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Trying to Wake Up

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2006 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

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Part I

Before you get to the story I would like to explain a bit. The story is purposefully abrupt and choppy and confusing at the beginning and a good many places in-between because this story is about a person that is unknowingly being mind controlled. She is “Trying to Wake Up” from the mind control and remembering only fragments of her weekend under control.  With this in mind, please enjoy my story.

…trying to wake up… “I am awake”… but I can’t wake up!?... What is going on? Why is my world flashes of sleep and flashes of sex!? …. *I’m sucking a cock*… I must wake up. Time keeps skipping forward, missing huge chunks… *I’m taking it in the ass*… more jumps in time… *I’m tied to a bed spread eagle, and I’m alone*… flashes of scenes flying by, like changing the channel too fast… *Where am I? This is not my home*… Who is doing this too me? Am I drugged? *I’m sitting in a warm bath, but I’m tied up and I can’t move* My husband is there? Disoriented… Tired… Sore in private places… *Wow who is that guy, he has a huge cock!* Why am I actively participating? This must all be a bad dream! Maybe I ate something bad. *I’m tied to a saw horse, blindfolded, getting all holes filled*… All goes black… “Forget everything”…

Waking up… sun is shining, clock says it’s Monday. It’s Monday? Wow weekends are going by faster and faster these days. 

I wonder why my entire body aches. I remember reading my book this weekend while my husband was away on a trip, but I can’t remember for the life of me what I was reading... It must have been a really boring book.

Something in the back of my head is telling me I need to clean, so I get about doing my chores, always naked, and always first thing in the morning… I like to get them done early… (I do right?)… After cleaning I’m almost always compelled too read a book until my husband comes home… I don’t know why I read, it just *feels* like the right thing too do. But maybe today I’ll be different, obviously my reading this weekend was not doing the trick, I still don’t remember what I was reading. Maybe I’ll watch some TV instead.

I sit down in front of the TV, but nothing seems at all appealing, it’s almost repulsive now, like TV is somehow bad for my health.

Ok, maybe TV won’t do the trick, maybe I’ll watch a movie… I rummaged through the box of VHS under the TV stand and I found some home recorded videos that just had dates and serial numbers on them. I grabbed on the first one that caught my eye, my birthday 2 years ago and popped it in the VCR.

BBBAAAAMMMM….  Something hit me like a ton of mental bricks…. Probably the realization that I was in front of the TV one second, then BBAAMM, I was on the bed NAKED and spread eagle fingering myself. What scared me next is that my sex was soaking wet, almost dripping on the bed sheets. How the HELL did I get here!?  How did I get naked? Why am I so horny?!

Ok, lets just forget about it, maybe I’m just tired, I went out to the living room and the TV was playing static. When I looked at the VCR I realized that the timer said 02:15:35 . Wow, Was I really out for 2 hours?

Still curious about what the VHS was about, I rewound the tape to 00:35:21 and hit play…. If I was shocked to find myself in the bedroom naked 6 minutes ago, I was REALLY shocked by what I saw on the screen now!

There I was on the TV in front of me; 2 years younger, sitting on the floor, somewhere I had never been before,  wearing a corset and stockings that I had never worn before, rubbing some kind of oil or lotion on my nipples. I watched intently as I got down on my knees to get a better look at the picture. I could hear my own voice moaning, and I realized that the TV me was really enjoying herself. Then I heard my husband’s voice, giving me a command to do something. What had he said? I missed it.

I realized only moments after hearing my husband’s voice, trying to figure out what he said, that I was rubbing my right nipple. Was this turning me on? MY husband spoke again; I missed what he said. Was it bad audio or was I just too shocked to be paying proper attention? I was starting to feel all warm inside, horny like the ‘me’ on the TV. Just as suddenly as the last realization, I found myself rubbing my sex! Just like the ‘me’ on the TV. Once more I heard my husband’s voice, but not the words, and I watched intently this time to see what the ‘me on TV’ would do. I watched her stand up, as I felt myself stand up too. As the screen went out of view, I realized I was facing away from the TV bend over the couch with my ass in the air and my legs spread at 90 degree angle.

