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True Story of my Reluctant Bondage Experience

by Mikeroper

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikeroper - Used by permission

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I have been doing bondage, self-bondage and cross-dressing since I was a teen. I have always kept it hidden and felt uncomfortable talking about my fetishes for years. I only wear women’s clothing when I do bondage because I want to put myself in the role of damsel in distress and get the point of view from the woman’s experience. I was teaching a woman (call her Jane) about bondage and she was aware of my experience with self-bondage, but I never went into any great detail. We had a professional, non-communicative relationship as I was teaching her some rigging and she was talking about her boyfriend and other women.

One particular day, I was teaching her to tie and was getting aroused; I tried to hide my arousal as best as I could but I saw the side looks she was giving me. She was cordial and we ended our teaching lesson and she left. I then got the bondage butterflies as I do not have to work for three days, my family is away and will not be checking up on me, I live alone, so I had the place to myself. I told myself I’m not going to rush this feeling, I want it to last so I took a bath and shaved my legs, under my arms and any stray hairs. I have not been swimming lately, so I do not have many glances or questions to answer. I set out my attire as follows: Second Skin white satin panties Peavey glossy nude pantyhose white half slip satin shirt pleated black miniskirt Mary-Jane 4”inch heeled shoes Bra with silicone breast inserts Wig Lipstick, foundation, blue eye shadow/mascara Press on nails French manicure with fire engine red polish, matching my lips

One of the issues I have is with the tuck, if I can tuck successfully, I cannot get off and if does not slip out, which gives me the girly essence.  The panties are tight and do the trick to tuck and keep my member from protruding. It takes me quite a long time to get ready for my self-bondage session; I now know why women are always running late when I pick them up for dates. Since I spent so much time on my attire, I did not think about how I am going to tie myself. I figure I would watch a few clips4sale movies to get an idea of the type of damsel in distress I needed to be. As I was on the couch watching the movies I was setting out my rope, ballgag trainer, butt plug and trying to make this a remarkable event, not being disappointed by being over eager or ineffective with the ropes.

As I get everything ready and have my gear all set out, I thought about a chair tie, so I get some zip ties and figure this chair tie will be hard to wiggle out of a cinched rope around my wrists when I apply the unrelenting cable ties. As I am setting up the chair for a long sit, a keep hearing a beeping sound. I look at my phone, no calls or texts; I look on the floor and see another cell phone which is not mine. This is probably Jane’s. Jane’s phone starts to ring and I am hesitant to pick it up, Do I get undressed and give it back to her? I am getting out of the mood now, and I pick up the phone…. “hello?”

“It’s Jane, you are on my phone, I am assuming I left it there, I am at your front door, can you let me in?”

My heart sank. I really don’t want her to see me dressed like this

 “Ok, hold on a second.”

“It’s freezing out here,” she states.

I decided to suck up my pride and opened the door. Her jaw nearly dropped and there was a second of awkward silence.  She is dressed in a really tight dress which shows her curves and her dedication to the gym. I was so turned on that we both were in pantyhose.

Then a big smirk appears on her face, “Wow you are one hot chick, I would have never guessed.” She walked past me and sees all the bondage gear out and the bondage movie on. “Time to try out my bondage skills….sit down!”

I sit in the chair without hesitation. “Let me explain….” Shhh, she shushed me and placed the ball gag trainer deep in my mouth and tightly fastened it in place.

She looks over the ropes and quickly ties my wrists behind my back, I test the ropes and realize they are snug and I could probably wiggle out if things get too far. “Cable ties, my you are serious.” Jane takes the cable tie and an audible zip cinches my wrists together very taunt. I cannot even move my wrists now, I will have to rely on her to cut this off. I try to talk thru the ball gag but the muffled pleas just seemed to distract and annoy her.

“This will help,” she takes the roll of duct tape and wraps it around my mouth about eight or nine times. My muffled sounds are barely audible. “Much better.”

She makes quick work of the ropes and I was very sorry I left out so much rope. She tied my ankles together, my thighs around the seat of the chair, my chest and waist. She really made me part of the chair as I could not even move at all. She took the ankle ropes and pulled my ankles under the chair so my toes were not touching the floor, this made the ropes around my thighs tighter. I started to get nervous and my heart was pounding. I could not have tied myself this well and I am so aroused I am about to explode.

