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The bondage Kara and Sarah had placed themselves in was very elaborate, restrictive, unyielding, inescapable, and, most of all, uncomfortable and painful. Its inescapability was temporary by the use of a timer system and would eventually be removed from the equation. As would the painful element as it too was part of the timing system and would be disarmed once the timer reached zero. The rest would work itself out as the girls were able to free themselves.

Kara and Sarah were both on their knees, ass to ass to one another, on the rack in their basement. Both had leather cuffs on their ankles locked to the smooth and lustrous wood top of the rack. A leather strap was also secured tightly behind the bend of their knees, holding their legs splayed wide and secure. Their thighs were held tightly together with leather straps just above their knees and high on their thighs, ensuring they could not separate themselves from each other. Straps tightened around each of the girl’s waists and connected by another strap gave final insurance they could not pull themselves apart. Being so tightly and securely bound with their asses together ensured the double-headed dildos in their pussies and rectums maintained full penetration and kept them impaled upon each other. Both the anal and vaginal dildos were bipolar electro-stimulation devices, each end working independently of the other.

Their wrists were cuffed behind them and to each-other’s wrist cuffs by a loose strap. The strap between their wrists attached to a hoist system which pulled their wrists uncomfortably high. The hoist was their release system. Once the timer run down, the hoist would lower and allow the girls arms to lower to their waists and reach the keys attached to their waist belts and remove their wrist cuffs.

Both girls had eight labia rings, a clitoral ring, and, nipple rings. The labial rings on each side was connected by wires, the top rings having wires running to a micro-switch mounted to the wooden table. Each girl’s nipple rings were also connected to micro-switches. The wires leading to the micro-switches each had about a quarter-inch of slack and if either girl moved enough to pull the wire taut, the micro-switch would close and cause a very painful electric shock to each of their metal rings; however, not to the one that closed the circuit, but, to the other girl’s rings. If Kara closed the circuit, Sarah would get a nasty and painful shock to her labial, clitoral, and nipple rings along with an equally painful shock deep in her vagina and ass. Visa-versa should Sarah be the one to activate the circuit. This usually leading to a vicious cycle as the shock would make the recipient buck and activate the other girl’s circuit.

Both girls were hooded, gagged, blindfolded, and, bud-style earphones filling their ears with white-noise deafening them of any other sound. Kara and Sarah were completely cut off from communication with each other, and, any attempt in communication was picked up by microphones embedded in the hoods locking collar. Any sound picked up by the microphone also activated the torturous shock, however, no matter who made the sound, both girls were punished.

Without any form of communication with each other it was up to both Kara and Sarah to have the will to still themselves against the pain in order to stop a vicious torture cycle once one begun. The torture cycles started quite frequent as almost any movement by either girl to try to ease the painful pull on their shoulders or any other discomfort of their bondage would take up the miniscule amount of slack in the wires and close the circuit, sending painful shocks and starting another cycle of shock induced bucks.

Their bondage was not all pain however. When the two girls were able to keep from tripping pain-inducing zaps of electricity, the electricity sent into their bodies produced very sensual and pleasing tingles. The dildos in their vagina’s and asses felt like they were slowly moving in and out, their clits feeling like they were being softly stroked and caressed, their labia being softly fingered, and their nipples being sucked with an occasional mild bite thrown in here and there. During the girls testing of the sensual shocks they had found both could easily and quickly be brought to orgasm. The girls found this to be a double-edged sword however as neither of them was able to have a quiet orgasm. They found as they fell deeper into the throughs of lust, their vocal cords had a mind of their own and would activate the microphones shock and break both of their orgasmic cycles with torturously painful electrical shock. 

During one of these cycles however, Sarah had been so close to orgasm that the painful shock forced her into a violent and loud orgasm and Kara paid the price. The screams Sarah produced during her orgasm shocked both girls, only seeming to strengthen and prolong Sarah’s orgasm. Sarah continued to buck and shake long after her vocal cords had quieted pulling on the wires and shocking Kara long after Sarah’s own shocks had stopped. Kara had wanted to make Sarah pay for her pain but knew if a cycle of ‘revenge movements’ was begun; they could both be in pain during the whole session. Kara did not want that, nor to be the cause of it, so she stilled herself as best she could so they could both get back to the pleasure shocks.

They had agreed six-hours would be a difficult but manageable amount of time for their session. As none of the cycles run in timed intervals and were solely reactionary to the girls’ sound and movements, the amount of time which had elapsed in their torturous bondage was impossible to calculate with any accuracy.

