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The Thirteenth Floor

by Teann Daorsa

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© Copyright 2007 - Teann Daorsa - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; M/f; bond; latex; hotel; machine; toys; straps; cons; X

Alex is enticed into trying out a unique kinky service offered by his hotel, and gets more than he bargained for.

Return to the Room

Alex flopped down onto the bed, enjoying the feel of the hotel robe against his shower-damp skin. He always felt better when he'd had a chance to wash away the feelings of a long hard day with the clients. Thankfully the law firm he worked for treated their staff well - the hotel they were putting him up in made his own apartment feel like a squat in comparison. It was one of the oldest in the city, and the whole place radiated luxury. Every staff member there treated him like visiting royalty, which made it a pleasure to return there after an over-long day in a stuffy meeting room with his corporate clients.

He rolled over to the suitcase on the table by the bed and started to rummage around inside for some deodorant. Straight away a couple of coils of rope fell out of the top section of the suitcase and spilled onto the floor. "Oops," thought Alex, "glad house-keeping didn't find that!" He opened up the suitcase properly and put the ropes back into the section with his other 'supplies'. His job as a corporate lawyer involved way too much travelling, so much so that he'd been single for more than a year. So dabbling in self-bondage was the only real outlet for his kinkier urges.

He sprayed on some deodorant and closed the suitcase firmly, trying to ignore the twinges down below from the thought of some illicit fun in the room. "Plenty of time for that later," he reasoned. Instead he lay back on the bed and turned on the TV, flicking idly through the channels.

New TV Channel

At first he just skipped over each channel, lingering only long enough to guess at the content. With so many channels though he was soon skipping faster and faster. Only a few dozen channels in he was more than willing to admit that he was hoping for some a cheesy late-night soft-core movies or something similar. So when he reached the channel without a title he had already skipped over the channel and barely registered it before he realised what he had seen. Must be a hotel channel, not a cable one, he thought.

But his eyes hadn't deceived him first time around. Moody shots of a variety of beautiful women, in revealing and tight latex outfits. All had sultry eyes and come hither looks. In the bottom corner, simply a message prompting Alex to use the remote buttons to begin. Alex of course had frozen, hardly believing his luck, and savouring the entirety of the footage; only when it looped did he remember himself enough to press the appropriate control.

Straight away, the sultry women were replaced by a single strikingly attractive brunette in a less revealing but certainly no less tight black latex dress. She stood against a featureless white background and introduced herself as "the hostess".

"In order to maximise your enjoyment of our services, we'd like to ask you a series of questions. Please, answer honestly and without reservation. Your answers will be kept in the strictest of confidence, and at the end we will be able to provide you with entertainment more closely tailored to your specific tastes."

This was followed by a DVD style menu with a series of questions on a whole range of topics, asking Alex to rate his kinkiness level, whether he enjoyed being dominated or being domineering, how interested he was in a whole load of different fetishes. Some things, like golden showers or body piercing, he quickly marked as 'definitely not', but he tried to be open minded about as many others as he could. "After all," he thought, "I want to see what it comes up with for me!"

It seemed like the questions were never going to end, but eventually (really only after 15 minutes) the hostess announced that they were done. Alex sat up and watched the screen intently; aware of the hardness in his robe that had only been growing the more he'd listened to the hostess's sultry voice asking about all these sexy subjects.

But after a short delay, he was disappointed when the visuals returned to the same intro loop he'd seen before. "No way!" he exclaimed out loud. But this time around, the text on screen was different.

"To enjoy more of our services, please take your room card to the elevator and insert it as normal. Please make sure the car is empty before attempting to use your card"

Alex sat there, breathing heavily, aware that his heart was thumping loudly against his chest. What was this? Should he really follow the instructions? It was obviously a hotel service, he reasoned, but was it automated as the TV system suggested? He wasn't sure if he wanted to share his secrets with the hotel staff.

