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by Howard S

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“…any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from her, or a third person, information or a confession, punishing her for an act she or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing her or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.” source wikipedia


Carey and I are real bondage enthusiasts. We have been married and in a master slave relationship for nine years. I work for the Canadian Navy as a clearance diver, which means I can work in the dark with my hands and I can also tie a lot more than the navy’s nine required knots.  When I’m on tour, Carey and I exchange a lot of stuff, love letters bondage ideas back and forth.

During my first tour in Iraq Carey tied herself in a variety of ways and emailed me the photos, which helped me, pass the time, all I sent her were my ideas and instructions.  When I got home I found that she had a surprise for me. I got a note at the dock that said;

“I’m a little tied up right now to greet you, but if you cum and rescue me I‘ll greet you properly with my tongue.  I’m wearing your favourite ring gag, sporting 3 new rings and I’m verrrry wet”

Enclosed were handcuff keys and a photo of Carey, ring gagged and handcuffed in a hogtie on our bed with three tight cords stretching from the ceiling to her new nipple rings and clit ring. She was just laying there on her hands trying not to roll on to her side.

I hid the note and I burned a new road to my house and had bondage monkey sex for hours.  I rewarded her that night by collaring her with a titanium ring collar that is now locked on her neck for good. Soon after, I ordered a new four poster bondage bed with built in head and neck stocks cut into both ends. Then we had more bondage money sex almost until I shipped out.

 Lately, on my second tour in Iraq, on loan to the US as a mine clearance specialist in the desert, I really miss my ship.  The weather is too hot and dry for a diver and Carey keeps sending me emails berating the US military’s treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison. I think that she wishes I’d do something like that to her.  She keeps pointing out that she has a collar and leash.

In my spare time I made a sound activated switch from disarmed IED parts that’s unlike the one that shocks a dog when they bark, this one does just the opposite. When it hears enough sound it interrupts the connection, when the sound stops it then resets the switch and waits for more sound to open the switch again. If you had it hooked up to a light, every time you yelled at it, the light would turn off.  Three weeks ago I sent it home with basic instructions.

* * *

So here I am, in Iraq with two days till I ship home and I get an email “Dear Howard,” I gulped not knowing what to expect, “I have a big surprise for you.  If you follow this link you’ll find my new private website I built just for you.”

I backed myself into a corner for privacy and with my notebook computer and typed in the URL, I got a screen that said “Hi hun, Thanks for the new toy, I hooked up to my TENS box and have been having a lot of fun.  I set the wall timer to turn off after 6 hours.  I set your switch to interrupt the current if sound is detected.  Then I set the TENS box, so that when it turned on, it went from a gradual increasing pulse to max screaming current.”

Near the bottom of the screen there was a button that said “See my new thumb cuffs in action”.   So, I pressed it and it started windows media player and a video with a black screen. 

Just like at the opening scene of “Star Wars” up came the text,










A note appeared on the screen

Dear Howard,

I have a secret to share with you, but since you’re not here right now I thought I’d torturer myself into giving up the secret on while you watch.  Here are some of the steps I use in “my prison” to extract secrets from the young women prisoners.

I installed thumb cuffs at the foot and head boards of the new bed.  These cuffs are attached to the bed by a long threaded rod and can be adjusted so that when you stretch out on the bed, your toes can just touch one pair and your thumbs can just touch the other. They look like an airplane propeller on a long rod sticking out of the head and foot boards.  The rod goes though the boards and there is a big wing nut on the other side for length adjustment. I adjusted them for a female around 5’6” I showered, shaved everywhere and am now totally naked and wearing my rings on my clit, nipples and neck. I attached your favourite ring gag to the prisoner with a newly added microphone that leads to the new toy (switch) taped to the strap. The video camera recorded everything that happened on the bed. At 12 pm the prisoner was locked in a tight leather eye and mouth less hood (the one with just two nose holes for breathing and then she had a leather collar locked then around the hood. I spread her pussy lips and forcefully inserted a TENS dildo, fucking her a few times to tease her before lubing up her ass for the TENS butt plug. I connected the wires to the TENS box, crazy glued them in place and then using some rough bailing rope tied around the prisoners waist, I ran the loose end tightly between her legs and back to her waist rope, tying the dildos in place. After placing her on the bed, with her ankles down near the thumb cuffs at the foot board.  I pointed her toes and toe cuffed them and double locked the cuffs.  The TENS box near the bed was switched on and the prisoner started to receive shocks until she started loudly singing “do me baby one more time” into her ring gag to stop the shocks. As the singing continued I lifted her arms over her head and tightly locked her thumbs into the cuffs protruding from the headboard. Once bound, the torture began. The prisoner would be tortured like this for over six hours a day.




I pressed a key and then on the screen our bedroom came into view and just as the introduction explained, Carey had racked herself on our new bed. The thumb cuffs attached to her big toes and thumbs held her very still and stretched out.  The clock on the wall was showing 5:45, it looked like she just might be able to scream for another 15 minutes. I watched in awe for the last minutes, she was sweating and clearly in pain, her voice was almost gone as the clock ticked to 6pm.  Then the room went quiet. 

I wondered how she would get the key to unlock the cuffs, when a voice said, “In this prison the prisoner is expected to give up their secrets when asked or they will be tortured severely.  For the next 6 hours I will use a reverse torture in order to make her say my name”.

A blond woman with her back to the camera and in very nice black lingerie and tall strappy heels walks out into the room with a 110 volt vibrating dido in her hand. The women straddles Carey and looks like she is consoling her while stroking and sucking her nipples, the women undoes the tight crouch rope and with no ceremony  at all, removes the TENS dildo from Carey’s pussy and replaces it with the vibrator, tying it tightly back in place.

As I watch she removes the wires from my switch and takes the leads coming from the vibrator and reattaches them to my sound activated switch.  After setting the wall timer for another 6 hours and TENS unit to slow fuck, I can see that if Carey keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t let out the smallest peep she gets that vibrator humming away and her ass electronically fucked.  With the vibrator doing its job I could see Carey struggling to keep quiet as she was now madly rubbing her thighs together. As the first sigh of enjoyment came from Carey’s gag, the vibrator went silent and counted a second to restart.

The woman backed out of the scene without showing her face saying only, “I’ll see you at midnight unless you TALK before”.

Slowly crossing the screen was another message;







Don’t try to email the prisoner as her will be a very tied up.


The next day I was still breathless and was maintaining a tent in my pants, from the amazing treatment she had endured, I had to know the secret.  This time the button on the web site said, “The answer to the secret awaits you dear”

When the video started to play, it was 5:34 the next day and there was Carey in strappy high heels and black lingerie straddling a woman’s face. The other woman was hooded, collared, gagged, thumb and toe cuffed to our bed and wired with 2 TENS plugs as Carey was the previous day.  The only difference was that Carey was severely cropping this women’s dildoed pussy while berating her for making Carey TALK. Carey threatened to have the  prisoner number tattooed on the women’s pussy and was asking her if she need this assistance (whipping) to stop, then all she had to do is say her own name.  At least the pussy beating was helping the women to keep up the screaming and reduce the TENS shocks. 

The screaming, shrieking and crying continued up to 6 pm as Carey prepared the vibrator and looked at the camera and said, “I didn’t know that I’d give in so quickly (12hours) you may have to help me with this one when you get home.  I will hold her in this prison for as long and as hard as you can take to get here.  Please bring 3 new rings to mark your new prisoner with. Cum home soon honey, I miss you, it’s been torture here without you.”


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