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Strange Discovery

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

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It wasn’t my job but the boss knew I would get it done one way or another when he asked me so I planned to spend the day moving the heavy equipment to fit the new piece he had purchased. I worked steadily for about five hours getting everything reset, it’s never just installing one piece, it's “move ten to make one fit”. I used the forklift and hoist heavily but I still had to move some of the smaller things by hand, being six foot, two hundred pounds I could normally get things to move if I tried hard enough. 

After getting everything shifted around, I was putting the final few crates away from moving them into a different configuration when one slipped off the forklift and crashed to the floor. I sighed from the driver’s seat wishing I had not worn the series of support garments under my uniform not only to give me extra back and knee support but to force me to gasp for air during the whole time I was at work. 

The idea had been spawned from me digging out my back support belt, seeing the other support items and smiling as I realized I would be alone all day and actually had an excuse besides that being restricted in public excited me. My initial plan was to wear the heavy lace up back support but since I had seen the supports that run from my hips to my shoulder blades with wide straps to hold my shoulders back, I laid them out as well. 

The two hinged knee braces were laid out with two sets of padded compression leg-sleeves, positioned to be used as well. The two compression back supports were both made from neoprene so over them I would wear a thick spandex bodysuit. The suit would cover me from the base of my neck to ankle and wrists easy to lock and hide under clothes. 

I closed the hooks on the bodice of the first support leaving the shoulder straps loose then pulled the leg sleeves up making sure the padded sections were located correctly over each knee. With the tight sleeves hugging my legs my cock was already excited so I stepped into my latex shorts. I pulled them up my waist making sure they helped keep the legs sleeves from slipping and covering the hooks and zipper of the first back support. 

The hinged knee braces were pulled up and strapped tight, the combination of leg sleeves and braces already making it difficult to bend my knees and engorging my cock even more. With the waist of the rubber bike shorts pulled up, I pulled the shoulder straps tight, heaving my shoulders back much further than normal. I pulled the next support over it, lacing it then zipping its cover closed. 

The shoulder straps on this one were not adjustable so I positioned them over the straps already pulling my shoulders back and smiled as I could tell this was going to make the day very interesting. The shorts had a zippered opening so I could relieve my bladder but if anything else was needed I would have to remove everything down to the first support. 

Now covered in neoprene and spandex with my legs being forced to remain straight and my breathing limited to shallow gasps. I stepped into the spandex catsuit and carefully worked it up until my arms were fed through the sleeves and reached back to pull up the zipper. I chuckled because with the double shoulder straps hauling my shoulders backwards, I could barely reach half as far as normal. 

Eventually using a wire hanger to hook the zipper I pulled it up to my neck snapping it into the small receiver knowing the tiny key would be needed to open it. I was still not finished getting dressed, wrapping my lace up back support around my already narrowed waistline, closing it in front before wrapping the elastic bands around me as tightly as I could.

I was smiling again as I thought about why this had become my favorite support, not only was it much wider than any others I had found it was actually heavily boned. Once the elastic bands were wrapped around your waist and laced you had to zip a cover closed keeping them from pulling loose. This already doubled the tension around my waist but then came the part that made me like the belt the most. Reaching back, I grabbed the ends of two more Velcro covered straps and pulled. 

These straps were attached to the laces of the support belt drawing my waist in like a corset making me have a considerably reduced waist line forcing me to pant for air. With the Velcro closed over the wide straps I zipped up the cover stretching and twisting to get everything settled before putting on my uniform and work boots. Lacing my boots was always difficult in the belt but with the added supports and suit I was very surprised at how difficult it had become. 

I finished dressing using the belt with a concealed lock in the buckle snapping it closed looking at the keys to the belt and suit lying on the dresser as I walked from the room. I had decided I would force myself to wear them until I returned home this evening. I had worn different combinations of the supports and suits before but never this many and never with the lace up belt but I was feeling daring and wanted to enjoy the day. 

Walking was different with the knee braces and leg sleeves squeezing my legs but after a few laps around the house I had figured it out and headed to work. Driving was interesting between the stiffened legs and trouble breathing. I adjusted my seat multiple times before getting there, thankful to be able to get out of the driver’s seat so I could breathe better. 

Once I started working, I mostly forgot about the braces and supports working until I was forced to stop and eat. I sat thinking that this must be why women wearing corsets lose weight, because I ate half of what I normally did and was already feeling very full. When the crate fell, I was almost ready to leave it and clean it up tomorrow until I spotted several items that surprised me and jumped from the forklift to investigate. 

I found the large crate was filled with boxes of what appeared to be new latex items. I started refilling the crate, stuffing the items that had fallen out of their individual boxes back in but every item seemed to be too big for the thin boxes and I was quickly losing patience. My curiosity finally got the better of me and I stopped trying to push one of the items into its box and flipped it out in front of me seeing it was a full body catsuit. 

Now I was interested, why was there a large crate of latex catsuits in the warehouse? I knew the boss had multiple businesses so I thought it was just part of one of those and went on putting the boxes back in the crate. When I got the majority put away, I still had about a dozen or so laying out that had opened. I tried to put the latex back into their containers, finding no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get them folded correctly to be able to close the boxes.

