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Tina’s Selfbondage

by Tina

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© Copyright 2001 - Tina - Used by permission

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I love your site. I'd like to share something with you I first sent to Warhammer. Hope you enjoy it as well.

My name is Tina, and I am into self-bondage and erotic torment. I love wearing restrictive clothing; my co-workers might never believe what I usually wear under my business clothing. After reading some articles on the net, I decided to put a plan into action I have been considering for some time. I wanted to be hopelessly bound and relentlessly tormented. The preparations were fairly extensive - but that's part of the fun.

I have several keyed-alike padlocks and some odd locks. First I opened one of the odd locks. Then I tied the key to a string and placed the key at the bottom of a gallon milk jug, filled it with water, and placed it in the freezer.

Next I epoxied a steel ring to one of my vibrators and epoxied the on/off switch in the high position. Now I was through for the day. I checked the epoxy the next morning and found that the ring and switch were quite secure and could not be altered. The key was also solidly frozen in a gallon-sized block of ice.

I began my final preparations about nine o'clock last night. I took an eight foot length of chain and secured it to a steel ring set that was cemented in the floor of my basement with a padlock. I cleaned out the area around the ring and placed an old mattress on the floor. I got an old lamp and plugged it into a twenty-four hour timer. The light and timer would both be out of reach once I was secured. Then I turned off the overhead lights.

I went upstairs to my bedroom and dug my bondage belt out of the closet. This belt has a locking buckle in front and ‘O' rings at each side and the middle of the back. I have a fairly narrow waist and ample hips, so when the belt is tight there is no way I can remove it by working down over my hips. I secured a short length of chain from the back ring with a padlock. I pulled the chain between my butt cheeks through my crotch, snugging it tight to my sex, and secured it to the locking buckle with another padlock.

Now the only ways out of the belt were to cut it off or use the key. From the excess length of chain in front I secured my handcuffs (I usually like to cuff my hands behind me, but tonight I might need to eat or drink so I would need the use of my hands.) With my hands cuffed, I would be able to reach my mouth and sex, but could not reach over my head. I left the keys to the padlocks and cuffs on the nightstand by my bed.

I grabbed a set of extra-long life batteries, vibrator, the odd lock, one of the keyed-alike locks, a jug of water and some snacks, and the frozen milk jug and headed down to the basement. I dropped most of the stuff on the mattress. I cut the very top out of the milk jug and hung it upside down from the ceiling over a floor drain about five feet from the ring set. I attached the key string to a string hung from the ceiling so that when the ice melted and the key fell, it would hang about crotch level - within easy reach. When I cuffed my hands, however, I would be unable to reach the jug to speed up the melting process.

Next I set the timer on the lamp for 11:00 P.M. (it was about 10:00 at the time). Then I walked over to the mattress and locked the chain from the ring set to the ring above my left hip. Now I was stuck. The only release key frozen in a block of ice and no tools within reach. Even if I didn't carry out the rest of my plan, I would have to wait until the ice melted to get free.

I put the the batteries in the vibrator and assembled it. As soon as I started screwing it together it started buzzing loudly. Before I could think about it too much, I worked it into my already aroused sex and snapped the lock on the ring to my crotch chain. Finally I cuffed my hands in front. Now I was completely stuck. I was chained to a ring in the floor and had a vibrator in my pussy I couldn't remove or turn off. The vibrator I had chosen was about seven inches long and over one inch in diameter at the base. It had pea-sized bumps along its length. Quite by accident, the way I had glued the ring on and inserted it, one of the bumps was positioned right against my clitoris.

I started to sweat and had a small panic attack. I began testing the belt and chain in an effort to remove the vibrator or get the belt off, but I had done myself too well. The only way to turn the vibrator off was to take it apart. To take it apart, I had to get it out. To get it out, I had to wait for the ice to melt, get the key from my nightstand upstairs, and unlock the chain. I had sentenced myself to several hours of sexual stimulation with no hope of relief. I enjoyed the feelings of resignation and despair that I always get from self-bondage.

I knew I was in serious trouble when I started climaxing after only a few minutes into my self-imposed ordeal and I panicked again. I struggled with the crotch chain in a vain attempted to pull the vibrator out a little or adjust its position. It was in as deep as I had ever pushed it and could only stand it in that position for a few minutes. Now it was in deep and in to stay for several hours.

I was into my fourth orgasm when the light snapped off leaving me completely in the dark struggling to find a position for my legs and hips that would ease the pressure on my spasming love tunnel. Time began to crawl now that I had no way to mark its passing except in my count of orgasms, and no way to be sure if they occurred every five minutes or every half hour.

I slipped into a kind of sexual fugue marked by orgasms of increasing intensity between periods of bitter-sweet stimulation. Right after each climax, when my little clitty was swelled and super-sensitive, that vibrating bump was stimulating it toward the next peak. I soon lost count of the orgasms and had no idea of the time.

After some time (minutes? hours?), I began to have mini-climaxes. I would rise to a peak and slowly slide back down, but not as far as at first. These came closer and closer together with increasing intensity until I had a SUPER ORGASM that left me sobbing from its magnitude. I remember believing that the vibrator had become possessed by some intelligence that knew when I couldn't stand these and deliberately caused them because they happened at random intervals. The pain and pleasure centers in the brain are closely related and at some point each orgasm, instead of giving extreme pleasure, began to cause me intense misery.

I tried using sheer willpower to reduce what was happening in my crotch with zero success. (An old professor of psychology told me one time, "the mind rebels, but the body compels!", She was right!)

I tried to drift off to sleep, but each time I was just about relaxed enough to drop off, that monster shook, rattled, and rolled in my pussy pushing me over the edge causing me unimaginable misery. I ate nothing and only sipped a little water. I remember pleading with it to breakdown or the batteries to run down. Each time I felt a super orgasm building I would curl up in fetal position and rock mumbling a mantra of, "Please I can't take another one! Oh please not another one!" Of course I was FORCED to endure it.

I began to worry that I would die from pleasure. Someone would find me hours or days later. Finally I passed out from sensory overload or went to sleep from physical exhaustion - I'm not sure which. When I came to, dawn's light was streaming in the window of the basement. I looked over and saw that the key was hanging within reach. I half crawled, half stumbled over to it and unlocked the chain. I stumbled up the stairs my legs weak from the hours of pleasure/pain I had endured.

I nearly crawled into my bedroom and snatched the key from my nightstand. Unlocking the belt, I was finally free of my tormentor. I held it and could barely feel its feeble stir from the near-dead batteries. I looked in the mirror and almost didn't recognize my self. There were dark circles under my eyes and my face was drawn and haggard; but I was smiling!

Like a person who has been on a ship for some time then gets on dry land and feels it ‘moving', I could still feel my pussy singing. It took several hour for that feeling to lessen and I can still feel it to some extent. After a hot shower and a nap, I took stock of my condition. My sex was a little sore and I had some bruises from struggling against the belt, but that was all. Then I sat down and typed this up for your enjoyment. After last night, however, I don't believe I will feel like masturbating for awhile.

I'm wondering how it would be to do this again in a couple of weeks with two vibrators (one in each orifice). I'm also wondering if I can find some batteries that will last longer than 7 or 8 hours for them. If I can find some, I'll use a two gallon jug next time.

If you have any suggestions, or if you have any ideas for other self-inflicted, erotic torments, E-Mail me at [email protected].


Tina's Note: I've been experimenting lately with lithium based batteries. These appear to power my vib for about 36 hours. I'm going to do this again my next holiday (October 12) using them. Let you know how it turns out!


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