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The Speaker

by Mr. Smith

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© Copyright 2011 - Mr. Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; straps; toys; speaker; frame; stuck; caught; climax; cons/reluct; X

Amanda, a twenty something lady from Surrey, stepped out of the shower contained in her two bedroom house with determined thought, tonight was going to be the night to try out her latest invention. It was a beautiful warm summer Friday evening finishing yet another long week as a trainee at a local engineering firm she couldn’t wait for this free weekend to come.

Picking up a soft towel off the warm radiator she began to dry herself off gently rubbing every curve of her tall tanned seven-foot body and then slipping into her white cotton dressing gown to keep warm. Picking up a clean soft towel she wrapped her luscious blonde long hair up and stepped out of the bathroom into the short hallway leading to her bedroom.

Passing her bedroom she picked up her MP3 and mobile, thinking to herself, “I better check doors and windows are closed, don’t want to get disturbed now.” Slightly grinning to herself over the passing thoughts of the upcoming events. Finishing her final checks and finally unplugging the phones she walked to a bookshelf on the far side of the living room. Pulling a book titled, “Thinking of Jesus,” the bookshelf slid to the left revealing a secret room full of her creations, wonder and excitement.

On every available wall, ceiling and floor several mirrors had been placed and behind it thick padding specifically designed to soundproof her adventures. Directly in the center featured her latest and proudest creation designed over several weeks motivated by all the pleasures and pains this one night would bring. This new device she had yet to test her eagerness to explore herself sexually and push herself to her limits was one of her greatest weaknesses.

She called it the speaker it was a simple design. In the center was a large speaker the sort of speaker you would find at a concert. Mounted directly in the center was a broom handle with four smaller legs that had been glued to hold it in position. On the other end was a thick 7 inch long 2 inch wide black dildo featuring little lumps on the sides specially designed to target her G spot.

A large cross beam had been placed just off the speaker with two heavy duty steel cap locking boots placed at one and a half meters apart. Directly in the center of the crossbeam was a vertical beam measuring 3 meters high. At one meter high a set of double locking leather handcuffs had been installed as well as a couple of leather bands to secure her body.

This was it Amanda sent a quick text message to her best friend Isabel to confirm plans to meet her at her house tomorrow evening for dinner. After 6 years of friendship Isabel had never missed a chance to meet her and she knew she could rely on her to be her safety. Yet Isabel knew nothing of Amanda’s secret fetish and hoped she would never have to rely on her for release however after reading online of horror stories going wrong she felt it was in her best interest.

Opening the fridge door she picked out her key now stuck in a massive cube of ice and placed it at the end of chute. When the ice melted, the key would run down the declining chute and hit her hand the attached string keeping the key at the correct height until she could grab it.

Next she placed earplugs in her delicate ears, twisting them slightly for a secure fit. Grabbing her MP3 player she plugged it into her laptop and then plugged the speaker into the audio port. She booted up, waiting a few moments until the initial start up screens had passed and prepared to press play. Then she switched the speaker on causing a buzzing noise to erupt swinging the dildo violently left to right however with the ear plugs in she noticed only a whisper of noise. She clicked play on her laptop and the speaker silenced as the start of her play list began.

Amanda walked over to the speaker and climbed aboard the large cross beam throwing her towel and dressing gown over to one side revealing her magnificent smooth body. She knew she had only a few minutes before the play list would reach her first song so she had to act fast.

Picking up two nipple clamps she began to massage her breasts, for an English lady she had largish breasts but well propositioned to her body. Placing one crocodile clamp on her left bosom, “OWWW,” she shouted forgetting the massive surge of pain that would befall her. With quick haste she picked up the two-inch ball gag and placed it in her mouth effectively silencing her even though she knew no one would hear her cries in a soundproof room. She placed the second clamp on her right bosom, biting down on the gag as she did so. After the initial shock she felt relieved that the pain had gone down to a light numbing.

Next she positioned her left foot into the left boot, strapping the two leather buckles over and then locking then into position, her foot would not fall out easily. Moving herself back against the vertical beam she positioned herself so the dildo was near her vagina. Looking down she saw just how much of this monster would soon be within her. Leaning left and with her back against the vertical beam to keep her steady and then picking up her right foot she pushed the dildo left until it was facing the front of her vagina. Slowly she inserted it into her already wet sopping vagina, first the large head, which was a further one inch larger than the rest of the phallus, once the head was in the rest of the dildo slid in slowly. Filling every crevice of her vagina with little bumps nudging playfully at her G spot sparking little peaks of pleasure throughout her.