I laid several more out over the edge of the crate seeing there were more catsuits but then one was a skirt and another a long dress. Finding a few smaller items I forced them into their boxes and stuffed them into the crate. I laid the open rubber to one side, closing the crate and quickly putting it away. The strain of bending and kneeling had been too much and all I wanted to do was go home and get out of the items I had locked myself in. 

I parked the fork lift and stood staring at the rubber draped over another crate unsure what I should do. Eventually I decided to take them with me, I didn’t want to leave them lying around so anyone could see them. I stuffed the rubber and the boxes into a large black trash bag and left. It took a couple of days for me to recover from my little adventure and all the red lines in my skin to fade. 

Returning to the warehouse I found my boss playing with the new equipment so we chatted for a few minutes about it when I remembered the latex so I told him what happened with the crate. “Oh, some of this stuff are remnants from past business ventures, most of it should have been tossed in the trash.” I told him I had some of the stuff, never getting descriptive, and why and he just waved me off saying “Just toss it all.” 

He went back to messing with the equipment, making me think about the items in the crate. Arriving home, I took the bag inside with me and pulled out all the rubber items. I inspected all of them, finding they were all made from much thicker rubber than I had expected and all seemed to be in good shape. I couldn’t resist, I had owned a latex catsuit previously and enjoyed it when I had been able to wear it so I grabbed some powder and quickly had it pulled up to my thighs. 

Reaching that point is when I found it was definitely made for a man with full scrotum and cock sheath which made me smile. The other item was what made me pause when I realized it was a rubber butt plug and apparently it was inflatable. I had not found a hose or bulb with the items noticing the inflation port in the bottom of the plug. 

I was not very experienced with plugs nor much of a fan so I debated for a moment figuring out I would not be able to use the suit without inserting it. No matter how I positioned the plug it was going to be difficult and uncomfortable so I shuffled to the bathroom. I used some petroleum jelly to lube it and carefully worked it into my ass. 

I didn’t try to make sure it was all the way in just enough to pull up the bottoms rubbing the lube on my shrinking cock and balls before forcing them into the rubber sheath. With everything where it should be I hoisted the suit up over my chest sticking my arms though the sleeves and popping it over my shoulders. The zipper was well built and pulled up smoothly and easily to the short collar. 

I walked around getting used to the compression which seemed much tighter than my previous suit chalking that up to the thicker rubber. Feeling my fully erect cock and balls slipping inside the sheath enjoying the sensations a lot. I walked around a few minutes before stepping into my closet and grabbing the tall leather posture collar and wrapping it around my throat pulling it tight.

With the collar tight it eliminated any movement from my head or neck, covering the top of the suit's collar. As my arousal grew, I went to where I had laid out the other rubber items looking at each much more carefully. I found I had two more catsuits with the special add on’s as the one I was wearing and two more without. One of the suits had gloves, feet and a full-face hood. I smiled as I thought about pulling on the last suit over what I was wearing. 

I started inspecting the other rubber items, finding two full length dresses with long sleeves and tall collars, three skirts that may have had high waists, I wasn’t sure not having shopped for skirts-ever. There were three pairs of leggings all with sheaths, two with plugs. Finally, three of what I thought were leotards with long sleeves, attached gloves and full hoods with only small holes under the formed noses. 

The leotards were again obviously for a male with fully formed cock and ball sheaths molded into them and thankfully no plugs in the back. I was fully aroused now, opting to indulge my selfbondage weakness and returned to my room carrying another catsuit and one of the long dresses. I had long ago started using ballet boots as part of my selfbondage adventures. I have never been able to really walk in them but loved how they made my feet look and the way they held my feet adding to the helplessness just by being what they were. 

I took those, a head harness gag and my favorite restraints to my bed getting excited about wearing the rubber remembering the leggings I rushed back and picked up a pair. Grabbing one of the leotards just in case and rushed almost giggling back to my room not having been this excited in a long time. I started thinking, opting to use the leotard next, with the idea of finishing my bondage blind and gasping. 

I worked my cock and balls into another layer of rubber, having to add a lot of lube strapping my head harness on pulling each of the buckles tight before pushing my hands into the long sleeves. Only struggling with the gloves for a moment before feeling my fingers slide into them. I was getting unsure of being forced to breathe through the two small holes so I carefully pulled the hood over my gagged face and head. 

I aligned the hood and sat breathing slowly before carefully closing the zipper on the back of the hood stretching the rubber tightly. I fought back a brief panic attack running my hands over my encased head feeling my lips spread around the ball under it exciting me even more. After calming myself I felt better having no issues with my breathing, amazed that since the rubber was stretched so tightly around my head that it didn’t crush my nose at all thinking, “I guess that’s the idea behind formed rubber.” 

I reached back, closing the zipper easily even though the leotard was stretched very tight, the quality of the zippers impressing me. I pulled the zipper up, it was moving slowly until it went past a certain point where it suddenly slammed up to the bottom of the zipper on the hood and I was now blind. My excitement was getting the better of me, making me think about adding another layer. Almost as quickly as the leotard went on, I was encasing myself in another catsuit, slipping my already sheathed cock and balls into a third sheath giggling as it popped into place. 

