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Tamara’s Self Bondage Experiment

by Tamara S

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© Copyright 2012 - Tamara S - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; harness; toys; insert; cuffs; gag; susp; nipple; climax; stuck; true; cons; X

WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy/warning only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. Tamara's Self Bondage Experiment Tamara S Sbf; harness; toys; insert; cuffs; gag; susp; nipple; climax; stuck; true; cons; X  

“I couldn’t believe how tight the straps were. They were tight – TOO tight! I struggled, I twisted, I tried anything I could do, but the straps and leather cuffs just held me so firmly tight. I was stuck and worse still by my own hand. No chance of release, no chance of help. Yet another wave of panic spread over my body, quickly followed by another wave of pleasure from my constant stimulation. I was now certain that without help coming soon that I would go completely crazy suspended here…..”

Tamara couldn’t quite remember when it was that she first realised she loved bondage. It was certainly her childhood. All those tie up games with friends had seemed innocent enough for all those watching on but for her there was always an extra thrill, especially when she was the one bound up. Tamara was now 23 years old, 170cm’s tall and weighed 55kg. She was very proud of her hourglass figure – inherited from her mother – and her D-cup breasts. She always felt that her ass was too big, and made even worse by her naturally narrow waist, but the male population never had any issue with that ample rear end. It always made trying to buy jeans difficult however – anything that she could squeeze her rear end into would need a belt around her waist to hold them up. She also had long mid-back length blond hair, bottle blond hair, her natural hair colour was a mid-brown, but she had been dying her hair for many years now to the point that most people she knew had only remembered her this way. Those same people had no idea about her love of all thing bondage, or her fantasies about being bound inescapably tight.

“Trying to find a boyfriend into bondage at my age is damm near impossible!” Tamara flopped down onto her couch; another relationship had just ended – badly. It would seem that even those boyfriends that actually agreed to tie her up completely missed the point. If they couldn’t have sex with her, then why bother, was the prevailing attitude. More than anything in her short life so far Tamara longed to be bound up tight, and inescapable, but nothing she had done to her so far was even close to what she wanted.

As had now become the routine she pulled out her iPad and headed off to her usual sites to read the latest bondage stories. She liked the fantasy, and she liked imagining herself in the predicaments the girls found themselves in. It was at this point that she came across a very interesting story indeed. It was self-bondage, and a very elaborate one at that. Now Tamara had never been particularly keen on self-bondage, mainly as it failed to achieve the inescapability she wanted unless extreme risk was taken in a release mechanism. This, on the other hand, was brilliant in its simplicity. By using suspension cuffs and a stool, the girl had made it so that she was bound tight and inescapable, but could get free at any time by use of the stool. This got Tamara thinking, and decided to give it a go right away. Maybe it was the emotion of the recent breakup, or the fact that she was feeling very horny and frustrated, but she wasn’t thinking through course of events now unfolding in front of her….. and it would be to her peril.

Tamara had everything laid out ready to go. First, there was the big pile of leather straps with locking buckles. There was also her 2 ¼” locking harness ball gag, her clover clamps and weights, a locking bondage harness, regular leather cuffs and suspension cuffs – also locking, a mid length spreader bar, and of course most importantly of all a 7” vibrator and a large inflatable vibrating butt plug. Nothing too shocking for a bondage lover, but the number of boyfriends that went grey when presented with all of this was not funny!

She started by stripping completely naked and then placing the bondage harness over her shoulders. With it sitting there, she carefully inserted the vibrator all the way inside of her, slowly but surely it went all the way in until it reached its flared base. Her excitement ensured that there was plenty of natural lubrication to help it in, but still the girth of this particular device really stretched her, almost painfully, but she was by no means going to stop before she’d even begun! Next up was the butt plug. This was certainly going to require lubricant first. After getting everything liberally covered she lined up the tip of the plug with her rear end and began to push it inside of her, twisting and turning it as she went. Every few cm’s she would pull back and then push forward again, allowing her body to become accustomed to the stretching her body was being put through. Finally, when she thought she could push no more it popped into place behind the widest part of the plug and it settled into place.

Quickly, to keep everything in place she grabbed the central strap of the harness and pulled it up between her legs and between her butt cheeks. The strap was inserted into the buckle behind her and she pulled everything really tight, causing the strap to sink deeply into her rear end and forcing the plug and vibrator even deeper inside of her. She paused a moment, then with all the strength she could she pulled the strap up one more notch before then putting a lock through the buckle loop and clicking it shut. Next came the three straps that ran around her body, first the strap above her breasts, pulled tight so that it sunk into the upper portions of her breasts, then the middle strap just below her breasts, and then finally the strap around her waist, pulled extra tight so that it crushed her waist down to 18 inches. Each was buckled tight, and a lock placed through after a little bit of mucking around trying to find the buckle loop behind her back on each one. She stood up to admire herself in the full length mirror in the room. “Boy this is going to be fun tonight!”

Now for the gag, the 2” harness gag with big red ball. This was a BIG gag, barely able to fit her mouth, but she knew with a bit of work it would go in. She untangle the web of straps and then lined the ball up with her mouth. Stretching it wide she began to squeeze the rubbery ball as best she could to get it into her mouth. After a bit of work it finally popped in behind her teeth. This alone would make it hard to get out, but then she began to attach all the straps. First up was the strap around her head, secured tightly in back. Next up came the inverted “Y” strap that went over her face, and then split again into two straps down the sides of her head. Finally the chin strap was secured, but at this point she went over all the straps buckling things again even tight, much much tighter. Finally, she placed a lock through each buckle loop on the gag thus making sure that it wouldn’t be coming off in a hurry. Right away the strain on her jaw was immense, and she felt the drool forming around her lips. She tried to swallow but the position of the jaw and the big ball filling her mouth made it impossible. The first long string for drool fell from her mouth.

