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Sunday Morning Surprise

by Dil Apsus

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© Copyright 2012 - Dil Apsus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; naked; gag; tape; cuffs; chain; stuck; cons; X

She awoke early, listening to him softly snore beside her. Memories of last night flooding through her mind ensuring no more sleep would come.

Silently she slipped from the bed and into the kitchen. She turned the coffee machine on and sat down to her first cup.

She kept getting distracted, her fingers finding her most intimate places. She knew she had to do something about it. Quickly she gathered what she needed into a backpack and threw on a t-shirt and shorts.

Against the coffee machine she let a note. “Darling, I couldn’t sleep so rather than wake you up with my fidgeting I have gone out for a run. Once you have come to terms with the day could you pack a breakfast picnic and meet me at our spot. Love you”

She set off into the cool morning, even though it was May the temperatures were not high. The sky was a grey overcast and the rain that had come overnight still threatened to fall. As it was puddles covered the ground and the earth had softened.

She set off at a run, not for her any exercise but she wanted to be at her destination quickly.

She arrived at the woods and was about to turn off the main path when she noticed the soil here had turned to mud.

She looked down at her new trainers, she hadn’t even taken them to the gym yet, no way was she going to get them covered in mud. She slipped them off and continued running barefoot. Not a hardship, she had walked this route like this at his insistence many times, she was beginning to wonder why she ever wore shoes.

Before long she reached their spot. A tree sat on the edge of a clearing which slopped down to a stream. They had been here many times and never even heard other people let alone seen any. It was a good as private as it was possible to get. Perfect for what she had in mind.

From her bag she took a length of chain. This she padlocked around the tree. Taking the slack end she walked to its limits, about 10 feet from the tree. Here she removed her shorts and t-shirt and placed them with her trainers in her bag. Taking the other items from it she closed it up and threw it a few feet further away, still in sight to torment her later.

She was now holding four things in her hand. Another lock, which she used to fasten the chain around her neck, not tight but certainly not loose enough to come off without the key.

Next was some duck tape, she toyed with wrapping it around her legs but the mood she was in she wanted her legs to be easily spread so it was to be to gag her. She had thought of a ball gag but they can be uncomfortable, and she had thought of just the tape but that was never enough. If she was going to be a captured slave girl then she needed humiliation too.

The third thing she had was a pair of knickers, not just any knickers but the ones she had worn yesterday. She had been aroused all day and they had a delightful musty smell to them. As she pushed them into her mouth she felt herself dropping into her dream world, where she had been caught and some evil man had ripped her knickers from her and was gagging her with them. As the tape went on she surrender herself to her fate.

The last thing she had were her trusty handcuffs. Fastened behind her back she was now a prisoner. The keys to everything were in her bag, just out of reach and she knew from experience that it would take him a good couple of hours to get himself going and find her.

All she could do now was wait and dream and get more turned on.


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