Six-hours-forty-five minutes after the time they started their session, an email would be sent to their unwitting backup. The girls figured forty-five minutes gave them plenty of time to release themselves and stop the email from being sent. As the email system was independent of the timer system, they felt it to be a reliable backup.

*     *     *     *     *

At 5:45 in the afternoon, Stephen’s phone notified him that he had an email marked URGENT from Sarah’s email account. Stephen opened the message…


If you have received this email, then Kara and I are probably in a very bad situation and desperately need your help. It could be a matter of life and death. This plea is VERY SERIOUS and I sincerely ask that you help us out IMMEDIATELY!

I know you have not been to our house. The address is 19955 El Dorado Drive. GPS it and you will find it without a problem.

When you get here, you can find the door key in a plastic key-box buried under the fourth rock to the right of the walkway. It will open both locks on the door. Upon entering, there will be stairwell to the right of the door which leads to the basement. The key-code to the door is 55991. Yes, the house number in reverse.

Believe me, we will be as mortified by you finding us as you will be surprised. We hope you understand.

Both Kara and myself will be forever in your debt for your help!


Stephen had to reread the email over a couple times. The fact that Sarah said it could be a matter of life and death scared him into action. He had only met Kara a couple of times but had made love to Sarah when they were young and she was still trying to figure out her sexuality. It hurt Stephen when she decided she enjoyed sex with women more than she did with men, but, they still remained friends and he cared for her deeply. Stephen did not want harm to befall his ex-lover nor her new lover.

Stephen entered the address into his phones GPS. The drive would take him about fifteen-minutes. It was in a part of town he was not familiar with but was savvy to the neighborhood and it meant that Kara must be quite well off. Sarah was from the same side of the tracks as he was and knew she could not afford to live in that area any more than he could.

Stephen drove like the devil was on his tail…

*     *     *     *     *

The email Sarah had composed to Stephen had; due to the improper setup of the auto-email program; been sent two-hours earlier than it should have. Kara and Sarah’s programmed bondage session was not set to end until 7:00 pm and the email wasn’t supposed to be sent until forty-five minutes after that. However, Sarah forgot to take into consideration the programs default time-zone being Central Time and had never reset it to Pacific Time. Neither girl knew the email had been sent or even how much time had elapsed or how much was left.

Kara and Sarah’s minds become lost to the passage of linear time and focused only on the number of orgasms; two for Kara, three for Sarah; the cost of each orgasm upon their bodies, and the pain wracking their uncomfortably positioned bodies. 

Both Kara and Sarah were independently hoping their time was nearing the end and looking forward to several hours of convalescing rest.

*     *     *     *     *

Stephen pulled into the long driveway of the address he was given and thought the place to be somewhere between a house and a mansion. It was a three story Colonial complete with a large front porch and columns on either side of the main entry door.

He didn’t ponder long at its size or its exterior amenities however and wasted no time finding the rock Sarah had mentioned and digging three inches beneath it to find the plastic box buried below it.

Stephen removed the key from the box while bounding up the front steps, taking two at a time. He unlocked both locks on the large double-doors and swung the main door open, not bothering to close it behind him. He didn’t bother looking around the large foyer but focused on finding the stairwell down to the basement.

Stephen found the stairs to the basement in short order and wasted no time getting to the closed door below. He quickly keyed 55991 on the keypad on the door and heard a click. Stephen pushed on the door and it opened easily though he could tell the door was quite sturdy and heavy.

“Sarah, Kara, are you down he…” he began to ask loudly, the question dying on his tongue before being fully uttered. Neither woman turned their head to the sound of Stephen’s voice but he could see they were quite lively… and, quite bound.

Stephen slowly made his way to the large wooden table the two women were bound upon, unable to take his eyes off of them and unable to fully comprehend what he was seeing. The luminosity of the room was neither extremely dark nor bright; only light enough for him to make out the two bound women and how tightly and entirely bound they were. He could not see, however, the wires leading to each of their sexes or their nipples.

Finally understanding neither of the two girls, whom had somehow sent him a dire plea for help, were not actually in direct danger, Stephen began to look around the room. The first thing he noticed was a computer screen with large numbers counting down…00:46:22…the seconds steadily counting down.

“A timer?” Stephen mused quietly to himself though he was sure if the girls knew he had entered, one or both would have turned their heads in his direction when he spoke as he entered the room. He was not sure how deaf they were but he knew something had kept them from hearing him.

