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Three Way Bondage

by Tonym

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© Copyright 2002 - Tonym - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; sb; latex; X

Three Way Bondage
by Tonym

It was great that you had decided to introduce another woman into our bondage games and I couldn’t wait to see what the pair of you would do to me although I wasn’t quite prepared for what was to happen.

You introduced the other woman to me and I was told to address her only as madam x, you were to be known as mistress Jo. She was wearing very high heeled shoes, long black latex stockings held in place by a black latex corset and long black latex gloves. You were wearing your five inch heeled shoes over black sheer stockings and your pvc bra. It was fun having two woman rip my clothes off me leaving them in a pile of rags on the floor, but the fun soon ended when madam x bent me over the bed whilst you slid the heavily lubricated butt plug up my ass, something that we’d talked about doing but never tried yet. It was very uncomfortable but strangely nice, the fact that I had no say in the matter made me all the more submissive.

You unfolded the latex bag and told me to put my feet in, then with madam x holding the shoulders of the bag you helped me place my arms into the internal sleeves knowing that I would be extremely helpless with them in there. You slide the latex over the rest of my body and madam x pulls the zipper up almost to the top. She reaches into our toy drawer and pulls out a latex mask, the one with clear latex eye coverings so I can see, two small nose holes so I can breathe, a gag on the inside and a solid dildo on the outside, and pulls it over my head slipping the gag into my mouth and pulling the hood all the way down, slipping the base into the latex bag and finishing off zipping the bag shut. The pair of you slide your hands over my body and head smoothing out the wrinkles in the latex and then stand back, looking at me. “Feeling helpless slave?” you ask, “can you breathe ok?” I can only nod as my mouth is filled with the latex gag “well, we’ll soon change that, don’t worry”.

I was hoping that the two of you would start to tease me now but I watch, helplessly, as you do some strange things. First you tie a piece of string to the ceiling it reaches down to within an inch of my latex clad body and I notice that there is an ice cube almost at the end of it, in fact I can see the string goes through the ice cube. To the bottom of the string I see madam x tie the handcuff key then lift the ice cube up and fix it to the ceiling, most strange I think.

Madam x gives you a garment to wear and as you slide it over your legs and pull it up I notice that it is a pair of latex pants with an opening for your pleasure and a solid dildo on the front, god knows what you’re going to do next but I’m sure I’ll find out. At madam x’s instructions you spread lubricant onto the dildo jutting out from my face and sit on it, the sight of your beautiful bum descending onto my face is wonderful but with you sitting right down I can only just breathe through the now partly covered nose holes. You lean back and steady yourself with your hands, madam x places onto your wrists the handcuffs that are fixed to the headboard locking you into place, you then move your legs forward till they rest on my body. Madam x takes off your shoes and unzips the special zip by my now hard cock and pulls it out. You close your feet around my cock and I can feel the nylon on your toes as you slide your feet up and down in a kind of foot wank. Madam x comes over with three cable ties in her hand, the first she tightens around your ankles the second goes around your toes imprisoning my cock between your feet, the third goes round your knees but before it is closed she threads it through the central chain of another pair of handcuffs then tightens it tightly so you are helpless now on top of me.

Madam x now lubricates the dildo on your pants and climbs on top of you, crossing her legs behind your back. She is sitting on your legs pushing you down deeper onto the dildo attached to me and I now have the weight of both of you on my face. Using another cable tie she fastens her ankles together, she places her hands behind her, places her wrists into the handcuffs tied to your knees, and locks them into place.

I am lying on the bed, totally encased in latex, I have you sitting on my face, impaled on the hard dildo with your nylon clad feet tied around my cock, madam x is sitting on you, also impaled on a hard dildo with her ankles tied and her arm fixed to your knees with a pair of handcuffs. “I hope you can breathe down there” madam x asks “because we’re all stuck here for about an hour and an half until the ice melts and the key drops down, then I can release myself and then mistress Jo and finally, if your lucky, you.”

Christ, I’m really stuck now and then madam x lifts herself off you slightly leaning on her hands, and you move up and down on the dildo inside you, pushing your dildo in and out of madam x. fortunately as you are doing that you’re feet also move up and down on my cock. You start to move faster as you’re getting turned on, faster still as you’re about ready to come I can hear both of you panting and realise that madam x is almost coming too, with the friction of your feet around my cock I’m about to come as well. Madam x comes first and pushes herself hard down onto your dildo which pushes you down onto the dildo on my face which temporarily cuts off my air supply and you and I come together, my hot spunk shooting over your feet. Madam x lifts off slightly, and so do you and I can breathe again, but we’re all stuck like this for at least another hour and a quarter.


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