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The Shed

by topgun1956

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© Copyright 2005 - topgun1956 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; bdsm; insects; bites; pins; cons; X

I had myself bound in my shed, today. My wrists were locked into my cuffs, and then locked to an eyebolt in the floor above my head. My ankles were in chains that are locked to 2 eyebolts in the floor below me, forcing my legs wide apart. I had my ball stretcher/divider locked to my balls. The key for this was in the house.

This was my time delay release system: A piece of twine runs from the bottle of kool-aide, through an eyebolt in the ceiling, down to the divider, then back up through yet another eyebolt, and is attached to a small brick with the keys to my wristlocks tied to that. The bottle was heavy enough to suspend the brick, but lighter than the brick when it’s empty. This will drop the bottle down first, before the brick comes down as the ice melts. It took a few trials and errors to get the kool-aid solution just right. I had enough twine frozen into the bottle, to slowly lower both the bottle, and then the brick as the ice melts.

The real problem was to get the level correct so the plastic bottle didn’t break open when the liquid froze. I finally filled it just over three quarters up, and that worked. I drilled five ¼ in. holes into the bottom rim of the bottle after it froze, to allow the fluid to drip out. The solution itself is a normal package of kool-aid, with three times the amount of sugar added. To that, I added some honey, and regular soda pop. I tasted it before I froze it just to see how sweet it was. Well, it was too damned sweet to drink. But this is really what I was looking for, so everything was fine.

When the ice melts, and the bottle drops, I’ll have to wait for the brick to drop all the way down before unlocking my wrists. Then I will have to sit up, and untie the key from the bottle of kool-aide. To add torment to that motion, I have pushed a dozen thumbtacks, and eight push pins through a piece of cardboard. After I was bound and stretched out, but before I locked my wrists, I slid the cardboard under my ass. To make sure I can’t just slide it back out before I sit up, I nailed it to the floor, and threw the hammer down by my feet. (I hope that’s where it’s at- I can’t see it right now). Lying here, I can feel all of the pinpricks, but it’s tolerable for now.

So, I now have my arms locked to the floor. Time for the waiting to begin.

As with most sheds, mine have doors that don’t actually close tight. The opening allows any and all ants, mosquitoes, spiders, etc to enter at will. The solution dripping from the bottle, as I said is ultra-sweet, and as it begins to pool between my thighs, the bugs begin to discover their treat. It doesn’t take long. I feel something climbing up my inner thigh by my ass. Whatever it is takes a healthy bite out of me, and I jerk from it. Of course all that really does it jab the tacks/pins into my ass cheeks. 

The pool slowly grows, and I can feel it cooling my legs, and thighs. As it grows, so does the volume of bugs. Mosquitoes have found me and they take their turn at me.  Either I have some fire ants in my yard, or deerflies. Something bites down on my soften cock, and draws their feast of blood. I jerked again, and the tacks once again, tormented my ass. The bugs were coming in droves, and feeding off of me at their will.

I felt their bites covering my skin. I hadn’t thought it would be this bad. They were climbing all over me. Up the crack of my ass, up and over my cock, and all over my stomach, and chest. My nipples were bitten repeatedly by whatever the hard biting bugs were. Speaking of my cock, I felt at least one of the damned things crawl down my piss slit, and take a nip of that meat. That time, I swear those tacks under my ass dug well into me, when I jerked. I couldn’t scream because of the neighbors, but I clenched my teeth, and let out a groan I didn’t recognize myself. Damn that hurt. 

I finally felt the bottle fall over between my legs. Then I knew it almost over. I glanced up to make sure the brick would now fall, and it began its slow descent. To make sure, that all I can reach is the key when the brick gets low enough, I built a slanted slide for it. That way, I couldn’t untie the string holding the key, before the brick got all the way down. It finally hit the slide, and started down. 

When the bottle had fallen over, it spilt most of the liquid out, so there wasn’t much ice yet to melt. Here again was the insect problem. The fluid ran under me, and the bugs began to feast even harder. They crawled all over me while I lay there.

At last!! I could get to my first key. I unlocked the chain holding my cuffs to the floor. With my hands free, I first, brushed off as many of the ants, and so forth off my stomach, and then rubbed my abused, bitten cock. I sat up as fast as I could. I didn’t care about the tacks digging into my ass, I wanted out of there.

I reached down, untied the string from the bottle, and freed my ankles. Once I was able to stand up, I rubbed my entire body to sooth the bites. 

When I felt good enough, I slipped on my shorts I had hung from a nail, and went into my house to shower. 

I am adding a drawing of how the system was set up for anyone to utilize if they’d like to try this. As a suggestion, try not adding so much sweetness to the liquid. The insects loved that. I didn’t. Hopefully someone else will get as much of the thrill from this scene as I did. 



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