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To Himself

by Rob

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© Copyright 2003 - Rob - Used by permission

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To Himself
by Rob

Dear Gromet,  This is a story I wrote a few years ago, before I found your wonderful site that seems to have been custom designed to help satisfy my kink.  This is a work of fiction, I would further hypothesis that there might be some kind of remote monitoring device in a situation like this to help promote safety or a get out of jail free card in the event of emergency.  I hope your readers enjoy this as much as I enjoyed fantasing while writing it.  
To Himself
He had received a fax from his Mistress as he was getting ready to go home for work that evening and the instructions  there gave him a chill as he read them and put his affairs in order for the day. The instructions were implicit and he was to follow them immediately upon arriving home. 
He was caught three miles from home in the usual uptown traffic as he commuted home in his Mercedes. He could barely keep his off of himself as he drove but his Mistress had instructed him not to play with himself that evening until she allowed him to, if she allowed him to. 

After a few miles and countless forays into the recess of his imagination traffic began to open up. He arrived shortly their after and proceeded inside; his jacket hung over his arm to cover the obvious bulge in his trousers. He once again read the fax as he closed the door behind himself. Then he began to follow the instructions he had received. 

First in the foyer of his home he removed his clothes and folded them neatly beside the door so his Mistress would know he had been naked since arriving. The AC in his house was already low but he had been instructed to turn it down to 65 degrees. The rapidly cooling air brought goose bumps to his naked flesh as he walked towards the master bedroom (Mistress bedroom perhaps). Once he arrived in the bedroom he began by assembling the torture chair that he had bought for his Mistress. 

The chair consisted of heavy wood framing with a U shaped seat that was not padded because Mistress thought that a slave should never be too comfortable. On the seat was a large vibrating butt plug that was mounted to lock the hips into to one position once the sub had become seated. The back of the chair was one tall board with straps every four inches to secure the arms or head or body of the sub in a vertical almost immobile position. All of the chairs four legs had straps mounted on them to secure legs or wrist or both in uncomfortable positions. 

Once the chair was in position in the middle of the master bedroom he moved into the bathroom and shaved, showered and relieved him-self because he had no idea how long the session might last. He had taken his collar and cuffs with him into the bathroom so he could don them once he was cleaned up. 

His heart accelerated rapidly once he began placing the leather about his neck and limbs. He knew that Mistress would punish him if there was one little bit of space left in the collar or cuffs when she arrived so he made sure to secure them the same way she would. 

Once he was wearing most of the accouterments of his Mistress’ desire he went back into the bedroom and retrieved the "Gates of hell" that his Mistress had purchased for him. He was so turned on at the sight of the jumble of rings and leather that he could barely stand for a moment as he contemplated putting it on. But first he had to think about baseball as he allowed his erection to go down so the harness would go on. 

After six of seven boring minutes he quickly picked up the harness and slipped all six rings over and down to the base of his penis. Even though he hurried he barely got the harness on in time to avoid another baseball session. Once the rings were in place he buckled the confining ring around his testicles and pulled it tight snapping it in place. His genitals were completely confined at this point the skin of his swelling member forcing the rings deeper into his sensitive flesh. After that it was no problem the pull the waist belt around his waist and fasten it with a lock that matched all of the others in the room, none of which he had a key too. 

Pre-cum was already dribbling from the head of his penis as he walked slowly and somewhat painfully towards the torture chair in the center of the room. He picked up some Vaseline from the bedside table as he passed so he could lube his anus to allow the butt plug. 

He stood in front of the chair contemplating his fate for a minute before opening the jar and gently applying some lubricant to his anus. The first touch almost sent him into convulsions and he hoped that his Mistress would see fit to allow him relief sometime tonight. 

He turned his back to the chair and slowly lowered himself onto the seat and plug. His muscles were somewhat resistant at first but he had lubricated himself thoroughly before attempting to sit down and with one brief pain the plug slid in and he was firmly seated on the chair. 

After a moment he reached down and locked his ankle cuffs to the front legs of the chair with a pair of the matching locks. At this point he could relieve some of the stress and back out having only to suffer through standing up and the "gates of hell." He knew however that his Mistress would not be pleased and he had no wish to back out anyway, his mind contemplated no, but his body screamed yes. 

Once his ankles were locked he began buckling the straps on the leg of the chair around his own legs every few inches effectively pinning his legs to the chair without and inch of leeway. Once that was accomplished he had to perform his next task which sent a shiver of dread through him, not to mention a shiver a pleasure at the thought. 

Reaching down between his spread legs and through the opening in the chair he retrieved the end of a bungee cord that was attached to the cross bar between the legs of the chair. This he attached through the last ring of the "gates of hell" the ring farthest forward on his penis. The bungee cord pulled his almost fully erect penis down between his legs and kept constant pressure on it. It was a painful feeling but his erection did not go down for obvious reasons. 

Once the bungee was in place he leaned a bit side ways and flipped the switch that would set the butt plug to vibrating. The feeling was intense as the plug vibrated against the base of his scrotum and prostate. He knew that he could come almost instantly but would not touch himself as per Mistress’ orders. 

Upon assuring himself that everything in his nether regions was properly accounted for he reached behind himself and pulled the first strap on the back of the chair around his hips. As he fastened it he marveled at the ingeniousness of the simple design. The strap would come from the bast of the back rest and up at a slight angle locking him onto the plug and allowing him no ability to raise himself to relieve the stress on ht bungee cord. The next straps followed in succession around his belly, sternum and upper chest under his armpits. 

The final two straps would secure his head to the backrest and would be the second to last step in his personal bondage. He quickly secured the strap that went around his forehead. The gag strap with the ring in the center would protect him in the event of gagging.

Once everything was secured except for his arms he picked up the final lock from where it hung on a ring on the side of the chair. He held it before his face and knew that with that lock he would completely secure his fate. His mind contemplated the pain in his genitals and the pleasure in his anus and he wondered if he would be able to last all night like his Mistress would most likely make him do. He could still back most of the way out but his lock would give him no option. 

Before he could think about it he reached behind the back of the chair and locked his wrists together with the lock. He had completely restrained himself by his own hand without any idea when his Mistress would arrive to torment or pleasure him. 

As he sat immobile on the chair he noticed something across the room that he hadn’t taken note of earlier. His eyes grew wide with shock as he read the words written on the mirror in lipstick. 

"I came in while you were in the shower and will be watching TV for a few hours after I make myself dinner. I can hardly wait, but you know how it is, I can’t miss my Friends episode. It comes on at 730pm so you will have to wait for me until eight, I’ll be right along then, or maybe I wont. Love Mistress." 

He heard an incoherent scream come from his gagged mouth as he looked in the mirror at the bedside clock and noted the time as 545pm. It was going to be a long, long night.


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