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A Story for Jennifer

by Lycramonkey

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© Copyright 2008 - Lycramonkey - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; stuck; caught; bond; bdsm; toys; cons; X

There seem to be a lot of stories on the internet about a girl called Jennifer, but this was inspired by and written for a fantastic real-life girl of the same name.  She’s read it and she liked it :)


Jennifer was hot.  Sure she had a fantastic little figure, a naughty knowing smile and fiendishly kinky streak, but right now, she literally was hot.  Very hot indeed.  She was wearing a jet black rubber catsuit that completely covered her from head to foot, save for two small nose holes to breathe through and eyeholes cut in a feline and seductive way.   The suit had a long zipper that ran from the crown of her head, down her back and between her legs all the way up to her navel.  As a finishing touch, there were a set of pointed cat ears on the suit and a set of red lips stuck on where her mouth would be.

On top of this,  a leather corset was tightly laced constricting her already narrow waist further and her feet were zipped into stiletto heeled boots made from the same soft dark leather.   What lay underneath the suit was even more interesting however, as Jennifer’s mouth was stuffed full of a rubber gag which limited any noise she made to an unintelligible moan and her pussy and ass were stuffed full of what was marketed and sold as the “world’s best” bondage vibrator and butt plug set.

Why was she so hot though? 

Well, Jennifer couldn’t take the suit off as firstly the zippers were locked closed and secondly she had spent the last three hours tied to a high backed chair, unable to escape, while the vibrator worked its evil magic.  Under the tight rubber, Jennifer was bathed in sweat resulting from her struggles and exertions to escape; except for her crotch, which was not only dripping with sweat, but also her own arousal.

She had bought the vibrator kit with her bonus from work and it truly was a wondrous piece of technology.  It was a vivid scarlet coloured silicone toy, with a textured insertable shaft and a rabbit type part at the bottom to cover her clit.  When she wanted to use it like a normal toy, it had a hand grip that fitted to the base of it, but today that had been removed so that the toy was fully inside her and the catsuit could hold it (far too snugly she reflected) in place.  There was a matching butt plug that also vibrated which was large enough to leave her feeling full, but small enough that she could endure it for a couple of hours at a push.

The best thing however about the toy was the remote control that came with it.  It was wireless, completely programmable and looked more like a top of the range mobile phone than part of a sex toy.   Right now Jennifer was struggling to cope with the current programme, which was set for a “2 hour moderate torment”.  She had tied herself to the chair earlier on, having programmed the vibrator to start after 30 minutes (i.e. allowing herself time to tie herself up) and then finally cuffed her hands behind her back to complete her bondage.  However the problem was today that her means of escape had failed and the key that was frozen in a small chunk of ice, had come free as the ice melted, but the string attached to it had somehow got tangled behind her and her rubber covered fingers couldn’t reach the knotted string to free the key and unlock the cuffs.

As a result, the 2-hour torment program had gently teased her up to the brink of orgasm for the last 3 hours, finishing once and then starting again and Jennifer was now going out of her mind waiting for an orgasm.  Sometimes it would shut down and leave her ignored for 15-30 minutes and at other times it would gently pulse and rotate for agonisingly long periods of time.  The kit was so advanced that the toy would react to Jennifer’s own physical responses, so if she was allowed to orgasm it would pick up on her most excitable reactions and keep pushing her, but if she was to be denied, then it would always make sure it always stopped short of satisfying her.  Every time it was left to run on a program, it would be different, because the device would seek out the best way to tease Jennifer depending upon how she reacted.

Today, Jennifer had taken a day of work to indulge her two favourite activities, shopping and bondage.  The morning had been spent doing the former, where she picked out a new leather pencil skirt for when she decided to be a bit of a vamp at work and the afternoon, well, we already know what she was up to...

She had planned to lock herself up at 2pm and be free sometime around 4pm, but due to the problem with the keys and the ice, she needed to rely on her backup plan.  She had a meeting the following day for work and had deliberately left the file at the office.  At lunchtime, having tried on her new skirt in readiness for her meeting, she rang Katherine, her assistant from the office and told her she had forgotten the file for the next day.  She told Katherine to find the spare key for her house in her office drawer, let herself in after work and place the files on her kitchen table.