The longer he sat there, the more the itch of curiosity burned away at him. Before long, he was pulling on his slacks and shirt. When he found himself in front of the elevator doors, he could have sworn that his legs had walked him there without any conscious input from his brain. Another part of his body was in full control.

Trip down in the lift

The first car came and went with a middle aged woman in it. Alex mumbled some excuse and hoped that his erection had subsided enough to not be noticeable through his clothes. Thankfully, the next car was empty. Inside, Alex put his room key card into the lift. It was a modern affair which read your room number from the key and picked the right floor for you; handy for drunken or forgetful guests. In Alex's case however, it seemed to have a different destination in mind. Pausing after the doors closed, it then swiftly took him from his 18th floor room to the 14th. But then the floor light blinked out. Alex realised, he wasn't going to the 14th floor, he was going to the 13th floor. Like many high-rises, the 13th floor was simply absent from the indicators and floor buttons. Superstition being such a widespread thing, Alex (and everyone else no doubt) had thought nothing of it.

As the car drew to a stop and the doors opened, Alex could see that the 13th floor of this hotel was most definitely occupied. The smallish room that the lift opened onto was furnished sparingly and entirely in white. Besides the elevator doors, there was a large door in the rear wall, and another at the side. He realised quickly that it was the background to the survey on the TV channel. In keeping with that thought, the side-door opened and a figure emerged. It was the hostess.

Meeting the hostess

"Mr. Harvey, I presume?"

Alex realised he was holding his breath. Trying to exhale without making that obvious, he could only muster a nod.

"I'm Angela, your hostess for this evening." She proffered a hand, covered in an immaculately smooth black latex opera glove that extended to her shoulder. Alex shook it vigorously, and she guided him over to two white comfortable chairs in the corner of the room. "I'm guessing that you don't quite know what to make of all of this, am I right?"

"Um, something like that, yeah." All of Alex's normal self-confidence from years of speaking in front of people seemed to have dried up all at once, and all he could do was sit and look nervous.

"That's totally natural of course, since you hardly had any prior notion that we might be here." Her smile was radiant, and her manner was already starting to put Alex more at ease. She went on to explain how the hotel was very old, and was owned and run by people with similar tastes to Alex. The 13th floor had been designed into the hotel from the very start, and over the many years the hotel had been running, the owners had recruited staff that enjoyed similar activities to expand and enhance the facilities there.

"Pretty much all of the staff here partake in the delights that we have to offer up here, and a select few hotel guests as well. Strictly vetted and controlled of course."

"And me?" Alex asked.

"You, my dear Alex, you have your maid Christine to thank for that." Angela's smile was quite devious. "She was cleaning your room today and found your not so well hidden stash of toys. You've stayed here with us quite a few times over the last couple of years, and your background checks were all quite positive. Plus," and at this she looked deep into Alex's eyes, "I believe she thinks you're quite cute."

Alex was becoming quite intoxicated simply by this wonderful woman's presence, and this last was enough to get his heart thumping. The figure hugging black latex dress stretched all the way to her ankles, but left no ambiguity as to her luscious figure. Her hair, shoulder length and wired in tight ringlets, framed her face, in stark contrast to her pale complexion and dark brown eyes. Alex couldn't remember the last time he'd seen a woman so beautiful. So when she stood up again, he immediately stood to follow her.

"However, since this is your first time visiting us, we find it is best if you explore the rest of the floor yourself, at least to begin with." She indicated the rear door. "Through there are our play rooms, most of which are open to you now, although some will remain locked. Based on your answers to the survey, I would recommend that you start with the second door on the left. I think you'll find some toys to your taste in there." She was turning away as she said this last, but the devious smirk had appeared again on her lips. Before Alex could frame a suitable reply, she had left again through the side-door, and he was on his own.

Exploring the rooms

Alex stood very still for a while, still slightly convinced that this was all just a dream. Alex felt that curiosity start burning away at him again. "If it's a dream," he thought, "I want to see the rest of it before I wake up!"

