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Torment of a Bad Boy

by Texvector

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Torment of a Bad Boy
by Texvector
Torment of a Bad Boy

Well this is going to be the first time that I have posted a story here or anywhere else.  Into the typical beginning, my name is Michael, I'm 23 and I am a full time student at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas.  I'm 6'1" tall, 195 lbs., short dusty blonde hair, and have been into bondage, self-bondage, and virtually every other fetish since I was about 14. 

What I did last night was my very first "official" public nudity and self-bondage experience.  Let me explain my situation.  I live cattycorner to a convenience store that is manned by an elderly couple whom I have become very good friends with.  It just so happened that last night was the gentleman's 87th birthday and they wanted to close the store early but were reluctant to.  Being the great friend that I am, I offered to help them close up for them at the regular hour, around 11:00 pm.  They agreed and my plans started to take shape.

I began by attaching a short chain to my bicycle and removing the large padded seat and replacing it with the banana seat it had originally.  I taped two quarters to the front reflector and let all of the air out of the tires.  Around 9:30 I walked my bike over to the store and chained it to the light post next to the door.  I went in and said hi and asked when they would need me to come back to help close up.  "Quarter till eleven," Mr. Hayimener said.  "O.K., that'll let me get some more homework done. See you then" was my response.  I was not about to do any homework with the hard-on I was sporting. 

Instead, I continued my preparations by putting the spare key to my truck on the lamppost down the street with a hide-a-key.  Next, I put the key to my handcuffs on a combination lock and locked it to inside of the garage door.  I next plugged the garage door into a timer that would cut on and off in 15 minute intervals, starting at 11:00.  I went inside and undressed.  I put my spare house key, a large padlock, 25 clothes pins, a hand full of rubber bands, a pair of ankle cuffs, hand cuffs, a tube of BenGay, and a small vibrator into my back pack and then dressed in a heavy, long-sleeved jump suit.  My feet would be the only thing that would be dressed normally, so I slipped on my sneakers, but with no socks. 

10:45 and I was at the shop, and by 10:58 they were gone and I had the key to lock the side door which was in the back of the shop.  All of the lights outside were dim except the 60 watt bulb over the ice machine. This was located about 12 feet from my bike.  I emptied my bag of its contents and removed my jump suit.  I have been in this store hundreds of times, but this was the first time I was in it naked.  I put the large padlock at the base of my scrotum and clicked it shut. It was very heavy and made my sack stretch.

One end of the hand cuffs was then locked around the base of my penis and scrotum.  The lock assured it would not slip off.  I took the clothes pins and wrapped the heads of several of them with rubber bands to make them even more painful to wear.  Six went directly on and on each side of my nipples.  Ten went onto my well stretched ball sack but the rubber bands made them hold strong. The remaining 9 went onto my cock with the last one directly onto the head. 

I secured and double locked the ankle cuffs onto my wrists, it has a longer chain than regular cuffs and I would need both hands to steer my bike.    My house key was attached with a rubber band to the clothes pin on my right nipple.  Moment of truth, I stuffed my jumpsuit into my bag and tossed it onto the roof of the store.  Except for my shoes and the bondage gear, I was completely naked and starting to get hard.  I took the tube of BenGay and applied some to the vibrator which I then turned on. Quickly I stuffed it up my ass and then ran for my bike.  I spread the rest of the BenGay onto the bike seat and removed the lock with the key that was still in it.  I pushed it over to the air pump, and with the two quarters, quickly and loudly filled the tires. 

I sat down on the liniment covered banana seat which pushed the BenGay deep into my ass crack. As the burning started to be noticed I locked the end of the handcuffs dangling from my crotch to the chain attached to my bike.  I now had to ride my bike up the street to get the key to my truck.  Up until now the street had been quiet.  I only had to duck back for three cars coming from the North.  The light pole however, is adjacent to a much busier street.  There is a bush near it that is all full of thorns and sharp twigs.   I had to duck and hide in that bush for what felt like 10 to 15 minutes before I was able to get the truck key. 

I pumped my burning buzzing ass back down that street and finally got into my truck and retrieved the garage door opener.  I pushed the button but nothing happened.  Panic time; either the batteries had died or the timer was off.  Every few minutes I would try it again and again praying that the passing cars couldn't see me crouched in front of my truck with my cock chained to my bike.  Finally the door opened and I hurried inside as the next wave of cars passed.  I'm sure someone must have seen me as I waited for the garage door to lower.  I tried to work the combination lock to release my handcuff key but the light on the garage door quickly went dark.  Unfortunately, someone had unscrewed all of the other bulbs in the garage making that my only source of light.  I again had to open and close the garage door to be able to see.  Each time I opened myself up to new voyeurs who would get a real good laugh at my situation.

After three tries I finally got the lock open and removed the shackles from my hands and penis.  I stepped off of the bike and forced out the vibrator which only made my ass burn more intensely.  I started removing the clothes pins and cringed at each one but especially at the ones on my penis head.  The key on my nipple let me into the house and I all but ran to the shower to wash off the BenGay.  That done I slipped on some jeans and a t-shirt and retrieved my bag from the roof of the store. 

"What about the lock?" you ask.  The only key to it is in a block of ice in the freezer, in the store.  I'm stuck with this thing until morning.  Gee, I hope nothing bad happens to the older couple between now and then, if they delayed opening the store very long, my balls might just start slapping my knees.  On the plus side, they would be really easy to tie things to then. 


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