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Suspended Release

by Kinkyme

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© Copyright 2006 - Kinkyme - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; susp; F/m; cons; X

Suspended Release by Kinkyme Sbm; susp; F/m; cons; X

I have been in to self bondage for a couple of years now and had decided to try something a little more extreme than I have ever done before. I had decided that I wanted to try something a bit more adventurous than usual but what? and when?

I was living in a house with a couple of friends at the time, and as such being students there was always someone else in the house at some time or other so the opportunity for me to indulge in a little self bondage didn’t come up too often.

But as it happened, Easter Break was coming up soon and my house mates were all going home for the holiday, this would give me the house to myself for at least a week, since I wasn’t going home this time because “I couldn’t afford the cost of travel, and I had to work” this wasn’t actually true I had plenty of money and had only a little work to do, but I couldn’t miss this fantastic opportunity to play.

The time eventually came around and everyone had gone home for the holiday except one of my housemates, Becky, she was going to drive home later that day. Becky was a complete BITCH, she seemed to absolutely hate men and me in particular. This is probably because we hooked up once but decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea for us to date since we live together. Since then she has been a complete bitch, starting arguments over nothing. As she was packing she started up again on another argument about some crap.

But I had other things on my mind than what she was up to. I set up my release method that morning and hid it in the back of the freezer, a cup of water with a length of string coiled in the middle of the water both ends were free so I could attach my keys and the other end to an anchor point.

Becky was just finishing her packing so I decided that I would head out to pass the time and to collect a few supplies for my bondage session, like rope, and a couple of padlocks. I wanted a proper bondage session this time, although I still didn’t know what I was going to do.

I was out for a couple of hours so when I got back to the house I found that my flatmates car was gone and there was a note on the side table in the kitchen saying

“I’m off. Put out the rubbish and lock the door, I don’t want any of my stuff nicked. I’ll see you in a week. Becky”

That was it I had the whole house to myself and a week alone for some play time, but what was I going to do? I had been waiting for months for this chance to play and I didn’t know what to do with it. I decided to check over all of my supplies and see what my imagination can come up with.

I tipped out my box of toys onto my bed, and looked at what I had and how I could use them.

A vibrator, A set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs, Lots of rope of different sizes, A blindfold, An arm-binder, A leather hood, A couple of ball gags, A pair of handcuffs, thumb-cuffs, nipple-clamps, And a riding crop, I had only bought this for effect, but took it out anyway.

I then noticed a beam of wood I was going to use to fix some shelves that I bought weeks ago in the corner of the room, it then hit me like a ton of bricks, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I had come up with it ages ago but had forgotten it just because I wasn’t able to try it out, but this was my chance.

I was going to suspend myself!

I gathered the ropes and things I would need, I went into the hallway and connecting rooms and closed all of the blinds and curtains, I didn’t want any unexpected visitors looking in.  I then climbed into the attic through the hatchway in the corridor at the top of the stairs. Unlike most houses our attic hatch way did not have a ladder or staircase built in. It was simply a hole in the ceiling with a wooden frame and a board covering it. This was going to be my anchor point.

I placed the beam of wood across the hole and secured it with some rope, this was to make sure that it wouldn’t move from the position bridging the gap in the ceiling and thus stop me from falling whilst tied up.

I then went back into my room and began to prepare, I removed all of my clothing and tossed them aside, had a shower and dried myself off, I then attached my leather ankle and wrist cuffs to me and locked them in place with the padlocks I bought in town earlier that day. I then picked up a ball gag and some more rope and went out into the hall way.

I then noticed in my flatmates room on the floor a pile of dirty washing next to a gym bag, I decided to “borrow” a few things. I walked into her room  and began to look through her dirty clothes. I picked up a pair of panties that looked like they were from this morning and were still fresh.

“This’ll come in handy” I thought to myself

I returned to the hallway and began to tie myself into a shibari.

I folded a piece of rope about 10 yards long in half and hung it around my neck and down my front, I then began to tie the two lines together in knots all the way down my body, above and between my nipples, across my stomach and finally across my abdomen. I then pulled the rope through my legs and pulled them up behind me forming a nice tight crotch rope. I passed the ends through the loop around the back of my neck pulling it down my back. I then began to pass the two ends of the rope around each side of my body under my armpits and looping them into the spaces between the knots on the front. These were then pulled back and looped around the rope running up my back and then repeated back around the body again, working my way down.

This criss-crossing of the rope tightened the first half immensely around my crotch as it was pulled apart by the rope circling my body. I tied the ropes off in front of me out of reach of where my hands were not going to be getting anywhere near. I had secured myself in a tight body harness of rope. I then put on a robe and went to the freezer in the kitchen to collect my escape mechanism, the water had frozen into a nicely sized lump of ice, I knew from experience that it would take about 2/3 hours to melt and only release the coil of string to which I would attach my escape keys to when totally melted.

