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Sweet Escape

by Gravip14

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© Copyright 2007 - Gravip14 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; toys; candy; cons; X

(This story is purely fictional. No character in it relates to any real person. If you are disturbed by bondage or sexually explicit material please do NOT read on.)


Jenifer had been into bondage since her early teens. In her childhood the damsel in distress scenes always caught her interest. Only later did she begin to understand why. At 20 she had never had the courage to trust anyone with her secret, but maturing in the late '90s had the advantage of learning from another source. The internet. She learned about the world of self bondage and techniques to restrain herself. Starting off simple with scarves and a pair handcuffs she purchased at a joke shop, then when she went to college she was able to expand her collection to include gags, vibrators and more restraints. A small collection, but she was a student with a small budget.

Now Jenifer lived in college with her flatmate Donna. Donna went home nearly every second weekend, so Jenifer was usually guaranteed the necessary privacy for her little hobby. And knowing her roommate would be back Sunday evening provided her a safety she hoped never to need. Though the thought of being caught added to her excitement.

Jenifer wanted to add something new to her experiences of restraint. She had grown fond to the key in the ice cube trick, but it always guaranteed her freedom within a relatively predictable amount of time. She just didn't feel the danger element she first had about being caught. She needed to try something else. Something that involved her making an effort to free herself in time. Finally she came up with a new idea.


Saturday finally arrived. Donna had left last night and Jenifer had set her plan in motion. Now she was ready for a little fun. She didn't know how long it was going to take to release herself, but she expected to be bound for a few hours. She didn't like to experiment too much and guarantee being caught by her flatmate. So with Donna back tomorrow evening she'd be fine.

She took a quick shower to freshen up before the fun began. Wearing only a towel she skipped breakfast and settled for a quick cup of instant coffee. Now it was time for her to begin. First she put on her 5” heel black patent leather knee high boots. Donna teased her for never wearing them because she couldn't walk in them very far, but Donna never knew how much use Jenifer got out of them. Removing her towel she admired her naked form. An athletic figure with a 34C chest. Her skin was lightly tanned from some Latino blood on her mother’s side. Her silky black hair fell just below her shoulders. At 5' 7” without the heels she looked stunning as she admired herself.

She removed her sports bag of toys from the bottom of her wardrobe. First off she took out a vibrator, some rope and her original pair of handcuffs. She always had a soft spot for her first real bondage toy. Already excited by the prospect of her adventure she had little difficultly inserting her vibrator. Turning it to the “tease” setting the device would randomly start and stop, normally running at a low setting which would keep the batteries going and result in prolonged sensual frustration with some powerful orgasms. Doubling the rope she looped it around her waist so it hung down from the small of her back and then winding it once around the chain of her handcuffs, thereby holding them just above her ass she then ran the rope between her legs and tied it off at the front. The crotch rope now supported her vibrator and held the handcuffs behind her.

Taking a ring gag, nipple clamps and some more rope as well as her newest homemade toy she went to the middle of the room. Kneeling down she set up her escape apparatus. It consisted of a tripod with 1 foot long legs upon which she attached at an angle of about 45 degrees what appeared to be a 6” red transparent dildo with a key in the base. In her quest for a more interesting escape Jenifer had come up with a lolly pop dildo. Inspired by the novelty pacifiers she'd seen in a candy shop she had set out to find out how to make candy. With the aid of the net she'd found out it wasn't that hard to do. Getting a dildo mold was the hardest part. But she eventually found some hen party dildo ice molds that managed to survive in her oven. After all her planning she was very excited to try her plan.

With the extra rope she tied off her ankles, cinching them in between. Then with the extra length of rope she lopped it around the handcuff chain and crotch rope and tied it off back at the ankle cinch. In effect she made what would be a loose kneeling hogtie once the handcuffs were locked. She then placed the ring gag in her mouth. She never really liked it, preferring a ball gag instead, but it was perfect for this type of session because it allowed her to suck the phallic lolly pop, but not to bite it. Adding a final bit of stimulation she attached the nipple clamps. The pain died down to a dull ache as her nipples became accustomed to the crocodile heads of the clamps. Though she knew that her reprieve would be short lived.

Using her last moments of freedom Jenifer used her hands to manoeuvre herself into a better position beside the strawberry lolly pop penis. Taking her last moment of freedom to ensure everything was correct she then placed her hands behind her back. Slipping her left hand into the metal bracelet she shut it with her right. Then repeating the process with her right hand she was now firmly bound.

Savouring the sensation, she knelt there. The still cold metal of the handcuffs clasped securely around her wrist and held in place by the crotch rope. Any movement pulling it tighter on her sex. The vibrator stimulation her mildly counterpointed by the mild ache of her nipples was starting to make her dizzy, especially as it sank in that she could do nothing about either for the quite a while. She looked at her reflection on the strategically placed mirror. The sight of a beautiful young woman wearing only knee high black boot bound hand and foot, gagged and she realised drooling profusely, with an angry red dick standing attention in front of her. Her only escape was to suck it until she got down to the key.

