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Stuffed Stocking

by Sinthia

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© Copyright 2016 - Sinthia - Used by permission

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Continues on from the story: Stuffed Stocking

Stuffed Stocking 2: Redux

It had been almost a year since my boyfriend Steve came home on Christmas Eve to find me naked, bound and hanging from his foyer wall in an oversized (specially modified) red Christmas stocking.  Needless to say, the evening turned out to be a night we’ll both remember forever.

I wanted to do something equally sexy but less elaborate this year and, after all, I still had the stocking so it made sense to put it to use in whatever plan I came up with.  For those of you who haven’t read about that previous adventure (Stuffed Stocking), I modified the lining and suspension hoops of the stocking to be made of Kevlar so it was super strong and could hold my weight without tearing. 

I decided that this year Steve would find me, again, bound and naked in the stocking, but this time resting on the foyer floor right next to the Christmas tree.  I acquired or collected the following items for the scene – lockable red leather wrist and ankle cuffs, a lockable 3-inch red leather posture collar, my spider gag, a red leather blindfold, a sexy Santa hat, a pair of standard handcuffs, a hinged handcuff and assorted locks.

So, Christmas eve rolled around and I got everything ready.  First I made a Christmas card which would be hanging from the handcuffs linked to my collar’s front D-ring.  On the front cover it said “Merry Christmas Darling!”.  Inside the first page said “Put your cock in my mouth and then close the other side of the hinged cuff around your cock and balls”.  The second page said “Cuff your wrists behind your back with the regular cuffs”.  On the back cover it said “You can pull out once limp after your come.  Keys on kitchen island.  Then you can unwrap your present.  Love, Sin”.

I went into the master bath and sat down at my mirror.  I applied my makeup – not so much as to look like a whore (although I was soon going to feel like one), but in an elegant yet sultry fashion.  The one exception was to apply bright red lipstick so as to frame the spider gag and complement the color theme of the evening.

Next, I decided I’d do something stimulating for myself during this romp. After stripping naked in my bedroom I collected my vaginal balls (four gold balls with moving weights inside - all connected by a string), my 3-inch chrome metal butt plug, and my non-piercing clitoral and nipple jewelry with dangling red glass beads (very seasonal).  I put a towel on my bed under my butt, lubed up the balls and inserted them one by one – they produce a very full feeling down there.  By this time, I was getting very worked-up so inserting the lubed butt plug was more pleasure than pain. I used the towel to wipe off any excess lube down below then clamped the clitoral jewelry around my inner labia with the loop around my clitoris and took a small padlock and worked it through the holes at the other end. 

With a click the balls were safely locked inside me and no one was getting inside my vagina without the key.  I then opened the noose on each nipple ornament and snugged them around my nipples.  The dangling red beads from each nipple and my clit provided the perfect festive touch and I could feel my nub getting rubbed and the balls move within my pussy with each step as I brought my bondage equipment to the foyer.

I placed the stocking on the floor and laid out the items I’d need around me.  First, I put on the wrist and ankle cuffs and secured them with small locks.  The posture collar was next and then also locked in place.  I crawled into the foot of the stocking with my knees first, then carefully pulled up the back edge so it that the rest of the stocking was now pooled over my bent legs in front and feet in back.  I put four large padlocks in the stocking for easy retrieval later when I would no longer be able to reach outside.  I secured one end of the hinged handcuffs to the D-ring at the front of my collar and closed the other end around nothing, knowing that Steve would be able to open it just by pushing the ratchet through the double strand side.  From that I hung the regular handcuffs with both sides open and then dangled my Christmas card for him from the far end of the regular cuffs using a red ribbon.

The spider gag came next.  I secured the ring behind my teeth, buckled the strap behind my neck, moving my long blond hair out of the way first, then secured it with a metal lock.  I really like this gag as the ring is just big enough to accommodate Steve’s cock when erect (most ring gags are way too small).  I then placed the red blindfold over my eyes and adjusted the two elastic straps above and below my ears.  The world was now dark and the rest of my confinement would need to be done by feel alone.  I reached around for my Santa cap and snugged it on my head then proceeded to raise the leg of the stocking up and around my body being careful not to disrupt the handcuffs and card dangling from my neck.  With the white cuff at my shoulders I reached down with one hand and retrieved a large lock and secured one of the hanging straps to the D-ring on that side of my collar.  I repeated that process on the other side.  I learned the last time that with the stocking in place and secured to my collar I can no longer reach outside of the stocking beyond my neck and face. 

Lastly, I reached down and threaded the hasp of one lock through the D-ring of the wrist cuff, then leaned back and carefully threaded the other end through the D-ring of the ankle cuff on that side.    Repeating the process on the other sideI was now naked, trussed up, mute, totally helpless – and ready to be face fucked.  The perfect, thoughtful Christmas gift.