How absurd of me to just stand up and stick my ass in the air; I stood back up, turned around and got back in front of the TV to see ‘me’ standing in exactly that position except that someone I didn’t know had stepped into view on the TV, and she was kissing the back of my ass and legs……

BBBAAAAMMMM….  Something hit me like a ton of mental bricks…. Probably the realization that I was in front of the TV one second, then BBAAMM, I found myself standing in the bedroom, still buck naked, with my ankles tied, and my wrists tied above my head, and something large was vibrating away inside my sex!. The end of the rope from my hands was hanging over the door and the door was SHUT! I looked around the room in a panic. What happened to me? Who did this too me!

Ok think straight… must think… how to get myself out of this… maybe if I can get a foot up to open the door? No… maybe I can turn the handle with the skin on my hip. After 3 unsuccessful tries, I was able to pop the door open, but one faulty step and the door slammed shut. This had not been for nothing though as my hands where now considerably looser. The vibrator inside of me, or whatever it was, was really REALLY starting to distract me! It was all I could do to open the door again and this time use the slack in the rope to pull the door open. What I found on the other side of the door was…. nothing… well nothing abnormal… just the rope with a big old knot tied just about where it reached to top of the door. I pulled out the vibrating intruder with a shudder at the loss of the stimulus. It took me a couple of minutes to undo the knot on my wrists, but I realized while taking the knot apart that is was some sort of slip knot.

Once free of the door, I went straight back to the TV, now playing static again, and turned it OFF!

The rest of the evening was creepy, I was afraid to touch anything, I was afraid that I was going insane! I walked the whole house checking that there had not been a break in, that all the doors where still locked, and that there was no one in the house that had tied me to the door. I checked in every closet, under every piece of furniture, and even checking the dryer to make sure no one was hiding out in my house. The rest of the night I just paced around the house, avoiding looking at the TV. I could not wait for my husband to get home, he would make this all better. Right?

6:00pm The phone rings. Too afraid to pick up the phone the answering machine got the call. “Honey” my husband’s voice said “I’m going out with some friends tonight, and we are staying up at Billy’s cabin over the night, don’t wait up for me. Love ya. Oh ya and, Jshrub sh lkasjhgfu wiickn sufuvbsasi sibngsb sub jsb s jsbj ksghug kjh uig  jsaskjh.” Click… that was the last sound in the house for 3 minutes, I don’t even know if I breathed much. I could not understand the last part of the message, it all came out as gibberish, he must have been on his cell phone going through the valley again.

I felt suddenly *compelled* to go get a nice hot bath, and read a book, and maybe masturbate a bit thinking about my husband before bed, but I was in NO mood for a book, I was too afraid to take a bath, and there is no way I’m going to masturbate after what has already happened tonight!  Maybe I should listen to the message on the answering machine and try to figure out what he said at the end.

Part 2

I woke up in a sweat. I must have had some pretty exciting dreams. Then the rush of memories from last night slammed home in my mind. I remembered all of the odd things that had happened, almost as if they had been a dream, but I knew they had not. 

I decided to go listen to my husband’s message since he was not home yet. I wanted to know what he had said at the end of the message he left just before I went to bed.

Beeeeeep “Honey” my husband’s voice repeated from last night “I’m going out with some friends tonight, and we are staying up at Billy’s cabin over the night, don’t wait up for me. Love ya. Oh ya and, Jshrub sh lkasjhgfu wiickn sufuvbsasi sibngsb sub jsb s jsbj ksghug kjh uig  jsaskjh.”

… why am I in the bathtub? masturbating? … Well I did need a bath, but I don’t even remember getting in… and I’m holding a book, The story of “O”… I wonder what that book is about, I’ll have to read it sometime… I finished my bath quickly and hurried to my bed bringing the book along with me and setting it down on my bed stand. Then I reached into the bed stand  drawer and grabbed a toy. This would keep me busy most of the day. It was a set of two golf ball sized lobes attached in the middle and whenever they where moved, metal balls inside of them would bounce around keeping me excited while I did my normal chores.

I went out into the living room and noticed the answering machine, realizing I still had not heard what my husband had said. Maybe the message would shed light on why he was STILL not home. I walked over and hit PLAY.