Leaning to the right she slipped into her right boot tightening the two leather straps. Positioning her back against the vertical beam she thought to herself “Not far now.” Next she wrapped the large five inch leather bands around her waist notching them tightly behind her effectively strapping her to the large vertical beam. Following this she wrapped the leather collar around her neck securing her head to the vertical beam and the finally she secured her hands behind her back by securing them in the leather lined steel double locking cuffs behind her ensuring the key point was facing the correct way before securing.

She was trapped! She looked into the mirror at the marvel that was staring back at her. Admiring her athletic build with toned arms and spread legs. The thick leather bands pushing her back combined with her arms held securely behind her back forcing her succulent erect breasts out. She began to squirm slightly feeling the restrictions of her bondage, every movement magnified by the sensations within her vagina. Her juices began to lubricate her pussy walls causing her to drift into a daydream of being captured by an evil dictator who liked to watch women tortured by his devices.

Suddenly she jumped snapped out of her daydream, her first song had come on, she couldn’t think whom it was she randomly chose a bunch of songs of the Internet to add to the thrill. This particular song had deep base and she felt that through her loins as the vibrations through the speaker transmitted itself directly into her through the dildo. “This was a new way of listening to music,” she thought.

The rhythm starting to increase, sweating heavily she tried to follow the sound steadily raising up and down on the shaft within her every nudge of the bumps building the tension. She felt herself getting closer and closer to the relief she so desperately craved.

The vibrations then ceased; frustrated she wandered what was going on. Looking around she realised nothing was on, it was pitch black apart from one emergency light she had installed in the corner. “Shit!” she thought, “power must be out.” After 10 minutes power returned and the computer booted up and then the speaker switched on, unexpectedly erupting with that same plagued buzzing noise at the start causing the dildo to vibrate violently, she exploded in a massive orgasm. Screaming “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmy GGGGGGooooooooooooooooodddddddddd” Gagged it came out muffled “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

The vibrations failed to stop, to start the MP3 she needed to get to the computer, to get to the computer she had to get out of her gear and she could not while the key was not in her hand. With no clock in the room there was no way of telling how long she would be stuck like this. She was frantic, she starting squirming, drool flooding down her mouth and creating a slimy thick stream across her body and over her clit finally collecting and jumping on the speaker below.

Moments after her first massive orgasm she cummed again but this time much harder than the first, screaming into her gag, continuing to flood her emotions her orgasm engulfed her causing her to spasm uncontrollably. She eventually passed out continuing to orgasm into a super deep sleep. Her fluids flew out of her and continued to build up the mess beneath her, the speakers vibrations causing her fluids to splash all over the place covering the inside of her legs and thighs with her own juices that had once left her.

Waking up from the first force orgasmic sleep she could not believe the pain that was between her legs. The vibrations had continued throughout the time she was unconscious causing her loins to ache painfully, she felt as if the dildo had eroded her vagina and began to fear permanent damage to her love tunnel. Hitting her yet again she snapped out of her trance as yet another orgasm thrashed through her. The first wave painfully engulfed her spreading pain throughout her muscles causing her to arch what was left of her back against the vertical beam. Unexpectedly another wave hit her pleasuring her beyond belief. She could not understand how so much pain could turn into so much pleasure. She was overwhelmed; the pleasure continued as the unrelenting vibrations touched every exhausted muscle in her body sending her into what felt like could be never ending pleasure eventually causing her to pass out.

She slowly woke, exhausted and fearing what she knew was her own doing to her surprise to find Isabel staring directly back at her. Concern filling her face, “Are you ok,” Isabel asked. “mmmm mm m m mm mmm,” Amanda replied still gagged she could not respond. Isabel at five foot took a bit of trouble getting up to Amanda and nearly slipping several times due to the large puddle now covering the entire speaker. Isabel eventually reached round to remove the gag and questioned with a glint in her eye, “I found the note on the table you were a bit busy I see for our plans tonight.”

Amanda was distraught; she could not believe she had made such a mess, not only of her playroom but of her plans with her best friend too. Isabel saw Amanda’s reaction and said, “Don’t worry, lets get you cleaned up.” Isabel undid all of Amanda’s locks, Amanda had not even noticed the key had been next to her hand. Isabel helped her off the dildo that now looked to have very thick fluid covering it. Amanda looked nervously down at her vagina, touching herself to find she was still intact but painfully sore and highly sensitive.

Amanda now very dehydrated said, “Please keep this a secret,” Isabel replied “let me know when you do this again you could have really hurt yourself.” Amanda slowly replied, “ok.”

After a long drink of water and very hot shower. Amanda fell into a long deep sleep, Isabel stayed the night to keep an eye on her, her mind also in wander to how it must of felt to be so helpless.

To be continued…..?


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