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Stuck Again

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

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So I am stuck once more. All because I though I was clever and had planned for every eventuality.


I had gone to a party with my wife. Some weeks prior to that we had been talking about our bar manageress! She was an awful cow who not many really liked. She was efficient at her job, but a real jobs worth! She had her friends and that was it, nobody mattered.


So Maureen’s friend Margaret who was holding the party came up with the idea of me taking the bar manageress off!  All the make up was ready, the blouse, bra and shoes, along with the skirt. A half slip was introduced to me. I said it was going a bit over the top, but Margaret convinced me differently. She said I had to show just a little sign of the slip below the skirt!


Margaret asked me to try the skirt on and it fitted perfectly, except it was flared. The types of skirt the bar manageress would wear would be a pencil skirt, really tight or a pleated one! So Margaret said she would take it in for me!


Come the day of the party and all the women wanted to help make me up. Margaret lent me some ear rings and some beads. I put everything on and stuffed my socks into the bra! I headed into the living room with a bell, I rang the bell and said it was closing time, just like the bar manageress would do and snatched a drink from one woman! Everyone was in fits of laughter! Margaret had made the skirt a bit tighter around the legs and told everyone she thought about making it that tight that I could not walk! It went through my mind how nice that would have been to be stuck in the skirt and not able to escape!


But I went and got changed, even though they asked me to keep the outfit on. I didn’t want them to guess my love of cross dressing! But as Margaret said, it certainly broke the ice and made the party go with a bang! The trouble was it was over all too quickly!


But the idea of a really tight skirt kept plaguing my mind and would not give up. So I went and bought some black satin and a zip and got busy on the sewing machine. I was pleased with the result. I had made a tube at the top where a chain was threaded. The zip could be pulled up and locked onto the chain, making the skirt irremovable! I tried it on and was pleased with the way it fitted me. So I hid it up in my tool shed for a few weeks until I had a chance to try it out!


A few weeks went by and the chance to wear the skirt came along. Maureen does not like me wearing women’s clothes, so I have to be careful. She will go along with it for a party or something, but that is it. 


Maureen had gone to work. I stripped and had a shower and dried myself using a rough towel and talcum powder! I put a pair of panties on and a pair of tights, a long legged panty girdle and a corselet which I had sewn the crotch up on to make it impossible to touch myself. Socks were stuffed in the bra of the corselet and I was ready for my wig and make up. They were applied and I started to set out my bondage.


I put the keys to my handcuffs, along with the key to my skirt, in our bedroom. The key to our bedroom went into a locked box in the lounge. (Hidden in a loud speaker!) The key to the box went into a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. The key to the bathroom was put into the refrigerator in the kitchen in a locked box! Now I was ready for the fun to begin. I went to the spare bedroom, put on a slip and pulled on the skirt. It was deliciously tight! I managed though to pull down the slip as it had ridden up when I pulled the skirt on! That was difficult as the skirt would hardly reach under it to pull the slip down! I slipped into my high heeled shoes, put on my blouse, and tucked it into the skirt. I was ready! I slipped the handcuffs on my wrists behind my back.


I hobbled to the stairs and found………..I could just about get down the stairs. The skirt was too tight! But I had to do it. I was careful as I would not be able to stop myself if I fell over. I had to turn sideways and slid my back down the wall. I now wished I had made the skirt a bit looser so it made walking easier! Now I could see what Margaret meant by not being able to walk.


I eventually reached the kitchen, turned my back to the refrigerator, and opened the door. But this took several attempts. I never thought about every time I opened the door and turned to face the fridge the door would close on its magnetic locks. Hover, on the 5th attempt, I managed it! I had to slide down onto my butt and retrieve the bathroom key from the fridge.   Getting up was a lot harder. I had not thought about this at all!


I shut the fridge door and holding the key; I managed to push myself against the wall and stood up.  Now I had to hobble to the stairs to get the key to the box that was in the bathroom. This is where I came unstuck! I could not raise my feet enough to climb the stairs! So I turned around and bumped up backwards until I reached the top. Now all I have to do is stand up and open the bathroom door, but unlocking it was to present a problem. My hands were behind my back!


I dropped the key only once, which held me up, but I got he bathroom door unlocked! Now I had to somehow get my key from the cabinet on the wall. I used my mouth to open the cabinet. I managed by gripping a toothbrush with my teeth, to get the key to the box to tumble onto the floor! I had to go on my knees and picked up the key with my teeth.

I was now in control and getting quite good at it. I headed for the stairs again, sat down and bumped my way down the stairs! But I had not thought about how hot satin gets when you are working hard! I should have dropped two dress sizes!


So far so good. I had reached the lounge and pulled the speaker out and retrieved the box. But every time I tried to insert the key, I pushed the box back, away from my hands! I pushed the box against the wall and managed to insert the key into the lock! It opened. Now for the last part, to get the key of our bedroom that I was holding and retrieve the keys for the handcuffs and skirt from where I left it in the bedroom!


I bumped my way upstairs and had just turned the corner when I heard the front door open. In walked Maureen talking to Margaret. I stayed silent not daring to move in case I made a noise. When I thought they were in the lounge, as quiet as I could, I continued bumping my way up the stairs! Isn’t it funny how you make more noise when you are trying to be quiet?


I heard the lounge door open and some someone start to come up the stairs. It was Margaret. She was on her way to the toilet. She screamed with delight at my restrictions. Maureen came up to find out what the matter was. I dropped the bedroom key and Maureen picked it up. She opened the bedroom door and saw the keys to the skirt and handcuffs on the side. She picked them up and went downstairs. Margaret left the bathroom and went and joined her.


Between them they hatched a plot. They came back and helped me down the stairs. I was bundled into the back seat of Margaret’s car and was taken to her house where Maureen and Margaret took the washing line and tied me to the post that the washing line used. The handcuffs were removed and my hands pulled behind the post and put back on again. The rope was wound around my body and the post! They had stuck me here. After putting one of my ball gags in my mouth, Margaret ran Maureen home. They came back an hour later and sat in the lounge looking at me tied to the post. I did not know what they were saying. Thankfully, it got dark and thought no one would see me! Well, at last until………...the spotlights came on shining right at me picking me out in the darkness!


I had to stand while all the other guests arrived for the impromptu party. I was to be the centerpiece of the conversation. The time dragged by for me at this party. But by one in the morning all the guests had left. I was released, the gag removed and Maureen went off in a cab home. Margaret shoved me into the street and locked the door behind me.


I have my hands free now, but the distance I have to cover is four miles. I have now been hobbling for an hour and have covered about a mile I think. Fortunately, being a Sunday morning, it will be some time before anyone gets up! Hopefully, no police will come along and pick me up or arrest me for something or other! So here I am stuck once more! I don’t have my front door key and Maureen is rather a sound sleeper!


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