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Terry’s Terrible Torment

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

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Terry was pleased with himself. He had decorated the living room. New wood floor, new wallpaper, ceiling had been painted. He had lights that were turned on and off by a "zapper". A new 40 inch LCD television on the wall. He had a brand new telephone that he had put on the coffee table. What more could he want.

All he had to do now was clear up the mess. But that gave him an idea. If he was to put himself into strict bondage, with all the materials hanging around, it would look like he had been shoved into a store room and left. He thought that was brilliant idea that would add atmosphere to his bondage. There was the paste table, the ends of the wallpaper, the yardstick, the buckets of paste, and paint. A large strip of sticky backed plastic about 18 inches square was lying in the floor. He had brought several brooms into the room and left them standing against the paste table. It looked a right mess. All the furniture except the old coffee table was removed from the room. The coffee table was going to be thrown away so Terry had used it to stand on to paint the ceiling.  

A clever person really was Terry. He had been bought bondage equipment some time ago. That is why his girlfriend left him. She didn't want to know. She wouldn't even tie him up when she walked out. They had argued but she thought that if she did tie him up, she would have to come back to release him.

Not only had he been bought bondage equipment from different shops on a well known internet based auction site, but he had also made some himself.  He was a dab hand on the sewing machine and had bought a 4 square yard of thick material. He had stitched it into a bag and had threaded nylon rope through the channel he had made by turning the top over and stitching it up. He had only left 3 inches between the 2 ends of the bag's channel and the nylon rope hung down about 2 feet outside of the channel at both ends. He had knotted the rope so that it could not be pulled through the channel at either end.

He had put himself in the bag several times and had found that he could pull the excess rope into the bag and tie it tightly. It would not strangle him but he could not escape. What he had found was that he could tie the ends on the inside, push the rope outside of the bag and turn in it so when he looked in the mirror there was no rope or knots to be seen. That used to get him worked up and made it more awkward to escape as he had to turn around again to ease the rope into the bag and pull the excess into it so he could untie the knots.

He had taken some wide leather belts and cut them to fit his ankles. He had glued two belts together. The outside one being shorter than the inside one so only one belt would go through the buckle.

He had also, to make sure riveted the belts together. He could have bought some cuffs, but at the time, he never had the money, so he had found the belts in a charity shop and converted them for his own use. He was  proud of the ankle cuffs as it was his first attempt at making bondage gear. He had been toying with the idea of making some steel cuffs and lining them with the leather fro some more belts.

He had made a hard rubber device that held his teeth a half inch apart. It fitted both in front of his teeth and behind. It had a couple of holes in it at each side of the mouth piece. There were a half inch in diameter.  The holes could not be seen. At the front of the teeth a rubber plate that went up inside his mouth and reached where his gums met his lips.  

Through the centre of the mouthpiece there was a bolt. This stuck out about 4 inches. To make sure the bolt never fell into his mouth, he had put a large washer both sides of the rubber block and put a nut on the outside of it. This would face forward and the head of the bolt would be inside his mouth. 

He would put the mouthpiece in his mouth, then get the outside piece. This fitted over the bolt and went from his chin and ended just bellow his nostrils. It was wide enough to go from his cheekbone to the other one, so it formed a one piece mouth cover. He originally had an idea to put a leather strap under the mouth cover, but he decided against it. As it would only be him using the gag, he would cast it all in one himself. He had taken the rubber from his work place. It was not much. It was in the rubbish skip so he relieved the firm of disposing with it.

He had taken a large lump of plasticine with a bolt through the middle of it and put it in his mouth and bit down until he was satisfied he could hold his mouth open that wide all day nearly. He was nearly sick when he did this. He forced the plasticine up inside his lips until it reached where it could go no further.   Then he pushed his lips back to get the right thickness that he would need. Now he carefully pulled his lips open and opened his mouth wider and removed the plasticine. He had the shape he wanted.

He got some petroleum jelly and spread it over the mouthpiece. Now he got the strong filler he needed and covered the mouthpiece. He did the top first and then the bottom. Between the two halves he stuck some cellophane. He had to part them to get the prototype gag out of the mould.

