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It had been a long and trying week, with lots of stress.  I really badly needed to be bound.  It had been a little while since I had tied myself up, and with the stresses of the week I could really use it.

I started by taking a good hot bath with lotion.  I made sure my legs were shaved (I had neglected them this week thanks to being too busy.)  The hot bath helped to loosen up some tired muscles, and also relaxed me mentally.  After my bath I blow dried my hair and placed it in a bun.

I went to my closet to choose my outfit.  What would I wear?  What "theme" do I want with my self bondage fantasy?  I passed on the usual fetish look, and went straight for a business look.  I selected a black skirt, white blouse, and a blazer.  I placed these items on the bed along with a pair of 4" heels and a pair of thigh high stockings.  Now that I knew my theme and outfit, I went to apply my makeup.  I did it somewhat conservative, to keep with my fantasy theme.

I selected my cupless corset, and put it on as tight as I could.  I dressed smartly and applied a bit of perfume.  I looked at myself in the mirror, and was very pleased.  My budding breasts were getting bigger, and I must admit I looked quite fabulous.

I had already thought of the position I would tie myself in.  I like being tied strapado, and I could stand it for long periods of time.  This position gets me quite hot, and along with hogties it's my favourite.  I also decided on the place: the living room.  We have a beam near the stairwell that is perfectly located to do this.  The only windows it faces are to the backyard, and we have no neighbours behind us.  I decided I would also keep the sliding door's blinds open to add the feeling.

I started to prepare everything.  I installed the eyebolt into the beam, where I already had a hole for it.  I also installed an eyebolt in the floor, to lock my spreader bar to.  Next I gathered my gear.  I grabbed my spreader bar, 2 pairs of locking leather cuffs, a collar, my ball gag, the locks, lengths of chain, my special ring device, and a scarf as a blindfold.  I placed all this nearby and then started to set up my release mechanism.  I would use the ice in a stocking method, as this is very reliable.  In the stocking I placed 3 ice cubes.  This would keep the release mechanism away from me for about 4 hours.  My backup mechanism was a string tied to my belt that I could drag a set of keys frozen in a huge margarine tub to me.  This would take even longer to melt and free the keys, about 8-10 hours (it was a jumbo tub).  With this set up I started to apply my binds.

First were my ankles.  I locked my largest cuffs to my ankles and to the spreader bar.  I opened my blouse and put on my nipple clamps with the chain.  These would hurt after awhile.  I then set up the special ring device above me.  I placed a vibrator in my tight panties against my cock to add some stimulation.  Then came my collar, and then my wrists (not together yet).  I inserted my gag next, nice and snug.  Pushing against it with my tongue, it wouldn't budge.  I then bent over, locked the spreader bar to the floor, and then locked my collar to the bar.  I pressed play on the remote to the VCR, where I had placed a very sex filled movie, with lots of moaning and groaning.  I placed the scarf over my eyes, and then turned the vibrator on.  Reaching behind me, I locked my cuffs in the cinch noose hanging there.  This was the moment of truth.  I pulled and pulled on the rope, my arms going higher and higher.  I pulled even more, until I could lift my arms no higher.

I was now in a very strict strappado, bent over with my arms high above in back of me, gagged and blindfolded, a porn running in the background, and a vibrator doing it's work on my cock.  I was in heaven!  The stress of the week started to fade almost instantly.

I pictured myself as a secretary, asked to stop by the boss’s house after work to work on papers.  I fantasized that I was bound by him, being used and abused by him.  My erection grew more, and to add to the fantasy I started to moan and thrash about.  I couldn't go far at all; my binds and strappado were that restrictive. Did I say I was in heaven?!?!  Oh yes I was...

After what seemed hours, but was probably only about 30 minutes, I felt myself starting to build to a climax.  I could feel it boiling inside me, waiting to explode. The vibrator was doing its work, as were the binds, fantasy, movie, and nipple clamps!  I was really close, and knew that I still had hours to go before I could get released.  I couldn't take anymore.  I exploded, and with the vibrator still going it urged me to cum more.  My panties were soaked; I could feel it spreading throughout the area.

Time passed, with me struggling against the binds, the movie playing, and the vibrator starting to work it's magic again.  No matter how much I struggled, I couldn't move from the spot.  By the point in the movie where I recognized a line, I figured I was in my bondage for just over 2 hours.  My tape would stop in about 15 minutes.  Then there would be nothing to gage the passage of time.  I couldn't see through my scarf, and there were no "gonging clocks" in the house.  I would be stuck there for about another hour until my release mechanism fell to me.

I was engulfed further into my fantasy.  I pictured myself being continually used, and more people joining in.  They would make me do whatever they wanted, as if there would be much to say on my part....