“Emergency email has been sent.” Was displayed in smaller window below the one with the timer.

Stephen turned his gaze back to the bound women. As he peered closer he finally caught sight of the thin wires leading to several different locations of each of the girl’s bodies. He also noticed the four boxes the wires ran to and watched the displays. Each display had power-output indicators which, at the time, seemed to be nearly to their highest level. Stephen scratched his head without being aware of doing so. He was trying to figure out what exactly it was that he was seeing.

Stephen noticed the winch holding the two girls arms tight and high above them, then, he noticed the keys clipped to the black leather belts snugged tightly around each of their waists. Stephen slowly began to grasp what the girls had done, how they planned to be released, and, furthermore, that he was not supposed to have received the email he had been sent quite yet.

Stephen looked closely at the clips which held the keys to the belt and decided with the thickness of the belts and the style of the clips, he should be able to remove the keys without the girls knowing if he was careful. He unclipped the keys from each belt and, as he thought, the bound women never made a flinch of acknowledgement of the action.

Stephen decided he would sit and watch as the two lovelies game played out. He decided he had plenty of time to go upstairs and close and lock the front door now that he knew the girls were safe and secure the basement door when he returned. While he was upstairs however, Stephen decided to find the kitchen. He hoped the girls may have some beer in the fridge. He was not disappointed, pulled two out then headed back down to the helpless beauties in the basement.

When Stephen made it back into the basement he noticed one of the girls bucking more than the other. Though he had slept with one of them, their body shapes and sizes mixed with the moderate level of light and the full hoods over the girl’s heads, Stephen was not sure which one it was. Stephen looked at the power levels on the boxes. Following the wires, Stephen figured his initial reading of the power levels must’ve been wrong as the boxes leading to the bucking woman seemed to be on low and the boxes to the woman remaining more still, though only slightly, had what he believed the high power. While he watched the displays, the bucking woman began to moan and scream loudly into her gag, and Stephen watched as both displays showed the power level bars nearly light-up fully once again.

*     *     *     *     *

Kara exploded with her third orgasm while Sarah did everything she could do to hold herself from pulling on the switches and causing another battle of wills against the torturous shocks. Sarah was happy that Kara was able to achieve another orgasm even if her own body was paying a painful price for it. Sarah was sure Kara had suffered terribly through the three orgasms she herself had enjoyed and was quite willing to endure Kara’s orgasms.

Sarah knew her body was completely spent and she would not enjoy another orgasm. She also hoped their time was almost complete. She felt as if they had been bound here together for days and was not sure just how much longer she could endure the pleasure cycle, let alone anymore of the pain cycles. Sarah’s shoulders were on fire, her knees felt as if they were rubbed raw and bleeding, her pussy and asshole felt as if the dildo’s had been replaced with baseball bats, of which she had the thick end stuck in her, and her hips felt as if the baseball bats had been used on them before being shoved into her. Sarah prayed this was almost over and cursed herself for agreeing to six hours.

Kara couldn’t help her third orgasm. It came very unexpectedly and quickly rose within her. Actually having the orgasm felt great and it was the most explosive one she had today. She did, however, feel bad for Sarah as she knew how much pain she was putting her through. Kara had learned herself that there was no getting used to the pain. She hoped she would but she had not and was very sure that Sarah hadn’t either. Kara knew her body has endured more pain than she had ever intended to undergo during the session. She never took into account how much pain the actual bondage would put her through. Her shoulders feel as if they have been torn from their sockets and is very concerned that she may have sustained serious and permanent damage in them. Her hips ache terribly, her back feels as if she has knots in the muscles the size of Texas and her knees feel as if they have been worked over Nancy Kerrigan style.

Kara couldn’t help but think that her ex-Domme; whom she believed to be the most mean and wicked bitch on the face of the Earth; had not treated her this badly. Close, but not quite. Kara was never so happy as when that contract had ended. She thought it to be the worst year of her life. However, she is quite convinced, this is by far the worst six-hour block of her life. But, Kara is even more concerned for her lover bound to the rear of herself. She hopes beyond hope that she has not hurt Sarah too much. Unlike herself, Sarah had never had a Domme; either good or bad; and hasn’t been tested to her fullest. Kara is worried that since this was worse than she had ever been through, what could Sarah be thinking?

