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The Tens Unit

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; tens; nipple; toys; insert; naked; chairtie; straps; gag; collar; electro; shock; torment; stuck; climax; cons; X

Tina had been reading stories about Tens units for months and researching how they work getting more curious about how or if they could improve herself bondage games. Tina finally ordered a small unit that had been advertised as the strongest unit available in its size. Tina eagerly awaited the unit’s arrival and planned her first session with it after she experimented with it for a while of course. When the unit arrived Tina was surprised at its size, she had seen the dimensions but hadn’t realized it was small enough to come with a belt clip making it very discrete. Her mind filled with all kinds of possibilities for use in public as she re-read the instructions installing the batteries then sticking four pads to her ass and plugging them in.

Tina giggled and squealed as she played with the settings letting some of them run for a few minutes while she opened then added the attachments she had purchased. She was quietly moaning from the pulses shocking her ass as she opened the first phallus made to be used with the tens unit. It was designed to be inserted into her increasingly damp pussy, she had ordered it and the plug for her ass with built in vibrators already wanting to insert each as her arousal was growing. The nipple clamps were her next items she opened inspecting each and noticing that the clamping effect was very weak as she clipped each to her swollen nipples. Tina laughed as she realized she was now sitting totally naked in her bondage chair having started wearing panties and a light bra now she was only wearing her favorite skyscraper heels.

Adjusting the unit again she squealed for several minutes gripping the chairs arms as she became accustomed to the pulses. Calming again Tina added two more sets of pads to her breasts one on each nipple and one set in-between her pert breasts. The unit could run four sets of contacts at once and she carefully turned on the ones over her nipples. Tina was gasping as she continued turning up each set of pads until her whole body was shaking and she was squealing and moaning. Tina looked at the controls noting it seemed her max setting for her nipples was four while her breasts were at six but her ass cheeks were up to ten. She didn’t think any part of her could take the maximum level fifteen.

Tina was thoroughly aroused and lowered the settings and began playing with the pulse patterns. Tina found that the second from the last marked S1 was her favorite, the pulses would increase to very fast then slow down to very slow giving her ass and breasts the feeling of being messaged. Tina played with the settings for over an hour still depressed that the clamps were so weak before taking the small rubber bands that had been holding the cords together and wrapping them around the heads of the clamps looping them several times. Removing the pads she placed the clamps on her nipples again hissing as the pinching was much more severe and she shook her breasts and the clamps stayed put. Plugging them to the units she squealed loudly and jerked violently as the preset shocks hit her nipples making her yank the wires unplugging them from the unit.

“Damn! Now that’s what I was wanting!” Tina said to herself finally understanding the hype about the tens unit. Tina adjusted the unit and plugged her nipples clamps back in and soon was gasping and whining deeply as she knew she had found what she had been missing. Tina had to try the plugs and quickly removed the pads from her breasts and one set from her ass then carried the unit while she got her lube and a pair of rubber shorts to keep everything in. As she passed her bondage supplies she saw her prepared gear grabbing it up adding the posture collar that worked with the chair. The chair was a simply designed steel chair that she kept bolted to the floor in her extra room and had special features that made it one of her favorite playtime props.

The chair had eleven straps, two around her ankles and two around her legs below the knee, two more around her waist and chest with two more that wrapped around her wrists and above her elbows. All the straps fed through channels in the chair to an electric motor and once set would wind the straps tightly holding the occupant as tight as they wanted in the steel chair until the timer turned off the power then they could pull the straps back out and free themselves. The last strap connected to the posture collar and would pull her neck back tightly pinning her head against the back of the chair. Tina seldom used the collar because she hadn’t liked the added pressure around her throat but lately had started using it again as her desire to be made more uncomfortable during her bondage sessions had increased.

Tina lubed the phalluses moaning as she inserted each, carefully routing the wires out of the rubber panties as she pulled them up against her damp pussy. Tina strapped the head harness with the large panel gag attached around her head pulling the straps tight then cinching the panel over her mouth forcing the large ball deep into her mouth. Tina hoped she would be screaming in ecstasy soon and didn’t want to disturb her neighbors and knew the panel gag muffled her more than any of her other gags. The collar was wrapped around her neck and buckled snugly, Tina knew it had to be tight or it would twist as it was pulled back making breathing more difficult and ruin her session.

Tina enjoyed having her head held rigidly erect already moaning with anticipation as she slipped her feet into their straps making sure they were around her ankles then closing the straps below her knees. Tina clamped her nipples again moaning loudly before plugging in the wires to the phalluses and pads on her body. Once she was connected she closed the belts around her waist and chest then plugged the neck cable to the collar. Tina looked around making sure everything was ready then slipped her arms into the loops of the chair and sat getting ready for her adventure. Tina stretched forward grunting to turn on the tens unit, her fingers just able to reach it and pull it towards her. Sliding the unit along the table next to the chair until it was close enough for her to open the cover feeling for the on button.

Tina was concentrating on finding the “On” button and preparing to start her session pushing the button on the chairs arm activating the motor under her seat and feeling the straps get pulled in. Tina’s wrists were pulled down hard as she pressed the “On” button on the tens unit, Tina started squealing as her pussy and ass were suddenly pulsating violently. Tina’s pinched nipples were also getting shocked as the straps around her body tightened pinning her to the chair. Tina stretched her hand towards the tens unit but was unable to even touch it. Tina’s body was being forced to twist and flex as the electricity ravaged her making her scream as the pulses increased then calming down gasping as they lowered. In Tina’s excitement she hadn’t tested the setting for the plugs leaving them at the same place she had the pads on her ass, which had been set higher than the nipple clamps.

Tina struggled and screamed then felt the vibrators had turned on, changing in intensity along with the pulses. Tina cursed herself for not realizing the vibrators would start working with the electrical pulses and was glad that it slowly began to feel good. Tina continued to be tortured squealing and twisting only getting brief rests between the pulses that were increasing for over an hour before the frustration of being bound and shocked made a massive orgasm explode through her sweat covered body blocking out all the pain and leaving her gasping as she sat limply in the tight straps of the chair.

Tina’s body was still involuntarily jerking with each pulse making her grunt with each shock she received as she tried to clear her head and remember how long she had set the timer of chair for. Tina screamed as she realized in her excitement she had not reset the chairs timer from the last time she had used it and would pinned to it for another three hours. Tina could not move at all as she fought the chair and the electricity and screamed from the pain and frustration. Tina was on the edge of another massive orgasm and was weeping freely when suddenly all the vibrations and shocks stopped. Tina’s body was still tingling from the tens units torture and her body reacted to the relief by climaxing again making Tina moan and her body tense up pulling hard on the straps.

Tina sat patiently enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm’s already planning her next adventure and wondering if she could find a timer for the tens unit so she could put the unit completely out of reach. Tina began to get bored and wished the tens unit would come back on or something would happen to relieve her boredom when she felt the straps ease their grip on her body. Within minutes Tina was free of the chair standing only to promptly sit back down from her legs being too weak to carry her. Sitting in the chair still wearing the gag and collar she reached for the tens unit and carefully adjusted it until she was receiving the nice messaging feelings of the electric shocks and sat humming and stroking her body relishing the feelings her new toy gave her.

Tina was enjoying herself as she slipped her feet back into the restraints and buckled all the rest before putting her arms back into the loops and pressing the button trapping herself for another four hours in the tight straps. This time she would only be teased by the messaging sensations possibly making her orgasm again out of frustration or maybe not either way she knew she would enjoy herself.

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