Now he put a large tin can on the cooker and melted the rubber slowly. While he was waiting for it to melt, he turned his attention to the outside of his mouth.  What would be the best shape?

The rubber melted and the filler was set hard. He split the two haves and removed the dummy gag. He put the two halves back together again and sealed them with some blue tack around the outside. He could not fix them together as the mold might be needed again. He stood back and carefully poured the molten rubber into the mould. He was praying this would work.

That over, he had to let the rubber cool. No rubber had come out through the split of the two halves. How he prayed. He could just imagine him in this gag.

The rubber set hard and Terry removed the mould. It looked perfect. He could not wait and stuck it straight into his mouth. It fitted like a dream. He could see the holes and the bolt sticking out between his teeth. He thought he might as well do the outside while he was at it.

He took the plasticine once more and rolled it into a ball. Then he spread it about into a thick flat sheet. Now all he had to do was put it over his mouth and push the excess into the shape he wanted. He pressed it hard so it followed all the contours of his face. He got a pen and marked out the shape he wanted.

Terry removed the mouth cover and made the second mould using the rest of the filler. He poured the rubber into the mould and waited. When he thought he had left it long enough he removed the mould, drilled 3 holes, 2 were a half inch diameter and a hole to allow the bolt to pass through. He stuck a washer over the bolt hole so the mouth cover would be held firmly.   

He hoped for the best now or it would all have been a waste of time.  Terry smoothed out any rough edges form the cover and stuck the black linen on the inside of the mouth cover, so insects could not crawl into his mouth. Leaving that long enough he had to try it. He put the mouthpiece over the bolt and slid it down. He was in luck the holes all lined up. He had tried it and found that with it fitted over his mouth, the lips were held firmly and with the piece holding his teeth open, he could not say a word. It was better than anything that he had seen and a lot cheaper too!

The other things he had bought from the auction site. He had a pair of rubber cycling shorts, but his favourite thing though was a pair of leather chastity shorts. He would wear these for the next journey into bondage freedom. These lock the 2 zips covering his manhood up to the belt and had thick straps around the legs. There were locks to lock the buckles up on those though. He had modified them though. He had removed the lining so the rough side of the leather worked its magic as he twisted and turned in torment.  There were handcuffs, and some short chains that he used to lock his ankles to the buckles around the legs of the shorts. A small chain was used to lock his ankles together, so he could not stretch out or part his ankles. The other thing he had bought was a woman's swimming cap. He had chosen a woman's one as it was smaller and would be tighter on his head.

But tomorrow he was going to go the whole hog and tied himself up and dream he was still locked in the storeroom. He had no need to rush. He had all day to himself. It would be the first time he had used everything at once.

The next day came and Terry got up and put the bondage shorts on. He tightened the buckles but never locked them up. He put all the keys to the padlocks and the handcuffs on the coffee table so he could reach them if he needed  to get out in a hurry. Terry fastened the ankle straps around his ankles. He put all the padlocks into the bag along with the handcuffs.

Now he went and got the full length mirror so he could see himself. He positioned the mirror carefully. Next came the gag. He put the inner piece into his mouth and slid the outer mouth cover piece over the bolt. He used a nyloc safety bolt that needed a spanner to do up and undo and tightened it up. The two halves of the gag gripped his mouth shut. The outer piece was strong enough to stop him opening his jaw. He would not be able to undo the gag from inside the bag. And it would not come off either or undo itself. He put the spanner on the coffee table with the keys. He put the swimming cap on and tightened it as tight as he could. This was not too uncomfortable but did tend to increase the feeling of being restricted in his movement.

Now he climbed into the bag and sat down. He tightened up the rope so there was enough room to get his fingers through to pull the rope into the bag and untie the knots when he was finished.. He tied the knots up and pushed the rope outside the bag. He was used to this. He had done it many times before. He was getting excited. He managed to spin around taking the bag with him so he was now facing the mirror and the rope could not be seen.

Now he started with the locks. He could not see what he was doing, so he had to feel his way around the bag. He locked his ankle cuffs together with the smallest piece of chain. Also fastened by these 2 locks was the other 2 chains which he took to the locks on his bondage shorts legs. These was also locked together with a small piece of chain so she could not stretch his legs out, part his ankles or his knees. The chain from the ankles continued from the locks on the shorts legs and he locked the ends on the locks on the belts along with the zip.