The corridor behind the large doors was deep red in colour, and stretched quite a way. Dotted along its length on both sides were various doors, with dark golden frames. As Alex approached the first pair, he noted a symbol above each door. The first pair was a moon on the left and a sun on the right. While he trusted the hostess's recommendation of rooms, something in him wanted to explore the other rooms as well, and not rush straight to the end. He wanted to savour the experience as long as he could. And so he reached for the moon door, and went in.

Inside the moon room was more dimly lit than the hall, but his eyes took only a second or two to adjust. Even darker red than the hallway, the dominating feature in the room was a large black leather reclined chair on a pedestal, such as you might find in a dentist's office. It would have to be a nightmare dentist though, as the arms and leg of the chair were festooned with thick and hardy looking leather straps. It left no doubt as to its intended use - this was a chair for being strapped down to. Alex moved closer and ran his hand over the chair, feeling the leather of the straps; soft and smooth to the touch, but unyielding. There were straps at the back and neck of the chair too. Alex grinned, imagining all the things that could happen to someone in such a helpless position.

Looking further around the room, there were a couple of wardrobes and chests of drawers, which on further investigation revealed a wide variety of implements, some designed for pleasure, some for pain. He returned them all to their original places, and decided it was time to move on.

The sun room was furnished somewhat more like Alex imagined a 'traditional' dungeon would be, if there was such a thing as a traditional dungeon. A large St. Andrews cross occupied one corner, with the other containing a rigid iron cage - large enough for one person standing, but only just. The walls boasted a selection of solid looking iron manacles, and in the centre of the room a chain dangled from a pulley which led to a winch on the wall. "Interesting," thought Alex, "but still not really my thing. Time to take Angela's recommendation."

Further down the hall on the left, Alex looked up at the symbol above the door: a star. He looked briefly at the half dozen or so doors left in the hallway; taking a deep breath, he went inside.

Again, his eyes took some time to adjust, but this room wasn't so obviously decorated. It was larger than the first two rooms, but lit similarly dimly. Dotted around were a variety of large pieces of furniture, a mix of cast iron, dark stained wood and black leather coverings. All of them looked solid and unforgiving, and Alex was unable to tell straight off what they were or how they were intended to be used.

He moved over to the least imposing of the pieces, a tall frame made primarily of cast iron. He ran his hands up and down it, trying to deduce its purpose. It was a foot or so taller than him, composed primarily of two vertical bars, with crossbars at evenly spaced heights, somewhat like a ladder. The bars were covered in stiff padded leather, with a more substantial bit of padding at head height.

At mostly regular intervals on both bars, there were attachments which he found dispensed canvas straps much like seatbelts. At waist height, two of the attachments had been unreeled already and formed loops. Smiling, Alex moved around the front of the furniture and stood directly in front of the bars as he realised the intended victim would. Standing pressed against the bars, you would be able to fasten straps around the legs and chest and arms, holding the victim tightly against the structure. He closed his eyes and slipped his hands through the loops, imagining his whole body held firmly in place.

"Right then, that's one figured out. Next!" he thought. As he tried to pull his hands free from the loops though, he felt a latch give way somewhere in the frame. Quick as a flash, the straps pulled tight against his wrists, trapping him securely. He struggled and wiggled, but no amount of squirming would budge them an inch and he certainly couldn't find any kind of release within his limited reach.

He must have been struggling for a few minutes when he heard the door behind him open, and the clicking of heels against the hard tiled floor. Secured as he was he couldn't turn round to see, but he was relieved when Angela stuck her head around the frame, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. "Looks like someone couldn't resist playing with the toys and got himself caught!" Alex wriggled a bit more, mostly just to show spirit - he knew he was trapped.