I yanked the zipper up to the base of my neck laying back stroking my encased body, panting through the small holes. I sat up groping for the next items finding my boots stuffing my feet into them and lacing them up finding being blind wasn’t that big of a deal yet. I groped some more finding my ankle cuffs, the cuffs were made from thick stainless steel with only a key hole and D-ring to break up the smooth finish. I had liked them so much I bought the matching wrist cuffs and collar. 

Squeezing them tight over my booted ankles until I could feel the latches snap closed, having decided to leave the ten-inch connecting chain from the last time I used them locked in place. My arousal was pushing me to continue, strapping a leather vibrating pouch around my rubber covered cock and balls ignoring how difficult breathing was becoming. The silicone cock ring was stretched wide and slipped over my straining cock making me moan under the hoods as it felt much tighter than normal. 

I searched around the bed finding the dual vibrators I had grabbed, stuffing one of the eggs in the pouch and the other in the silicone ring’s slider. I felt I was ready wrapping the thick leather posture collar around my neck and buckling it snugly. The collar would hold my head firmly erect, not allowing me to turn or move my head up or down. Snapping one of the cuffs around my left wrist I let the other hang from the short chain between them. 

With my gloved hands I made sure the snap clip was still in the correct place before rolling over onto my side. It only took a brief moment before my choices were limited as I pulled against the chain connecting the cuffs now locked behind my back. I quickly felt for the key ring around my middle finger relaxing from the brief surge of panic having forgotten I had put it there before locking the first cuff. I rolled around a little testing my bonds and my breathing before swinging my legs up towards my ass. 

I was enjoying the total blackness of the hood, noticing for the first time how numb my cock and balls were feeling in three layers of the rubber. Before I reached down for the snap clip, I slid the key ring off my finger leaving it lying on the bed. I always did this because it increased my anxiety even though I knew it was lying next to me. I grabbed the chain between the ankle cuffs and pulled it up stretching myself into a tight arch letting me feel how tight the layers of rubber were. 

The snap clip seemed to be much more difficult to open but after a few tries, with my arousal increasing my determination to restrain myself, I had it around the link in the chain to my ankles and relaxed again. The rubber layers made everything feel tighter at first, scaring me slightly then making my cock swell more into the sheaths encasing it. I lay in my tightening hogtie letting everything I had done to myself sink in struggling to swallow the spittle building up behind the gag. 

It was the first time I had ever sealed my mouth so completely where nothing leaked out. I continued to pant through my nose concentrating on swallowing for several minutes. Deciding to turn on the vibrators and hurry to an orgasm before I was forced to free myself. I could feel the cord to the control box across my thigh so without thinking I rolled over onto my chest burying my face in the covers on the bed. 

My hands flailed around my leg searching for the control box as I began struggling to breathe, the stiff collar was holding my head not allowing me to turn or raise it so my nose could clear the covers. As my air was running out and I was getting frantic to roll over, my hand grabbed the box instinctively turning the thumbwheel on it as I fought to roll onto my side. The tighter than normal hogtie forced me to rock my body made even more difficult by the collar holding my head and neck so firmly. 

Each time I rolled onto my bent legs the plug in my ass was pushed deeper making me whine. I finally was able to roll on to my other side relaxing. I had just enough time to realize I could not feel any vibrations and turn the small wheel up to high before I felt my body slipping. I had two realizations at the same time, with the vibrators now on high I could barely feel them humming softly around my cock and balls. Secondly, I had rolled off center leaving my legs partially off the bed. 

The second revelation came as I felt my thighs sliding slowly off the bed instantly starting to struggle to keep myself on the bed. My mind could only think “The keys are on the bed!” I began thrashing and twisting fighting a losing battle with gravity. When my hips slipped over the edge I was face down again still struggling violently quickly running out of air. When I changed my attention to the lack of air my body slipped past the point of stopping with my knees hitting the floor. 

Suddenly the plug in my ass felt huge and I whimpered and moaned as it felt like it was growing inside me. I knelt with my encased cock and balls trapped against the bed in a kneeling hogtie panting through the two small holes under my nose. I had no way to know the holes had slipped slightly, reducing their size even more as I had struggled, but I was breathing. 

I knelt gasping with my pinioned hands flailing behind my back for several minutes before I felt I had caught my breath enough to address the pain in my cock and balls. The pain had been increasing since I had slid down the side of the bed so now, I tried to ease that. Slowly knee walking backwards until my chin was on the bed and my cock and balls sprang free. The hogtie was incredibly tight now and I was sort of balancing on my chin pressing hard on the gag in my mouth enjoying myself immensely finding even the plug was now enjoyable. 

I relaxed hoping the vibrations could finish me but noticed again I could just feel a slight buzzing sensation. After a few minutes I was starting to have problems breathing again so I decided to release the clip between my wrists and ankles. The layers of the gloves covering my hands made feeling the small knob on the clip difficult, giving me several small panic attacks as I knelt struggling. 

When I could finally feel the knob my frustration from the position, lack of air and the unknown of where the keys were should have made me explode in the rubber. Now all I could do was struggle out of frustration of the much-needed orgasm eluding me again. I had lost interest in the clip while I fought for a climax having to fumble with it again making several attempts before locating the knob. I found in my current position I could not force my legs inward enough to release the tension on the chains.