Jennifer had an envelope with Katherine’s name on the front, which she left on the kitchen table.  It contained a handcuff key and instructions to find her down in the basement.  Katherine had unwittingly been Jennifer’s backup plan on a few occasions in the past, however she had never needed her and therefore on the occasions when Katherine had let herself into Jennifer’s house, she was already free and Jennifer had hidden the envelope in time.
Today was a completely different story however and Jennifer would have to not only have to endure the most agonising taunting from the toys inside her for at least another hour or so (and therefore at least another three or four near-orgasmic moments) but also the exquisite embarrassment of her young and very attractive assistant discovering that she loved to be tied up and treated like a toy.

So she waited.  The toy pulsed, vibrated and gyrated; sometimes in her ass only and at other times in all three places.  At one point she got closer to cumming than she had at any point so far that afternoon, but still to no avail.  She was disturbed from her efforts however when she heard the thud of the front door above her.  She flushed ever redder under her rubber hood, waiting for the inevitable discovery and worse still the fact that the vibrator would still be running in Katherine’s presence.  Disgusted with herself, she found that she was turned on by this even more as she heard the floorboards creaking above her.  She was only minutes from discovery now.

Suddenly the basement lights went out.  She hadn’t expected this.

Jennifer heard the door and footsteps.  A bright torchlight shone on her face, startling her.  She wanted to ask Katherine what had happened to the lights, but of course, due to the gag, she couldn’t.  The torchlight flicked around the room quickly and disappeared behind her, but due to her restrictive tie she couldn’t turn to see what was happening.  She soon found out, as a sleek rubber blindfold was placed over her eyes leaving her completely rubberised.

She heard more footsteps and the sound of the light click back on, followed by the sound of Katherine circling her.  Jennifer struggled vainly, but she knew she would not be able to free herself now.  Her ears heard a hand lift the plastic remote from the glass topped table and the toy inside her went dead.  Next, she heard the rustle of the envelope and the sound of keys behind her.   Finally! She was to be released!  But Katherine was sure playing her part up – Jennifer could feel fingernails being ran down her arms towards the wretched handcuffs, this was pure torture and boy did she love it!
However, the hands didn’t release the cuffs, they clicked each one another notch tighter and Jennifer heard the keys being tossed aside.  What was Katherine doing?

She would have fallen off her chair with shock at the next thing, but of course, she was tied too tightly too it.  Her boss started reading out the note meant for assistant Katherine:

“Dear Katherine,
There is no easy way to explain this, but I’ve tied myself up in the basement and not been able to get free on my own, please can you use the keys in this envelope to unlock my handcuffs and release me.  I know this may seem a little strange, but you really have to do this.
Slave Jennifer”

“Slave Jennifer, eh?” asked her boss, “Katherine had to go out straight after work, so she asked me to drop in on you with these files.  And by the look of this note, she had no idea she was part of your dirty little plan either”

She meekly moaned from behind her gag, feeling her boss’s eyes burning into her latex skin as she sat there while he circled her chair.

“And you’ve done all this to yourself?”

She nodded slowly.

“And you enjoy it?”

She nodded again, embarrassed, but knowing there was no point in trying to lie her way out.  She had written a confession and had been caught red-handed.

“This remote control seems very sophisticated and it looks to me as if you’ve been here suffering for the last four hours.  Would I be right in thinking that down there you have got all your holes all filled up too?”

Jennifer nodded again.

“Well perhaps it’s time we got you off that chair then, would you like that?”

Another nod; at last, she was going to be released!

Hands were attending the ropes around her ankles and knees and soon she was stretching her legs out straight whilst her boss started to unwind the rope around her waist.  She shuddered as his hand glanced over her erect nipples and he noted her excited response.  Soon she was sat on the chair still fully covered in rubber, still blindfolded, still with all her orifices filled and still handcuffed, but able to move a little and get some sensation back into her stiff joints.  She heard her boss cross the room to get the keys he’d thrown away earlier and he shortly returned.