Jane takes a step back and admires her work as a sculptor or painter would admire their creation. “I like the boobs, they feel so real,” she remarks as she squeezes them. She takes a bunch of pictures with her phone and giggles. She hikes up her skirt and I see she is wearing sexy panties and pantyhose. “I almost was not going to wear panties tonight because I have a date, but I am glad I did, they are so wet.” She started rubbing herself as she pulled down her pantyhose to her upper thighs.

After a few minutes she starts to gyrate as if she is having an orgasm and is moaning real loud. “I really needed that, I have been worked up all day!” She takes off her pantyhose and panties. “Here is your treat!” as she put her soaking wet panties over my head and put her wet crotch over my nose. “Something to think about as I am on my date.”

I tried to complain and move, but it proved useless, I hope she was not going to leave me like this. She puts her pantyhose over my head which makes the panties tighter against my face, I am getting worried I will suffocate. “I gave you bunny ears!” she laughed, as the legs of the pantyhose dangle on each side of my head and the gusset over my nose. “Freedom, you have no idea how freeing it is to take off pantyhose… oh wait, looks like you do my damsel. I am late, gotta go. I am leaving the door open so I can get back in later.”

As quick as she came in, she left. At first I thought was this is a joke but I heard a car start and gave up hope she was returning any time soon. Fear and arousal set in.

I go thru my head of all the scissors and knives I have scattered about my house and try to hop my chair in a direction to no avail, I was not going anywhere. I was successfully bound and gagged and relying on one person who knows I am here. It seems her deviance has trumped my safety. I try not to panic and try to slowly wiggle out of my predicament. After the panic leaves, I feel an intense orgasm which makes my panties soaking wet in the back, I am sitting on my cum. The bondage movie was over and my TV went black, so I have another orgasm and am very tired, I fall asleep.

I am jolted awake and feel stiff. “Miss me?” Jane says in a liquor fueled slurred words which made me nervous and excited I was no longer alone. “I bet you are sore sitting for so long, I was gone about four hours, so I will untie everything but your wrists and ankles, if you make any sudden moves, I will leave you like this until you cool down, nod if you understand.”

I quickly nod and she unties all the ropes and I try to stand slowly. I stretch as much as I can to relieve my achy muscles and she tells me to kneel over the sofa. I drop to my knees and she pushes my face into the back of the sofa. She crosses my tied ankles and spreads my legs apart. She lifts up my skirt and caresses my satin panties. "Feels nice and silky like my panties over your head.” She begins to smack my butt with some wooden thing and it hurts. I feel tears welling up and not a fan of spankings, but it was hot.

After several whacks, my pantyhose and panties are pulled down and a cool liquid is rubbed over my ass. I am about to be penetrated and I brace myself. “Relax, if you tighten up, it will be much more painful, you need to know these women things if you are going to dress like us.”

She eases her finger into my anus and it is filling but a nice sensation. I feel a large item poking me, then being slowly inserted. “Take it all in, be a good girl.” She puts the dildo in deep and I feel the end, and she begins to speed up the thrusting and I feel my erection getting real hard. I surprisingly ejaculate again and really am feeling the fatigue of my bondage. Jane notices me slumped over and saw I have had enough. She removes the dildo and it is really quiet.

“I hope you had as much fun as I did, sorry I left you but I know you like self-bondage and I wanted to show you how it would be to be alone and tied up, your fantasies got the best of you. I left my laptop with the camera on, so I was watching you the whole time, we got a big kick out of it.”

I was thinking I will be all over YouTube. “This is our secret and you have to follow my commands unless you want to get a Facebook post you will not like.”

She takes the pantyhose and panties off of my head and puts a pair of EMT scissors in my hands. “Call me when you are out and we can talk, if I don’t hear from you in an hour, I will come back.” She kissed my head and leaves. I work thru the wrist ropes and manage to cut them with my numb fingers and take off my ankle ropes and gag. I texted her “I’m out.”

And she replied “Good! Get cleaned up and call me.” I cleaned up the mess, took a shower and took off all the makeup/nails. I make a cup of hot tea and dialed her number….

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