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The Trunk

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2012 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; trunk; cuffs; naked; boxed; buried; cellar; caught; punish; spank; climax; cons/nc; X

SM Ackerman is the author of several bondage & DiD stories to be found on Amazon & Pink Flamingo, check them out online.

My name is Louisa and I have hated being called that since I was very little, so everyone calls me Lou. I am twenty-three years old, five-foot-nine, and at school I was called string-bean, the reason I am sure is obvious and I don’t intend to go into more detail than that. My sister who is four years younger than I am insisted that I write this story, so that the whole world would know what a bitch I was to her on that fateful day so many years ago.

The story has to start when I was twelve, and Cal, that’s my sister was just eight then. I was a bit of a bully to her, in fact I was a lot of a bully to her, but there was one special incident that at the time I thought was fun, but for Cal it changed the rest of her life, well so far anyway.

I being much bigger than Cal, no that’s not true, its more accurate to say that I manipulated her into a situation. It all started when I was feeling annoyed by her and mum was out in the garden tending to her roses. I had found a large very old metal trunk in the junk-room, it had a fold down clasp for a padlock to fit through, and I thought that it would be ideal and fun to lock my little sister inside of it.

Anyway I tricked Cal into getting into it, I can’t remember how but the end result was that as soon as she was inside I closed and latched the lid. She panicked and started screaming and thumping the sides, I thinking no one could hear her, left her in there for a while; I was just about to open the lid and let her out when mum stormed into the room and caught me. She released Cal and soothed her down giving me some really dirty looks for tormenting my sister.

Once Cal was a little calmer mum stood up and approached me, she took me by the ear and led me downstairs to our living room, and there with Cal watching she pulled me over her knee, bared my bottom and spanked me soundly, whilst telling me what a stupid girl I had been, and how cruel I was. My spanking seemed to go on forever and ever and all the time Cal stood watching as mum lambasted me.

So reader, now you know the what that set this into action. I never did anything to Cal like that again I can tell you, I had learned my lesson but that was not the end of the incident. Cal developed a fear of tight dark places so lifts were not an option for her, and it carried on until I left home and still does I think.

Our dad died when I was twenty-one, a year later mom married again. I don’t blame her, dad had not been much of a father or husband to any of us. So when she met a new man who had both charm and money and who genuinely loved her and wanted to look after her, how could I be anything but happy for her. Cal and mum moved into his luxury home, which meant that I could have our childhood home and so life went on.

I rediscovered the trunk when I was nearly twenty-three and that was the start of my nightmares. I repeatedly dreamed of that previous day, of lowering the lid and locking my little sister inside of the trunk. The dream never went as far as mum entering the room, but Cal sure did scream a lot; and I always woke up covered in sweat and feeling dreadfully guilty. Finally I decided that I needed to pay penance if I was ever going to get good nights sleep again, the penance must include the trunk that was obvious to me. I spent weeks thinking about what I should do and how I might do it, that thought was what led to the situation I put myself into.

Our house has a coal-fired boiler built into a basement room, with a coal chute leading into a small storage room. I lugged the box down into the dark and placed it beneath the chutes outlet. Now one other thing you need to know is that I am terrible for loosing keys, so the main doors all have key-code locks, which my mother and sister know obviously. I fitted a snap-lock key pad to the trunk using the same code as unlocked the front door, so there you have it once the lid closed it remained closed. Next I bolted it to the floor so it could not move, and I also drilled and fitted two hoses, one for air the other for liquid nutrient.

I ordered three separate deliveries of coal from three different merchants, and I wrote the ‘e-mail,’ which I set up to be sent at midnight of the next day. Next I fitted the cameras and hooked them to the computer. The first was above the door and would record my entering in, the second was inside showing the box I would be inside of and the third was infra-red and would show the inside of the box and me. All of them were motion activated and as I have said fed directly to the computer. Each camera has its own separate display box within the program I used, so that once activated by the e-mail they would show the receiver every tiny detail of what I had done and was suffering through.

