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by Knotty Master

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This story contains adult content and should not be made available to minors or be read by anyone who is offended by sexual materials. Feel free to repost this story as long as it is in an appropriate place for the content and as long as this disclaimer remains with it.


As long as Jenny could remember, strange things had happened to and around her. She had been in and out of different research facilities, both with and without her consent for the majority of her life. Jenny it seems has certain telekinetic abilities.. Not only did she seem to have the ability to move things, Jen could also alter stuff and manifest things from thin air. The problem was she had absolutely no control over when and what she affected. The ability seemed to be more connected to her subconscious mind than any thoughts she was aware of making. As soon as something happened, she always recognized it as that thought that kind of floated in the back of her mind. On more than one occasion, she had awoken to something she had produced from a dream or nightmare. Luckily, anything that truly terrified her simply disappeared the moment she freaked out.

The only fortunate part of the whole deal was the fact it didn’t seem to happen when she were conscious of her ability or if someone else, either in person or on video were waiting for something to happen. Jen was sure if there were ever any proof of her abilities the government would have locked her up in some secret lab and never let her out again. Although many people “Know” without a doubt Jen was responsible for the weird things that always happened around her, no one has ever been able to prove that connection.

Jen’s trouble started when she was around ten. She was in a department store with her mother when she came across an outfit on the rack she liked. Just as she began to look at it, she found herself wearing that very outfit. The clothing she had been wearing were nowhere to be found and the pretty blue dress had just manifested itself from nowhere. There was allot of commotion and confusion from her mother and the clerks of the store. An inventory of the outfits on the rack showed the dress she now wore wasn’t out of their stock. There simply wasn’t an explanation for the incident.

For the next eight years things didn’t improve. Her parents were scared of her. Hundreds of doctors and scientists either couldn’t believe there was anything supernatural going on or couldn’t figure out exactly what it was that was happening. She had spent extended periods of time isolated in sterile little rooms and still nothing but more mystery. The only fact that seemed to be uncovered was the ability wouldn’t manifest itself as long as there was any effort being made to witness it. Jen knew all too well what that guy in the Bugs Bunny cartoon felt with the singing frog.

Now at eighteen, Jen had developed nicely. As she spent a lot of time indoors, she made much use of her parents exercise room and indoor pool. Her hair that had been a golden blond when she was younger, had gotten darker over the years and was that barely blonde almost brunette. If she hadn’t been the target of so much teasing in school for being a witch or freak, she would have been pursued by every boy around. Instead, she had taken to draping her long hair over most of her face and hiding behind baggy clothing. She had made as much effort as she could to being invisible.

Now old enough to be on her own, Jen’s parents were kind enough to give her their mountain cabin. It was the only way she could keep herself away from the tabloids and public eye. Despite considerable efforts, all too often she would stop thinking about her “Gift” and things would happen. A career or even a social life seemed to be out of her reach. With the paparazzi often parked at the end of the two mile road on her property, her life now consisted of delivered groceries and solitude.

Jen filled most of her time on the computer. Partly in an effort to generate some sort of an income. Her parents wouldn’t be around forever and hopefully she could write some books or something. A lot of it was just entertainment. Being a healthy young woman with an active libido and the lack of a significant other, she found herself spending a lot of time reading and looking at porn. Bondage seemed to be a particular turn on and also leads to a new problem.

Jen put the computer into sleep mode with a particularly interesting story fresh in her mind. Making her way to bed, she didn’t actually have any plans to gratify herself, just some good thoughts to sleep on. As she curled up in her satin sheets and began to drift, Jen should have realized her mistake. In the past, on several occasions, she had manifested all sorts of things in REM sleep. Once she had even awoken to a car parked in her room. Contractors had to remove a wall to get the thing out. She still had it, a beautiful sixty nine Shelby mustang convertible. Getting the thing registered was an interesting task on its own. The state patrol had held it for some time as they attempted to track its registration. According to Ford’s records, the car was never built.

Over the past few weeks she had done a good job of keeping her thoughts under control and as usual she was letting her guard down. Deep into her slumber, Jen began to dream. An intensely realistic dream. A handsome lover. all kinds of bondage equipment. The dream seemed to go on forever, but the events just seemed to move around her actually getting tied up for a good fucking. On and on it seemed to go and she just never got to feel the sweet imprisonment of the gear all around her. The guy would set up this and that, but just as Jen would be sure it was going to happen, things just kept drifting.