She was shocked again however as instead of unlocking her, he lifted her small rubber form up, allowing her cuffed hands to clear the back of the chair.  Despite her predicament, she instinctively allowed herself to curl into her boss’s arms as he lifted her.

Reality struck again though, as she was placed face down on the old gymnastic horse she had picked up from a school clearance.  Her legs were spread and draped down the back and each ankle was strapped into place, whilst straps were tightened across her body, pressing her cuffed hands into her back.   She “mmmmffed” a protest into her gag, but of course it was useless and furthermore it didn’t help that she was getting more and more turned on as each buckle was clicked a notch tighter.

A hand settled on her buttock and she squirmed at the touch as it snaked up her back and settled on her head, gently stroking.

“You are a very bad little pussycat aren’t you?”

Jennifer mewled into her gag and nodded.  He knelt close to her ear and whispered

“Well I think maybe I should punish you then... and I know you’ll enjoy that too.  Now let’s see how this remote control works”

She lie there helpless and waited while her boss fiddled with the remote.

“I think ‘intense torment, no orgasm’ will be ideal for you”

Jennifer groaned loudly as the toys powered into life.  She was close to orgasm so maybe she would be lucky and the torment settings would be enough to push her over the edge.  She didn’t care who was watching and started bucking her hips as much as the restraints would allow as she started trying to fuck the vibrator inside her, but needless to say, the fiendish device slowed down its assault on her.  Frustrated, she grunted and became still again, but the toy picked up again and started working harder and harder, this time taking her to the edge and then cutting out completely before she could cum.

Her boss was sat only a few feet away enjoying the show of rubber clad Jennifer being taunted by the toy, deciding what to do next as she struggled and squirmed, completely helpless. She found out his decision as the riding crop came cracking down onto her prone and exposed backside.

“Are you a bad pussycat?”

“Mmmmmmmff” she nodded.  Another stroke.  More squirming.

“And should a bad kitten be punished?”


“Very well then!”

With his free hand, Jennifer’s boss fiddled with the controls on the remote and set it to gradually push her to the brink of orgasm.  Jennifer noted the toys change program and slowly start building from the merest of pulses.  She then had to endure the next 10 minutes as the toys built up to a crescendo, whilst all the time, her boss cropped her hard and consistently on her backside and thighs.  By now, her pulse was up and beating hard, her breath was laboured and whistling in and out of the nose holes on her hood and her sweat soaked body was so hot she was beginning to feel a little dizzy.  Her nipples were beginning to get sore from the unyielding tightness of the rubber suit combined with the sweat trapped inside it; her pussy was now a sodden arousal soaked mess.  She so badly needed to cum, but the ordeal she had suffered for so many hours now was taking its toll.  Her clit was swollen and over-sensitive and she knew it would be sore for days to come.  Still, it didn’t matter; at this rate she was going to cum at any moment and the pay off for all the afternoon’s activity would be worth it.  Five hours of frustration and torture could only mean possibly the best orgasm she’d have all year...

But the toys all stopped.

Her boss put the crop down and unlocked the crotch zipper of the catsuit.  He unzipped it far enough that the dripping vibrator plopped out of Jennifer’s pussy, but not so far that the butt plug could escape.  Jennifer howled into her gag as she heard her boss unzip his fly.

“Would you like to be untied pussycat?

Unable to stop herself and knowing what was likely to happen next, Jennifer found herself shaking her head; she really ached and wanted to be untied, but the need for an orgasm was so great that she didn’t care if it meant her boss would get to fuck her tied up and rubberised.

“You really want this?  You want me to take advantage of you while you are tied up in the most compromising position and use you as my toy?”

Under the rubber, Jennifer wanted to scream in frustration, she was torn between the utter depravity of the situation and the huge need for her satisfaction.  Unable to stop herself, she slowly nodded.  She wanted to be fucked, she needed to be fucked.

