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by Lobo De La Sombre

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© Copyright 2001 - Lobo De La Sombre - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; chast; gag; harness; cuffs; rope; hogtie; toys; insert; stuck; caught; F/f; tease; cons; X

With a smile, she set the paper bag onto the table beside her bed and removed her coat. It had been a very pleasant little shopping trip. The new store across town was very well stocked, and carried some of the most exquisite items she’d ever seen. She slipped off her clothes and headed for the shower. It was a hot, muggy day outside, and she was glad for the air conditioning as she adjusted the water temperature. She’d sweated terribly while she was out, and this shower would feel great.

As she showered, her mind strayed to the items in the bag, and her hands unconsciously began to stroke her breasts, lightly pinching her hardening nipples. She looked down at the erect buds and grinned, then shook herself and finished her shower. After donning a light robe, she sat on the edge of the bed and opened the bag. First out was a pair of vibrating nipple clamps. Normally, she didn’t use clamps much, but these had intrigued her. Now, as she looked at them, her curiosity grew as to what they might feel like. Then, with a smile, she decided to find out.

She pulled open her robe, exposing her hard nipples. Reaching up, she gently attached a clamp to each swollen bud, adjusting the tightness until they were firmly in place. Then, reaching down, she thumbed on the control. As the clamps began vibrating, she closed her eyes and moaned softly. My but that felt good! Her hand slipped between her thighs, finding and stroking her pussy, and she slowly lost herself in the sensations. Dreamily, lost in the erotic feelings within her body, she removed the remaining items from the bag, one by one, and applied them.

First came a leather head harness, with attachable breather gag and blindfold. She left the blindfold off, but kept the gag, loving the way it’s penis shape filled her mouth. Experimentally, she screamed, smiling with satisfaction when the gag rendered the sound into a muffled moan.

Next came a chastity belt with a built in vibrator. The vibrator was radio controlled, and capable of variable speeds. For now, she set it at it’s lowest setting, enjoying the slow buildup it provided. She inserted it slowly, loving the way it filled her. When it was all the way in, she buckled the belt firmly in place, adjusted the speed of the vibrator, then set the control on her bedside table, where she wouldn’t knock it off.

She stood, let her robe fall to the floor, then stretched out in the bed. Eyes closed, she reveled in the sensations coursing through her body, making her want more and more. Reaching out, she opened the top drawer of her bedside table, withdrawing several lengths of rope. She sat up and carefully wound the longest around her upper body, then tied it securely, pinning her upper arms to her sides. Then, using shorter sections, she tied her legs together at ankles, knees and thighs. Then, laying back, she squirmed in her bonds, moaning softly behind her gag at the slowly building arousal.

Once more her hand entered the drawer, emerging with a pair of steel cuffs. She attached the blindfold to her head harness, then rolled to her side and bent her knees. She locked one cuff in place around her right wrist, then passed the short connecting chain between her ankles. Arcing her back, she locked the other cuff onto her left wrist, then relaxed into the hogtie she’d placed herself in.

Helpless now, unable to do more than squirm, she writhed slowly in her bonds, her excitement slowly building. She rolled onto her stomach, her weight adding pressure to the clamps on her nipples. Now she wished she’d set the belt vibrator a little higher, as the need to cum began to grow. Just a little longer, she promised herself, and then she’d take off the cuffs and put the new toy through it’s paces. After several minutes of blissful squirming, she decided she’d had enough for now. Time to let herself out. Rolling back to her side took some effort, but she finally made it. Now for the key.

The Key! She tensed in her bonds. The key was still in the drawer! When she’d taken out the cuffs, she’d forgotten to get the key that opened them!

Frantic, she squirmed backwards to the edge of the bed, then stretched out her hands as much as the hogtie would allow. The tips of her fingers brushed the side of the table, but that was it. She couldn’t reach to open the drawer, much less retrieve the key. She was trapped.

Almost desperate, she struggled with her bonds. But, as always, she’d been very thorough, and there was no way she could escape. Worse, the slow buzzing between her thighs, along with the vibrations of her nipple clamps, were driving her slowly to a fever pitch of need. Time seemed to stop as she lay helpless on her bed. The effects of the vibrators grew, until she found her hips rocking slowly. Behind her gag, she was cursing herself silently. Why hadn’t she remembered the key? How could she get herself into this mess? And why, oh why, hadn’t she set the vibrator higher?

Slowly, her mind surrendered to the sensations building in her body. Floating on a cloud of need and arousal, she almost didn’t hear her front door opening. But when she heard the door slam closed, she tensed, then began thrashing in her bonds, desperate not to be found this way. She heard her bedroom door open, and then a sharp intake of breath. Footsteps crossed the room, and a hand was placed on her hip. She pushed herself toward that hand blindly, almost beyond caring who’s hand it was, lost in her need for the release of orgasm.

“Well, now,” came a familiar female voice, “what have we here? Looks like someone decided to play without me. But where did you put the key?”

She pointed with her bound hands, and heard the drawer open. There was a soft laugh.

“Right where it belongs. What happened, you get in such a hurry you forgot to get it?”

Blushing, she nodded slowly, then moaned as the hand returned, cupping her breasts and examining the vibrating clamps.

“Looks like you also bought some new toys. I hope you planned on sharing. That looks like fun.”

Moaning almost continuously, she rolled to her stomach, pleading silently to be released. The need in her was almost overwhelming now.

“Do you want out?”

She nodded, then heard the drawer close.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t find the key.”

She moaned louder and pulled at her bonds, then froze as the vibrator’s speed began to increase, causing her hips to buck slightly.

“I hope you don’t mind if I check this out, do you?”

All at once, the vibrator’s speed went all the way up, causing her whole body to spasm, then just as quickly slowed to it’s original setting.

“Oh, I like this! I could play with this for, oh, hours! You don’t mind, do you?”

She moaned and pulled at her bonds as the speed of the vibrator began to change randomly, sending her pussy into spasms of unfulfilled need. This was definitely not what she’d planned. But even as she thrashed in her bonds, she knew that this was even better.

And Annie smiled behind her gag.


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