I started to thrash as the panic attack hit, forcing me to pant heavily under the rubber hoods, able to feel them expanding then pulling tight against my face. As I struggled to breathe I rolled to one side and felt my body slipping twisting as far as I could as I fell. I landed on my shoulder with a thud and even though it wasn’t very far the feeling of being helpless and falling was quite scary. In the fall I had twisted the outer hood to one side blocking more of the small holes smashing my nose enough to where I could feel it. 

The panic attack was worse now that I could tell a significant difference in air flow immediately and began to worry about suffocating. I lay mostly still only my bound hands still desperately moving in their bonds trying to find a weakness as I slowly got control of my mind and my breathing. I don’t know how long I lay there before regaining control of my desperate feelings, and started working on freeing my wrists from my ankles. 

I concentrated on the clip picturing it in my mind ignoring everything else knowing it was the true key to my release twisting myself into a tighter arch. I had hooked the chain while lying on my side so I knew it was possible to release it so I pulled and twisted until finally I felt the chain drop out of the clip and relaxed. My legs flexed away from me and I lay waiting to feel them pull on my wrists gasping for air relieved to feel my legs straighten. 

I stretched my legs rolling onto my back humming thankful that was over feeling my cock fight the tight material covering it. I was starting to enjoy my bondage again, even liking the restricted air flow and lay thinking about being used as someone’s sex toy, totally unable to stop them from slowly suffocating me. After trying to reach my throbbing cock several times I decided I was ready to release myself rolling onto my side pulling my knees up as far as I could. 

I rolled onto my bent knees then raised my body up placing my head on the top of the bed pressing my face into the mattress. I had taken a deep breath before forcing myself to stand on my pointed toes and slowly walked forwards. It took much longer than I had expected, with my ankles locked together so closely and the toe boots I was starting to think I would pass out before my feet were under me. When my legs hit the bed, I quickly leaned back lifting myself upwards until I was balancing on my toes wobbling back and forth. 

I inhaled deeply as I turned around, bending my knees and allowing my body to drop onto the top of the bed. I sat gasping for several minutes fighting back another panic attack before scooting sideways until I hit the foot boards bed post. Now I knew where I was on the bed, I scooted back across the bed to about where I felt I would have left the keys and lay back. I rolled back and forth hoping to feel the key ring but felt nothing. Hoping it was due to the layers of rubber covering me I began searching with my restrained hands. 

It took what felt like hours to reach the foot of the bed again, making me lie gasping as I was slowly losing hope. I rolled over and carefully worked myself to the head board, repeating the search pattern only to reach the end finding nothing. I struggled to wiggle myself further onto the bed staying close to the head board and hoped the key ring was even still on the bed. My air flow was still restricted but I was enjoying my bondage concentrating on finding the keys starting another search pattern across the bed. 

It took more adjustments with three more passes before I finally felt something under my hip. I flexed and twisted, reaching with my bound hands gasping in relief as I felt the key ring. I rolled onto my stomach forgetting about the collar forcing my face into the covers and tried to quickly unlock my wrists. Just as I was about to roll over my wrists popped apart allowing me to use my hands to roll over onto my back. 

I adjusted the hood opening my airway again taking a deep breath quickly reaching down to my cock shocked to feel the vibrator running very strongly. I had thought maybe the vibrator wasn’t running as strong as normal only figuring out now that it was the layers of rubber covering my cock and balls that was limiting its effect. I cursed and moaned under the hoods regretting adding the third layer knowing it had cost me not only my orgasm it also had made me roll over and lose track of my keys. 

I pulled myself onto the bed fully stretching out feeling warm and comfortable rolling onto my side and falling asleep. I dreamt about being used as a sex toy for weeks, never being allowed to orgasm, feeling only very mild stimulations and even when I wasn’t bound I couldn’t make myself cum. When I woke up, I was disoriented for a minute wondering why I felt like I was being crushed and why my arms and legs were completely numb. After remembering what I had done I fought through the numb arms enough to start trying to open my rubber prison removing the collar first. 

The zipper to the first catsuit moved easily enough and I quickly had it pulled down to my waist. The pressure release was amazing and I already felt better, almost stopping to enjoy it, but then opting to continue to undress myself. The zipper to the leotard wouldn’t budge, my hands were still partially numb so I thought I might be able to work the cock ring and strap loose. The cock ring slid off neatly, the batteries had died hours previous and after a few tugs and grunts I got the leather straps loose freeing my cock and balls. 

The catsuit was ready to come off then I felt the first cramp of my waking legs and remembered the toe boots and cuffs. I felt around for my key ring having no idea what I had done with it before falling asleep. My jaw was starting to throb and the amount of sweat built up in the rubber was becoming uncomfortable but without the keys to unlock my ankles nothing else was coming off. 

I went back to the zipper of the hood knowing I could pull the hood down and remove the harness and at least be able to see again. I slung my feet onto the floor squealing as the plug reminded me of its presence no longer feeling comfortable at all. I sat groping at the zipper for a long time unable to make it move, stopping to grunt as I panted, slowly running my gloved fingers over the zipper. 

