next I went down to the basement where I knew I would perform this bondage session. Taking rope with me and duct tape I would need to rig up my release method and make a test run. I always did a test of my releases to be sure that the plan would work as I had envisioned.

Using the rope I fashioned a nice little sling that using duct tape I fastended to the bottom of the milk jug. I did this with all four jugs. I then hung each jug up to the floor joists on the ceiling, the rope that was fastened to the bottom of the first jug, I tied a keyring to the end and I hung the ring on the little hand of the nearby clock. Then I took the rope fastened to the second jug bottom and put it inside the first jug. I took the rope to the third jug and put it inside the second jug and I took the rope to the bottom of the third jug and put it inside the third jug. I first made sure that these ropes were all long enough to reach the floor when they hung down. I also tied several knots in the very ends of each rope so they would fall easier. I basically rigged a series of pull ropes that would be released by the pulling of the first jug.

Now to explain this elaborate release method I was planning, the keys to my bondage locks would be frozen in jug number four. The pull rope to the number four jug would be frozen in the contents of the number three jug. The number three jugs contents would not be as full as the number four jugs contents. Now the pull rope on the number three jug would be frozen in the contents of the number two jug. Likewise the number two jugs contents would not be as full as the number three jugs. The number two jugs pull rope would be frozen in the contents of the number one jug. Now the number one jug would have the least amount of liquid frozen in it.

Now if you think about it, when the first rope fell from the clock within reach of my fingers I could pull it tipping its melted contents and letting the pull rope from the number two jug fall down. It could only fall down until the number one jug had melted allowing it to slip down. This way I would have a progression of contents melting at different time only allowing the pull rope for the next jug to be available. 

Now this may all be a little hard to follow but it will get clearer as the story unfolds. See the fourth jug would be completely full taking it the longest to melt and allowing access to the keys only at that point that the three jug had melted allowing me to release the rope fastended to the bottom of the number four jug. Clear as mud? Good! I thought so.

Now I carefully opened the each bottle of the jars I had purchased at the store. The clear white liquid I poured into the first jug only filling it 1/4 full, I did this with all the jugs placed in the deep-freeze to make it easier. I placed the second jug and filled it 1/2 full, the third jug I filled 3/4 full and the fourth and final jug I filled to the top. Next the keys to my locks I placed in the jug and let them sink to the bottom. Then the pull ropes. The rope I had fastened to the bottom of the fourth jug I put in the third jug and so on and so on with three's rope going in number two and two's going in number one jugs contents. Then down went the freezer door and wait until tomorrow night.

All during the next day I couldn't wait to start my bondage adventure. I hurried home and started to rig up my escape plan. I collected all my bondage gear and stripped naked. First I greased up my butt plug and inserted it into my ass. Then came the dildo that I pushed up inside my already wet pussy. Now came the thick leather chastity belt. First the waist strap then the crotch strap. I pulled it up tight and secured it with the padlock. I didn't lock it yet. I tested the plug and dildo to be sure they were staying in place. I wouldn't be able to reach the dildo but I wanted to make sure. Snap went the lock and the belt was now securely locked in place. I streatched my legs and squatted down and stood up. It was tight. Nice and tight. Just the way I like it. The crotch strap was seperating my legs somewhat not allowing them to touch together at my thighs. 

Almost one-third complete.

Next I sat down on the floor. I first took the leather straps and put them around each ankle. Using the first padlock I locked my ankles together and also locking my bare feet to the end of the long posture pole. I wasn't done with the feet yet though. I had two small leather straps with buckles that I placed around each big toe. Bondage isn't complete on the feet without doing the toes too. With the straps on my toes I locked them together using a small padlock on the rings fastened to them. I wouldn't be able to reach the little buckles so they weren't coming off. I tried pulling my feet back and forth but they were securely now locked together. 

I looked down at my tanned feet and pretty pink polished toes that I had just polished last night. The contrast against the thick shinny black leather straps and bright silver padlocks looked great. The big padlocks that locked the leather straps tightly around my ankles were rather heavy and the weight of them reminded me the more of my restraint. They really looked pretty. That sent my pussy dripping.