I shouldn't really be doing this

Angela walked slowly around Alex's captured body, looking him up and down, still smiling broadly. Alex followed her with his eyes, but she moved behind him again and disappeared from his field of view. Rather than strain his neck to follow, Alex looked ahead and closed his eyes. His heart was again in his throat, and he was keenly aware of the growing bulge in his pants. The combination of his predicament and the anticipation of what this alluring woman would do about it were stirring his libido furiously. He listened to her heels crossing the floor behind him, and tried to figure out what was going on. A drawer opening? And another? The sound of wheels rolling across the tiles. He bit his lip as she approached him again.

"You see Alex," she said, still out of sight behind him, "when the survey shows a keen interest in self-bondage like yours did, we're not supposed to interfere with the discovery of the toys, and let people enjoy them at their own pace. But that does sort of rely on them being careful about getting into predicaments." Suddenly her gloved arms appeared around Alex's waist from behind, grasped the buckle of his slacks, and began to undo it. "Most of these toys have timers; they're pretty easy to figure out, even if you've not seen them before. The one on here for example is set to, oh, let me see now." He felt her lean around to look at something on the side of the frame; by now his pants were making their way down his legs. "40 minutes. That does assume that the client is paying attention before climbing in."

Alex would have flushed with embarrassment about so carelessly putting himself in this position, but all the blood in his body had a more urgent and pressing place to be. Angela's careful touch was firmly guiding him to step out of his pants, leaving him naked from the waist down. His manhood was rock hard and pointing out in front of him unashamedly.

"So as I say, I'm not really supposed to get involved with your first experience in our pleasures. But since I don't think you'll enjoy it nearly so much if you're not using it to its full potential, that I should..." At this she paused, and her slender fingers in their latex gloves trailed back up Alex's legs, over his thighs and tantalisingly close to his crotch. " things along?"

Alex nodded, trying not to make it frantic and give away just how badly he wanted this woman to touch him. The feel of the rubber against his skin was incredible, smooth and a little slippery, and her firm caress made his heart thud again his chest even more madly.

"Good." Those roaming hands appeared again, and Alex dared a look down at his bare legs. One by one, the straps from the frame were passed around his legs and secured again. Each one pulled itself tight and ratcheted in place. Ankles, just below his knees, and finally around his thighs.

"There we go," said a sultry voice, right by his ear, "all nice and secure. Try them out." Alex tried to oblige; sure enough the straps were as firm and intractable as the ones which held his wrists. His entire lower body was now held totally immobile. "Not done yet though." More straps, this time around his waist, his chest, and then around his upper arms. "Isn't that much better?"

Alex tested the rest of the straps. She wasn't wrong - the feeling of being totally restrained was everything he'd ever wanted from his own self bondage sessions, magnified many times. He closed his eyes again and nodded, revelling in the feeling of helplessness.

Still concealed behind him, Angela's hands again roamed up and down his body, over the straps, checking and adjusting them so that none of them were pinching or awkward. As they passed near his mid-section again he gave an involuntary shudder that made his penis dance a little in front of him. Angela giggled a delightful little laugh and he felt her lean in close to his ear again.

"Of course, since I'm already doing something I'm not supposed to, I think I might just have to take a few more liberties while I'm here." Her lips brushed against his ear, and Alex could have sworn that they were electric from the tingle that went through his body. He felt her move around to his side, and heard her working with something. When he felt her gloved hands take hold of his manhood he could have jumped out of his skin, if he weren't so firmly held. The coldness of the gloves was sharp and surprising, and he realised they were covered in lube.

She began stroking up and down his cock, and Alex moaned in pleasure. Everything in him wanted to thrust hard into her grip, but the straps around his waist and thighs stopped all but a tiny movement. Angela's voice brought him partly out of his pleasure induced trance.

"That's right Alex, you don't get to move." She continued her skilful manipulation, slowly moving up and down his cock, inexorable and incredible. "You see, the survey is a good way to get a handle on people's desires and turn-offs, but it's not perfect. Self-bondage enthusiasts for example, fall into different categories that we can't easily ask about. Some love the thrill of the restraints themselves; some love the thrill of potentially getting caught by strangers."

