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Twelve Hours

by Sims

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© Copyright 2002 - Sims - Used by permission

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Bondage has always been a major turn on for me, since I was about 11 years old. I’m 18 years of age now, and a healthy young male. I write this at the end of my 12-hour indulgence into my first taste of self-bondage. I only discovered it a few days ago. I never even thought about it! But the second I saw the link, I started my research, reading stories, talking to people on mIRC, and the likes. Its 1:00pm now, my adventure started 13 hours ago.

I had just gone to a restaurant with some friends to bid my friend farewell as he went back to school, in a neighboring province. The meal and socializing wasn’t on my mind though. Tying myself up was. I left early and got home at around 11 PM. My parents go to sleep early and both my brother and sister were out for the night. My room was to become my laboratory of self-bondage experimentation.

It started with a large role of duct tape. It was simple at first, tying my ankles then my hands then tying my ankles to my hands, for a simple easy to escape hog-tie. It wasn’t satisfying though… I could get out whenever I wanted. And I did… after about 5 different positions and 10 orgasms I decided it wasn’t enough. I desired to be restrained completely for a set amount of time. Duct tape wasn’t the answer.

After 2 hours of experimenting with Duct Tape, I decided to take it a step further. I raided the closets of my house, taking every belt I could muster up. When I had about 10, 7 being the regular hole punched ones, and 3 being the ones where you pull it through the buckle and slide the metal piece to the perfect fit. You may not recognize it, but if you saw it you’d know. You can find them at any skateboard shop; it’s all they sell.

My belt adventure started, at around 2AM. It started with simply punching new holes in the belts near to the buckle so I could use them as leather straps for my hands, and feet, the do another one between hands and feet for a simple hog-tie. To accomplish getting them tied behind my back, I’d get one belt around each hand tight, and secured then behind my back attach another belt between my 2 hands so I had about 2 inches between my wrists. This worked fairly well and was completely in-escapable… as long as I didn’t touch the belt that bound my 2 hands together. This was much too easy to escape from. I tried another wonderful tie, where I did a thigh to ankle tie, with a belt on each leg, then used another belt to tie both of my inner thighs together, which also wrapped around my neck which was forced my head between my legs, and then use the same method to tie my hands behind my back.

Again all it took was a simple push and my hands would be free from each other. I tried another wicked one, after reading a self bondage story about a girl that bound herself to a saw pony, and for 5 hours either had to rest on her vagina, or stand on her legs which couldn’t stand anymore. It was a wonderful read, so I tried something similar. By about 4 AM, I got to this tie. It was going to be my most creative yet I promised myself! I looked around for some type of wire… . I found a very long telephone cord that was about 10 feet long. Plenty! I smiled evilly as if I was a dom. about to torture my sub. I placed four small halogen lamps on my floor, in a square like formation, about one foot away from each other, and all the lamps facing inwards, basically making a little ring inside, where I could stand… if my feet moved even 5 centimeters from the center they would burn un-bearably by the very fast heating halogen lamps (which I can light cigarettes off with ease).

I stepped in the “ring of fire” as I called it, still smiling in glee as I thought myself genius… I tied my ankles tightly together so that all I could do was hop. I then attached one end of the telephone cord around my cock and balls, fairly tightly so that it hurt by just standing there, but not un-bearably. I then got on my tippy toes as high as I could get, then tied the other end around my closet hanger bar, which you hang your clothes by. In effect, like the saw pony, I spoke of earlier, I basically had to either bear the pain of my cock and balls being stretched beyond belief by the un-stretching telephone cord, or bear standing on my tippy toes for the entire duration of the session. I then quickly again tied my hands behind my back, and stood there. I knew I could get out at any time… it was still exhilarating… the thought of the pain in my feet, or the pain in my cock and balls, and if I tried to hop closer to cut the cord slack, I would burn my feet on the fiery hot halogen lamps that surrounded my feet. After about 20 minutes of my self-torment I could take no more and un-did everything, fell to the floor and masturbated at least 4 times one right after the other. I was fairly satisfied with the experience, but I wanted to be pushed beyond my limits. I couldn’t take being able to free myself whenever I wanted.

I sat down, naked and sore as hell all over, from my 6 hours of different types of bondage (which were in effect all extremely tight bondage, I just let myself out and tied myself back up constantly for that 6 hours) I had a few cigarettes there naked, reading more self bondage stories, tips and everything from various web sites. By the time I realized it was 8 AM, I had downed half a pack of smokes, and cummed at least 10 times. I needed more. It was time to push the limits, to satisfy my urge once and for all.

I walked downstairs in some jeans and a sweater, and put on my jacket… I said “Mom I’m using the car, bye” and walked out… in search of what would satisfy my urges… the mighty padlock!
The first 2 stores I went to were garbage and only had tiny ones. I thought bigger, and headed to the friendly neighborhood Canadian Tire store. I walked in, gathering stares from the passerby’s as they looked me up and down, in my tired face as I hadn’t slept in 24+ hours now, and my lazy body movements from being tied up for the majority of the night. I didn’t care. I’d never see them again anyway. I headed straight for the padlocks. I bought 2, They had small shackles but I figured this would bring my wrists even closer together than before, in effect exactly what I wanted… tight bondage, that hurt, that I couldn’t get out of for a set period of time. An Idea started brewing as I paid for the locks, and headed home… I knew what lay ahead of me, and I knew exactly what to do. I was determined to push my limits.