I left all but one of my keys on a ring on my bed and went into the hallway again. This key was to a padlock that I hadn’t yet used. I was going to use this padlock to secure my hands to finish the tie. I tied the key to one end of my release string and the other end to the beam in the ceiling above where I would suspend myself. Once the ice melts the key would hang within reach of my tied hands.

I was almost ready, I did another check to make sure all the doors and windows were locked and then I began. I started to add to the shibari tie by stuffing my housemates’ dirty panties in my mouth and then following them with a ball gag which I locked in place with a padlock.

I took a safety line and connected it to the key hanging from the ceiling and then to my wrist cuffs, this was in case I couldn't reach the key when it dropped.

I then took a long length of rope and threw it above me over the supporting beam in the attic. I then looped each end through the shoulder points on the shibari. Then I threw the two ends above me and over the beam for a second time, I then looped each end through the cross point on each side of my body harness and threw the ends over for a third time, as I looped the two ends through each of the side points a second time I pulled down quite hard, this resulted in me being lifted off the ground. Whilst keeping the tension in the rope I threw the end over the support bar again and repeated this process over and over again, working down the harness until I was securely hoisted off the ground and facing directly down on my front, the body harness tightened its grip on me with my added body weight pulling down on the ropes which had the effect of turning me on just so much more.

I had to hurry or I wouldn’t finish, I passed the end ropes from my suspension through the d-rings on my ankle cuffs and then back around my harness, this pulled my legs back into a hog-tie. I used the remaining rope to wrap my calves to my thighs and then clinched them off in two final knots between my thighs, securing my legs into a frog-tie suspension.

I loved every moment of it; I had successfully suspended myself and tied off my legs practically stopping any movement. I decided to finish and pulled my arms behind me, I found a loop in the harness around my middle to upper back to padlock my wrists in place. I passed the lock through the loop in the rope and through the d-rings on my wrist cuffs, this was the moment of truth, up until this point I could untie myself but once my hands are secure I am trapped until the ice melts and I can untie myself. Heart beating I pushed the lock closed.


It was done

I was stuck.

There was now no way out, the only key now was suspended above me.

My back up of a friend I was supposed to be meeting wondering where I was, then coming to find me won't happen until tomorrow at the earliest.

I struggled to test my bonds, I could barely wriggle an inch, it was fantastic. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was captured and gagged by a beautiful mistress. Then I imagined my friend coming over today and then using me for her own pleasure. I loved the sensation of being totally helpless.

I swung enjoying my bonds for about 20 min before my fun was cut short. There was a sharp noise downstairs, it took me a second to recognise it, it was the front door! Someone was opening the front door!

“Shit” I shouted into my gag, my struggles became far fiercer as I was now desperately trying to escape. I didn’t know who it was, no one was supposed to be back here for a week, who was it? What did they want?

The door opened, they walked in and closed the door. They were in the house, I secretly begged that they not come upstairs, and then I heard.

“Hey, I forgot one of my bags!”

SHIT it was Becky, she was back. I suddenly remembered the bag next to the pile of washing, she was going to come upstairs, “FUCK” I began to panic, I was frantically struggling for my freedom as she walked up the stairs.

Her head became visible as she climbed higher up the steps, I froze.

I just looked, helpless to move as she jogged further up the stairs, she looked straight at me and stopped in her tracks, “WHAT THE FUCK?”


I just stared back, turning red, here I was, suspended completely nude in the hallway of a shared house with my flatmates dirty knickers stuffed behind a ball gag.

She just stood there staring at me. I began to struggle again pulling on the string connected to my escape key. Just hoping to get out, if only the ice would break or the knot attaching it to the support beam would come free. She then ran towards me and grabbed the string, she pulled it from my hands and un-hooked the key. That was my only release.

“FUCK” or as Becky must have heard it “MMMMUUUPPPHHH”

She stood behind me, I couldn’t see her, she just stood and inspected my bondage, she looked over to my room, my room, with the open door and the pile of bondage equipment laid out on my bed. She walked slowly around me teasing me with her finger nails and lightly tugging on the rope until she stood straight in front of me, her fingers holding up my chin as her eyes met mine.

Her eyes were clear and harsh, I was really getting worried now about what she would do.

She just laughed, turned and walked into my room, with her back to me I couldn’t see what she was doing but it looked like she was going though my things. She came back holding a large coil of rope and a blindfold in one hand and something small and shiny in the other, she lifted her hand and jingled my keys in front of my face before throwing them across the landing,

“I’ll teach you to steal my things” as she pulled on the knickers hanging from my face.

“Now, let’s have some FUN!” she then pulled the blindfold down over my eyes leaving me blind and completely helpless to whatever she wanted to do to me.





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