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by I. M. Stuck

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Anjali was strapped for cash. She thought to herself “How could this happen?”, as she looked herself in the mirror. In her mind, she saw a 22 year old in the prime of her life, college educated with a degree in music and arts. In other people’s mind, they saw a young brunette, 5’ 6”, very pretty, with a good body, lithe, well developed, but not overly so to be ackward. Anjali never saw herself as desirable or beautiful. She always thought of herself as “ok” or “not bad”. She really never took efforts to enhance her appearance and thought that people would just have to take her as she was. For now, looking in the mirror, she was not looking at herself but thinking “How can I not find success? How long can I go on maxing out credit cards and living off of friends?”

Well it was really only one friend. Yes, she had some girl friends that she would go out with on occasion, but if it were not for John, she would not have much of a social life. She could not afford one. John would always insist on paying whenever they went out. Although Anjali felt uneasy about this, John could be very convincing. “Why did I not go into medicine like John did?”, thought Anjali. John was a surgical resident at a near by hospital. He was busy but he and Anjali would stay in touch. Anjali only had acquaintances. She was focused on her career. Men and family would come later. She was so focused that she was missing the obvious fact that John loved her.

John had been keeping tabs on Anjali ever since college. The first day he saw her, he knew that she was special. This feeling continued to grow until it became a passion and then a burning desire. Anjali never seem to share this interest. In all the time that they have spent together, he never sensed anything romantic and he would not share his feelings for fear of losing the one thing that mattered to him even more than his career.

There was one other thing. John was into bondage and everything to do with bondage. He loved it and had practiced self bondage ever since he was a young boy. In the few relationships that he had, he would at some point introduce bondage to his partner with varying degrees of success. If someone ended up being tied up, it would be a good day. Bondage was not about the sex but something else altogether. As intelligent as he was, he could not put his finger on it. It just made him feel alive. Bondage meant losing control or having control absolutely. This is the purest form of trust and perhaps love. “Could he give this up for Anjali?” he wondered.

One night, John and Anjali were have dinner. John was post call and had finished a 12 hour shift. He called Anjali hoping that she was free to have a bite to eat. Dinner went well and since the night was early, they went to a local bar and continued talking. A few drinks later, one conversation led to another and John found out that Anjali was having money problems. Rent was due and she did not know what to do. John offered to loan her the money but she proudly refused. She felt indebted to him already. She would see this through one way of the other. John knew to let it drop.

From that day on, Anjali wondered why the landlord had stopped bothering her. She was always embarrassed to see the landlord, thinking that she would get a lecture at any moment about the rent being late. She had some part time work but it was not enough to cover the rent. Finally one day, she could not stand it anymore and went to Ms. Bennett the landlady to confess that she could not make this month’s rent and was hoping to work something out. Ms. Bennett looked surprised. She told Anjali that her rent was paid in full two weeks ago. Now it was Anjali’s turn for her jaw to drop.

“What? Are you sure? But I…”

“Yes, a young man dropped off your rent money.”

“Who? What did he look like?”

“He was a handsome young man. About 6 ft. Kind smile”, Ms. Bennett said with a sly smile.

It was John alright, thought Anjali. First she was embarrassed, then mad, really mad, but after a while, she calmed and thought that although it was a stupid thing for John to do, he meant well. She called John but got his voicemail. “John, this is Anjali. Call me back.” She was not satisfied, so she grabbed her bag and went straight to John’s place.

* * *

John heard the cell phone ring but just barely with the ear plugs in. He briefly wondered who it might be but there was nothing he could do about it right now. He was tied very tightly to the bed, spread eagle, blind folded, and gagged. He was blissfully experiencing one of his sessions and it would be two to three hours before the ice would melt to release his hands. Meanwhile, John, dressed in black high heels and silk stockings, was trying very hard to cum. John went back to his trance rethinking with a smile how he did this to himself.

He bound himself quite simply but securely. He had attached leather cuffs to his ankles and wrists. At the foot of the bed frame, he had two equal lengths of chains carefully measured out and attached to each corner so that when padlocked to his ankle cuffs, his legs would be splayed apart. At the head of bed at each corner, he had his own special creation. After years of experimenting and trying different release mechanisms which can be a story until itself, one of John’s favorite release mechanisms was ice. Ice cubes were always in the freezer. John would fill a tube sock with medium sized ice cubes. He would then thread the open end of the sock through a medium size chain link about ½-¾ of an inched in diameter. He would tie the tube sock to two O rings with a rope that was threaded through and around the o ring. This O ring device acts like a pulley. John attached one end of the rope to his wrist cuff and could pull the other end of the rope to extend his wrist to corner of the bed. Once extended, the O rings keeps the rope from loosening. The only way he can get free is when the ice melts to the point that sock can be pulled through the chain link. By this method, two ice cubes would take about 30 minutes to melt that far. John could roughly control how long he would be bound by the number of ice cubes he would put in the sock. John did this to each corner of the head of the bed frame, one for each wrist. This way, John only needed one wrist to release which would greatly decrease the risk of something unexpected happening.