Finally she broke away from the mesmerising image and turned her attention on getting free. She knew she'd never get to the other key in beside the phone on a note to Donna, in case she ever did need the back up. Sucking the key free was her only way out of being bound for 30+ hours and being discovered. The knowledge that she must work hard and in this humiliating fashion to get free was absolutely mind blowing. She started to suck and lick with all she had. Fantasising that pleasing this man was her only way to freedom. Taking it in and out as deep as she could without gagging and feeling the vibrations in her step up a level, her nipples aching from the rapid up-down movement causing the chain to sway. It was too much for her to handle. The orgasm set every nerve on fire. Had her mouth not been full of the phallic candy the roar of pleasure would surely drawn attention from nearby flats.

Recovering, she knelt back the sticky red drool now dripping down her chest was mirrored by the juices from her now soaked crotch rope. The vibrator had eased off. She came back to herself feeling a slight chill as a sheen of sweat covered her near naked body. Looking at the candy encasing the key she notices to her distress that she had hardly managed to put a dent in it. Concerned she started to work on it steadily licking and trying to suck it. She had tested her candy on a previous occasion when not bound and it had been a lot quicker to suck it into nothing. She soon realised that she wasn't able to suck properly. The ring gag prevented her from closing her lips around the candy. So not only was it stopping her from using her teeth, but she also couldn't suck properly. She was left with a frustrating licking and already her tongue was starting to get tired. After five minutes by her clock, but what seem like four times that of hard work she looked at the candy to see it didn't appear to be much if any smaller.

Panic was starting to set in and Jenifer set at the dildo with a steady rhythm. The vibrator kept working its way inside her distracting her and making it hard to maintain concentration. The uncertainty of her plight was terrifying and also exciting her. In spite of herself she felt she pleasure building inside her. Her nipples were throbbing. Candy thickened spittle was covering her chest and the tripod mounted dildo. A second orgasm overcame her. Her system was awash with incredible pleasure. This time she lifted from the dildo and as her body started to relax after she lost her balance and fell on her left side. Too dazed to do anything Jenifer just lay there panting. Shivering with exhaustion the clammy chill of her wet body, soaked in sweat, candy thickened spittle and the juices of her sex.

When she recovered her wits Jenifer realised she needed to get back on her knees if she was ever going to free herself before Donna returned. The dildo did appear to have shorted and was a bit thinner for the first two inches, but her progress was maddeningly slow. Desperately she struggled to get her knees under her. It was a difficult battle. Her wrists were being pulled hard by the handcuffs. Her tender sex was suffering the crotch ropes wrath, while that evil vibrator continued to torment her. Finally getting to back up she was thankful she went easy on the hogtie. Adjusting her position back in front of the tripod, she steadied herself and with a sigh began to steadily licking again.

Now thoroughly exhausted. Her whole body ached from the ordeal. Her nipples were on fire and her tongue was numb. After several hours of work she had worked her way down most of the way to the key. The vibrator batteries had long since died, her one minor relief. Taking another break she knelt back and tried to stretch her worn body what little her bounds allowed getting what ease she could on tortured muscled and joints. Exhausted, she closed her eyes for a minute.

Waking up in the dark was nasty shock for her. She had left no lights on and now she found herself lying on her side again. The slick liquids that had covered her earlier had long dried, leaving a sticky residue covering her head and most of her front. Forcing life back into tired limbs she again worked to move herself upright. Finally with even more effort than before she managed it. Attempting to get her bearings about her she was relieved to note that the moonlight was coming in through her open curtains. At least there was some light no matter how small.

Over the next several hours she worked exhaustively to wear the candy down to a stub. Finally the key was starting to become free of its sweet prison. Daylight was starting to shine through her window. Now that the end was in sight Jenifer found a new strength. Forcing her swollen tongue to work hard the key fell free after much work. Attempting to turn herself around to retrieve her hard won prize she again lost her balance. Tired muscles had neither the strength nor coordination to manage the task. Knowing she would never be able to get back up a third time she was relieved the key had fallen to the ground. Numb fingers probed blindly for the key. Finally they found their target. Slowly she worked it to the keyhole. Finding she couldn't get it in was a nasty shock. Even sore as she was, this was a long practiced move. She realised that the key still had some candy stuck to it. Using her nails she managed to free the key of the last of the lolly pop. At last she sunk the key home and released her left wrist. Now freed slightly, she released her other wrist with greater ease.

Slowly bringing her deadened arms to the front was agonising. First she freed her nipples and threw the clamps away with all her might. So stiff was she that they only went a few feet. Then removing her gag she worked her jaw. Closing her mouth was a feat in itself. Her tongue seems to take up her whole mouth after swelling from the work. Untying the front knot of the crotch rope freed her to remove the vibrator and handcuffs. It also released the hogtie rope and she was able to straighten her legs. Laying there in her sticky mess she again drifted off.

Waking with a shock she looked at the clock. Donna would be home in a few hours and she was still laying there a naked mess, encrusted with dried candy spittle, legs still bound at the ankle and a loose rope around her waist. Stiffly she untied the last of the rope and went to the bathroom. Finally relieving herself, she was amazed she held on so long. After a shower she felt vaguely human again, but she knew she'd be sore for a week. It would take another few goes before she got all that mess out of her hair, but she had no strength for that now. Walking back to her room like a woman four times her age she noticed that the area around the tripod was covered in the same grime she had been. It would take forever to clean. Taking the spare handcuff key and note for Donna she returned to her room and locked the door. Taking one last look at the mess she went to her bed and crumpled on it and slept until late the following morning.




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