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A Strange Introduction

by James Ellis

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© Copyright 2010 - James Ellis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; Sbf; rope; cuffs; hogtie; gag; stuck; cons; X

It was a bright autumn day and my house mates were out, as I was alone, I had decided to try out a new bondage position that I had seen in a magazine. I went to my toy drawer in the bottom of my chest of drawers, to get some equipment, as I rummaged I could not see my hinge cuffs, spreader bar or ballgag that I had used on my previous outdoors session, I thought I had put them back in from my sports bag afterwards, but must have forgotten. Still rope and two pairs of handcuffs were what I was looking for and soon found, together with my spare keys. Rather than fetch my sports bag I decided not to bother with a gag. I put on an old pair of yellow speedo trunks that were now really too tight to wear in public, but added to the restriction of my bondage games.

I closed the drawer and took my equipment to the far corner of the room opposite the door. I placed the gear on the floor placing the keys on the floor to one side. I took up a rope and found the centre and placed this behind my neck and brought the ends around over my shoulders. Next I took the ends under my armpits behind my back and tied them tightly to the centre of the neck rope and picked up a pair of handcuffs tying the chain to the knot at the back, which was now about eight or nine inches below the knape of my neck. Next I brought the ends back around under my armpits and each end under the opposite shoulders rope loop and tied them off in the middle of my chest. I now had a rope chest harness with handcuffs at the back and the knot at the front.

I now sat down and put the second pair of handcuffs on my ankles, picking up the keys and double locking them, I then put the keys back down next to my feet. Taking the next rope I found the centre looped it four times around my legs above the knees, cinched it between my legs twice and tied it off leaving two long ends. I took these ends up over my shoulders bending my legs up towards my chest and leaning my torso forward slightly and tied the ends to the rope harness at the back. I now brought my hands down and brought them up behind my back to where the cuffs hung. I snapped one cuff onto my left wrist and with some difficulty got the other onto my right wrist. There I was now in the tie in the magazine!

Just then I heard the front door open and footsteps on the stairs. "It’s only me." I hear Cate, one of my flatmates shout as I hear her room door close and her stereo switch on. I start to breathe again and decide I had better get loose quickly. At this point I discover what a good tie this is, I had thought all I needed to do was shuffle forward roll on to my side and grab the keys. The first thing I discover is that no matter how hard I try I cannot scoot forward. I sat and thought about this for a few minutes, my arms are held uselessly behind my back, and the rope from the harness to my knees is stopping me from getting enough purchase with my heels to work myself forward just pushing me back toward the corner. Perhaps if I could roll onto my side I can squirm towards the keys. Now I discover that because I am sat in the corner I am supported by the walls when I try to fall to the side. I can’t really be stuck can I? Of course I am not gagged I could ask Cate for help, but do I want to be found like this, I’ll die of embarrassment, especially as there is a little damp patch where the tip of my cock is held firmly by the tight swim briefs. I sit there for about ten minutes trying to think of some way to get loose without calling Cate.

By this time my arms were beginning to ache and my hands were starting to feel numb. I finally decide there is nothing for it but to shout for Cate, "Cate, can you come into my room for a minute, please!" I shout, not too loud, but enough I am sure to be heard over her stereo. There is no reply; I try again, "Cate? Can you hear me?" Still no reply. "Cate. I know you are in there, Please! I need some help." I hear some mumbling above the music. "Please Cate! I really need your help". More indistinct mumbling noises but no sound of anyone coming.

Once more I struggled to move, it was no good I was going nowhere without help. "Cate! Cate! I know you are there I can hear your music!" I hear more feminine mumbling. " I can’t hear what you’re saying, please come into my room, I won’t hurt you." More indistinct noises. Telling her why I need help might frighten her off. "Please Cate, I really, really, need some help."

I can hear bumping noises and then the music gets louder as her room door opens. I wait with baited breath for my door to open. I can hear more bumping, what is going on I wondered. Then the door handle turns, but the door only opens about an inch and stops. Has she looked in and been scared off? I hear some more bumps and some feminine squeals. Then the door swings open and I gasp. There, dressed in brief lace bra and panties, is Cate, eyes wide, blushing. She has my ballgag strapped tightly in her mouth, the missing spreader bar strapped between her ankles and her hands behind her back.

"Eeyeggh neephh fhhuumm heppff phtoogh!" she says around the gag.

For a few moments I am speechless, she is blushing even more and I notice that the crotch of her panties looks damp. As she looks at me her shoulders slump and she looks as if she is going to cry.

"Come on in and sit on the bed while I think this through." I said.

Cate stood there for a moment then shrugged and waddled forward and manoeuvred so she could sit on the bed, I could see her wrists were cuffed palm to palm by my hinge cuffs.

"Whhoogh phty oogh upff?" she says.

" I did it to myself, the same as you have." I replied," it is sort of fun isn’t it?"

"Eyegh phnot pfurr." She replied, blushing.

"Did you take the keys along with my handcuffs and other toys?" I asked.

Cate blushed, and nodded, she brought her hands as far around to her left hand side as she could reach and showed me the keys in her hand. "Eyegh canpff fgegf phfmm igh ." she mumbled round the gag.

I wasn’t surprised she couldn’t get them off she had the cuffs on really tightly and with the keyholes away from her wrists.