Both Kara and Sarah screamed in unison as they felt the electricity stop and the hoist begin to first, release the tension on their arms, then lower them slowly towards their backs…and to the keys they desperately needed. Though neither girl knew the other was thinking the same thing, they were both frustrated by how slowly the hoist descended. Now they each knew how long they had been tied and tortured and each were ecstatic their six-hour ordeal was complete.

As the pressure was released from their shoulders, they could tell each other began to sob as each of the others stomach contractions resonated through the dildos they shared. And, even though both girls wanted nothing more than to obtain the keys on their belts, they allowed their heads and upper torso’s to be lowered to the top of the wooden rack before pulling their arms down toward their waists. Both girls were much too spent to hold their shoulders up and bring their arms down. Bending at the waist placed much more pressure on the dildo’s stuck in them, almost painfully, but that too didn’t matter. They would soon be free of their restraints and free of the phalluses deep inside.

Each of the women felt around for the keys as their arms finally reach the belts around each of their waists. Kara and Sarah could feel each other’s bound hands pulling here and there, moving the strap attached to the other wrist restraints around on their bare asses. Each could feel the strap move ever more as they each search proved futile. Both had found the clip which should be holding the keys, but, no keys were there. They screamed and struggled and searched. Kara was sure the clips held the keys securely and that they could not have fallen off. Sarah tried to remember if she had indeed clipped the keys to her belt, assuring herself that Kara and she had checked one another and confirmed each other had.

The two women began to fight and struggle against their bonds with renewed vigor as they felt the hoist begin to pull their arms towards the rafters once again.

 *     *     *     *     *

Stephen was taking the last couple sips of his second beer when the timer finally reached three sets of zero’s.

It didn’t take him too long to understand the bucking which one of the girls was doing when he came back into the basement was the result of a strong and intense orgasm. He was also able to discern that the movement of one girl caused the other to be tortured by electricity. The one thing he wasn’t able to quite figure out is why these girls would do this. Sarah never asked Stephen to do any kind of bondage while they were together and never considered she would be open to it. He surely would have. Stephen has always been fascinated by bondage and would’ve loved to have Sarah as his sub.

While he waited for the timer to count down, Stephen looked around the basement and found it to be a dungeon. He finally realized that the two girls were bound upon a medieval styled rack. There were two wooden stocks in one of the corners, two studded torture chairs in another. Against one wall was an X-cross. There were several large eye-bolts in the rafters, one set having single manacles dangling on chains, obviously to chain someone with their arms held high and wide above their head. Others had handcuffs attached to a chain hanging down.

Looking about the floor, Stephen found eye-bolts mounted to pop-ups in the floor which could pop-up for use but stowed to keep from tripping over. He thought this to be quite ingenious. The more he looked the more complete he found the dungeon and even found things he was not exactly sure what their use was but figured, with time, he could figure it out.

As the timer counted down to within one minute of what the girls believed to be their release, he chose a red leather covered and studded paddle, pulled it from its hook on the wall and sat back down in the chair near the computer. Stephen really wanted to see what the girls would do when they realized there were no keys to release themselves with.

Stephen sat watching as the timer hit zero and the girls tensed muscles relaxed as the electricity quit assaulting their body’s. He had noticed the rings on each part of the girl’s sexual parts and how each one had electrical wires attached to them. As both of them had the piercings, it was an addition Sarah had acquired since they had separated a few years ago.

Stephen watched as the hoist slowly lowered the women’s arms and how they allowed their body’s to be lowered to the table before making an attempt to grab the keys. He figured they must be exhausted. He had no way to be certain how long they were enduring this before he got here but knew they were in it for more than two hours. Stephen also figured they had to be in it well before the computer sent him the email, but, he couldn’t believe they had been bound and tortured for much more than four hours. Not the way they were being assaulted while he was here.

He watched as the two searched their belts for the keys; the search becoming ever more frantic as the reality sunk in that the keys were not where they had been when they started this adventure. Stephen somewhat felt bad for doing what he had and was doing—but only somewhat. He allowed the women to search and panic for several minutes, listening to the frantic and frustrated cries from their gagged mouths, before he pushed the button on the hoists control pad to pull their arms up once again. Stephen somewhat chuckled as the girl’s fought ever more heavily against their restraints and the hoist pulling their arms back up. He could tell they were in utter terror.

Once the hoist stopped and the girl’s arms were once again pulled tight, Stephen noticed that the electrical torture cycle had also begun again. Their muscles began to convulse. He waited until they could let themselves drop the power down. Stephen didn’t know if they thought something went terribly wrong with their system or if they suspect someone was here with them, though, Stephen planned to remove that uncertainty very shortly.