I got home and headed straight home, my house bustled with activity now, so I headed right for the fridge and dropped one of the keys in the now semi-frozen Tupperware containers I had started freezing before I left, another half hour and it’d be ready. I went upstairs and brought myself to the brink of orgasm and kept myself there for the duration I waited for my ice to freeze. I ran back upstairs everything prepared. I didn’t worry about my family much; they rarely came into my room, if ever. That was far from my main concern with this bond I was about to put myself into. I quickly set the block of ice and the Tupperware on the corner of my desk, which happens to be placed touching my window, so that the desk takes up about a quarter of the window frame, and is pressed up against it. Starting to get the picture?

I then again set up my “ring of fire” and the base of my window, with the halogen lamps (thank you extension cord) and brought out my bonds and telephone wire… but this time, I had a different idea… I think you can guess. I tied my ankles again, in the middle of the halogen lamps, so they were immobilized. I then again tied my cock and balls up tight with the telephone cord. This time I had thought about it more. I had also taken one of my sisters used socks (I also have a huge foot fetish, and use a lot of her foot ware in a lot of my masturbation sessions, I know it may seem gross to some, but I love it) anyway, I set that to the side as well. I then got up on my highest tippy toes again, and tied the other end of the cord, to the shutters string… .I have the type of shutters that close down, so that if you pull the string them go from shut down to in the middle so you can see through.

Anyhow, I then shoved the dirty sock in my mouth, put duct tape over it, put my wrist belts on securely, put the padlock shackle through one and then the other, I was tied now, and immobile… my feet already hurt, and burnt a bit… I set the halogen lamps too close… I should back out, I shouldn’t go on, This was too far, I was pushing it, This could only lend up in trouble and public embarrassment of standing butt naked with my penis tied to my window, sisters sock in mouth, and tied up, exposed to the entire street through my window… .click. The lock closed.

In that moment, I felt so desperate, and so helpless, and so angry with myself, I felt so vulnerable, anyone could walk in right now I thought, how am I going to stand on my tippy toes until this ice melts, it was a good 4 x 4 x 3 inch block of ice, with my key to freedom in the middle, and it hadn’t even started melting yet!! I couldn’t stand 20 minutes of this torment last time! And all that meant was pain! This meant public humiliation, being tied up naked until I could free myself! No this wasn’t happening. Yes it was. I hated myself… … … … … … ..but I had never ever, felt so complete, and so satisfied in all my life. This was what I now lived for, this feeling. I hated it, but I loved every second… my feet burned even now, after 15 minutes… the ice was beginning to just melt… my shutters were twitching because my feet were twitching, which in effect made my dick go up and down a little… one more inch, and it was public humiliation.

An hour and a half I stood there, I was on the verge of collapse, I barely felt my legs anymore, all I felt was agony, the halogen lamps burned my feet deeply, my toes ached, my jaw ached, all I could taste was my sisters foot sweat down my throat. I peeked over, the ice was almost done melting, the key was about to pop through. Just then, my legs gave out, my heels went crashing down, my dick drew tight, my balls felt agony like I’ve never felt before, and my shutters slammed open, I stared out wide eyed, looking around in dis-belief… so close ! I had almost done it! A pedestrian walking by, took notice of me, and stood there I shook my head at him, but he wouldn’t leave, he was just staring at me. I looked back over to the key… almost there, almost to freedom. Another girl… my next door neighbor… we’ve been friends since we were little kids… now she saw me, tied, my dick tied, sock in my mouth, duct tape… and crying. I was about to die, I couldn’t bare it.

I looked over and saw the edge of the key pointing, out, I tried struggling at it, with my hands behind my back, it wasn’t easy, still another person, another friend from down the block came and was now looking at me, he is also a homosexual, so I can’t begin to imagine what he was thinking. Finally I broke the key out, and began trying to undo my hands… I almost dropped the keys… if I had… it meant calling someone for help, I hadn’t thought about that, finally I got them unlocked… immediately I shut the blinds, un-did all my bonds and jumped back into the safety and dark of my unlit room… I sat there, crying my eyes out, hating myself for being so stupid, yet feeling so complete… .I masturbated, for an hour straight, I cummed, and started again, 10 times at least, I lost count, I couldn’t think. Finally after just sitting in my corner my sweat covered body, I was now all full of semen, urine, and feces from letting my bowels go because I was to exhausted to hold them in. I laid in it, I loved it, this was my place, I licked the semen and urine and feces from my feet and floor, before I finally cleaned it all up with an old shirt.

I was satisfied… but at a dire cost. I took a shower, a very cold one, I felt new again, 12 hours of bondage, and masturbation, I lost count of how many times I forced myself to orgasm. God knows how many… my body wanted to die… yet after my shower, I sat down… .and I wrote about it… and now… .I’m going to sleep, and hopefully I’ll wake up to the friends that saw me, that will think no differently of me, and hopefully accept me for who I am… … ..I hope, I really hope.

Perhaps I’ll try some more intense and insane bondage like this again soon, I have the tools now, and god knows I have the imagination… and if I do, know that I’ll sure as anything be writing about it… .but for now… ..good night.


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