Beeeeeep “Honey” my husband’s voice repeated from last night “I’m going out with some friends tonight, and we are staying up at Billy’s cabin over the night, don’t wait up for me. Love ya. Oh ya and, Jshrub sh lkasjhgfu wiickn sufuvbsasi sibngsb sub jsb s jsbj ksghug kjh uig  jsaskjh.”

… what ?!... what am I doing? why am I running the bathwater again?!?! I just took a freaking bath! I turn off the bathwater and notice the book The story of “O” is BACK in the bathroom! … WHAT is going on here!? Now I’m really getting nervous.

Now I was really freaking out… what was wrong with me? I decided, since my husband was unreachable that I’d phone one of our neighbors Suzan. She lives in the closest house to us, about a mile away. I told her that I was not feeling well and that I really needed someone to talk to.

Twenty minutes later, she was over my house. I grabbed some wine and poured us each a glass. A good amount of time passed as we talked small talk. When we started on our second bottle of wine, that’s when she asked me why I had had her come over. I told her that I had watched an old home video that I didn’t remember being in, although I left out the fact that it was a bondage video. I told her how I kept just suddenly realizing I was in a different place in the house. I told her that I had done some weird things, but I left out the dirty details. When I finnaly got to the part about the answering machine, she asked if she could hear the tape.

Beeeeeep “Honey” my husband’s voice repeated from last night “I’m going out with some friends tonight, and we are staying up at Billy’s cabin over the night, don’t wait up for me. Love ya. Oh ya and, Jshrub sh lkasjhgfu wiickn sufuvbsasi sibngsb sub jsb s jsbj ksghug kjh uig  jsaskjh.” …

“HEY! WAKE UP!” I heard someone yell, seemingly in the distance…  “WAKE UP!”… as suddenly as the rest of this weekend had gone, I snapped into reality, I was no longer in the living room by the answering machine, I was in the doorway to the master bathroom walking in and Suzan was holding my shoulders trying to stop me.

“Hey!”… “Stop”… I stopped and turned to face her not knowing what to say. “What the hell was that? Right after the message ended you just turned and walked towards your bedroom. I called to you to ask where you where going and you just ignored me.”

“I don’t know” I said. “I remember being at the answering machine, then suddenly you where yelling at me.” When I finished talking she just looked me in the eyes, unmoving, unspeaking. After a few moments her face changed from a look of total confusion to a look more reminiscent of slightly mysterious comprehension.

Suzan walked me over to the bed and motioned for me to sit down. “Sit down on the bed and don’t move. I think I know what is going on here. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes, but first I need to know where that video you saw last night is.” I told her that the movie was still in the VHS machine. Without another word she left me, shutting the door on her way out to the living room.

Fifteen minutes passed and I was really starting to get bored. I still had the strongest urges to masturbate, and the sex toy in me was not helping at all, the slightest movement and it would vibrate ever so slightly. As I was starting to pass off into a daydream, I heard Suzan coming down the hall towards the bedroom and I sat up straight trying to act normal. The door opened half way and I saw her coming into the room. Suzan’s mouth opened as if to speak but I hear no sound…. BBBAAAAMMMM….

…trying to wake up…like a daydream… maybe I was still having that daydream… why was I dreaming about this…. I was on my knees naked again… fingering myself… and I was sucking on suzan’s clit as she stood staring down at me…. trying to wake up… am I dreaming…. like a dream…. all fuzzy, and no control.. maybe this was a dream….

BBBAAAAMMMM….  I’m sitting on my bed, wearing my bathrobe… Suzan is coming back into the room from the bathroom… how did she get in there? How did I get into my bathrobe?

“I have something to tell you that is going to come as a huge shock to you…” Suzan started. “I watched some of the video that you had in your VCR, and I listened to the answering machine and I’ve learned something about you that you don’t even know. Somehow someone has imprinted you with a trigger word.”

I just stared at her blankly, and Suzan continued, “It seems that whenever someone says a certain word, that you will do whatever they tell you to do, almost as if you are in a trance, and it seems that you don’t remember anything while you are in the trance. Do you remember anything weird happening in the last hour?”

I just kept staring at her blankly.

“You don’t remember anything? Do you remember being naked? On the floor? On your knees? Do you remember pleasuring me?” Suzan asked in rapid succession. “Well you missed out on it then, cause it was great, whoever trained you did a good job.”