With his release mechanism as well as pulley system in place, he then would apply his blindfold, scarf gag, and ear plugs. Over the years, John found out that he enjoyed sensory deprivation in his bondage sessions. The more helpless he becomes, the more pure the experience. Where the high heels and stockings come in, he still had to figure that out. To keep everything in place and comfortably snug, he would wrap saran wrap around his head, while very carefully ensuring that no plastic could cover his airway or nose. He would tear a small opening over his nose each time the saran wrap would cover. For good measure, he would then take duct tape and wrap it around his mouth and eyes. Not only did this enhance the gag and the blind fold, it would also insure that the saran wrap could not slip over the nose.

With his feet tied to the foot of the bed spread eagle and his head cocooned, John positioned himself in the middle of the bed till he felt his legs stretch tightly. He then felt for the heavy bath towel that he lay on the bed. It was folded in half, length wise. John wrapped the bath towel around his waist and since it was folded in half, it would come down to just above his knees. Lying on the bed, John would then throw a blanket over himself. Usually by this point, John would have a raging hard on due to the anticipation. Because of the weight and friction of the towel and blanket over his penis, John with quite a bit of effort could sometimes thrust his pelvis back and forth until he climaxed. Most of the time however, this effort would only lead to frustration, major frustration.

John already had the ropes tied to the leather cuffs. With the ends of the pulleys in each hand, he would draw in the rope to take away the slack. As his hands were pulled to each corner, he could feel his penis harden even more as it lifts the towel and blanket further up. This would be an interesting picture if John could ever see it. Now is the point of no return, if he pulled a little more slack out, his arms would no longer be able to touch each other. John could feel his heart race. Without hesitation, he pulls more quickly and stretches himself out further. John judged that he put 7 ice cubes in each sock and that should be good for about 3 hours. He likes the spread eagle tight to the point that he can barely move. John figured he could take the pressure on his shoulders for that long, so he pulls the ropes till all the slack was gone, and in fact, pressing down on the sides of the bed.

Testing all the restraint, John knew that he was at the mercy of Mother Nature. He was helpless, alone, blind, mute, deaf, and with a hard on you would not believe. Three hours may seem like a long time, but in this cocoon, John could be anywhere, with anyone, and in any fantasy.

“What will it be? The magazine picture of Maggie Q for Nikita was sizzling. What would she be doing with me right now? Would she torture me for secrets, since I work for Division or would she seduce it from me?” John would reflexively move his hips back and forth. If his cock was erect and sensitive enough, he would be able to build a rhythm. Unfortunately, John could not hit the sweet spot consistently. He would build and build but not seem to push himself over. After what seemed like an eternity of trying, Maggie Q in all sorts of lingerie and devious torture methods could not make him come.

That is when John heard the phone call. It brought him back to reality and then he started to think, “I wonder if that is Anjali. Anjali….” He did not need to fantasize about Anjali for her to excite him. She only needed to be with him and he could do anything. What if she were here right now? What would she be wearing? How would she take advantage of me? John was always partial to black lingerie, but on Anjali, it could be purple and it would still be hot. In his mind, she wore black 4” high heels. Her long legs were bare. She wore a leather nightie and deep red lipstick. She would walk up to him and say…

“John, I have always wanted you but you never seem to care for me. You forced me to drug you and tie you to my bed. Let me show you how we were meant to be together” as she mounts him. John could imagine her juices running down his cock and balls. John would answer, “Anjali, please fuck me. I can’t move, take me. Pleeeease fuck me!!” She would only smile as she toys with the tip of his penis. Her sex would envelope the tip as if she were giving him soft kisses. John’s thrusting were becoming more animal, more violent, he could feel the climax building. John was so involved that he did not hear the knocking on the door.

* * *

Anjali was in her car. John’s house was only about twenty minutes away. During the drive, she was thinking about what to say if she did happen to catch him. John had always been a good friend, but did he do this out of friendship or something else. If it was something else, how did she feel about that. She must admit that she did find John attractive but what about her career and her other passion.

Anjali was into bondage even since she hit puberty. At first she did not understand why she felt a certain way when she watched movies where women were bound and ravaged. Although it would be only a small part of the movie, it would stay with her for hours. These feeling conflicted with her upbringing so she kept it a secret for years. She would practice self bondage and was amazed at how her body would respond. In high school, she confided her secret with a male friend who laughed at her. From then on, she knew she had to keep it a secret until she found the right person. Between her career and her private sessions, she was quite satisfied and she resolved to break John’s heart.

Anjali got to John’s house and knocked on the door. There was no answer. That is strange thought Anjali since she could see John’s car in the garage. John had a small single floor house with a private backyard. Maybe he is in the back thought Anjali as she walked to the back. When she got there, it was empty. She was about to leave when she heard some clinking. There it was again going up and down in tempo. It seems to be coming from the house. Anjali walked up to the window but the blinds were closed except for a small crack. Anjali had to tiptoe to peer inside and what she saw made her jaw drop, her heart beat faster, and her mind spin. There on the bed was someone tied up spread eagle. At first she thought it was a girl given the high heels and stocking but then she saw the chest or lack there of. Could that be John she thought? Does he have someone over doing this to him? For some reason, this thought filled Anjali with jealousy. Rather than have concern over John’s situation, given the obvious hard on trying to rip through the blankets, Anjali went around the house looking into any open windows to see if anyone else was there. No one.