I finally figured out it was latched together, I remembered seeing one of these listed on a catsuit I had looked at and started pressing on the zipper. I remembered that some of the suits had a zipper that when the other side met it would latch and the small button had to be pressed to open it. With great relief I felt the button move and the lower zipper toggle pop up. I pulled the zipper up, yanking the rubber from my sweat soaked head and face and quickly unbuckled the head harness prying the gag from my mouth. 

I whined some more as I rubbed my jaw letting my eyes adjust to the light coming from the windows looking around quickly finding my keys. In a few more minutes I was free of the boots, rubber and the painful plug and stumbled to the bathroom to take a hot shower. I stood soaking in the hot water grinning even though everything in my body ached thinking about how to repeat the interesting experience I had just had. I wore several of the pieces during the next week enjoying essentially being trapped in the rubber during each day. 

Towards the end of the week my curiosity made me pull the crate back down to find out what else was inside the crate. I had found out more information about the company that the partners had closed. It had been a clothing store that catered to the fetish community, getting so popular that a much larger fetish clothing company had bought the rights to its name. The company was supposed to clean out the warehouse, but had only taken about half the inventory, leaving the rest to be boxed up and stored. I had just gotten the first crate down when I started wondering if there were any more from the store. 

I knew which crates I had already been into so I started taking the ones I had no idea what was in them down. I stopped and turned off the forklift looking across at the twelve crates now sitting on the floor. I stood smiling at how distracted I had been knowing I should have stopped after the first four or five. I started opening crates going to each prying the tops off only taking a brief look in each wanting to get them open before spending more time looking inside them. 

A few of them were obviously not what I was interested in so I closed them and moved on. When I got done opening them, I started with the one I had dropped. I dug through it matching the boxes I had already opened and finding dozens of different items. I set the ones that interested me aside, repacking the crate and closing it. For hours I went through the crates, some of them were interesting then I dug into one that was definitely from the fetish business. 

I pulled out box after box, setting them aside, getting more excited looking at the pictures or descriptions of the contents. When I had gone through the entire crate I stopped digging and eagerly started opening the boxes hoping what the pictures were correct. The first box I opened was exactly as the picture stated a pair of heavy ankle manacles with a short but very heavy chain connecting them. 

I had always wanted a pair of matching cuffs and collar and if the rest of the boxes were accurate, I now had them. I almost locked them around my ankles right there looking around and laughing as I closed the box. I carried the boxes to my truck wanting to leave but couldn’t leave the crates scattered around. I returned to the crates wondering what else I would find excited about the possibilities. I quickly went through about half of the remaining crates finding some interesting things but not what I was looking for. 

There were three left and it was getting late so I dove in pulling out multiple boxes, some very heavy, setting them to the side and checking all three crates. The last crate was filled with corsets, every type and size you could think of forcing me to search if there was anything for a man, eventually finding four different designs for men. I had already placed some of the corsets for women in my truck, to give to a friend of mine, adding a few more in the largest size then the ones for men without inspecting any of them. 

The next boxes were shoes, forcing me once again to dig through the crate looking for sizes for me and my friend. I had piled so many boxes outside the crate I finally stopped and closed it. I loaded my truck and went to the last crate, opening the largest box I had set out, almost squealing when I found what was inside it. I quickly dug through the crate finding it and the rest of the set in small sizes and loaded them all in the truck. I started putting the remaining crates on the racks having sorted them as I had put them away now having the inventory stored in groups. 

I finished cleaning up and was about to leave thinking only of my newest finds when all three partners arrived laughing and talking. I was starting to regret wearing two pairs of leggings with one having the anal plug and both having cock sheaths now being stuck without options until either I leave or they do. It took two hours of chatting before we all left but during the conversation, they informed me that anything in the crates I wanted I should take and do what I wanted with it, “It all needs to go away.” is what they had told me. 

I agreed to clean out the warehouse and would take care of it being told, “Hey maybe you can make some money from all that stuff.” as a joke. I called Lori asking if she was available to play, getting a giggle saying give her an hour and come over giggling even more when I told her I had something for her. When I arrived at her house she was standing by the front door wearing only her latex bra and panties and tall high heels. I was laughing as I got out carrying several boxes with me, understanding why she had bought the small home in the incomplete neighborhood. 

“Guess you really do like your privacy,” I joked as I walked to her door. She laughed as she said, “Hell yes, and if they ever finish the neighborhood my place will double in value.” I was surprised she thought of things like that, knowing her profession and mostly only the darker side of her personality tilting my head and chuckling to myself as I thought, “Well you always did think she was smarter than she let on.” Walking up, getting a big hug and long kiss as she pulled me inside.

She was like a kid on their birthday saying, “What did you get me?!” I told her to get me a beer and we would see. She walked quickly to the kitchen letting me watch her amazing ass sway with each step catching me staring and laughing mumbling something that sounded like, “You’ll never change.” When she returned, I reminded her of how beautiful I thought she was watching her blush like it was the first time I had told her that and we clanked our bottles together. 

She ripped open the box I handed her squealing loudly telling me to put it on her while she jumped up and down a little. I laughed asking her “Did you even see if it would fit?” having no idea what her waist size really was when I took the boxes. She checked the size quickly, spreading the laces since it didn’t open in the front and stepped into the thick leather corset. I watched sipping my beer amused and aroused as she wiggled herself into the leather panting from the effort when she finally had it around her waist. 