I finally got up the nerve to speak. “So that’s why I don’t remember that video? But why did I do all the weird things yesterday? And why is the answering machine screwing with my head?!”

“In the video your husband used the trigger word to make you do stuff, so when you where watching the video you must have heard him say the word, and then did whatever he told you to do in the video. The same goes for the answering machine, at the end of the message he used the word then told you to go take a bath, read a book called The story of “O”, and masturbate with your favorite toy while you dream about him fucking you.” After Suzan finished saying all of this I saw her mouth open and I didn’t hear any noise coming out of her.

…BBBAAAAMMMM….  Suzan is talking to me and I’m nodding… something about feeling calm… something else about trusting her… and something about being able to tell her anything…BBBAAAAMMMM…. 

“How do you feel? I just put you under with the trigger word and told you some stuff to help calm your nerves so you can take this news a little better.”

“I feel fine Suzan, thanks for helping me out with all this. I guess I should be upset, but I just feel kind of relaxed. I feel like I could say anything to you.” My voice slurred out, as if I was a little drunk. “Did you tell me to think you where really gorgeous?”

Suzan looked a little stunned at this. She smiled back at me. “How would you like to have a little more fun? I’ll put you under the trigger, and then I’ll tell you to remember everything that happens so you can see what it’s like?” Suzan could tell by the look on my face that that sounded like a great idea to me.

…BBBAAAAMMMM….  I hear Susan speaking again, can’t understand her… all so fuzzy… then… some clarity… sudden comprehension “…mber everything that happens while you are under this trance. You will be your normal self, but you will obey my every command.” Suzan concluded.

“Now I have a little secret passion that I want you to help me with. I’m into bondage, but I have no one to tie me down. I do a little bit of self bondage at home, but it just does not come close to having someone binding me. I’ll be back in 15 minutes, I want you to stay here and masturbate slowly until I return. You are not allowed to orgasm, and I want you to dream about what you’ll do to me while I’m tied up.”

After fifteen minutes of extreme frustration from masturbating, Suzan came back into the room.

“Come here and undress me… You will not speak unless I tell you to, and you will finger yourself whenever you are not doing something for me.”

The now stunning beautiful naked Suzan walked into my bathroom and started the shower. “Now disrobe and follow me.”

“Come into the shower, I want you to clean me from head to toe, then I want you to shave me bare.”

The shaving took quite some time, because after I had shaved the obvious spots she had me shave her anus, then all of her body from her forehead down so that the only hair left on her body was her scalp hair. Even her eyebrows where gone. Once this was done she got us both out of the shower and she had me dry her off, then rub body oil all over her body. All of this was so sensuous, all of it was turning me on and she was obviously enjoying herself. I could smell both of us, clean and showered, yet sexy and wet.

Now that Suzan was done in the bathroom she told me to get back in the shower to clean myself up and then to meet her in the bedroom when I was done. When I finally came out to the bedroom Suzan was wearing black silk stockings and garter belt. She was also in the process of putting on a corset. I walked over to help her into it and together we got her waist down to an unbelievably sexy small size. Suzan turned towards the bed and I noticed a sizable butt plug had been placed deep within her. She hopped up on the bed and laid down on her back, legs and arms spread eagle.

“Come over here to the bed. I placed a pair of cuffs at the base of each corner of the bed, I want you to put them on me and make sure they are tight.”

Picking up the first one I noticed that the thick, soft leather cuffs had a strong rope permanently attached to them. I put each one of them on her and then waited for my next instruction.

“Attach the leg cuff ropes to the bedposts, there is another rope already there attached to the post with a self locking rope lock, make them tight. Then go attach the wrist cuffs the same way. Once that is done you will find a paper bag on the floor, get that and bring it here to the bed.”

Having done all of my work I grabbed the paper bag and was surprised at it’s weight.

“In that bag is where the real fun begins… There is a large assortment of toys in there and I want you to use them on me as you please. You can talk until you release me then you will be silent again. There are only two rules… 1st I want you to release me in 3 hours. And 2nd I want you to release me if there is some sort of danger or emergency. You can do anything you want to me for the 3 hours, or you can do nothing at all and keep me wanting more. And last thing I’m going to tell you is that there is a penis gag in that bag that I want you to put on me so I can’t control you until you release me.”