Stephen allowed them to enjoy the lower power setting for a couple of minutes before he gave either Kara or Sarah’s ass a hard swat with the paddle. Still having no idea of which one was which, Stephen landed the same smart swat on the other’s bare ass-cheek. Stephen wished he could get a swat lower on each cheek, but, the way they were bound only allowed for him to land them just below their waists. Each swat he landed, which he alternated between each ass and each cheek, caused the girls to buck and step the electricity up to the high setting. Stephen also noticed their nipples elongate as they pulled hard against the wires connected to the table, sure that the pull had to be hurting almost as much as the shock. He worked on each of their asses until he could make out the red glow of their skin even in the dim lighting.

Again, Stephen allowed the two bound beauties to relax and allow the power to drop down before moving on to his next action. As they began to gain control of themselves, he tried to decide which girl’s hood he would remove first. Stephen hoped he would remove his ex-girlfriends hood first. Then he could just leave his ex’s new love’s hood on and not have to deal with her. Stephen decided he would flip a coin. Heads…girl on the left…tails…girl on the right. 


Stephen walked around and looked through the keys. There was no way for him tell which key was for the lock on the collar so he decided he would just have to try each of them until he found the correct one. Stephen wished he would have kept track of which keyring was attached to which girl. He made it through the first set of keys without any of them working. The third key on the second set made the small lock click open. Stephen decided he would put this set of keys in his left pocket and the other in his right, keeping them separated now.

The blindfold was attached to the hood but the gag was under the hood. Stephen was happy since when the hood was removed the girl would still be silenced. He released each of the buckles running up the back of the hood and slowly slipped it off of her head. Stephen looked into fearful but angry eyes of emerald green. It was Kara. Sarah’s eyes are deep blue. Kara’s eyes opened as wide as they could possibly open. Obviously the painful shocking had begun again. Kara screamed howls of agony into her gag, forcing Stephen to believe the wires leading to the hood was what made the girls to remain quiet. During the whole time Stephen had been there he had not heard either of them make the noise that Kara is now.

Stephen pulled the set of keys from his right pocket and walked to the still hooded Sarah. The lock on her collar opened after two failed attempts with the wrong keys and finished unbuckling it, pulling it free once it was loose enough. Sarah’s beautiful face had the same tear streaked cheeks as Kara but Sarah’s tugged at his heart whereas Kara had made Stephen feel nothing. Sarah’s eyes were filled with more pain than he had ever seen in anybody’s. Kara’s eyes probably showed the same pain, but, Stephen knew Sarah’s eyes; he didn’t know Kara’s other than a few times of meeting her.

He decided the girls had suffered enough pain and found the power buttons on the electrical boxes and powered all four off. Both women slumped limply against the restraints securely binding them. Stephen went back to Sarah.

Sarah’s blue orbs had always been windows to her emotions and Stephen watch those eyes quickly turn from wonderment, fear, then anger and hold that latter emotion. She screamed through her gag. Stephen could not make out the words but was quite sure she was not thanking him for saving them. Stephen decided he could probably have a much calmer conversation with the girl he had not slept with and left Sarah’s gag strapped deeply in her maw.

Stephen walked around to Kara.

“Can we have a calm conversation if I remove your gag?” Her lover’s ex-boyfriend asked.

“Upphh ouugghh!” He clearly made it out—Fuck you!

“I came here because I got an email saying you two were in trouble. It said you girls could die.” He explained to her.

“Ohh Aayy.” She replied and Stephen took that to mean they could have that calm dialogue he was requesting.

Stephen pulled Kara’s keys out of his pocket and tried four keys before finding the key to the gag. Damned how he wished these keys and locks were marked. He buckled the gag and pulled the large ball from her mouth with a pop. Kara flexed her jaw from side to side and opened and closed, apparently needing to work out the kinks before trying to speak. He gave her the time she needed.

“Tell me again. Why the fuck are you here Stephen?!?” Kara hissed.

“I got an email from Sarah asking me to help. How else could I be here? I had no idea where you lived. No idea where the key to the door was. And, no idea what the code to the basement door was. It was all in the email I received.” Stephen explained to her as concisely as he knew how.

“Ok. So you came to save us. Why’d you fuck us over and spank us? Why are our arms stretched up behind us again? You’re not quite being our saint and fucking savior Stephen!”