“You could’ve helped.” she said, grabbing her beer and taking a long drink before saying “You are going to help with the lacing, aren’t you?”

I nodded “Yes,” adding, “You start.” She smiled her sexy smile and began pulling on the laces. The corset she was now snuggling around her waist went low on her hips designed to go all the way to her armpits. I hadn’t had time to really study it but I could tell it was at least double boned and very thick with no outward cups for her breasts. 

I hoped it would have a very straight front line like a Victorian style corset but was too aroused to care at the moment. After a few pulls she turned her back to me holding the laces towards me. I could see there was a large opening in the back so I asked if she thought it would really fit her or not. “Just lace it already,” she said. I took the laces and started lacing her tighter watching her peel the rubber bra off while I kept pulling. After several passes I was stunned at how dramatically her figure had changed, tying the laces off loosely I told her I needed another beer.

With no response she walked away from me again, letting me watch her and the new forced sway from the corset making my rubber coated cock try to burst out of my pants. Watching her walk back into the room was even better. She had been adjusting her breasts as I tightened the corset and now, they appeared to be smashed under it. The corset was squeezing her chest forcing her breasts to bulge beautifully over the top. 

Lori’s face was serious as she returned smiling as she noticed the bulge in my pants knowing as usual, she had me totally wrapped. Lori was looking me in the eye.

“Too tight?” I asked, pointing at her amazing waist line.

She shook her head “No” and Lori flexed and twisted. I drank my beer watching her get accustomed to the tight corset, finally asking me slightly breathlessly, “Where did you get it?”

“It’s a long story but I have more than just that one.” 

The excited look returned so I opened another box pulling out a smaller set of shackles just like the ones I had opened at home. Lori jumped closer to me, taking them and smiling as she felt the weight. I watched as she inspected them unlocking both cuffs looking closely at the locks and said, “These are good ones, not like the cheap ones I got.”

“They are all yours.” I said, getting another excited squeal and a long gasping kiss. 

She started to bend down being held firmly by the corset and grunting as the air was forced from her lungs. She handed me the shackles without saying a word I knew what she wanted. I bent down locking them around her thin ankles snapping both closed leaving her to waddle around with about eight inches of chain between her ankles. I started telling her the story as she learned to walk in the corset and shackles, having her walk up to me unzipping my pants, reaching in and smiling as she asked, “How long have you been wearing that latex?” 

I had already told her about my finding the crate so I said “Since this morning.”

“OOOO you kinky devil, I want some.” Lori said with a pouty look on her face.

“If you are a good girl we’ll see.” I teased while she stroked my rubber covered cock and balls, eventually having my whole package pulled out of my pants. She stopped short of too much, unbuttoning my pants.

“I want to see all of them.”

I stopped her, using it as leverage to tighten her corset some more. I always loved watching her breathe while laced tightly and never seem to be able to spend enough time with her properly laced. I told her she needed to be laced tighter and she quickly spun around encouraging me to pull for all I was worth. She asked questions while I worked on the laces telling me she knew the company that had been bought. She had seen their website many times but had never bought anything because they were very expensive. 

I told her they had been bought out just to eliminate the competition and the company apparently didn’t want all the inventory. I continued tightening the laces, noticing she had gone quiet again seeing there was only a couple of inches remaining before the corset was fully closed and tied the laces off again. I grabbed her around her waist noticing immediately how much smaller it was than I had ever seen it and how firm the leather felt. 

Lori stood panting as I slid out of my pants leaving me standing in the leggings no longer worried about feeling “full” or the sweat trapped in the rubber. After a few minutes she walked towards the kitchen pulling on the shackles each step moving much slower than previously. I watched open mouthed admiring her beautiful ass and how even restrained and gasping how smoothly she moved. The walk back was slightly faster and we stood face to face with me watching her heaving chest drinking from our bottles as I told her more of the story. 

At some point she reached out and began stroking my rubber coated cock making me concentrate very hard on my beer bottle to keep from getting too excited. By the time we finished our drinks she was giggling again back to her normal self and asked, “Is there only one pair of leggings?” I nodded “No” holding up two fingers getting a devilish grin from her. I asked her to walk around in the corset so I could watch, something she enjoyed.

I always loved to watch her move and pose having spent hours photographing her seemingly never able to “see” her enough. She obliged and carefully walked around the room flexing and twisting occasionally grunting until finally asking about the last box I had carried in with me. I laughed teasing her about how long it took her to ask and opened the box revealing a long-sleeved dress. The rubber dress had a tall reinforced collar, long sleeves and would hug her very tight down to her ankles. 

Lori squealed again and shuffled quickly back to me holding up her hands like she wanted me to put the dress on her. After the fourth beer I needed to relive my bladder so I told her she would have to wait. As I walked away, I suggested she go and change her shoes for a pair of black ones and maybe insert a toy so I could tease her with it. Giggling again we went in different directions to do our own business. 