I settled in to my confinement and did some experimental wiggling inside the stocking resulting in some pleasant movement of the balls, some rubbing of the jewelry on my clit, and stimulation of my nipples from the lining of the stocking.  Although quite stimulating (particularly under the circumstances) it would not be enough to get me off.  Unless, of course, I was also being pounded by a cock in my mouth.  I started to revel in that thought, but the longer I waited the more other, more sinister thoughts crossed my mind.  What if Steve had to work late, even on Christmas Eve? What if he got in a car accident?  I could be trapped like this for days?  What if I had to pee?

Fortunately, and before I got too bent out of shape, I heard keys in the front door and Steve (or someone) enter the foyer.  There was a pause, then I heard Steve exclaim, “Wow!” and then him shutting the door.  Footsteps approached me then circled me a few times, then he went over to the side of the foyer where we have a few chairs.  The rustling of clothes and the sound of a zipper told me that my fantasy was about to come true in a matter of moments.  I did not hear him walk back over toward me so I was startled when I felt the weight of the cuffs hanging from my collar lighten substantially. 

Another pause and I heard him murmuring as though he reading something.   Then it came to me.  Of course! He was reading the card.  There was the sound of something light striking the floor – “probably he dropped the card there after reading it.” I thought.  I fully expected to feel his cock entering my mouth any second, but several moments went by and then I heard the door to the refrigerator or freezer open, a rattle of ice cubes, then the door shut.  “He must be in his bare feet,” I surmised as the explanation for why I couldn’t hear him walking.

Just then I feel a cold, soft and wet object enter my mouth.  Very quickly that object began to enlarge and become warm – he had iced his cock to get it to fit through the ring! Soon I felt his balls against my chin and heard the ratchet of the hinged cuff close around his cock and balls, securing him to my collar.  Shortly thereafter I heard that familiar ratchet sound twice more, but more muffled.  He had secured his hands behind him as instructed.  Now we were joined as one until he came, softened, and was able to pull out of the cuff and go retrieve the keys.

I felt him slowly begin to move in and out, his cock oscillating in my mouth and throat.  His thrusts were shorter than usual but his cock felt enormous.  I don’t think my mouth had ever felt that full.  His rate gradually increased and we settled into a rhythm with me rocking back and forth in the stocking giving me some serious vaginal, clitoral and nipple stimulation.  His movements became more urgent and I felt his cock swell and I imagined his whole body stiffen which was his way when he came from oral sex.  I was prepared for an enormous glob of splooge in my mouth and throat but was surprised when nothing happened.  “He must have come,” I thought, as he was no longer pounding my face and I could hear his heavy breathing slow and become more relaxed.  But, then what seemed like a few minutes went by and he didn’t soften.  “What’s going on here?” I wondered.  And then it hit me – the spider gag was acting like a cock ring and must be so tight that it’s keeping him from deflating.  This was bad.  Very bad.  Things were about to get a whole lot worse, however.

“That was amazing, Babe,” Steve sighed.  “Where are the keys and how do we get out of this?”

I froze.  The card had the instructions and location for the keys – he mustn’t have read the back cover.  “How could I tell him where the keys are now?” I wondered.  My hands were pinned to my ankles so I couldn’t point, my body was stretched back so I couldn’t rotate toward the kitchen, my neck was encased by a posture collar so I couldn’t turn my head that way, I couldn’t speak because I was gagged and had a mouthful of cock, and I couldn’t signal with my eyes because I had on the blindfold.   The enormity of the situation hit me so hard that all the sexual tension I had built up came crashing down around me in an enormous orgasm that seemed to go on forever. 

As I started to regain my bearings I felt Steve try to crouch down which resulted in me folding over at the waist as my mouth tracked his cock and balls’ every move.  He seemed to fumble for something with his bound wrists and then he stood back up taking me with him.  He then seemed to rotate, making me lean one side.  I’ve been led by a leash before but this was something of a surreal experience being led by his package. 

I again hear him murmuring.  “You can pull out once limp after your come.  Keys on kitchen island.  Then you can unwrap your present.  Love, Sin”

“How the Hell did I miss them when I went in the kitchen?” he asked.

After a pause he said, “Well Babe, it doesn’t seem like I’m going to go soft anytime soon, so we’re going to have to resort to plan B.”

“Plan B? What the Hell is plan B?” I wondered.

With that, I felt a gentle but firm tug on my collar which kept increasing until I realized that either I was going to shuffle forward to keep up or fall flat on my face (which wasn’t going to happen with Steve being between my face and the floor).