Several very sexually dressed women walked around her. Jen should have questioned where they came from, but you know how things seem to make sense in a dream. As the women touched and teased Jen’s slender athletic and suddenly very naked body, she found herself swooning with lust. As the women intensified their attack, Jen was sure she was about to fall over because of the lack of control of her body. These women were so sexy and erotic, so much sensuality all at once.

Remaining limp in their grasping hands, Jen noticed each one of them had implements of bondage. The ladies began to apply the gear everywhere all at once. As she felt the touch of leather and rubber on her skin, Jen became completely in tune with it. Her arms came together behind her back, palms together, elbows touching, as a leather arm binder was laced ever so tightly. At the same time, one of the other girls was lacing heavily boned thigh high boots about her legs. They were completely inflexible, with impossible heels that ran parallel with her pointed feet.

A full corset encircled her waist, holding her in its steely grip, from the base of her breasts down to her well shaped hips. As she girl working the laces tugged Jens body with harsh yanks, Jen could feel the pressure on her lungs. Her breathing became increasingly shallow with each pull. To make breathing all that much more of a challenge, a huge rubber ball was being strapped into her mouth. Straps tightened around either cheek, criss crossing under her chin and around to the back of her neck and yet another one forming an upside down Y between her eyes and behind the back of her head. The straps were pulled so tight they pressed into her flesh.

Jen was becoming more aroused by the moment. She was thrusting her hips out in the hopes one of the ladies would pay it some attention and bring her off. She needed it so badly, she could think of nothing else. Then suddenly, the women were gone. The room was different. Damn, why did I have to wake up now. As she began to stir, Jen noticed something wasn’t right. She had woken stiff and achy before, but this was different, Her mouth was still occupied with the gag, her waist was still crushed by the corset and her arms were still locked behind her back. Her barely conscious mind couldn’t focus right. She just kind of lay there, thinking. “It was a dream, right? Am I dreaming now? I’m definitely still tired enough to sleep…” With that, Jen found herself back in the dream. The dream was right where it was when she slipped out of it a moment ago and her waking moment, for now was completely forgotten.

As all of the women turned their attention back on her flesh, Jen felt herself being guided backwards. As she thought they were going to push her onto a bed or into a chair, They instead had her step up into something. As she steadied herself in the swinging confines, Jen realized she was standing in a cage. As the ladies began closing various metal bands, Jen noticed how the cage was contoured to her body. Manacles closed around her ankles and thighs. Metal bands were brought over her chest and waist. Soon one was closed over her forehead and yet another one encircled her throat.

By the time Jen figured she couldn’t be any more immobilized, the women brought the door around and pushed it closed. Though her field of view was limited to what was straight ahead, she could make out one of the girls approaching with a hand full of bolts and a ratchet. As the girls share in the task of threading the bolts into the door, Jen realized the cage wasn’t coming open anytime soon. The difficulty breathing, combined with the extensive bondage was causing her to have a claustrophobic panic. Suddenly struggling and gasping to breathe, the women seem unaware of her plight and continued tightening the bolts, bringing the door just that much tighter against her..

Jen was convinced she was about to suffocate. She struggled with the added strength of adrenaline, yet from an onlookers point of view, she was barely twitching. Her cries of panic around the ball strapped deeply in her mouth are the only true sign of her plight. Her airway and sinuses seem to constrict. As her panic increased, she found herself waking. She was caught at that moment when her mind was fighting. “It did happen, but no, it doesn’t make sense. It was too real to be a dream, but it has to be.“ As Jen began to get a grasp on the fact she indeed had been dreaming, she still didn’t feel right.

She knew she was waking up, though the dream didn’t seem to let her go. At least something wasn’t letting her go. It was like she was caught right on that edge where she was awake and still drifting on the edge of the dream. Jen opened her eyes and found herself staring at the bars in front of her face. As she became fully awake, she discovered she had once again produced something in her sleep. Though she was definitely scared, her manifestation wasn’t going away. Deep down, she knew why. The fear, combined with the bondage was turning her on. Her excitement and arousal was enough to keep the terror factor from vanishing her bonds.

