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Trespassed 2: The Voices Return

by Paneuf19

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© Copyright 2013 - Paneuf19 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; FF/m; outdoors; naked; tree; cuffs; strap; gag; collar; bfold; bdsm; crop; tease; mast; oral; denial; climax; cons; X

continued from part one

Part 2: The Voices Return

The last time I indulged in some outdoor self-bondage, my planned two hour session was shanghaied by two trespassing women I referred to as Voice One and Voice Two (see Trespassed). They didn’t harm me, but my two hour session turned into thirty six hours of being teased and kept on the brink of cumming without being allowed any satisfaction. The two made use of my home freezer to re freeze my ice timer and then returned it to where I had placed it, so that a couple of hours after they had left the key fell into my hand and I was able to free myself. They left me a note inviting me to spend time with them again the next time I planned an “outdoor adventure”.

It has been several weeks since that event and I am now planning to try another time of outdoor self-bondage. I must decide if I want to spend my normal two hours in bondage enjoying the solitude of my private forest or if I wish to place my fate into the hands of the Voices. I wrote a draft e-mail stating that I was planning another session in the woods and then sat there wondering if I should hit the “send” button mailing off the invitation to the e-mail address they had left me. I bit my lip and hit “send”.

That evening when I checked my e-mail I had a response from the Voices: “Looking forward to enjoying your body! Two things you must do however or we will leave you to do you time solo. 1, as stated in our note, tie yourself in a way that we can enjoy that lovely cock of yours any way we wish. 2, be sure you are blindfolded. If we arrive and find you have failed in either area we will simple leave you there? If you agree to these terms just send us an e-mail saying, Yes.”

Once again I pondered whether to place myself in the hands of these unknown women. As I contemplated the possibilities I found myself becoming aroused. Like any typical man I let my crotch make the decision. I fired of the reply, “Yes”.

Saturday morning arrived after what seemed like a very long three days wait. I got up ate a light breakfast, showered and locked on my ankle and wrist cuffs and posture collar. I then grabbed my bag of ‘gear’, got the ice timer out of the freezer and set off naked into the woods.

Arriving at my play area at the geographic center of my 640 acre private forest, I quickly made sure the area was clear of anything I might trip over, as I didn’t want to fall and injure myself. Next I taped the ice timer to the same branch as last time, but with a longer string so that the key would fall right to the base of the tree by the chain which was still in place form my last bondage session. I then locked a twenty foot length of chain to the chain around the tree. This would be my tether. Before finalizing my bondage I took my new toy out of the pack and hid it well. My curiosity as to who my ‘playmates’ were had gotten the better of me and so I had purchase a Trail Camera. This is a motion activated camera used by hunters to check the activity on game trails. I figured this way I could comply with their blindfold request yet still find out who they were.

With the camera set up and well hidden, I then locked a twelve inch length of chain between my ankle cuffs and then lock the center link of this to the tether chain. Now I was stuck until the ice melted and dropped the key to the lock attaching the tether to the tree. I then buckled on my ball gag and put the blindfold on my forehead ready to put in place. I took my final piece of chain, four links long and locked one end to my right wrist cuff. I hooked the last padlock through my left wrist cuff, put my blindfold in place and then placed my hands behind my back and snapped the last lock in place. I was now blind, mute and shackled to a tree. I could move about in an area of about a twenty foot radius from the tree. Now I waited. It meant either a couple of hours till the key dropped or much longer if the Voices showed up.

I walked around for a bit finding it strange and disorienting. After a bit I wasn’t sure exactly where I was in my area and so decided to sit down and wait. As some of you well know, sitting down on the ground from a standing position with your hands bound behind you back is not easy. I squatted down and then sort of fell backwards onto my butt. Not gracefully done, but mission accomplished. I sat there for quite a while and was starting to wonder if the Voices had opted out when I heard footsteps coming toward me through the dry leaves on the forest floor.

“Well, our toy has obeyed the rules.” I heard Voice Two declare.

“Yes indeed, and nicely done too.” Voice One replied, “Let’s get this camp out going. Alright Toy, stand up.”

I struggled and managed to finally get to my feet with no help from my captors. One of them then grabbed my cock and started pulling me forward. I had no choice but to follow. I was soon told to turn around a take a step back. Being a good slave, I obeyed and felt the bark of the tree against my buttocks. One of them then passed a belt or strap of some type around my chest and I found myself fastened to the tree.