Now things were getting really serious. She decided to leave the clamps until the very last moment, as she was unsure she would be able to take the pain for very long. The heavy fishing weights were already attached, so using the jaws of the clamps she attached them to harness to keep then handy. She now attached the suspension straps onto her wrists, pulling the strap tight around each wrist until it wouldn’t slip, and then put the lock through each one to keep it on. The inside of the cuff was soft lined, but this wouldn’t help once her weight was entirely being born by her wrists. Things were now a little more cumbersome with the cuffs attached to her wrists, but it was easier in this order. She also eattached a basic leather cuff around each leg just above her knees. These also had a locking buckle, and also a large metal loop on them, but at this stage didn’t do anything.

She gathered up everything and pulled the stool out from the side of the room. In the middle of the room there was an eyelet attached directly into the beam of the roof – something a previous boyfriend had installed for her for a non-bondage purpose he thought. From this ran a large heavy duty chain followed by an equally large screw shut “O” bolt chain joiner. She sat on the floor next to the stool and sat with her legs folded. Each leg was folded over and then secured to the back of her thighs by a strap with a locking buckle. Another strap was then attached toward the lower part of her legs. This now stopped her from standing at all, if it wasn’t for the stool. The last step was to attach the two vibrators inside of her to the mains powered timer, and set it for “random”. Mains powered means that the vibration would be strong, intense, and never ending! She picked up the squeeze bottle for the butt plug vibrator and pumped it a few times until she really felt very full indeed! Then she did what she had done throughout so far and went further, giving the bottle another pump just to be sure.

Now came the hard part. Using the stool to support her she pulled herself up until she was standing on her knees. Then, with all her strength she pulled until she was able to scramble mid-way up the stool using her knees to support herself on the rungs of the stool. Finally, using the suspended chain above her to help she got all the way onto the top where she was precariously balanced. Reaching down the side of the chair she picked up the spreader bar that was leaning next to the stool and placed it in front of her knees on top of the stool. She attached her left cuff to the left eyelet of the bar with a small padlock, easy enough! Now, with just her left knee balanced on the stool, and with her left hand holding onto the suspension chain to support herself, she lifted her right knee off of the stool until it was suspended into space and fumbling around a bit managed to attach the right cuff to the right hand eyelet on the bar. No thought was given at this stage just how hard it was going to be to get out of all of this, nor the fact that the keys to all the locks were sitting on the floor. This however would be a minor issue when things went really wrong.

Now for the point of no return for Tamara. Still holding onto the suspension chain with her left hand to support herself, she unclipped the clover clamp from her harness, and then carefully aligned the jaws with her right and very erect nipple. Letting go of the clamp the pain shot through her body but she just had to go on. She let go and the fishing weight fell below her breast pulling even harder on the nipple, and a load groan escaped from around the gag in her mouth. She now reached over and unclipped the other clamp from her harness, and placed it onto her left nipple with a similar amount of pain being extracted. Now letting go completely, the other weight pulled down on her nipple and with the chain between the two no longer being supported by the harness the full weight was now applied. “This is really going to hurt when they come off”, she thought to herself.

She now reached up and put the loop of the left wrists cuff through the screw loop at the end of the suspension chain, followed by loop from the right cuff. She screwed down the thumb screw on the loop until it was completely closed. She was nervous, and had serious butterflies in her stomach. “What am I doing, this is crazy!”, she thought to herself, but then in a moment of extreme courage – or stupidity – she completed her bondage predicament. She lifted herself off of the stool with her arms until her body swung clear of it, and then lowered herself down until all her weight was taken by the wrist suspension cuffs.

It had worked and really well, and she took stock of the situation. The stool now sat behind her. When she was ready to release herself, all she would need to do was lift herself up again, and then balance her left knee onto it, un-attach the suspension cuffs from the suspension chain, and release herself in reverse order of how she secured herself. She swung slowly back and forth, her legs folded in half with her ankles tightly strapped against her ass, the harness tightly hugged her body and the harness straps between her legs felt tighter than ever, her knees were held wide apart by the spreader bar attached at her knees, the nipple clamps and weights would constantly tug and pull on her tender nipples at every movement, and her jaw ached from the massive ball filling it.

She imagined that she had been kidnapped, and bound and left like this in an abandoned warehouse. No chance of escape and no chance of any help finding her. As her mind wandered off into fantasy, it was when something she had completely forgotten about happened – the vibrators sprang into life. She actually jumped with a start as the came to life, from the noise and from the sudden rush of pleasure within her. She started puffing and grunting through the gag and the pleasure within her rose more and more. “mmmpphhhh, MMMPPHHHHH, MMPPPPPPPHHHHH!!!!!”

She struggled and twisted and turned and the weights bobbed up and down tugging on each nipple, but the pain just served to turn her on even more. After a very short period of time indeed, she came, bucking and rocking back and forth. She tried to close her legs, to stop of control the vibrations, but the spreader bar made sure that was completely impossible. Then she realised something was wrong. “Didn’t I set this to random?!?”. Then it hit her – it was set to random start!!! That meant that once started it would just keep going and going forever! Panic hit her and she quickly lifted herself up to get onto the stool, and release an arm so she could pull the power lead out of the vibrator and butt plug. She wasn’t concentrating, and the vibrators were helping her concentration, and it was at this point that she fumbled, and knocked the stool over.

Now there would be no release, and no escape from the constant pleasure running through her body.

To be continued……..


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