By now Alex's chest was heaving with every breath - he'd never been so turned on, this luscious woman was completely in control of his pleasure, and he could feel his orgasm ready to explode.

"Other people though love self bondage because they love the idea of putting themselves in a completely helpless position, where someone else gets to decide exactly how, when and how often they get to be pleasured. And my gut instinct says that's you Alex. Am I right?"

Alex nodded furiously, trying madly to concentrate on what she was saying and not just on the roiling mass of pleasure that her relentless pumping of his cock was causing. He was so close now it was nigh on impossible.

"I thought so." Angela moved into Alex's view now, still stroking away, but looking up and deep into his eyes. She had a different sort of smile on her face; she knew just how much power she was wielding right now. "Would you like me to let you cum Alex?"

"Yes, yes, please gods yes!"

"Granted." And with that she upped the tempo of the stroking. Alex couldn't help but cum wildly and uncontrollably. His head arched back in pleasure and butted against the padded headrest of the frame, while his pelvis bucked uncontrollably within the inch or so of freedom the straps allowed. Spunk jetted from his cock in huge jets, the scale of which would have amazed Alex had he been in a frame of mind to take in anything except the incredible waves of pleasure he was experiencing.

When it eventually subsided, and Alex's body allowed it to unclench, he opened his eyes to find Angela's face close to his, the devious grin back on her face. Her arms were draped over his shoulders and behind the frame.

"How was that?" she asked, although the smile on her face said that she already knew the answer.

"Gah, uh, incredible!" Alex stumbled. Everything about this girl conspired to rob Alex of his ability to speak coherently. He decided he would probably be better off not speaking at all.

Stepping up a notch

"Mmm, hmm? Good good." She untwined her arms from behind him, and pulled back. Alex looked down to see the source of the rolling noise he'd heard before: a small trolley she'd retrieved from the side of the room. On it were a bottle of lubricant and various other items Alex recognised as similar to ones in his own toy collection. "I do like it when I read people right. You see, I'm not the only one you might have met here. Based on the questions you answer, the system matches you up with a guide appropriate for your desires. If your answers indicated you liked to be dominated, you'd have probably been assigned Darla. She's nice. Scary, but sexy. Or, if you enjoyed domination yourself, there are several submissive girls who might have been here. Even possibly Christine, your maid!"

While she'd been speaking, Angela had moved the trolley over to another piece of furniture a couple of yards away that Alex hadn't had a chance to appreciate yet. It looked a bit like it belonged in a gymnasium - a long padded bench portion, with various bars extending out from it. The rest of it was definitely not standard gym issue though; Alex could see several un-buckled leather straps on the bench portion, and protruding from the main section were bars which terminated in two half circles. Alex could see a metal faceplate on the end facing him, with a couple of dials on it, which he presumed to be the timer controls that he'd so foolishly missed on his own piece. Now she stood next to this piece and with her back to him, bent over to manipulate the dials, still talking all the while.

"But if you answered all the questions and the system judges you a self-bondage enthusiast, well then you'd end up with me. And isn't that lucky?" She looked behind him, smiled and winked, clearly enjoying the fact that Alex was appreciating the way her ass looked in the skin-tight latex. "Because I always enjoy meeting people who share my passion for self-restraint."

At this she straightened up and reached behind her, unzipping her dress all the way to below her ass. With a little shimmy, she shrugged the dress from her shoulders and let it fall around her ankles. The body thus revealed was as luscious as Alex had imagined, and his jaw fell open in stupefied amazement at the delight displaying herself before him. Aside from her shoulder length gloves, she was utterly naked, and her body was flawless. Unconsciously, he wriggled against his bonds again as his body showed his desire for her. The noise from the straps made her look behind.

"Oh no honey, you've still got at least another 30 minutes until you get loose." Again that devious grin. "Now it's my turn."

