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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

by Lady Katherine

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© Copyright 2007 - Lady Katherine - Used by permission

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I've been on a build up for the last few weeks and I knew I'd need a strict SB session again soon.  So last night I was on line and got inspired by one of my self bondage heroes to once again do the very hard to escape from full stimulation hogtie session that she taught me to do. 

But as I said, I knew I needed still more. 

Last night I closed the bar that my sister and her husband own, they are away for the weekend and I'm in charge.  So I had the dishwasher mop the whole floor and make sure it was very clean.  I took my things into work with me and locked them in the storage room with the alcohol.  I had the only key.  Some of the employees were concerned when I told them I was staying late to finish the books, but they finally left me there alone.  The place is a small restaurant with a bar in the middle.  It's located out in the boondocks away from most of the night time traffic.  It's a quiet and safe area so there was no real concern there.

I had parked my little SUV out in back and as soon as everyone had left, I stripped off most of my clothes and locked them inside an old metal toolbox.  The key was at home, so I was at least committed to a half naked ride now.  Back inside I bolted the doors and went to the storeroom to prepare.  I slipped on a pair of pantyhose and an old half cup bra that I don't wear anymore.  This was to be my attire for the whole ordeal.

The windows all have blinds on them and I made sure they were closed as I went around the floor placing scissors, wire cutters and two knives in the corners of the big room.  These were to be my tools for escape later on.  On my last time around the place I turned off all but the lights that stay on all the time.

With that done and double checked I began my restraints.  I didn't feel confident enough to do it my friends way exactly, so I hope she'll understand and forgive me. First I slipped a vibe deep inside me, and filled my rear with metal anal beads on a string.  A piece of black duct tape held the vibe inside me so it could not slip away, I'd turn it on later. Then I loosely tied my knees together and tightly tied my ankles with lots of rope.  I also tied over and under my breasts and over my shoulders, making a nice and tight breast harness. 

I was in the middle of the floor with many tables all around me, I had taken a cushion off the couch in the office to lie on.  Taking a short rope I cinched my ankles up tight to my breast harness, with my shoulders on the cushion I got my ankles up nice and snug.  Over the knot I slipped a nylon tie and zipped it down tight so I couldn't undo the knots with my fingers.   While I could still see I made a coil of rope for my wrists and set it beside me.   For a gag I had a pair of my panties that I'd worn all day, these got wadded up and stuffed in my mouth and covered with the black duct tape.  Next my eyes were taped shut and I slipped a stocking over my head so I'd be unable to get the tape off by rubbing it. 

Making sure first that the rest of my equipment was set I tossed the roll of tape away from me and turned the vibe on full.  Right away I was very close to orgasm, but I knew I'd loose my nerve if I came so I did my best to ignore it.  One last piece of tape on the vibe kept it turned on. 

This is probably the best part of self bondage, the last thing you do that makes you helpless.  That last click, the final knot, God help me I love it!

Right away I slipped my wrists behind my back and into the coil I had made. Another nylon tie made it secure and one more connected my wrists to the hogtie rope knots.  I was now in the tightest hogtie I had ever managed to get into alone. 

As soon as I slid down off the cushion I knew I was in trouble.  The imitation hardwood floors offered no traction to my nylon covered legs.  That's when the first orgasms hit me, one after another as I frantically tried to move.  I was panicking badly by the time I made myself hold very still and catch my breath, only able to breathe through my nose.  I must have looked like a beached fish flopping around there, my nose full of the smell of stale beer and the adhesive on the tape.

I started getting tied at about three am.  At about eight I heard the door open.  I had called my girl friend Kim and told her my plans, but I had asked her to call my house as soon as she got up to check on me.  Obviously I wasn't home, so she drove right out to the bar nearly in a panic.  She right away removed the stocking and the tape from my parched mouth.  Before I could talk I began to cry and she got me untied, using the wire cutters from the floor.

I can't begin to tell you how terrible I felt.  Everything hurt.  The things that my imagination did to me for those five hours I don't even want to think about.  I had orgasms every time I tried to struggle.  At some point the vibrator had died, but having it and the anal beads inside me still caused me to orgasm.

Kim was afraid she'd have to call for help, but I managed to get my stiff and sore muscles to respond after a short while.  She cleaned up my mess and brought me home covered in a blanket, my car is still there.   I had to call in to work tonight, I'm not that sore but I'm still a little shaken up.

The most bizarre part is that I want to do it again!  Not right away, but someday I will.  I am so very lucky to have Kim.  Without her I'd have been on that floor for a few more hours and discovered by one of the waitresses coming in to set up for lunch.  I can't begin to imagine how bad that would have been.

I guess I violated a few of my own rules last night.  It turned out OK, but it could have been far worse.  To my friend that gave me the idea for the hogtie, please don't blame yourself!  I knew better, but did it anyhow.  I'm going to send this out to several people as well as to Gromet's site, perhaps it will help someone from making a mistake.

In case you're wondering, I managed to move myself about two feet during the whole night.  Lady Katherine.




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