"Good, can you get over hear and help me turn, I am afraid I am stuck here, I can’t move."

She nodded, and carefully stood up, and then waddled toward me. She stopped, looking puzzled for a moment then, shrugged her shoulders and carefully bent her left leg. She almost over balanced but managed to steady herself and knelt by me. Shuffling forward she pushed at my legs with her lace covered breasts, soon I was parallel to the wall. I leant forward as far as I could, about two inches, leaving my hands just clear of the wall at the back. Cate shuffled around until she had her back to me, she looked over her shoulder, then extended her cuffed wrists toward me offering the keys. I got an eyeful of her pert buttocks and saw the panties were thong style and very snug. This close I could smell the musk of her and my cock was calling to me, straining at the tight swim briefs, sweat was glistening on me.

"Sorry," I said, "but with my hands secured like this you are going to have to unlock my cuffs before I can help you."

She squealed into her gag, and then leant sideways and back until she could feel my right wrist with her hands, but as she manoeuvred the keys she dropped them and they bounced into the corner out of reach. "owghh Fphughhh!" she squealed into her gag.

"Don’t panic," I said, "there is another set on the floor by your knee."

Cate grunted, but managed to struggle round and pick up the spare keys. Once more she worked herself back into position, and this time taking great care managed to unlock my cuffs. I brought my arms slowly and painfully around in front of me and started massaging my hands to ease the pins and needles of returning circulation. "Give me the keys and I’ll unlock your cuffs." I said.

"Nnowff, ghhaghhh pfusss!" she mumbled urgently. I reached up and with some difficulty undid the ultra tight gag strap. Cate worked her jaws, then said "Ow! That’s’ better, I thought my jaw was breaking. It’s OK, untie yourself first, I can wait."

As I freed myself we talked.

"You seem to find this.... interesting?"

"Beast! You could see it had got me excited. You couldn’t take your eyes off my panties!"

"I have to say that I haven’t seen anything so hot in a long time!"

"Me, or the bondage?"

"You! I had never realised you were so sexy."

"Do you really mean that."

"Yes, I had you down as quiet little mouse."

"Well I am normally very shy."

"When did you steal my toys?"

"I found them in your sports bag yesterday evening."

"I see, so you took them from my bag, to show the others?"

"No! Once I had got over the shock, I took them into my room and tried them on, loosely. To see what it felt like."

"And what did it feel like?"

"Strange, I tried the cuffs first, then the bar thing, then the ball thingy, once I worked out where it went."


"Well, it was exciting not being able to close my legs, and I could still touch myself....... even with those handcuffs on. So it felt... nice!"

"So you decided to keep your ill gotten gains!"

"I was going to put them back, but then you and the rest of the guys came in, and I didn’t want to be caught with them, so I stuffed them into a drawer."

"I can understand that. When were you going to put them back then?"

"I was going to do it when I got in, but I had looked up ‘Bondage’ on Wikipedia, so...."


"Well I thought I would try them on properly today and then put them back."

"So you came in and went straight to your room?"

"Yes, it was so naughty, I couldn’t wait, and I just stripped off my clothes and got the stuff out of the drawer."

"You knew I was in, but you still carried on!"

"I thought it would be more exciting with someone else in the house."

"But you did everything up so tightly, that you couldn’t get loose?"

"I was so excited, my breasts and sex available and my hands locked behind me!"

"You felt wanton?"

"Yes! That’s right! Wanton!"

"So what happened when you heard me shouting?"

I almost fainted! I needed to get loose straight away. I picked up the keys when I heard you shout. I thought you were going to come in and find me! Then I found that those handcuffs are much easier to get off with your hands in front of you!"

"I see."

"It hadn’t occurred to me it would be so much more difficult to put the keys in with your hands behind you."

"Especially if they are on too tight, are your hands going numb? I can unlock you and finish untying the rope afterwards"

"No, they’re fine, you carry on. When I heard you say you were stuck. I thought perhaps you had fallen over and hurt yourself or something. I never thought you might be tied up too."

"So then you decided you could let me see you in your sexy undies?"

"Well, you were sounding desperate, There was no way I was going to get free quickly, so..."

"How did you think you were going to help me?"

"I thought I could at least get you a phone!"

"You know you are a really lovely girl!"

"Well, I needed help too....."

"Right I am free now, if you turn around and I’ll unlock your cuffs."

"No! I’d like to keep them on a while longer. I don’t know why, but it seems easier to talk to you while am like this."

"You mean because your tied up you have to be sexy and talk to me?"

"Yeeess! I think that is just it, whenever I flirt or have sex with a guy I feel guilty. But at present I don’t!"

"Do you always wear such sexy underwear?"

"Oh yes! I fantasise about being a sex goddess, I just lack the nerve."

"Yet you are sat here with me, with your hands secured behind your back, your legs spread, but you don’t feel guilty or scared?"

"No! Not at all!"

"And feeling helpless is turning you on?"

Cate looked down towards her brief lacy thong, "Is it that obvious?" and once again she blushed.

I smiled, "Do you realise this is the first time we have actually talked to each other. Apart from saying hello or goodbye as we passed?"

"Like it’s a first date?" she said, blushing once again.

"Well it was a strange introduction for a date, but we do seem to be getting on. And to have something to share..."



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