And with that she reached to the trolley and picked out something. Dildo shaped, but with a dangling tube and bulb, Alex recognised an inflatable dildo. She liberally coated it with lube, but then returned it to the tray. Next she picked up a similar looking item, but this was quickly identified as a pump gag as she placed it in her mouth and buckled it around her head. Quickly and confidently, he watched her pump the bulb several times; he could see her cheeks inflate as the gag filled her mouth totally. She let out a low moan, obviously happy with the muffling effect of the gag.

She turned, checked the dials on the rear of the furniture again, and then gracefully clambered onto it. With a body in place, Alex could see its design more readily. On her hands and knees, she straddled the bench facing down. Reaching behind her she took two straps hanging beside the bench and secured them over her back, pinning her down. The trolley, being to one side of the bench, was still within range, and she reached over and retrieved the dildo. Alex watched, entranced, as she carefully reached back with it and held it near her rear. She slid it up and down several times before up-ending it and started to push it inside of her. Slowly but firmly she moved it inside her, but it wasn't until it was fully inside and she moved her hand away that Alex realised she'd put it into her asshole and not her pussy. Her latex covered hand groped around, feeling along the tube for the bulb, before again pumping it quickly and confidently to inflate.

This time the moan from behind her gag was louder and more insistent, but still muffled. She held still for a short while before moving her hand back up to the plug. She fiddled for a little while making twisting motions, and Alex deduced that it was also a vibrator. Sure enough, she pulled her hand away and Alex could clearly hear a low buzzing noise.

Returning her hands to the front, Angela continued with her restraints. A final strap was buckled over her neck, leaving only her arms and legs free. As she re-positioned her legs, Alex saw now how the self-bondage part of the device was intended to operate. Carefully she raised an ankle and placed it in the inner of the half circles on the bar nearest her leg. As it nestled into place, it operated some sort of lever and the outer half of the circle flipped closed over her slender ankle. Alex guessed that it was now firmly latched in place until the timer on the back of the device chose to unlock it. Her other ankle soon followed, and she brought her arms forward to the other pair of circles which extended from the front of the bench. These she placed in their respective bonds simultaneously, and with a loud and satisfying click, Angela was as helpless and exposed as Alex.

A suspenseful wait

Being so recently spent, Alex's body was still on the down-slope of excitement. But his mind was churning with the incredible sight before him. This amazingly sexy woman who had just given him the best orgasm of his life was now strapped and held firmly in front of him. Even as his manhood slowly drooped post-climax, he could see that Angela was building herself slowly towards her own pleasure.

She clearly had a more freedom of movement than Alex, being able to twist her arms and legs around, and move her head within the neck restraint, all of which she did. He got the impression she was simply exercising the restraints to make herself aware of just how helpless she was. But more mesmerising to Alex was the obvious grinding of her hips against the padded leather of the bench. Low moans accompanied the grinding, and clearly she was getting hornier, but equally being frustrated. The buzzing intruder in her rear was enough to make her twitch and moan but no more, and every so often Alex could see her clenching her buttocks around it, causing the tube and bulb protruding from her rear to dance and wiggle.

With no frame of reference he had no way to track the passage of time, but with such a spectacle before him he didn't feel the minutes passing. Before he knew it, he felt something click inside the frame to which he was attached. Testing his restraints, he found that if he relaxed and let the tension out, the straps would unlatch and allow him to pull them loose. Once his hands were free, the other restraints were all reachable, and he pulled them loose. Then the straps were easily unhooked, upon which they would retract back into their reels like the seatbelts they resembled. The wrist straps stayed loop like, but wouldn't contract back in, obviously intended to be the last restraint to be fitted and the key to the self-bondage nature of the device.

However, Alex's interest was no longer with the device to which he'd been attached to, delightful though it had been. His focus was totally on the helpless young body attached to the device in front of him. As he approached her, she wiggled her rear and made the bulb do its little dance again, clearly aware that he was now loose.