Now I fastened my ring gag harness onto my head. I first fastened the neck strap fitting the ring deep into my mouth. Next the strap that went up my face and over the top of my head. I then did the chin strap and pulled the top strap even tighter and locked them all in place using the metal padlock. I pulled on the ring trying to dislodge it but it was firmly held in place. I tried to open my jaw but the chin strap had my jaw pulled tightly together on the ring. I already had started to drool a bit but no time to think about that, on to the next part.

Now I fastened the thick leather collar around my neck. I put the lock on but didn't close it yet. I now had to roll over onto my stomach. The small chain in the middle of the pole had the leather wrist cuffs already locked on it. But, I also locked the pole in the middle to the back "d" ring on the back of the thick black leather chastity belt. This effectively held my legs out straight since they were fastened and locked to the end of the posture pole as I now started to call it. I could not bend my knees no matter how hard I tried. 

As I tried this only force pressure on the tightly strapped chastity belt. However, as I did this I noticed it also pushed the dildo and butt plug deeper making me feel the tighness inside me that they created. All this time the drool came uncontrolably from my mouth and down onto my naked bare body. The wetter inside that my pussy became it seemed the more I would sweat and the more that the drool would be produced.

Now came the top of the pole getting fastened to thick black collar around my neck. Click and the end of the pole was locked to my neck collar. I was now laid out straight and flat on my stomach. I rolled to my side and knew that I would not be able to stand in this position in any way. I was strictly positioned flat on my stomach. Any movement of my ankles only pulled on the chastity belt that only mildly pulled on the bar fastened to my thick black leather collar locked around my neck. I also noticed that this posture bar did a good job of keeping my head down and forced flat on the floor.

My heart was pounding more and more as I knew the next phase was about to take place. The final locking of my wrists to the center of the bar that would put me in complete enescapable bondage. I looked up at the clock to be sure it was running. I noticed already that a half hour had passed and it would be another fourty-five minutes before the hand moved allowing the ring to slip off the big hand and fall to my reach. 

However, this rope would only activate the first container after melting. As it's contents would pour out onto me and onto the floor below so would come the rope that was frozen in it. I would have to wait to be able to pull it since the second container would be taking longer to melt since it had more contents. Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you what was inside the containers didn't I? Karo syrup! What a mess! Huh? 

As I laid there in I thought about going through with my plan one more time as I fastened the first leather strap around my wrist and snapped the small padlock shut. "Click" I was almost there. Now I encircled the other three inch wide leather strap around my wrist and fed the other padlock through the eyelet and "Click".  That was it, I was now securely locked in self-bondage. 

I wiggled around a bit to fee the full effect of my bondage position. I was definately forced to lay flat on the ground, flat and stiff as a board. No way to bend or move. If I tried bending at the knees the bar quickly forced my strapped up ankles and barefeet down hard against the neck strap only pushing me harder into the ground. I rolled over onto my back which quickly pulled me more straight and put extreme pressure back on my wrists and arms. I wiggled my toes and feet, trying to look down at my legs. The neck strap fastened to the bar quickly pulled my head back down.

I quickly found that I had to roll over onto my stomach again to keep from choking since the ring gag was forcing drool to come from my forced open mouth. I tried sticking my tongue out through the ring to clear my mouth but the saliva just hung off my lips and chin. I rolled over flat on my stomach and turned my head to the side and laid down in surrender. I would pull my arms but this only forced the bar to force my head down hard or my feet down flat against the floor.

I had very little movement whatsoever. The strict tightness of this bondage I had place myself in was good. As I moved the plugs I had inserted in my pussy and ass reamed me good since they were fastened to the chastity belt also attached to the spreader bar. I pumped back and forth to see if I could stimulate myself in my pussy with the dildo but the bar being fastened to the strap at the back closest to the butt plug only made the plug thrust in and out some in my asshole. I stopped immediately as the thrusting was painful. I just tried to look up and see how much more time in restraint.

to be continued...


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