Now all he had left was the handcuffs. "Well here we go" he thought and snapped the cuffs on his hands in front of him. He needed to do this in order to get out of the bag. He fastened the locks so the cuffs would not tighten and he looked up at himself in the mirror.

All he could see was the head of a victim wearing a pink swimming cap with his lower half of face covered in black, sticking out of the bag.. He felt wonderful. He buzzed with excitement.

Looking in the mirror he could see the hopelessness of the situation. (Well if it had been for real it would have been) A victim completely immobilised and at someone's whim and mercy. He closed his eyes and imagined some gorgeous women who had captured him and held him prisoner like this until they wanted to use him at any time. Afterwards he would be put back in the bag.   

He imagined he had been captured by pirates and was being held until they could take him to some desert island and leave him there as the ransom had not been paid.

He spent some time thinking about being a small time crook who had upset the Mafia and now they were going to dispose of him. They had done this to him and left him hidden in this storeroom out of site until they had the chance to get rid of him forever. Hours went by with him just looking at himself and dreaming all sorts of wonderful things that he wished would happen to him.

Each time he moved, the rough interior of the leather (he had removed the lining) massaged his manhood and his bum. He was loving it. The shorts were really nice and tight and had no "give" in them for him.

Terry had just got on his knees which was difficult in view of his restricted movement and the the doorbell rang. Terry froze. Supposing someone looked through the window? They would see him strictly bound and gagged. The doorbell rang another half a dozen times before it stopped. "I had better get out of this before whoever it is comes back, it might be important and they may not be long." he thought panicking. 

Terry started to try and turn inside the bag so the rope would come into view so he could undo the knots, but he couldn't. He could not move his legs because of the chains, buckles and locks he had fitted. The bag prevented too much use of his handcuffed hands, even though they were in front of him. He panicked and fell over on his side. He tried to roll around hoping the bag would turn. But he hit the paste table and it crashed down on him. It stunned him, but he was lucky. The paste missed him, but it landed splat on the floor. The paint that was on the wallpaper pasting table managed bounce off of the coffee table and somehow spray the top of the wallpaper where the coving was. His lovely green coving now had white splashes on it.

He rolled back the other way and crashed into the paint, spilling it all over the floor he had just laid. He kept on rolling. The bag was slowly turning on his neck. It would not be long before the knots were facing him. He rolled across the piece of sticky backed plastic and it stuck to him. At least it had stuck to the top of the sack behind him and had not covered his nose. Brooms went flying as he crashed into them again after they fell on the floor when the paste table went over.

The coffee table was now the recipient of his attention and he sent that sprawling. The keys sprayed onto the floor and the telephone fell on the floor with the handset parting company with the rest of the phone.  The bag had still not turned enough.

Terry hit the wall trying to roll over and hurt himself slightly. He sent the mirror crashing into lots of little pieces. The phone started to give the screeching noise it gave when they try to warn you the phone was off of the hook. The other bucket of paste went flying across the floor.

The paint that had been spilt was now all over the bag and Terry was leaving his own personal "stamp" all over his brand new floor wherever he went. Terry was panicking even more now. The paint he had used for the door was sent crashing against the wall sending a spray of paint up the wallpaper and curtains.

The bag had turned a bit more. From what piece of the mirror that was still standing, leaning against the wall, Terry could see that the piece of sticky backed plastic had covered the knot and the extra length of ropes, and with all his exertions, he had managed to press it tighter over the knot and ropes so he could not reach them to pull them into the bag and untie the knot!. 

The paste had now got onto his face and he was dreading it going any further and blocking his nose. He looked at the phone that was still screeching. He thought that with all the noise, someone from next door would have come and investigated what was doing it.

Terry had one option. What a dilemma he was in! He kept rolling round leaving big splodges of white paint everywhere. He eventually reached the phone. He kept bashing the part of the cradle that turned the phone off when it was on it's rest. Eventually a voice asked "Are you okay?" 

Terry replied "mmmmpppphhhh".

He could only wait for the police to turn up and see him in this terrible torment. He looked at his wrecked room and cried!


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