"Oh yes, now it's your turn," Alex cooed. In reply all he got was a low, insistent moan. He ran his hands over her restrained form and was rewarded with another little shudder. He smiled to himself, and on a mischievous whim he tickled her sides. The shriek and accompanying thrashing in her bonds that resulted made him chuckle to himself.

She turned her head awkwardly in the neck restraints and glared at him, but he could see in her eyes that she wasn't really angry with him. "Harumph-mmph," she grunted.

"Nuh-uh. Helpless, remember?"

"Hrumph." Alex placed a hand on her delicious rear and rubbed it, causing Angela's annoyed grunting to be replaced with a low moan again. As his fingers dipped further down and into her pussy, he realised just how wet she was. Clearly this was a girl that really, really liked to be helpless. He slipped two fingers inside her, just briefly, before moving towards her clit. At this, she started grinding her pelvis in an attempt to increase the pressure on it, but Alex was determined to tease her for now.

Her low moaning became more and more insistent as Alex teased and stroked her most intimate area, occasionally dipping inside. As he played, he glanced over to the trolley, and noticed that in addition to the bottle of lube there were a couple of gold-wrapped condoms. He realised now that she'd definitely been thinking ahead.

"Would someone like something a little bit more, substantial?"

At this, Angela paused in her grinding and moaning, and after the briefest of moments nodded. "Umm-humm".

Keeping his left hand in place and busy at her pussy, he reached over to the trolley and retrieved the condoms. Tearing it open, he had to use both hands to put it on his now rock hard cock. Angela had gone silent, but when he stood behind her and placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy she moaned again, insistent and wanting. Slowly and easily he worked his way inside her. He could feel the body of the inflated plug pressing against him through the wall of her vagina, which only added to the intense feeling of being deep inside her. By now, the moaning had turned into something much more primal, and as he began to stroke in and out, deep and slow, he saw her clenching and unclenching her hands in the restraints.

Alex was thankful his body was recovering from such a recent intense climax, because he was sure that had he been in this position an hour ago he would have lasted mere seconds before coming inside her. As it was, he could last for long enough to give her the same sort of pleasure she'd given him. Faster and harder he plunged in and out, feeling her pussy clenching and bucking as best it could against him. The moaning was now grunting, and he could feel her reaching ever closer to climax just as he was. His hands held firmly onto her hips as he drove into her, again and again. The sensations were just as intense as before, and he didn't know how much longer he could stand it when he felt her body give into the need to orgasm and she began to buck and convulse uncontrollably. The extra level of sensation on his dick was just too much for him to bear and he also gave in; the last few thrusts were spasmodic as he threw his head back and gave himself over to the pleasure.

As his head started to clear again, he was aware that he was standing stationary, still deep inside Angela. Reluctantly and slowly he withdrew, and used the box of tissues handily also on the trolley to clean up. He looked over to see Angela watching him intently. Sweat drenched her brow, but her eyes were soft and held a look of deep satisfaction.

A sharp click sound surprised him, and he realised that it was Angela's restraints releasing. Suddenly he had a schoolboy grin on his face. "Well timed!" He couldn't see her expression behind the gag, but he was pretty sure she was smiling.

Done for the night

He helped Angela free her self from the clutches of the bench, and take off her gag. She was indeed smiling, a broad smile with a little of the devious smirk from before. Alex was about to say something when she held a finger up to tell him to wait. She reached behind, and with a curious grimace on her face, gently deflated and retrieved the plug from its intimate resting place before dropping it on the trolley. She gave a little shudder at the intense sensations, before turning back to Alex. Holding out her still gloved arms to his neck, he grasped her around the back and helped her up. She wrapped her arms around his back and pulled herself in close to him so their faces were only inches apart.

"So, wasn't that a nice way to spend an evening? Have we converted you into a member of our little society?"

"Oh yes. Oh my yes."


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