I took out the penis gag, and quickly silenced her. Instead of being hers to play with, now she was mine to play with.

I bent down and kissed her on the penis gag, then left her there on the bed. I went into the bathroom and grabbed my makeup kit. I took my clear lip plumper out of the kit and went back to apply it to my victim. I started putting the plumper on her lips around the penis gag as I explained to her that plumper is a chemical that excites the lips and fills them with blood making them plumper, but more importantly more sensitive. I then applied it to her nipples and to her cunt lips and a large amount of the surrounding area. I used my finger to apply some to her anus as best I could around the butt plug she had added. The effect on her lips didn’t seem to bother her, but the effect was obviously starting in on her nipples because her eyes where squinted shut and she was wiggling around the bed.

“Don’t worry, the sharp tingling sensation fades after a couple of seconds, your lips feel better now don’t they?”

I reached out and lightly rubbed my fingers across both of her nipples soothing them from the tingling. When I saw her reaction change I knew it was time to start massaging her pussy to help prevent the strong tingling there until it had passed.

“Now you are all sensitized, and you are mine to play with.” I closed my eyes and grabbed in the bag for the largest thing I could find to stick in her. I pulled out a bottle of glide lube and chucked it on the ground. “Your so wet I wont even need that stuff.” I grabbed in the bag for the next largest thing and found a multi function vibrator that had sliders on it. Screwing around with it I found that one slider made the beads under it’s “skin” rotate. One changed the speed of vibration. Another made the head of the toy kind of pull back into itself making the head mushroom out. And the last setting was a speed randomizer for the other dials. I played with the head of the toy around her now VERY sensitive clit for a while until she seemed to be enjoying it too much. Then I placed the head into her hole, but didn’t push any further. Suzan started shoving her hips at me in vain trying to get more in her.

“Horny little thing aren’t you? I bet you’d fuck anything you had to right now to get off.”

I pulled the toy out and placed the length of the toy along the length of her sex and spun the toy around wetting the toy top to bottom with her sex. In one smooth fast movement I plunged it into her to the hilt. She screamed into her penis gag. I could see that she was about to come so I slapped her in the thigh inches from her sex as hard as I could shocking the orgasm out of her grasp.

“You almost came huh? Well we don’t want that not until we’ve had some fun with you.”

I took the dial that made the head mushroom and set it to full, I could hear the motor grinding. The head inside was mushrooming, filling her sex just in front of her cervix locking the toy into her. As the motor came to a stop the toy actually pulled a little deeper into her making the extension that laid over her clit press a little harder. Suzan was panting, squinting her eyes, grinding her hips, trying to fuck the toy inside her. I grabbed a pillow and stood above Suzan on the bed. Lifting her hips I placed the pillow under her ass preventing her from grinding the toy into the bed.

I left the room and went out to the living room to watch some of my bondage tape, with the sound off for about ten minutes.

When I returned to Suzan she was still grinding her hips helplessly into the air. “Well now we have been busy in here, you look tired, maybe I’ll give you a rest.”

I went to each corner of the bed and pulled a huge amount of slack out of the ropes. “Try wiggling so much now Suzan.”

I checked on her dildo. It was still very firmly planted in her cunt, I tugged on it pretty hard and it would not come out thanks to the mushroomed head. I turned the vibration on as low as possible and then set the random to about 50%. I took the bead rotation dial to 70% and watched her try to squirm under the new sensations. I can’t imagine what that felt like, tied to a bed VERY tightly, extra sensitized sex, sensual burning feeling on the nipples, ass and pussy lips, not being able to get off for over a half hour while having your mouth ass and cunt filled to the brim.

Now her pussy was being attacked by an undulating latex intruder filled with spinning beads vibrating away on her clit and all the walls of her vagina. I figured a little more sensation could not hurt so without warning I pinched both of her nipples hard. I left her there again and went back out to watch some more of myself on the TV. Watching myself on the screen being fucked in all three holes at once by 3 men I’ve never seen in my life, and all in complete silence, was really turning me on. That’s when I heard the tumblers in the lock to the front door turning….