Slowly, inch by inch we made our way to what I could only assume was the kitchen.  I think it must have taken a half hour or more and he still was hard as a rock in my mouth (the stocking wasn’t the only thing that was stuffed that evening).

We eventually stopped moving and I heard the jangle of keys as he worked a lock on his wrist cuffs.  In a few minutes I heard an exclamation and soon heard the jangle of the cuffs being laid on the island counter.  I then felt him working the lock on the back of my gag, and then the buckle being undone.  This was followed by his removing the lock and opening the buckle of my collar and unlocking the loops from the side of my collar.  Slowly and carefully, I felt the gag and his cock pulling out of me as the collar also separated from my neck.  Despite my now sore jaw, I opened my mouth as widely as I could to assist and then felt the satisfying pop of the ring clear my teeth and the relative emptiness of my now cockless mouth.

I thought he would remove my blindfold next, but I was mistaken.  Next I heard some jingling of the keys and the clank of another pair of cuffs on the counter so I assume he removed the hinged cuffs from his cock and balls and the gag as well.

He then pushed the leg of the sock down below my breasts, letting it pool once again on my legs and feet.  He gently but firmly grabbed by shoulders and pulled me backwards until I was laying on my back on the area rug next to the island.  He then rolled the sock off my feet, pulled on the toe of the sock and delivered my naked form onto the carpet. 

He said, “Nice jewelry – very festive,” then I felt his warm breath on my bare pubic region and he chortled, “what have we here?”

A moment later I heard the jingle of keys and him manipulating the lock on my clit jewelry.  He unceremoniously removed the clip from my labia and spied the string to by vaginal balls in the folds of my labia.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed as I felt the tension and then one, then the second, then the third and finally the fourth ball pop out of me.  They actually came out remarkable easily as I was sopping wet down there from all the activities of the evening.

Just then I felt something warm at my entrance and then his enormous hard cock slam into me.  Strangely, I also felt cold metal on my clit and pubis and well as felt its impact on the metal butt plug at my rear.  He still had the spider gag on his cock!  He pounded into me with animal abandon and I, with my wrists still cuffed to my ankles was unable (and unwilling) to resist.  He folded me at the waist, pinning me with his torso and by legs (and arms) over his shoulders.  This allowed him to thrust even deeper.  I could feel my climax building and it was not long before I screamed in delight and he followed with his orgasm moments later. 

He again stayed hard and I wondered whether there was any come in my pussy when I felt him pull out and stand up.  I could sense him straddling my chest with his feet and heard him say, “Let’s get this fucking thing off.”

After several grunts I heard him say, “Ahhh.”  Simultaneously I felt warm thick liquid rain down on my face, mouth and neck.  Licking my lips, I recognized the unmistakable taste of Steve’s cum.

“Icing on the cake,” he said.  “You know, it’s only Christmas Eve. I think I opened my present prematurely.  Perhaps I should rewrap it and open it again in the morning,” he added.

I started to protest and felt the spider gag be pressed against my mouth.  I pursed my lips but he then pinched my nose and then wedged it into my mouth and behind by teeth.  My fate was then sealed as there was no way to push it out with my tongue, so I felt that strap buckle and heard the snick of the lock closing on it.  I was once again unintelligible and open for oral access.

Next was the posture collar, similarly strapped and locked.  I was progressively becoming more restricted.   He left the room and returned a few minutes later.   I then felt some activity at my nether regions and realized that he was reapplying the clit jewelry to my inner labia.  The rubbing on my clit added to the mental stimulation I was gaining from being re-restrained – this time by someone else’s hands. Once again the click of the lock signaled that my vagina was off limits without the key – something to which I did not have access.

He then brought my knees together with his hands and I felt the toe of the stocking slide over my knees.  He pulled the heel of it over my feet behind me and brought me to a kneeling position by pulling me from under my armpits.  I felt the leg of the stocking slide up over my body and the locks reattaching the suspension loops to my collar.  I was back where I started (except for no vaginal balls – rats!).

With that, Steve picked up my nude, bound and ‘stuffed’ body and carried me to what I ultimately figured out was our bed.  He gently laid me on my side, facing away from him, covered us with the blanket and spooned me (as best he could with my feet and arms stretched out behind me).  He cupped one of my breasts and gave a few squeezes.

“Merry Christmas,”’ he whispered in my ear, “You know, I think we should do that again tomorrow morning.  But, perhaps I’ll leave the keys out in the back yard.”  Accompanying that shock was the abrupt onset of some serious buzzing in my pussy.  He must have inserted a remote controlled egg when he applied the jewelry.  It started to ramp up and directly transmitted its vibrations to my clit and butt plug through the metal clip of the jewelry.  I started to howl as my next orgasms swept over me.  I had the distinct feeling that this was going to be anything but a silent night.

story continues in part three

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