The letter was a very sincere apologia to Cal, it explained about my guilt and dreams along with my intended solution, and it asked her to release me when she felt it was due and it went on to beg her for her forgiveness. I also added that she could punish me in anyway she wished, for as long as she felt I deserved and that was that. I set the computer clock to live and headed down to recieve my waiting justice.

I stood in the basement and stripped naked. Cal would appreciate the reality and I hoped sincerity in my actions, as she would know that I hated being seen naked. I locked handcuffs to my ankles, they being slim enough to fit, I than shuffled into the coal room and perched on the edge of the box. I got in by falling more than stepping in; I thudded down into the box and twisted around so that the camera could see the cuffs as I locked them to my wrists behind my back. I then knocked out a support bar with my head and the lid fell. I lowered my head into the dark and that lowered the lid until with a click it latched and locked. I was sealed inside and helpless with no release mechanism but my sister, and I had no idea when she would check her e-mails or how she would respond to the letter I had sent her.

When we had been kids the trunk had seemed so large, now bound and helpless inside of it as an adult it seemed so bloody small. Turning over was difficult at best, it was dark and very cramped and I was scrunched up naked as the day I had been born, locked away, alone and feeling the effects of my punishment which I had set for myself. Time passed very slowly for me, then from nowhere the silence vanished and my little confined world exploded in noise. Coal tumbled down the chute and dropped the ten long feet to my boxes lid, just as I had planned that it should. The coal hit the lid and scattered and tumbled around the box. The cameras should be showing the event, I hoped desperately that Cal would be watching.

I could mentally see the smile of glee I expected to fill her face. The coal seemed to rattle and bang forever, but there were only four sacks being delivered with each load, so in reality it lasted a very short time. Though with each shattering crash I jumped and banged my head against the box internals.

Silence finally returned once the last of the coal found its final resting place. I heard the trap-door above me being shut by the deliveryman, and then I was alone once again.

I felt light headed and needed something to eat, I found the tube that led to my liquid food and sucked, nothing happened. I sucked some more in fast expanding desperation, still I got no reward. Something had gone wrong, dangerously wrong. Over the next few hours I repeatedly returned to sucking the tube but I always got nothing for my efforts. Then the second delivery of coal arrived and that like the first thundered down the chute bashing into the box, rattling my teeth. I jerked with the noise and felt fear as the box lid folded in and out with the impacts.

The third delivery was not half as loud as the first and the second had been; it was more muffled, distant sounding and affected both me and the box in a lot less intense way. The coal must be covering the box. My breathing tube was still functioning, probably because it was made of copper pipe and not flexible hose like my food pipe.

Hours dragged onward; I felt more light-headed and desperately thirsty, soon that need had reached the point that the only thing I could think of was eating and drinking, and of course being let out of my punishment box.

That was the point, the very first point that I realised how excited I was feeling. My sex for some weird reason was responding to my predicament. My hands were numb from being compressed by the handcuffs and my body weight in the cramped up position I was forced to lie in. There was nothing I could do to alleviate my sexual desires at that point, so they just added to my misery. Besides there was the camera to think of and who might be watching it. I clamped my thighs tight and tried to think of anything that did not involve sex or orgasm, let alone sticky fingers. I failed miserably, my mind would keep on returning to sexual thoughts and so my arousal continued to build.

I have never experienced an orgasm caused by nothing other than thought, but that was what happened to me then and it swamped my mind completely. I came hard in my captivity, I exploded into my lust, my clit expanded, between my thighs my slot felt the stimulation of passion and I rocked as much as I could. Desperation forced me to try to retain the pleasure my mind had created for me. I had lost control and I certainly had forgotten about the camera and even about who might be watching me. Soon my lust faded, my orgasm dripped away like water from a tap and I was back to being just me, locked and bound naked in a box, waiting for a much hoped for release.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

An e-mail appeared on the screen just as I was about to boot out of the system. I could not be bothered to open it, it was late and I was too tired. Mum had gone out with Frank leaving me alone for the evening. I spent it on the phone talking to a friend and then once we had nothing left to talk about I did some net surfing, and as I closed out the system it had popped up. I let the computer shut down and went to bed.

