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Took a Risk and Got Away With It

by Tigon

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Who here has gotten carried away and been a bit reckless, but somehow it worked out (or didn't?).

So preface, I am usually VERY good about safety measures, backups, and care when doing self bondage. There were times when I was younger where I was a bit reckless, luckily everything went fine, but damn, I was stupid at times with it, just to get a rush. This is one of those stories:

At the time I was in my mid 20’s working nights with like Tuesday/Wednesday off (every other weekend), I would usually just stay up all night on those days so I could keep my sleep schedule, but when you are alone, bored, kinky, and the rest of the world is asleep, you get into a bit of trouble. I love the risk of getting caught or humiliation. Very seldom has it ever happened, but the what-if is always there. When I seek out stories, those are what I look for. When I imagine scenarios for myself, I often end up daring myself to run and check the mail cuffed, or take a stroll around the block with my hands cuffed in a hoodie. So this is a time where I decided to try something risking humiliation and getting caught.

I had had a good deal to drink this Tuesday night, it was about 3am and I had done plenty of fun playing on my own in my condo ten stories up. I had already spent most of the evening cuffed. As for the building I lived in, a lot of the residents were older people, I was one of the few younger ones. Drunk-me had the brilliant idea that I should do something in the building…something a bit daring and kinky. I wanted to get caught or seen, and get away with it.

So, of course, I inserted a butt plug, put two thick diapers over it, a shorter black skirt which just did not quite cover the diaper, and a black tank top tucked into the skirt. I had on black thigh-highs, garter belt, and knee high leather boots. Now, I am a 6’2” male, quite a sight. I made sure to stop and admire myself in the mirror. I had long hair at the time, and pulled it back into pigtails. Of course I couldn't just stop there, so I handcuffed my hands behind my back. I had a key in my condo, and one I hid on the main level, but I would have to walk right by the front desk to get to it.

So, I hopped on the elevator and took it down to the basement, finished basement, with storage and laundry. I didn't see anybody, as I walked around the lower level, checked out the laundry room, mostly just strolling around all scantily-dressed, tied up, and diapered in a delirium of headspace, alcohol, and the rush of what if I get caught. The feeling of being exposed in women's clothes, diapers, and cuffed made me feel so nervous and thrilled. I partially wanted to run back upstairs due to nerves, but I more so wanted to push the boundaries.

It was too easy so far, so I wanted to up my risk. I took the stairs to the first floor. The layout is this: to get to the elevator, I would have to walk a long hallway to the lobby, at the other end of the lobby is the door-person. The elevators were maybe 50 feet away, but I would have to press the button, wait for them, all while hopeful to not be seen. I decided my options were this, or walk nine flights of stairs in a hot stairwell.

I had other options, but those were backups and not part of the fun, so completely out of the question. I made my way slowly and quietly down the hall, stopping off at a community room halfway down to calm myself and psych myself back up. Not going to lie, my wildly-kinky mind at the moment may have looked around the room for any more rope/tape/anything to increase my bondage and the risk, no luck. In the room were some high backed wooden chairs, and with care I was able to slide my cuffed arms over the back of it, and settled myself into a seated position. I could feel the plug press further in against the chair and a quick tug on my arms reminded me of my binds. I was not stuck to the chair, but my arms were pulled so I knew it would take a minute to get up and out from the chair. I was so scared and hopeful that somebody would walk in on this, see me bound there, diaper in full view under the skirt.

After about fifteen minutes sitting there and imagining, I decided to head up. My diaper was wet, my wrists were sore, and I wanted some other kind of relief from all the built up excitement. So far the door-person was just looking down at their desk, reading or watching something, cool. I ever so quietly made it to the lobby, very much in sight of them, but so far so good. I pressed the elevator button and waited, not long, the elevator was probably just in the basement. The part I forgot was when the elevator was pulling up to a floor it made a loud ding. The nice door-person lady looked up at me, luckily my back was away from her, so I just gave an awkward smile. I nervously nodded my head and backed into the elevator. Thank the gods it did not stop at any floors on the way up, everybody else was probably asleep but you never know. Wanting to increase the risk, I did hit a couple of random buttons, adding a few delaying stops. I got off on my floor and went into my condo, I was really high on the rush of it all, and being seen like that.

I was very fortunate I was not caught, and that nothing happened to me while I was fairly helpless and generally in public where people could easily come across me.


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