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Taking A Short Bondage Walk

by Roger Williams

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© Copyright 2003 - Roger Williams - Used by permission

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This is completely true. Now that I look back on it, I was crazy. But back then, 20 years ago, it was both fun and exciting.

I was a teacher so during the summer, I didn't have to get up at any particular hour. I used to take an afternoon nap and then be ready to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning. I often wrote letters and then took them down to the mailbox to post them. The mailbox was two blocks away. The first block had two houses with plenty of bushes in front. Then came one store and a gas station, a major street, and then another gas station followed by stores, with the mailbox at the end of the row. I should also mention that I lived on a major street, four lanes, and 40 mph. It was pretty dead at 2 am, but not completely.

I started out making the walk in a unitard, or leotard, or just dance trunks. Depended on the temperature and my mood. That soon got boring. So I dressed the same way but took along a pair of handcuffs. I mailed the letter, stepped into a small alcove between two of the stores, and locked my wrists together - - behind my back. Now I had to get back without being seen!

The advantage of night is that you can see headlights in the distance long before they can see you. Now it was much more exciting because I had to go to the cross street, make sure nobody was coming in either direction, and then run across the street to the first piece of shelter. Then wait to make sure all was clear and run again to the first house, after which I was fine.

Then I upped the ante. I put on the handcuffs before I left the house and made a round-trip that way. I was a bit of a stretch to open the mailbox and put in the letter, and this also added another 25 feet each way that I was cuffed. When I got back to the yard next door, I just slowly walked along the edge of the street, not caring who saw me. If nobody was coming, I'd wait until they did. The advantage I had was that there were a lot of bushes blocking the view of my yard with the street farther down, so if someone did see me, by the time they reacted and braked or turned around, they could not see what happened to me. And this DID happen a few times; once, the driver made a u-turn and drove back and forth but I was nowhere to be seen. I had already ducked in my side door and was watching him from my living room window.

One last episode. It was a very hot night and pouring rain. So I went outside completely naked I stood at the curb with my back towards it, and when it got within headlight distance, I turned around and stuck out my thumb as if I were hitchhiking. I had no worry about anyone seeing my face as who would be looking there? After all, the driver only had a second or two. And then there was the case of "did I see what I thought I saw or was this an illusion?" Most drivers continued on but a few did turn around to see if I was still there. Of course I wasn't! But I am sure they went away wondering if it was real or just an illusion in the storm.

Of course, I'd never do such a thing today. Too many people have cellphones and could drive away and leave you with a sense of security only to have the police show up unexpectedly.




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