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The New Girls Secret

by BookWriter

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Storycodes: Solo-F; FF; flatmate; discovery; voy; arousal; mast; climax; Sbf; lingerie; cuffs; padlocks; spreader; gag; blindfold; stuck; cons; X

Chapter 1: The New Girls Secret

My name is Amy Goodwin I am 32years old. I live in a 2 bedroom flat on top of the pub below, Granvilles. I work in an office typing up the minutes for the government. It pay's well enough for me to live comfortably. I live a healthy lifestyle keeping myself fit. I have long brunette hair, green eyes, and have a slim but curvaceous figure with long leg's large but firm butt and I have a 36DDbust. It was at work when I met the new girl Sarah. Sarah had just started and as we work at the same station we struck up a friendship.

Sarah is 20 year's old with blonde hair blue eye's a little bigger than me slightly plump to be honest her bust is huge at least a 40E. Sarah had moved to the city for this job and was living in a hotel that consumed most of her paycheck. I offered her the chance to move in with me and said she could have the spare bedroom. She jumped at the chance and we got along like a house on fire with her paying half the rent.

A couple of weeks after she moved in I woke up during the night to go to the toilet. As I walked back to my room I noticed Sarah's door was open a little and I peeked my head in the door to see if I had woken her up. I didn't expect to see what I did. Lying on top of her bed with a blindfold over her eye's and a ballgag in her mouth. I pushed open the door a little more and saw the young blonde in all her glory. She had on a pair of black stocking's with 5"strappy heel's locked on her small feet, she was wearing a black see through basque with matching thong. I could see her large breast's and damp labia through her thong.

The blonde's wrists were bound in leather cuff's locked to 2 chains at either side of her bed and her ankle's had the same cuff's locked to a spreader bar which was locked to a chain at the foot of the bed which pulled her taught on the bed. She looked a pretty package, a sensual and sexually liberated woman enjoying the confine's of her bondage. I felt my hand trace the outline of my pussy as I began to slowly massage my clit. I hadn't been attracted to a woman before but Sarah looked absolutely stunning. I went back to my bedroom and stripped off my pajama's before rubbing myself to an incredible climax.

The next morning I heard Sarah's alarm and the faint sound of chain's. Half an hour later my alarm sounded and I got up to see Sarah sitting with a cup of coffee in her business skirt tight's heel's and blouse.

"Morning, I am working late tonight so I wont be home till about half 6". She said.

"Ok I will see you then". I replied.

I showered before going to get ready myself, hearing the door close as Sarah left for work. When I got to work my head was a mess as I couldn't get the sight of the lovely Sarah bound in her sexy attire out of my mind. At lunch time I went on a little shopping trip and ended up in the lingerie section and bought a pair of black elasticated stockings, black 5"heels and I bought a black half cup bra & matching thong set.

Back at work after about an hour the boss told me I had the rest of the day off so I left and headed home. It was half past 1 when I arrived back in the flat and I decided to try on my outfit. I stripped off my work clothes and slid the stocking's up my legs to my thigh's, the elastic keeping them snuggly in place. I put on the thong and slipped on my half cup bra displaying my hard pink nipple's. I slipped into my heel's and went to look at myself in the mirror.

I looked hot I thought to myself. I wondered how I would look in Sarah's bondage gear, so I slipped into Sarah's room and began to look for her bondage gear. I felt so naughty and I became wet really quickly. I couldn't find it anywhere then I sat down on the edge of her bed to think when I felt something hard digging into me. I stood up and slowly pulled the cover's off the bed. There it was, the same set up was there, so without delay I climbed onto the bed and put the gag in my mouth. I was surprised at how it filled my mouth after it slipped behind my teeth. I quickly buckled the strap's behind my head and felt the ball lodge a little deeper.

Satisfied with its snugness I buckled the gag. I slipped the blindfold over my forehead and the buckled the black leather wrist & ankle cuffs onto my waiting limb's. I locked the cuffs in place with the padlocks already in the cuffs. I then spread my legs and attached the spreader bar to the cuffs on my ankles. It did a good job of spreading my legs. It felt good as it made my thong slip a little deeper inside my lower lip's.

I locked my left wrist cuff to the chain at the top of the bed, and then put the blindfold in place and fumbled with the lock on my other wrist, with a loud CLICK it was locked and I was now bound and displayed on my friend's bed.

I enjoyed the feeling being bound as I was, it was only then I realised how am I getting out of it?

I struggled in vain for a few moment's realising in my horny state acting like a slutty school girl I had forgot to find a way of release. I lay there and contemplated my situation. What would Sarah do when she got back? Would she be mad at my intrusion? Would she understand? Would she take advantage of me? I didn't know what would happen but I realised I was becoming wetter and the fire in my loins burned brighter than it ever had before. I had to just lay there and await Sarah's return to find out what was going to happen to me.

to be continued...

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