The next morning I heard mum moving about, Frank would have gone to work already, as for me I was on a late shift today so I was just enjoying being lazy. By ten I was dressed and had a hot mug of coffee in my fist and had switched on my computer, which was when I remembered last nights e-mail. I waited for the boot to complete and selected my mail box. It sat there waiting for me, I clicked on it and watched it open; it was from my sister that much I knew.

I found myself wondered why she was mailing me; we talked so infrequently and had little to say to each other that was pleasant. The e-mail was marked urgent so I let it expand. Umm there are links attached, I wondered what they ran too and why she had sent them? The screen flicked once and then I had a letter, I read it in amazement, all the time wondering if this was some sort of joke? Then after reading it again I clicked on the first link and there before me was my darling sister. She was clearly in our old house’s basement and she was facing towards the camera whilst removing her clothes; just as the letter had implied she would be.

I watched as she locked her ankles and shuffled through a door. The camera switched off, with my hand shaking I clicked on camera two and there she was again sitting on the box lid. Memories of that damned box filled my thoughts as I watched her. She dropped in, that must have hurt I thought, I then watched as she raised her arms behind her into sight and locked what I took to be handcuffs around her wrists and behind her back. She then knocked something away and the lid of the metal box fell, hitting her head. She lowered herself into the box and the lid closed on her.

The last image was of a green light flicking to red as a key pad activated. I realised exactly what I was looking at, she was secured inside just as the letter had explained, the only way she was going to get out was if I let her out. I checked the time-code and realised that the footage had been recorded last night, which meant that she had been locked away for well over twelve hours; as I was on a late shift and so would not finish to at least ten tonight, she had a long time yet to wait.

I could not help myself, I had smiled as I had worked out the hours, and then there was the invitation in the letter to punish her in my own way if I so choose too. Mum passed me then asking what I was smiling at. I just said a cartoon advert on the net and kept my secret.

My shift dragged, my concentration wavered too the point that I was asked if I was ok? Eventually ten pm arrived and I could leave, all evening I had vacillated between using my position to really teach my sister a lesson, and feeling sorry for her. I still had not decided exactly what I intended to do as I keyed in the front door code and had entered into the silent but not unoccupied house of my childhood. I made a drink whilst I thought further, I stomped my way around the house in the hope that she might hear me down there and wonder.

Coffee in hand I descended to the basement, I knew exactly what I intended to do with her and I even understood why I would do it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Christ I needed to pee, it seemed like days since the last delivery had covered over my prison box, my need to pee had been growing more urgent for the last few hours. Scrunched up as I was, cuffed and shackled as I was only made the pressure not to let go that much harder to live with, but I did not want to be discovered in a pool of my own urine. By some quirk of the houses acoustics I heard the front door shut, then there was nothing for a short while and then a loud thumping echoed around the cellar room. Someone was in the house above me, I desperately wanted to be rescued, but equally I did not know who was up there, it could be anyone. I hoped it was my sister but it might be a burglar, stranger coincidences have happened, and if a burglar discovered me then I would be helpless and vulnerable.

The clattering continued but came no closer, then everything fell silent and as I listened intently I heard absolutely nothing, which in its own way is nearly as scary as hearing something.

Coal above me moved, something or someone scrunched it making it tumble, the scrapping sounds accelerated as a shovel was applied. Soon metal hit my box lid and I knew that I was discovered. Shit I hope it was Cal, I really hope its Cal; the shovel returned, the scraping began again as a pathway was cut through the coal. It stopped again; I listened to the key-code being punched into the boxes lock, it had to be Cal, no one else could know that code.

The lock clicked open first time, then the lid very slowly began to lift, a bright light shone into my box blinding me. I tried to turn away as a female voice began to laugh, it was Cal yes, but the million dollar question was. ‘What would she do next…?’

The End.


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