My cock was hard once again, pressing against the panties and vibrator.  It's usually pretty hard for me to cum twice pretty much in a row, thanks to the medication I take to transition (hormones and testosterone blockers), but I knew I was going to cum again.  I totally fell into my fantasy.  Being forced to receive punishment, being forced to take it from behind, forced to lick a mistress and suck a master.... being spanked, flogged, caned... I exploded once again into my panties; soaking them even more; so much I could smell it.  My legs shook, and my body was vibrating.... I was enjoying this immensely, even though my nipples were now extremely sore and my arms were getting tired along with my back and legs.  I was simply on cloud 9!

More time passed, the movie was over and replaced with some cheesy sitcom once it ended.  I was a little disappointed that I no longer had any 4 hour movies left.  I made a mental note to buy some again.  I waited and waited for my release mechanism to fall.  It seemed to take days.  After a while I heard the telltale "clink" of keys, but it was still away from me and I felt nothing hit me.  I wiggled around to feel for the rope.  I knew by the sound that it didn't fall on the ground, it was a jingle more than a thump and jumbled jingle.  I realized that they must not have fallen yet, that either there was still more ice left or it was caught on something.  I decided to wait a little longer.

I was starting to get a little worried, but not too much as I had attached my spare lifeline to the belt to my suit.  I would have to wait for a much longer period than I expected but that was also meant as a punishment.  My nipples really hurt, and my whole body was starting to ache.  I really needed to get free soon or I wouldn't be leaving the house for a day or two recovering.  After about half an hour I decided that the keys were not going to fall, that I would have to use the backup system and hope that it would melt faster than thought.

Then I realized something.  I couldn't reach my belt!  Duh!!!! Was I ever stupid or what?  I was in a strappado, my arms were really high up, and there was no way for me to get the cord to the spare lifeline.  In my haste to do this I hadn't thought of placing the spare somewhere I could actually reach.  I was screwed. Really screwed.  How the heck to you get out of a strappado where your spreader bar is also locked to the floor, your collar is locked to the bar also, and your primary AND secondary release methods have either failed or are inaccessible?

I calmed myself down.  Would anybody stop by?  No.  My wife was in hospital recovering from surgery three days prior, and wouldn't be home for at least 1 or 2 more, possible 3 or 4 more.  Dad no longer had a key, since we had changed the locks recently.  Eventually the dogs would want out and start howling and barking, but our neighbours are jerk offs and wouldn't bother paying any attention except to file a complaint.

Shit.  What was I going to do?  The rope I used to secure my hands in the strappado was high quality and would not break easily.  There was no way I'd be able to unscrew either eyebolt either.  I had to think.  I knew I had the time to think, that's an understatement.

After calming down more and thinking things over, I remembered a small flaw with the special ring device.  It's not supposed to let the rope move downward, but with a rope that is very smooth it tends to allow it with enough force.  I remembered this from a session I did where I used a similar rope in a hogtie and it slipped loose during a struggle.  The question remained though:  would I be able to generate enough force to do it?  I had to try or be stuck for a very, very long time.

I tried pulling my arms down.  Nothing.  I decided to try leaning forward and pulling down at the same time.  I risked falling flat on my face if the rope did break or if it slipped too fast, but better than starving to death or having a heart attack from panic.  I started the process.  There!  I felt it slip, a little, but it slipped!  I continued for about 10 minutes, throwing myself forward as much as I could and pulling down with my arms.  Finally, I was able to reach the cord!  Success!

I relaxed for a few more minutes, then grabbed the cord and started pulling.  The ice hadn't fully melted yet, so it was a bit heavy.  After the sixth tug, it fell over. I heard water splash out and a thud that was the block of ice.  It sounded like it was still fairly solid, and it would take a while to melt naturally.  I continued pulling until it hit the spreader bar.  I pulled it up, and rested it against my ass.  Maybe the heat from my body would melt it faster, even though my ass was covered by a skirt.  After 10 minutes it was too unbearable.  My ass was icy cold and my skirt was now soaked on the back as well as being soaked in the front from my cum soaking through.

I dropped the block.  Clack-crunch!  A piece had broken off.  I hauled it up and did it again.  After 5 or 6 tries I heard jingling!  The keys were free! I mumbled a sigh of relief through my gag.  With shaking hands I picked through the keys until I found the one for my cuffs.  Another 5 minutes later and I was free.  Relief!  I quickly sat down on the couch, not caring if I got it wet from the soaked back of my skirt.  I pulled the vibrator out of my panties and shut it off.  I was free, and now I needed another bath.

I looked at the keys from the ice drop method, and noticed that the key ring was caught on a run in the stocking (the part where the keys are inserted).  I quickly solved that.  I tied a solid metal ring to the key chain, so that it wouldn't snag ever again.  I also warned myself to be careful as to how I set up my secondary release....

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