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Tight And Caught

by Martha & Dan

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© Copyright 2002 - Martha & Dan - Used by permission

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Tight And Caught
by Martha & Dan
Self bondage  Tight And Caught

I had planned on a few hours in bondage taking the precaution of having a safety of course . I had called my ex-girlfriend and asked if she would stop by in about 6 hours. I had said I may be busy so please use the spare key to come in if I don't answer, she agreed but said she may be a little late as she would be busy which only added a bit of excitement .

Since I really didn't want to get caught I thought I would do a simple hogtie. I started out with a plug gag nice and tight locking it in place . After that I locked my ankle cuffs on, slipped a looped piece of spandex over my elbows holding them together. The hard part was to lock my wrist cuffs on, just as I got one locked I thought hmm a leash would add to my bonds nicely so I took my elbow tie back off with a bit of trouble, then put my collar on which my ex-girlfriend had written 'My Pet Slut' on, I added a piece of chain and locked it to the couch, I allowed about 8-10 inches of slack before I put my elbow tie back on. I decided to add a knee tie and waist belt hmm simple hook? 

Well I put my elbow tie back on and proceeded to lock my other wrist, snap the telltale clicking of the chambers told me I was stuck yet I still had to hook my feet to my hands, for this I use metal handcuffs as they are easy to lock on and without a key  they don't come off . Click click click the cuffs hooked to my center link on my wrist cuffs and waist belt, now the last thing as I pulled my feet up and locked the other cuff to the center link . There a few test wiggles yup I'm truly stuck I grunted through my gag which is a very effective gag at that . 

My timer was the clock I could reach my keys but it would take time to unlock myself. I figured I would lay there and wiggle around for a bit then release myself, I had 6 plus hours to play. As I drifted in and out of fantasy, time ticked by I had been bound for about three hours when to my horror I heard a rattle, as I looked around I saw my cat playfully batting my keys around. Perhaps I could still reach them as I tried to roll up, it was if my cat knew I needed those keys as he picked them up in his mouth and slowly walked just out of my reach. I was now my cats  prisoner. I tried to call him yet all I could do was mmph in my gag, my cat just carried on with his playing as though I wasn't there. I looked at the clock and swallowed my fate I was going to get caught. I wiggled and struggled hoping something would break but no such luck I was going to be found hogtied and gagged. 

Time passed rather slowly but it passed, I looked at the clock 6 ½  hours had passed when I heard the car pull up, at this sound I struggled with renewed zest. I was still stuck in a few minutes when I heard her knock on the door, then again she knocked and then I heard a key in the lock, the doorknob turning and she was in. As she came through the door she looked at me and laughed as she saw the cat with my keys, she casually walked over and picked them up. Sitting on the couch right in front of me she asked, "So this is why you wanted me to come over? To rescue you? Well who is going to rescue you from me? I see you have taken all the necessary precautions. I only have one question for you.are you comfy? Well I hope you are because there is where you shall remain till I let you out, if I do. My little bondage baby I hope that the pics don't bother you as I brought my camera. I will need pics so I can send them to all the bondage sites I know. So slut how do you like me now?"


As I move around and fix a few things I laugh at the thought of having photos to send out as Christmas presents to all that wish them. "I see that you have on your collar that I wrote on. Come now you must wish to go on a little trip then, no problem I can do that. So I have a few places that I can take you. where should we go? I will think about that while you amuse me with those futile escape attempts. I sit and tap your nose with my foot and laugh as you try to wiggle free."

"Going somewhere you lil slut, I didn't think so. Is my humping little whore ready to go on a trip? I hope so cause we are going." I slide a small length of rope onto the collar and pull it tight. A swift move unhooks the chain from the couch and tugs you to your knees and then to your feet. Walking you around with only the sound of my voice to guide you. Like a sheep you follow slowly moving to my voice as I laugh aloud at your shuffles to keep up with me. "Here we go out into the great outdoors so I can get some good pics of your bound ass in the yard. It is nice to get back to nature don't you think(I ask giggling)?"

I pull my lil pet out the door into the sun and warm gentle wind. I pull you out back as you mumble as I tell you to shut up or I will put you where everyone will see you. An advantage to me as you live on a main highway. Being in complete control of the bondage bitch I lead you out back and hook you to the dog run in the back yard and shove you to the ground. Click,click,click as my camera goes wild snapping photos that I can use against you. Hooking your legs in a very strict hogtie as I take a few more pics for my album. I forgot to tell you that I have a new digital camera that is so easy to put pics on the net. 

Smiling wildly as I move you around and take a couple roles of film as proof of your mess up. I lead you back in the house telling you about all the photos I have to show anyone that wants to see them. Just abit over ten hours has passed and I take out the gag so that you can have a few puffs of a cig. Did you eat anything today I ask? hearing that you didn't eat yet cause you are a silly slut I set up your timer again and put the keys back so you can get to them. I set the clock for another five hours so you can eat when you get free. As you begin to protest I push the gag back into your mouth as I don't want to hear it. 

Mmmmmph you scream as I say good-bye and walk away. Thinking to myself that the clock will go off in about 5 minutes I move to the door and open and shut it as I am leaving I hear your low mmmphs. I go to my car and drive down the road as so you know I'm gone. Then I come back and wait for you to gain your freedom. I see your head peek through the window as I laugh wildly at you. I push the door open and ask, "So did you have a good time my pet slut? I hope you enjoyed cuz I got some great pics of your bound ass that will get sent to every site on the net. Well I have to run I'm late for work so I will talk with you later."


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