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Too Smart by Half

by Rockerette

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© Copyright 2004 - Rockerette - Used by permission

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I've almost gotten bored with self-bondage lately, what with doing the same things over and over. Of course the thrill of knowing you are trapped when the last cinch is in place never goes away, but just waiting for ice to melt for an hour can get a little tedious when there is nothing to do but wait. 

Last weekend I decided to see if I could spice the deal up a little, giving me something to do while getting to the knife. (I use only rope for my sessions)

Instead of setting the knife up in the same room where I am, I figured I wouldn't need the ice timer if I put the knife down in the guest bedroom at the other end of the house. This is about 100 feet away (large house) across hard tile floors and around several corners. Then the timer would be just how long it would take me to scoot across the floor while in my self imposed bondage. Very simple and foolproof, no? Well, yes and no. 

With the knife set up at the other end of the house, I began my preps in my bedroom. First I strapped on my corset, hose and 5 inch heels ( they could have been 7 inch since I wouldn't be able to walk anyhow). I also stuffed in the dildo and vibrator held in place by the crotch strap on the corset. I would wait to turn on the vibe till just before I secured my hands. I wanted to be sure that I couldn't get to my feet, so I settled on a strict hogtie with my ankles cinched up tight to a belt around my waist. This seemed pretty good, then I passed the wrist rope under the waist-to-ankle rope to keep my hands in place. I placed the big ball gag in my mouth and yanked it up pretty tight. Then came my mistake. I thought that my ankles weren't pulled up close enough to my ass, so I set about getting that rope tighter. It worked pretty good too. 

When I finally tied the rope off, my heels were almost tight against my butt. This made it easy to get the wrist rope under the W to A rope with the zip tie between my wrists. I reached down and turned on the vibe and looked around checking to be sure I hadn't forgotten anything. Everything seemed fine, so I worked my hands into the wrist loop and tightened up the zip tie a little. I could still back out, but the vibe was really getting me hot sort of clouding my judgement keeping me from realizing just how tightly I was tied and how little I could move. 

Before an orgasm could overtake me, I yanked the zip tie once and then again for good measure. The thrill of knowing I was caught helped take me over the edge, but there was nothing I could do about it but enjoy it. After coming down from that, I tried testing my bonds to see how much I could move. It turned out to be MUCH less that I had thought. I was really in a severe hogtie and was becoming uncomfortable already. I've got to get to that knife, I thought. So I began trying to scoot across the floor toward the other bedroom. Not only could I make almost no progress, it hurt quite a bit too. 

After about 15 min. I had gotten out of the bedroom and onto the hard tile floor. Now it really hurt, and I still had about 80 feet to go. In about another 30 minutes I made it to the Den where there was a rug which gave a little relief, but by now, I was so tired I could hardly move. I tried to lie there quietly and take a nap or a rest, but the vibe kept me close to another climax. As I started scooting again, another orgasm nearly blew me apart. 

Now I was soaking wet besides being completely drained. With only about 20 feet to go, I could "smell the barn" and renewed my efforts. It took another 20 minutes, in my weakened state, but I finally got next to the knife. As I squirmed around and reached for it, I had another colossal orgasm and passed out for 2 or 3 minutes. Finally I came to and cut my wrists loose.

It took another 15  minutes to get the other ropes and gag off because I was so weak. After I was completely free, I found that I couldn't stand up for a while either. I laid there for a while then crawled back to my bedroom and stripped off all my gear and prepared for a LONG hot bath. I was sore for almost a week. I might do this again, but with about half the distance or a less severe tie. 




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