It took a few minutes for me to be able to free my cock then reinstall it and when I returned, she was standing by the door with the pouty look again. I chuckled asking what was wrong and she pointed to the rubber panties trapped under the long corset “I didn’t want to ruin them.” I dropped to my knees carefully working the rubber out from under the leather corset. I listened to her breathing quicken as I intentionally brushed her pussy several times before freeing the rubber. 

With her panties pulled down below the corset she turned on her bare feet and shuffled back to her room making my cock swell fully again. It seemed to take forever but she finally returned red faced from her exertions wearing a pair of six-inch black patent leather pumps. The ankle straps were dangling and a pair of black rubber shorts. The shorts were almost like bicycle shorts with a very high waist squeezing her tightly to just above her knees. 

I was already kneeling again as she stopped in front of me and quickly buckled the straps making sure they wouldn’t get caught under the cuffs. I stood getting another long kiss and a few firm jerks on my cock before she handed me two remotes and held her arms up again. I looked at the remotes, smiling, knowing she had inserted two vibrators of some kind into herself and quickly pulled the dress over her head wrestling it down to her shoulders. The collar was open but still took a lot of effort to get it over her head finally popping past her face making her squeal and giggle. 

When I asked about the keys to the shackles, she was trying to pull the dress down and just shrugged her shoulders. I smiled knowing she had put them somewhere intending on wearing the shackles for a while. I watched her struggle with the tight rubber staring at her cleavage until she stopped struggling with it and gasped “Are you going to help me or not?” giving me the pouty look I loved so much. I smiled nodding “No” letting her take my cock in her hands looking me in the eyes as she said “Are you sure?” 

I smiled, flipping one of the controls to high, getting a squeal and a jump from her unknowingly turning the vibrator in her ass up. “OK, OK!” she yelled, stepping back enough for me to turn the vibrator down and reach over and start working the tight rubber down her body. I was surprised how tight the rubber was but continued to pull it down until it was stretched tight from her neck to her ankles. When I stood up Lori was standing with her eyes closed leaning back slightly looking very aroused and happy. 

I got lost in her beauty for a moment before spinning her around wondering if the zipper was going to work like the clothes I had worn. The zipper closed easily stretching the rubber very tightly around her narrow waist and as I closed the collar I watched it straighten her head and neck out. Lori rubbed her neck, flexing it before turning slowly to face me. I noticed her face had turned red and asked if the collar was too tight. She smiled weakly muttering “No, I like it.” Continuing to rub her neck humming quietly as her hands moved down her body feeling the tight rubber stretched over the extremely tight corset under it. 

I had forgotten the vibrator still running slowly inside her as I watched her rub and stroke herself, arousing me to the verge of a climax. She asked in a raspy voice, “Want another beer?”

“Yes,” I said, in a cracking voice, and watched her turn towards the kitchen. I could hear her chuckling to herself as she tried to walk in the tight dress, finding if she tried very hard, she could step about half as far as the shackles had allowed. I watched in awe of her rubber encased beauty as she fought to move and could tell when, like she always did, she had figured it out and walked smoothly as she had done before. 

The walk took much longer in the tight rubber and while she had been in the kitchen, I had turned the other remote on low hearing her hum loudly right afterwards. She swayed her way back to me walking straight to me kissing me deeply as she pushed the bottle into my hand. I kissed and fondled her body feeling her struggles to breathe under the corset that was twisting on her body as she moved under my hands. 

The kiss lasted for hours it seemed before she stepped back breathless and smiling asking me if I had my camera with me.

I laughed as I said “I wish I did.”

I got a shrug as she took a long drink, then said, “Why don’t we go to your place, I would love to model for you in this.”

I smiled, nodding my head, then took a long drink. I watched her shuffle towards her bedroom wishing she could stay encased and mine forever. I pulled my pants back on stuffing my unsatisfied cock inside buttoning them. As I was taking another drink, I saw the remotes lying on the table and turned them both up a little.

The cursing that followed made me laugh hard enough to spit my beer out through my nose. As I was laughing her head poked out of her bedroom and demanded I turn them down, “You need to wait until later!”

I stopped wiping my face, asking her “What are you doing in there?”

“I’m trying to change so we can go,” she stated like I should have known that.

“No, you’re not, you are dressed. Let’s go.” 

“I can’t go out like this!” she squealed as she ducked back into her room.

I stepped quickly into the room, “Ok, I’ll help.” I went into her closet while she stood mumbling about the vibrators, reaching behind her for the zipper. I seized the moment taking the cuffs I had gotten and quickly locked her wrists together behind her back. Lori spun around, bending and flexing like someone that needed to go to the bathroom. “Please turn these things down,” she begged, rubbing her body against me. 

I started laughing again, stepping quickly to the other room, turning down both vibrators a little hearing her groan and sarcastically say “Thanks. Are you going to at least let me wear my coat?”

I smiled, nodding “No”, going back into the closet returning with the very tall and very rigid posture collar.

Lori backed away saying, “NO, NO, NO!” I turned her twisting body wrapping the collar around her neck buckling the two straps snuggly over the dress locking both buckles.

Lori started complaining until I turned up the remotes again as I walked out of the room yanking open the front door saying “Come on, this was your idea, remember?” I waited for her to shuffle from the bedroom glaring at me as she carefully stepped out her front door. Lori was looking around when I slammed the front door squealing slightly saying “Don’t forget to lock it, PLEASE.” I swung the gag over my shoulder as I turned to lock the door, silencing her immediately. 