John did this to himself. Anjali’s mind was spinning with the possibility. This changes things. For a couple minutes, Anjali weighed walking away or staying. John could be that special person but could Anjali trust him. Only one way to find out, Anjali marched up to the back door. It was locked of course. If they were a kindred spirit, John would understand. Anjali picked up a rock and using her coat to buffer the sound, she broke one of the door panes and let herself in.

John immediately stopped moving. Did he hear something? It was difficult to tell given the ear plugs and his previous excitement. He was almost there but his cock quickly got soft as he strained to listen further. Did he hear a window break? Is someone in the house to rob him and what if they found him like this? He pulled hard at his bonds and found that they would not move. He stopped and listened carefully.

Anjali knew were John’s bedroom was. She slipped off her heels and walked quietly to his room. She opened his door slowly. She saw John trying to get free and then lift his head trying to listen. Anjali immediately appreciated the work that John did. He did a good job immobilizing himself. She walked into the carpeted room. Just as she thought, John had ear plugs in and in the white socks was ice.

John definitely heard something and it was in the room. It was his house and he was familiar with every creak and every buzz. There was someone in his room. He tried to call out but all that came out was MMMMphffMMPFFPHFFFMMMM. He tried to move thinking he could break the tether but it did not give.

Anjali took things into her own hands. She could see that John knew someone was in the room. Let’s give him proof. She pulled the blanket off of him. She admired his body. He was well defined, not bulky, more like a runner’s body. She then undid the towel. His penis was becoming hard and it grew. Anjali was not disappointed. In fact she was somewhat intimidated. Did she ever have anyone that large? Anjali went to the bathroom and grabbed some hand lotion. She wanted to start things slowly and in an odd way thought that this called for a hand job.

John knew someone was in the room even before the blanket flew off of him. He had envisioned this scenario many times in his mind but never thought it would become reality. What will this person do to him? Is he a sick murderer? Then the towel comes off and to John’s embarrassment, his cock was getting hard, really hard. He was excited and could not hide it.

Anjali grabbed his cock softly and then very slowly moved up and down the length. She was looking at John’s face and could almost see all the emotions. Anjali herself realized how wet she was. With her other hand, she reached into her skirt and started to touch herself. God, how wet she was.

John felt the hand on his penis. Instantly, he knew it was a female. This brought some degree of relief. Then the hand went gently up and down. It was perfect. Somehow, he could feel that she cared and would not hurt him. He started to relax. The rhythmic motions of her hand seem to go on forever. Meanwhile every part of his body started to tense. He was starting to build. John’s body took a life of its own. It needed to cum. John could not help moaning and pleading. His hips would thrust themselves higher and higher as far as his bonds would allow. John was lost in almost a temporary madness. He belonged to this person right now, mind, body, and soul. This person kept the same tempo. Her hand would go up and down his penis with the gentlest of a squeeze at the sensitive tip just before the hand would move down. It always felt that it would be the next squeeze that would make him climax, but the climax would escape him by just a fraction. And the next pass would bring him a fraction closer.

Anjali was mesmerized. She had not ever felt such intensity coming from anybody before. She knew that John wanted to belong to her. Could she belong to him as well? Could she let herself go and reach the state that John was in now? She had to find out. But first things first, Anjali could see that John was ever closer to climaxing. She had been reducing the pressure to prolong his agony and ecstasy. How long had she been fondling him? If she did not make John come soon, Anjali was fairly sure that she would rip off her clothes right there and mount him, but now was not the time. She began to increase the rhythm and squeeze the tip a little harder. She did not think John could arch any higher but he did. John’s constant moans suddenly became quiet, and John’s face seemed to be frozen in a silent scream. Anjali was not even sure John was breathing. Suddenly, John exploded. Anjali could feel and see the ejaculation shoot forward. With every loud moan came another spray. Is this what they call multiple orgasms for men, Anjali thought. When John was finished, he collapsed on the bed. Anjali was not sure if John was still conscious, but she collected herself and wrote a short note and placed it on the bed. She covered John with the towel, kissed him lightly on the forehead, and quietly left.

John could not believe the intensity of the experience. He was literally spent. All he could do was lie there. He was still not in control of his body. Everything was quiet again and he was fairly certain that the mystery woman had gone. He was not scared that she would return. He trusted her. He desperately wanted to be free but it seemed like eternity before the bonds finally released him. When the ice melted, he was able to pull free. By this time, his shoulders were aching but he did not care. He quickly tore the duct tape and saran wrap from his head. The sun was going down but he was able to see a note and a key next to him on the bed.

Dear John,
I am sorry about the door.
As you know, I am pretty strapped for cash right now but if you come to my place tomorrow at 7 pm, I will make it up to you.
It is my turn.


[email protected]


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