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Training Day

by Lefty

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© Copyright 2015 - Lefty - Used by permission

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My wife recently secured the ideal job and this involved her spending a day at head office undertaking training. Head office is over a 100 miles away, so they arranged for her to travel down the night before and stay overnight.

In the lead up to her training day, my wife made a lot of preparations, booking train tickets, reading up on literature, researching where she was going and ensure she knew exactly what was needed and where the training was taking place. She wasn't the only one to make preparations. Our love life is fantastic, but she is vanilla to my mint choc chip and I have a secret stash of light bondage and fetish wear. For this first night apart since marriage I ordered a few items, including a chastity cage, which I really would like my wife to share with me, holding my keys. I looked into this to see if it was purely a fetish thing, but I've found that there is some philosophy that states it is part of loving relationship, maybe I can convince her?  

The day of her trip arrived. We went for a walk around our local park in the morning. I had fitted the ring part of the chastity device, although not very well and I could feel it slipping as we walked. When I got home, I realised what I did wrong. My scrotum had gone through the ring, but my testicles had both stayed back. I found that wrapping a string around the base of my penis stops my testicles from escaping my scrotum and I was able to fit the ring properly, with testicles in front. I put the string away for safe keeping and added the cage.

I still had several hours before dropping my wife at the station, so I was very self conscious in case she brushed upon me or decided to be affectionate at lunchtime. Fortunately it was soon time to drop her at the station, we said our goodbyes and I suddenly realised that I was genuinely going to miss her and wish that I had slipped the keys to my device into her case.

The drive home was heavy traffic, which allowed me to consider a last minute purchase, as I was going to pass our local love shop anyway. It is only the second time in 15 years I've visited this shop and it is now very much more '50 shades' than shelves lined with dayglo toys. I bought a fishnet bodystocking on a whim and got home as fast as I could. I've learned that taking time is sometimes a good idea. I pottered about feeding cats, putting out rubbish, fixing bicycles and catching up on work,  before stripping off my street clothes and slipping into the body stocking.

Wow! This was an inspired choice. It was far from the normal cheap easy to ladder product. It even had a proper fastener to the halterneck. I put my street clothes back on over the top of the bodystocking and cage for a couple of hours, whilst I made myself some dinner, exchanged texts and calls with my wife and received some affection from our cats. I decided to send my wife an email to tell her how much I was missing her and slipped into it that I really wanted her to lock me in chastity. I explained that it was symbolic like our wedding rings, in that it is something really special I wanted to give her, but where the rings are public, the chastity would be very personal. She didn't remark about this part of the email, but she did feel touched that I had opened up  and said things that I couldn't say even to her.

About 10pm, I decided it was time for bed, but what shall I do? I stood there in my chastity device and fishnet bodystocking. I delved into my secret stash and pulled out a wetlook 'gimp' suit. This was really a cheap article, with an ill fitting integrated hood that had the mouth where the shoulders go and eye holes on the forehead, but I like it because it had feet and mitten hands built in. I decided to put this over my current ensemble, back to front, so that the zip was at the front. The sock feet didn't present a problem and seemed to work fine back to front, but the mittens were on the wrong hands, so my little finger ended up in the thumb of the mitten, not that that was a problem. I didn't use the integrated hood.

I put nylon strap cuffs on my ankles and wrists. I then fastened my spreader bar to the foot of the bed and attached my ankle cuffs to that. I ran a strap under the bed from the spreader bar to the head of the bed, this is where my wrists would be fastened. I put a separate nylon hood and a padded blindfold. Attached both my wrists to the straps above my head and settled in for the night.

I didn't sleep for very long, I think it was the swelling in my cage that woke me. I decided it was time to try different combinations. I dispensed with the straps and tried attaching my ankles and wrists together, first behind me, which I really enjoyed, but not ideal for sleeping and then I tried the same, but in front of me. Again, I wasn't going to sleep like that. I had only had 45 mins sleep at this point. I finally decided to attach my ankles together and wrist together separately and use the spreader bar to link my ankles and wrists.  That was better, I slept like this for 3 hours.

2.30am and I was awake again. I stripped down to my hood, fishnet and cage. I couldn't help but look at myself in the mirror. I don't fancy myself, but I really liked the way I looked.  My bondage straps are all nylon webbing straps and have clips on them. This allowed me to mess around with ideas, including fastening my ankles to my chastity cage. This was definitely about more than keeping myself secure for my wife.

I settled down for sleep with a strap running around the bar of the headboard to frame at foot over the bed. My feet being pulled towards the foot of the bed and my arms pulling towards the head. I also fastened my cage to the strap this time. This protected me in my slumber until 5am. If I thought I was in pain when I woke up around 11pm, then this was like the gates of Hades this time. This is where it was fortunate that my keys weren't in my wife's case over a 100 miles away, especially as she informed me she managed to leave my umbrella on the train, so who is to know if she would've still had my keys.

I released myself from the cage, and removed the ring. That was a relief and also a mistake.  I found another of my recent acquisitions in my stash. This was a heavy steel penis ring with an arm holding a ball. I slipped this on, using my new 'trussing' method and eased the ball end home in my anus. My mission to keep myself nice was dashed!  The orgasm was worth it though. I was standing up at the beginning and in a crumpled heap by the end. After I regained my composure, my normal inclination is to tidy away everything and put away my toys, but the chastity device went back on and I spent another hour or so until getting up clipping things together.

When I finally decided to get up and feed the cats, I just grabbed a dressing gown and threw it over my cage and fishnet ensemble. I got some breakfast and then decided I should go for a walk around the park. I grabbed my t-shirt and a pair of running tights. As I said I'm not an exhibitionist, but there I was in the park wearing the tightest leggings over my chastity cage, but it wasn't really at all noticeable. What I was more conscious of was the fact I didn't have socks on, so I could see the fishnet peeking from my trainers. I didn't spend as long at the park as I usually do. Not because of being self conscious, but because I wanted to get home and write all this down. Also street clothes are such a bore and my wife isn't home until 10pm tonight.

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