I walked past her to my car opening the door smiling broadly as she walked very carefully across the yard. As soon as I had her belted in the seat she asked, “Please sir, may I have the vibrators turned off?” I was laughing at her fake submission and walked around and got in the other side. I really enjoyed watching her wiggle and squirm in the seat as the vibrators kept her busy and the cuffs kept her frustrated. When I stopped at a store telling her I needed some things she panicked for a second thinking I was going to make her go in, I had done that in the past, so I told her not to worry. 

I set the remotes on the dash, making a show out of closing my eyes before pushing a button on one of them. I got a loud moan from her, and shut the door. I knew which one I had turned up and by the time I returned to the car Lori was frantic, twisting and moaning in the seat begging me to turn the monster in her ass off. “You put it there I thought you would enjoy it.” I answered glibly, turning both vibrators off. Lori continued to wiggle but now she was talking with me about what she wanted to do when we got to my house. 

I listened, having no issues with anything she was saying because I would have done almost anything to keep her entertained and wrapped in tight rubber. About half way she started complaining about the corset being too tight and all I could say was “You’ll have to deal with it until we get to mine.” When I finally relented and raised the handle so she could force her seat back some she felt much better and we spent the rest of the trip laughing and talking about how and why she lets me get her into these situations. 

“I mean, what would I do if you were in a wreck, I don’t even know where the damn keys are?” I smiled and said, “Then maybe you should be riding in the trunk.” Which is another thing we had done before. Reaching my house I parked in the garage helping her out before grabbing the bag of groceries out of the trunk slapping her on her ass as she stood stretching and flexing by the car. We spent the rest of the night with her trying on different things in different poses bound most of the time while I snapped five hundred pictures, thank God for digital. 

When we were both exhausted, with our mutual sexual frustrations satisfied, we fell asleep with me sitting up on the couch and her lying across my lap still wearing the corset, loosened slightly, and the steel shackles around her ankles that I did not have the keys to.

The next day we awoke both sore but happy, with her immediately snapping the cuffs on her wrists in front before sashaying into the bathroom. I was stretching lost in the thoughts of the previous evening when I heard her ask, “Um, did you get the keys to these shackles?” 

I laughed loudly, answering, “UM, NO, I didn’t have them remember?”

Grunting, she had just realized she was now stuck wearing the steel shackles for the ride home. When she came out I was surprised she was still wearing the corset, I had thought she would remove it in the bathroom. Lori glided to where I was sitting and plopped onto my lap asking, “What’s for breakfast?” After we ate, I showered being joined as I dried myself off seeing she had one of the full coverage suits in her hands. She was grinning as she said, “I want to see you model for me now.” 

I shook my head “No” seeing her start pouting. She muttered something about me being no fun and walked off. When I got to the bedroom she was sitting on the bed, no she was POSING, on the bed asking if I wanted to have some more fun with my captive. I said I did and she held up the suit again “Then put this on, damn it!” she demanded playfully. I had never worn a catsuit in front of anyone before but I really wanted to feel her rubbing me in it so I agreed. 

Lori squealed, jumping to her high heels and began helping me into it. It wasn’t until it was quickly pulled up to my thighs that I felt the phallus in the suit rubbing my butt and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Oh, look at that!” she said coyly, “well I guess we’ll have to find some lube.” as she held up a tube.

I only resisted for a minute my raging hard on and instant arousal wouldn’t let me decline. I was shocked at how much easier it is to have a plug inserted when someone is assisting but within seconds, I was full again, almost squealing myself when it popped into place. 

As soon as the plug was seated properly, which felt much deeper than the other one. Lori pulled the suit up to my chest and while I worked my arms into the sleeves she locked my new shackles around my ankles. I didn’t resist the shackles, mostly because as soon as the second one was locked she took my rubber coated cock into her mouth. I had also not realized she had grabbed the full-face hood suit and once she was done teasing me she quickly zipped up the back of the suit. 

I had just gotten my hands in the gloves when she yanked the hood up pulling it quickly over my head saying “Make sure it’s lined up.” as she pulled the zipper down. I barely had time to get the small holes lined up before the rubber was stretched tightly around my head. I stood in total blackness getting my last finger in the glove when I felt her close something around my neck. I could hear her giggling as I reached up and felt my large steel collar around my throat and knew she had just locked me in the suit.

I turned towards her giggling mumbling under the mask, surprised it held my jaw shut as well as it did having to really strain to say a complete sentence. “Now we are both stuck,” she squealed as I fumbled around in the dark trying to find her or find a way out of the darkness. I found the bed and sat down, only to feel her slide up behind me and reach over my head and start fondling my cock. I reached back, found her rubber covered pussy and started fondling it, listening to her moaning when I heard a loud snapping noise and her giggling again. 

“Damn it,” I cursed myself, she had tricked me into putting my hands behind my back and now I was wearing my own wrist shackles. I was blind, shackled hand and foot wearing a rubbery catsuit with my erect cock sheathed in the black material at the mercy of someone I had been torturing sexually since yesterday.

“What a lucky guy!” I thought.


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