She groaned as the tip of his cock nosed into her dripping pussy, it was barely recovering from the vibrator and now this.  He wriggled a hand between her rubber covered stomach and the leather topped vaulting horse and worked it into place until he could reach her crotch.

The butt plug jumped into life and in one swift move, he pressed his finger hard onto Jennifer’s swollen clit and thrust his cock all the way into her.  She screamed again at the intensity of the sensations, but was helpless to stop them.  She was so hot and wet that her boss rode her very hard with long, long stokes, all the time whilst keeping a finger rubbing against her clit, which was now so sore that it was almost unbearable, however she was tied too well to squirm away and therefore had to endure it.  Thankfully the feeling in her pussy was more than making up for it; her bosses cock was so hard that she could feel every vein and detail force its way in and out of her as he used her for his own pleasure. 

The enormity of the situation was getting too much for Jennifer; she had spent the last 6 hours dressed in head to foot rubber, been tormented relentlessly by the vibrator and now was tied to a gymnastic horse, still in rubber, blindfolded and being fucked by her boss.  She came in an explosion of muffled screams and grunts, seeing stars behind her blindfold, her poor abused pussy convulsing around the bosses straining cock, whilst all the time the plug kept pulsing away and he kept his finger firmly on her clit.  Jennifer fought to control her breathing through the constrained rubber hood, but she was certain she blacked out for a few seconds from the enormity of it all.

As she began to recover from her ordeal, it was clear that the boss hadn’t finished with her, as he was still as hard as ever and still fucking her.  He had relented a little and was using a softer stroke, but the butt plug didn’t relent and neither did his finger on her clit.  This wasn’t fair, she’d had enough now!  Unfortunately for Jennifer, she was in no position to tell her boss, or to stop him, and he continued to fuck her.  Her pussy was now almost as sore as her clit, but the boss continued, now with shorter, harder, faster strokes.  Jennifer’s pussy betrayed her though and to her great disgust, she found herself rising towards another orgasm.  The boss was now getting faster and harder and soon Jennifer could feel his balls slapping against her crotch.  She was close to cumming and hoped he was too.  Sure enough, he was and Jennifer felt him stiffen and ejaculate into her.  He grabbed her tight and his finger pressed even more firmly onto her clit sending Jennifer over the edge as well.  She shuddered and howled into her gag as her second enormous orgasm of the day rocked her.

The buzzing toy in her ass stopped without announcement, and similarly she felt the boss withdraw from her, leaving Jennifer tied to the vaulting horse as she came down from her orgasm.  She flexed her muscles within her bonds, but she was still as stuck as she had been earlier.  Jennifer heard movement and the zip on her catsuit was closed again.  The leather cuffs around her ankles were unbuckled and one by one the straps pressing her into the cushioned leather horse were undone.  Her boss lifted her off of the vaulting horse and still handcuffed and blindfolded, she crumpled into his arms.

“You are a very bad pussycat, aren’t you?”

The small rubber creature in his arms nodded, exhausted. 

He carried her, still blindfolded and handcuffed up to her bedroom and placed her on the bed.  She was too tired to even try and question why he hadn’t released her yet and lie there as he went into the en suite bathroom and began running a bath for her.

“All the keys are on your bedside table... enjoy your bath”

Before Jennifer could do anything, she heard his footsteps and the door close as he left.  She rolled from her front and over to the edge of the bed.  Her tired fingers scrabbled about on the bedside table and found the handcuff key.  Finally, 4 hours later than planned, she released the handcuffs from her aching wrists.  Moments later she squinted into the light as her blindfold came off and she saw herself in the mirror, still a picture of latex perfection on the outside, even though she was a wreck on the inside.  She allowed herself a little wry smile at the turn of events that the day had taken, the incredible fuck that she had gotten into the bargain too and began undoing her corset and boots.

The following morning, she awoke, still weary and aching.  Surely all the madness of the previous day had been some sort of dream...?