“Ok…ok. Once I noticed you were safe and not in trouble I stuck around and decided to play. My bad. But I kind of decided I should be rewarded for coming to help.” He said, knowing as soon as it left his mouth he had stepped on his own dick.

“What!?! Do you want us to fuck you or something!?! Real fucking chivalrous Stephen!” The venom in Kara’s voice hanging in the air like a heavy mist. “Sarah decided to use you as a backup because she trusted you, you bastard!”

“Look. I’ll just reset the machine now that we all know it works, let you girls finish your fun and be gone. We can just leave this behind us.” Stephen said.

“Oh sure. We all win. Only after Sarah and I get tortured and tormented for another six fucking hours. What the fuck…it’s a win-win for all of us. We are tired and have suffered a lot of pain for a very long time Stephen. I don’t think I could handle another six hours and I am quite fucking sure that Sarah couldn’t, but fuck it, if that’s what you want to do then gag me, hood us, and fuck us over if that’s what you want to do. I obviously am not in a position to stop you.”

“You’ve been in this for six hours?” Stephen asked in amazement.

“Well, closer to seven now I’m guessing. Go ahead…give us another six.” Kara said, tears filling her deep green eyes and opening her mouth wide, inviting me to put the gag back in.

“No. I can’t do that. I thought maybe it was three, maybe four hours. Not six.” Stephen said. “Could I maybe help you girls play? Not screw you…I know you’re not into that and Sarah isn’t any longer. Just maybe play some S&M games a little?” He asked.

Stephen could see Kara thinking about it and she had not nixed the idea straight out, and took this to be a possible good sign.

“I will have to ask Sarah what she thinks about it before I can agree to anything. Let us release ourselves and I will talk to her about it. I think I can persuade her. I think you just might have a pretty good idea. We have needed a third person to help us with our kinks.” Kara said, nearly flooring Stephen with her openness to the possibility.

Stephen pressed the button on the hoist’s control pad to set it in motion, lowering Kara and Sarah’s arms once again. When there was enough slack, Stephen removed the belt connected between the girl’s wrists from the hook at the end of the cable. He put the keys to each girl’s locks in their perspective hands.

“I know you have already seen both of us in a very uncompromising position,” Kara started, “and you will probably be seeing us naked quite a bit over the next while, but, I would prefer you to go upstairs, have a beer, and wait for us to call you with our answer.” The bound girl working at the locks for her release laying before him finished.

“Ok.” Stephen replied somberly, hoping he could’ve been allowed to watch the girl’s as they removed their bindings. Stephen did as Kara had requested.

Kara and Sarah worked the next fifteen minutes removing their bondage and the wires connected to the rings on their sensual and sexual pleasure parts.

The two girl’s sat on the rack as they palavered about what Stephen had requested and Kara had agreed to speak to her lover about. After several minutes, their answer had been reached and Kara yelled up the stairs for Stephen to rejoin them.

As Stephen entered the door to the basement and began to turn into the room, he felt a sharp, powerful sting on the back of his neck. The sudden and unexpected jolt of electricity from the stun-gun in Kara’s hand laid him out and unconscious.

When Stephen awoke, the pain in his head was not the only sensation he noticed as his mind began to clear. He could feel the steel shackles on his ankles and wrists that was pulling his body tightly across the wooden top of the rack. He could feel the pinch of the clamps on his nipples and the wire wrapped tightly around his balls and cock. The anal plug was also quite apparent. A dildo-gag was held deep and tight within his mouth and a thick blindfold covered his eyes. Stephen could feel the bump of the microphone pressing against his throat, held in place by the leather collar around his neck.

“We decided we could use you as our partner Stephen.” Kara said. “But, we need some rest. Sarah and I are very tired. As you just woke up…” Sarah giggled when Kara said it “…you should be good for a while.”

“We figured you might enjoy the amount of electricity we endured, so, we left the power levels where they were for us.” This time it was Sarah who spoke. “I would highly advise you to remain very, very quiet and, extremely still. It’s one bitch of a bite when these things go into torture mode.” Sarah finished as she pushed the power buttons to turn on the power-boxes and send voltage into him. Stephen bucked but held his voice. However, the girls had also connected the movement switches and Stephen screamed and thrashed as the power level jumped.

“Have fun Stephen. We’re going to get some rest. We’ll see you in several hours.” Kara said, both girls laughing as they closed the door to the basement behind them.

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