Part 3  

I sat still on the couch, not knowing what to do as my husband walked into the room. I went for the remote but my husband saw what was on the tape and had noticed me masturbating too quickly.

“Honey” my husband spluttered, obviously at a loss for words. “You found the tapes. I was hoping you would never find them. They could be dangerous to watch alone without supervision. How did you know to turn off the sound?” 

I quickly clued him in on what had happened this weekend about Suzan figuring out his secret control word, but I didn’t mention to him that she was tied up on our bed at that very moment fucking the air like a horny slut. In the back of my mind I was trying to formulate a plan to distract my husband long enough to get her out of the house. Then I watched his mouth open and nothing came out. Nothing happened. 

My husband looked at me strangely, then he opened his mouth to talk again, and nothing happened. 

“I’m already under the trance.” I said. “Suzan put me under than told me to remember what was going on so that I would know what it felt like when I was being controlled.” 

My husband scratched at his chin, thinking. “I wonder…. Honey…. Come over here and undo my pants.” 

After this was done he told me to deep throat him. Even though I knew that I could not deep throat, I tried anyways. To my surprise I held my breath, pulled him in and within a second my nose was buried in his pubic hairs and his long cock was deep down my throat. 

“Ahh… So you are under the trance. But I wonder are you under my control or hers?” 

“Honey, tell me something that you don’t want me to know… something you don’t want to tell me…” my husband asked softly. 

“Suzan is tied up on our bed spread eagle fucking the air to get off.” 

I clapped my hands over my mouth in shock as soon as I had said it. I didn’t mean to give her away like that. My husband just sat down on the couch, unspeaking. 

After a pause, “Honey, tell me in more detail what happened after Suzan told you about the trigger word, I want to know everything that’s happened since then.” 

I told him how she had explained the trigger to me; how she had used the trigger on me and made me get her off. I told him about how she had said that she desensitized me towards the mind control to help me take the shock better. I told my husband about how she had set me under the trance, freed my memory, and had me tie her down. I confessed that she had told me about her love of bondage and her use of self bondage. I told him about her butt plug and penis gag. I explained in detail about the toy in her and how she had been humping the air trying to get off, frustrated for the last 20 minutes. 

Last I explained that I was supposed to release her after 3 hours. I didn’t want to tell my husband any of this, but I had too. Coming out of deep thought, my husband looked at me with renewed confidence and started to speak “I’m your new master now. You will do what I say and you will not respond to the commands of others unless I tell you otherwise. You will not release Suzan after 3 hours, there is a new plan.” 

“First I want you to go into the bedroom with Suzan and explain to her that you have a new master. I want you to tell her that she has a new master also. Explain to Suzan that if she wants to be in bondage so bad, that she will receive it from me as a gift for helping my wife when she was in need. Also tell her that she will have to repay me for using my wife without permission. Reassure her that I will not hurt her, and that you will be completing her bondage session under my supervision.” 

Poor, lucky Suzan. As soon as I told her about my husband coming home and him being her new master she came on the spot, screaming into her penis gag for what seemed like 5 minutes as wave after wave after wave of orgasms crashed through her body. I was surprised that she didn’t black out. I let her cool down, and I turned off the vibrator wurring away inside her. I gave her some time to recover until she seemed to have come back into reality and she was looking at me expectantly for more information. I explained to her about the “gift bondage” for helping me, and the repayment she owed my husband for using me. As I was finishing up, my husband came into the room. 

“Suzan, I hear you are a bondage fan. I will give you one chance to get out of this. If you truly want escape, and want no part of this, you must start struggling now, that way I will know that you are not consenting. I want you to know that if you struggle at all, I will free you and send you on your way, neither of us will ever tell anyone about this, and I will make her forget it ever happened. I only ask that you do not tell anyone about my wife’s trigger word or even that she has one as it could be very dangerous information in the wrong hands.” 

I watched Suzan’s body expecting her to start thrashing around, but she surprised me, she actually made an obvious attempt to relax every muscle in her body, submitting herself to my husband completely. I started to finger myself. I grabbed the loop of rubber on the toy in my sex that I kept forgetting about and pulled it halfway out. I started fucking myself with the toy while fingering myself and built up to an orgasm in a matter of seconds collapsing to the ground at my Master’s feet, muttering……………..


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