She rolled out of bed and could feel the stiffness in her legs and arms; she looked down and saw the marks left by the handcuffs on her wrists and the reality hit home.  That really did happen to her.  The sweat stained catsuit hanging up in the bathroom confirmed it and oh-my-god how good it had been!  She stepped into the shower and her hand sunk to her clit.  Ouch! It was still tender from yesterday’s adventure... maybe she would leave it for now.

Ten minutes later she was back in the bedroom with a towel around her and went to her underwear drawer to pick out something sexy to go with her new leather skirt for the meeting.  She thought that black stockings and suspenders would be ideal, but was in for a shock as she opened the drawer.
Sitting on top of the neatly folder lingerie was the black leather chastity belt from down in her basement playroom, a pair of latex tights and a small butt plug.  A note was folded on the top:

“Good morning Slave Jennifer,
I wondered if you’d like to accept my recommendation for your underwear choice today.  All the padlocks are open and ready and I’ll have the keys with me in the office later on today.”

She eyed the belt with a little fear and held it up for a closer examination.  There were wide straps to go around her waist and thighs, all secured by padlocks and then a crotch piece that went from front to back secured with another two padlocks.  The part that would cover pussy was made from metal with a few perforations, meaning that theoretically she could pee without removing it.  There was a thin slit in the rubber tights too which from previous experience she knew her pussy lips would neatly squeeze though for “easy access”.  Holding the tights up, she saw that they had been expertly polished to a shine and couldn’t resist rolling them onto her freshly showered legs.  She padded over to the wardrobe on rubber feet and slipped on her black patent stilettos before posing in front of the mirror in nothing but the tights and heels.  Fucking hell, she did look good.

She returned to the other items and picked up the plug – it was small and fun and she had worn it to work before.  Without thinking too hard about the implications of the situation, she rolled the tights back down to her thighs and slipped the plug straight into her rapidly moistening pussy, coating it thoroughly with her own juices before removing it and popping it into her ass.  It was no big deal after the size of yesterday’s toy but she felt satisfyingly full.  After rolling the tights back up, she turned her attentions back to the belt.

She hadn’t worn it for a while (previously she had locked herself full of toys before she went shopping) but she’d never let anyone have the keys before.  Hesitantly she buckled the waist and thigh straps on, but left the padlocks off.  There was something enticing and electrifying about the feeling of the wide leather bands gripping her snugly and she hurriedly buckled the crotch piece into place over the tights, pressing the butt plug firmly into place.  Her hands went to her crotch, but could only feel the cold metal plate covering her rubber covered sex.  Jennifer was getting hot just thinking about the potential for this.  Beneath the metal shied, she was already beginning to feel moist.  She tried to ease a finger around the edge of the shield, but the thigh straps stopped her.  This really was a lot more effective than she had ever previously thought.  She checked all the buckles were as tight as they could go and managed to get the waist and crotch strap another notch tighter.  If it was locked, then it ought to be done properly and more so, she really might not be able to pleasure herself...

Her gaze fell on the 5 small brass padlocks in the drawer in front of her.  Maybe she could just wear the belt without locking it?  In fact, considering how turned on she was getting; maybe she should get the thing off now and finger herself regardless of her sore clit.  She looked back to the padlocks and picked one up.  Idly, she slid it into the hasp of the waist belt buckle and clicked it shut.  Oh-my-god what had she done?  Jennifer looked down at the now irremovable lock and felt butterflies in her stomach, but unable to stop herself, she secured both the thigh straps, almost completely on autopilot.  Feeling a little panicked as she was now stuck in the latex tights for work she tried to regain her composure, but her hands had a mind of their own and she fastened both of the remaining locks to the front and back of the crotch strap. 

It was done.  Jennifer was off to work in a chastity belt her boss held the keys to.  Her boss who had spent the previous evening subjecting her to the most depraved act she’d ever been party to.  What the hell might he do to her now?  It was too much for poor Jennifer and she flung herself onto the bed, hands clawing vainly at the belt and her crotch, only to be met by unrelenting leather, metal and latex.

If her boss wanted a slave, then as long as he had Jennifer’s keys, he had probably just found one...


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