Jen went over her situation. The delivery guy wasn’t due for days and even if she didn’t answer the door upon his arrival, she knew he would leave everything on the porch and go. Judging by what she could see, the cage was most likely suspended from the beam in the bedroom. Her parents had just visited, so she wouldn’t hear from them for a while either. She had made them promise to give her space and time, an argument she was just starting to regret.

So here she is, hanging in a cage, drifting and turning ever so slightly. Bound rigid just as she was in the dream. Jen was confused and frightened. She could asphyxiate or hang here until she expired from dehydration. Still, her mound was wet and swollen. There was no way for her to tell how much time was passing other than the glow in the window from the daylight from outside. Her bedroom window faced the north, so all she knew was it was day time.

Having long given up on struggling, Jens only movements were an attempt to relieve some mild aches. Though her arms were pinioned tightly behind her, she was quite flexible. The room was starting to dim, telling her she had hung here for the entire day. It seemed like an eternity and only minutes at the same time. The lack of events to mark time with was taking its toll on her mind. For the moment , all she could think about was the hunger in her stomach. A tall glass of ice water, cheese cake. As she drifted on the thought, she could almost taste it. “I can taste it!” Jen began to realize She could sense a residual taste in her mouth like she had just finishes a piece of cheese cake with a glass of milk. Her thirst and hunger were gone as well.

Though relived of her hunger, this made Jen a little stressed. By the time her mind was loose enough to allow her ability to manifest itself, she was so hungry that was the only thing she could think about. What if this pattern continued forever? Surely her parents would turn up sooner or later, right? As Jen contemplated, a new concern arose. She just felt the first hint of having to pee. She let herself fall asleep with that twinge.

Back in dream land, Jen was still in her confines. The room however, had changed to a sterile white. It was all to familiar. One of the government places where she had made one of her longest involuntary stays. Dreadful memories of catheters and sensors. The dentist like chair she had been strapped in for days. Like most dreams, there just didn’t seem to be a question of how she got here. In her mind, it was as if she had never left.

Suddenly, someone was beneath her wiping her privates with what felt like alcohol pads. She couldn’t look down, but the sensation was unmistakable as the tube was pushed into her urethra. Standing up and then moving behind her, Jen saw one of the women that had put her into these restraints. She felt the same wiping being done around her rear passage, before an immense pressure. Knowing this woman was going to get the object into her rear with or without her cooperation, Jen did her best to relax, but the pain was growing. Just as she was sure to pass out from the trauma, Her stretched hole closed over the base of the intruder.

Though she never saw the object that now invaded her rear, Jen knew she wouldn’t be able to expel it without the use of her hands. The woman came around in front of her, bringing a padded leather blindfold into view. Just as the woman began securing the blindfold over her eyes and plunging her into darkness, Jen found herself waking. This time she gained her bearings much quicker. As she explored her senses, Jen was disturbed but not surprised to find all of the new items in place. She could feel the intruders in her nether regions, but the worst part of it was the blindfold. Her inability to mark time before was bad enough, but now she wouldn’t even know if it were night or day.

Her powers had just made her situation even more frightening and damn it… heightened her arousal. How she wished for some stimulation. At that moment, Jen felt something parting her folds. It hummed and pulsed through her. Jen knew the sensations were a vibrator, but how? She had manifested it with her conscious mind, the first time she had ever done so. It picked up its pace, buzzing madly. As it began pumping, Jen realized it was just what she wanted it to do.

Her mind went nuts, putting clover clamps on her nipples. She could feel the whole cage move forward as tension pulled them. Her mind had tied them with strings to the knob of the bed post, just a few feet away. The harder the string was pulled, the tighter the clamps gripped, taking the pain to the very limits of what she could stand. Every twitch of Jens body bobbled the cage, resulting in tugs being applied to her sensitive nipples. Leather cord encircled the base of her breasts, constricting fiercely, again to the highest point of her tolerance.

The combination of the torture on her breasts combined with the stimulation of the vibe was enough to push her over the top. Her body tightened and convulsed as her climax reached its peak. The rhythm of her bodies jerking caused the cage to bobble. The cage only moved a few inches, but it was enough to make Jen wail as her nipples were jerked repeatedly. By the time she started to calm, her body was completely spent. As she came down from her high, Jen felt the restraints loosening their grip. Everywhere and all at once, everything seemed to soften as she slipped from their grasp. Her body folded up slowly as she was deposited onto the carpet. Jen tried to contemplate the moments events but she was just grateful for the release, both sexually and physically.


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