“There, that will keep you out of our way while we set up camp.” Said Voice One.

Bound to the tree I could do nothing but listen to the two voices busy themselves putting up their tent and who knows what other camping gear. In my mind I could imagine two lovely naked women moving around freely setting up their camp gear. This mental image quickly cause my cock to harden and I wished I could get my hands to it for some stimulation. Suddenly a hand did go to my cock but it was a hard slap that made it sting and bounce around.

“So Toy, where are the rest of you keys?” Asked Voice Two.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmffffee.” Was all I could manage through the gag.

My cock was slapped again and then my balls were grabbed and pulled toward the ground.

“Speak up. Where are your keys?” Voice Two demanded and then slapped my cock again.

“Maaaaat huhhh hoooow” I mumbled through the gag.

“If you mean, ‘at the house’ nod your head.” Voice One chimed in.

I tried my best to comply, but nodding while wearing a posture collar is all but impossible.

“If you don’t co-operate I will have to go and cut a switch and spank it out of you.” Said Voice One.

Oh my god what happened to the two gentle teases that had me at their mercy last time. It seems they have changed into true BDSM mistresses. I found it both scary and erotic. My mix of fear and arousal made my cock throb with desire.

Finally one of them unbuckled my gag but warned, “Don’t speak unless spoken to. Do you understand?” Asked Voice Two.

“Yes Mistress.” I replied.

“Good.” Said Voice One, “Now, where are the keys to the rest of your locks?”

“At my house, on my bedside table Mistress.” I responded.

My gag was replaced and my nipples were each given a pinch.

“Good Toy.” Said Voice One, “You stay right here while we go to your place and fetch them. We also need to put your ice timer back in the freezer, you won’t need it for quite a while.”

With that I heard them move away through the trees. They were gone for quite some time and if not for the fact their camping equipment was still here I might have wondered if they had simply just left me to whatever fate might dish out.

After what seemed like a very long time the two Voices returned to camp chatting and laughing. They undid the strap around my chest and lead me to the very end of my tether. I was then unceremoniously turned around and plopped on my rear. My hands were unlocked from behind my back and then before I could react, stretched out to either side and slightly above my head and locked to stakes. I was now fastened to the ground in a crucifix pose.

“There, that’s much better.” said Voice One, “Now our toy can service us. This is a lot better than last time.”

“You’re absolutely right, but we forgot to bring something.” Said Voice Two, “I’ll leave you two here to enjoy each other and run back into town for it.”

“Alright, but don’t be too long or I might just wear him out and there will be nothing left for you”. Commented Voice one.

A few minutes later I heard Voice two’s footsteps fading away from camp.

“Well now, are you feeling up to a little 69?” asked Voice One. Then she laughed and said, “Not that you have any choice. I’m going to remove your gag, but no noise or I’ll have to punish you.”

With that said she quickly unbuckled my gag and replaced it with her dripping pussy.

“What are you waiting for? Get busy and give me some orgasms.” Voice One demanded.

I dove in and started licking her engorged lips and worked my way up to her clit. She started moaning and soon her juice was running freely. I made the mistake of pausing when I felt her suck the head of my cock into her mouth and tease it with her tongue. She slapped my balls hard to let me know she was displeased. I got right back to work and soon brought her to a quivering orgasm. I wasn’t so lucky. She brought me right to the point at which I thought I would explode and then stopped.

“That’s enough pleasure for you.” She said. Then she got up, turned around and planted her pussy back in my face and told me to keep at it until she was satisfied. She had several more major orgasms, Cumming all over my face. Then, finally sated she got off and put my gag back on.

I lay there frustrated and wishing I could get a hand to my cock to relieve my aching balls of their load.

I don’t know how long we had been playing, but it seemed that little time had passed before Voice Two returned to camp and said, “Right I got what we need, so let’s take him up to the house.”

The lock fastening my tether to my ankle chain was undone and then my hands were release and relocked behind my back. The two Voices then helped me to stand. I then felt a rope noose being slipped around my cock and balls and pulled tight.

“Right Toy, follow me.” Said Voice Two as she pulled on the rope.

So off we went. I shuffled along hoping that I wouldn’t trip and fall. But my Mistresses were good and managed to lead me back to the house without incident. I knew when we arrived as I could feel the change from walking on the forest floor to grass. In my mind I couldn’t picture exactly where we were in the yard, but I was stopped in the shade of a tree. My hands were once again unlocked from behind my back and relocked in front. Then a rope was tied to the connecting chain and thrown over a tree limb. My Mistresses then hauled on the rope until I was standing on my tip toes with my arms stretched over my head. Suddenly a strange odor assaulted my nostrils. Then the Two Voices started massaging some sort of lotion all over my body from the neck down. No area was left uncovered.

“Right, well that’s that done.” Said Voice Two. “Let’s go have some coffee while it does its stuff.”

I heard them climb the stairs to the deck and go in the house. I hung there for quite a while. By the time they returned my arms and legs were aching something farce. Suddenly without any warning I was hit by a stream of cold water. They had turned the garden hose on me. It was then it hit me, ‘depilatory’, They had just striped my body of every hair.

“Ah yes, much nicer.” Proclaimed Voice Two. “I really don’t like my men hairy.”

They took towels they must have taken from the house and briskly dried me off. Then my binding were once again changed around I was led by the balls back to camp and returned to my place on the ground.

“He’s really quite good with his tongue.” Said Voice One, “You should give it a go while I get that wilted cock back to attention and see if he’s as good with it.”

Just listening to her plans for my member had it rising to attention. Voice two removed my gag and lowered her love tunnel to my mouth. I then felt a hand guiding my cock into the warm moist depths of Voice Ones pussy. They used me while facing each other and from the sounds and comments they made they must have been playing with each other’s tits. Again, they both climaxed several times, but left me without satisfaction. They left my gag off while they ate and were kind enough to feed me a few crumbs and give me some water. I made the mistake of asking them to please let me cum soon. This resulted in my being moved back to the tree and strapped to it once again. This time however, I was facing the tree. They then proceed to punish me for speaking without being given permission. I don’t know what they used, if it was a riding crop of a switch they cut in the woods, but they each gave me ten hard swats across my ass cheeks. It was stingingly painful and yet arousing at the same time. I was then returned to my spot on the ground and once again used to get them off.

My only respite came when they retired for the night. As the last time, I got a kiss on each cheek and a playful tug on my balls and was told, “Good night.”

Sunday passed in much the same manner as Saturday with my mouth and cock getting a good workout keeping the Voices pleasured.

Late Sunday afternoon, I was informed that for being such a good toy and only being naughty once, they were going to allow me to cum. They then flipped a coin to see which of them got to get me off. Voice One won the toss. She then decided to flip the coin to decide how she would go about it.

“Heads I fuck him, tails I suck him.” She laughed at her little rhyme.

Heads it was and I felt a condom rolled over my cock. She mounted me and rode me like a wild beast. Voice Two must of felt left out because she removed my gag and first presented me with her tits to lick and suck and then pushed her wet pussy in my face. I felt my orgasm building to a fevered pitch and then I suddenly came. All those hours of teasing me to the brink and then denying me paid off in the best orgasm I’ve ever had.

I was once again strapped to the tree while they packed up. One of them headed to the house to get my ice timer. Then they undid the strap and left. A couple of hours later I heard the keys drop and after hunting around with my hands found them and unlocked my tether chain from the tree. I was then faced with a problem, with my hands still locked behind my back I couldn’t reach my blindfold. I sat down and using my knees was able to push the blind fold up enough to be able to see about two feet of the ground in front of me. It took me twice as long to get back to the house, but I finally made it . After get the keys from my bedside table (the Voices had been nice enough to put them back) I took off my gear, showered, dressed and hurried back to our play area to get the trail camera.

I rushed home and put the sim card in my computer. I got a real surprise when I finally got to see my Mistresses. They were two lovely ladies whom I would guess were in their thirties. One was fairly tall, with nice breasts and long legs. The other was about six inches shorter with small pert breasts and rounded hips. Both were wearing full leather mask / hoods with holes for eyes and mouth. I could pass these ladies on the street and still not recognize them. Their bodies were hairless, and they head hair was tucked inside the hoods, I still had no way to ID them.

I went to the freezer to put my ice timer In and found a note which stated: “Thanks, had fun! We can’t wait til next time.”

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